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Welcome to the PAWlywood PAWdcast with Sydney and Shannon! Tune in to chat animal movies. If it’s got hooves, fins, claws, or paws, we’re gonna talk about it—in themed outfits of course.


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Welcome to the PAWlywood PAWdcast with Sydney and Shannon! Tune in to chat animal movies. If it’s got hooves, fins, claws, or paws, we’re gonna talk about it—in themed outfits of course.



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Scooby Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed (with special guest Nick) (HOWLoween)

Scooby BOO! Sydney & Shannon are rounding out HOWLoween by watching SCOOBY DOO 2: MONSTERS UNLEASHED with special guest Nick. This movie has everything from cancel culture commentary to jousting ghost knights to existential crises for everyone but good old Fred. Where can we get a mystery machine limousine to ride through "Coolsville" to get to the "Coolsonian?" Is Matthew Lillard our generation's Jim Carrey? What coward stopped Scooby from transforming into George Bush? Fun Fact: This episode quite literally destroyed Shannon's laptop. Ruh-roh! Instagram | YouTube


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Pet Sematary (1989) (HOWLoween)

Sydney & Shannon’s HOWLoween spectacular continues with PET SEMETARY (1989). A campy, slapstick horror romp, we’re haunted and hunted by both an undead toddler in Victorian garb and a cat that’s literally just being a cat. Should they have given Judd subtitles to help us understand any of his dialogue? Is Stephen King from Whoville? Do all men go out for a hamburger or a chicken dinner when left alone? Stop shilly-shallying and witness the PURR-anormal activity with us! Instagram | YouTube


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Spooky Buddies (HOWLoween)

Happy HOWLoween! To kick off the celebration, Sydney & Shannon trick or treat with the SPOOKY BUDDIES. They're small, they're silly, and they're saving the day through a Harry Potter-esque duel of farts. Why didn't they let B-Dawg do an original rap song? Could this have been Frankie Jonas' big break? Which Spice Girl would each buddy be? We think they should all be Baby Spice. Instagram | YouTube


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Live from Shrek in the Outback Steakhouse parking lot, Sydney & Shannon review STRAYS. Full of morbid dog-film commentary and heartfelt moments marked by excrement, STRAYS may not be for kids but is perfect for you and your Pee-FFs. Does the U.S. Postal Service do billboards now? Will a dick-biting dog help someone leave an abusive relationship? If a movie doesn’t reference THE GODFATHER, is it even a movie? Unfortunately, that means STRAYS may not be one. Instagram | YouTube


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Meg 2: The Trench

Sydney & Shannon invite MEG mega-fan Liam to share why he loves its sequel, MEG 2: THE TRENCH. From Fun Island to the titular Trench, these megalodons and their all-star ocean friends are ready to snack and slay. Are whales descended from deer? How many times can we talk about superhuman Jason Statham free-diving at 25,000 feet? Who wants to join our MEG book club? If we're going to get to the sequel where the Meg cures cancer, we sure need to keep watching. Instagram | YouTube


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Stuart Little (with special guest Rohan)

Sydney & Shannon sit down with STUART LITTLE aficionado Rohan and take a trip down memory lane marked by friends, family, and feline gangsters. Why do we all share Chuck E. Cheese-based childhood trauma? Can one be both a brother and a mouse? How many kids’ movies will we cover that reference THE GODFATHER? Cause it seems like everyone’s doing it. Instagram | YouTube


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The Meg (Shark Weeks)

Scientists Sydney & Shannon round out shark weeks with THE MEG. This MEGa-hit has something for everyone, from Rainn Wilson to Ruby Rose, and from Jason Statham to "a big shark." What song should have played during the MEGa shark buffet? When will we finally get a shark heist movie? Is a submarine just an underwater train? If this is your first viewing, break a MEG! Instagram | YouTube


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Jaws: The Revenge (Shark Weeks)

Happy Shark Weeks! Sydney & Shannon kick off the holiday with the fourth JAWS movie, JAWS: THE REVENGE. With a widow psychically connected to a roaring shark with a silly smile, this movie sure is something. Did Michael Caine only sign onto this movie so he could hang out at the beach? If you're going to keep flipping up your sunglasses outside, why even wear them? What if Sydney was named "Quad"... what if she was also named "Shannon? Help us decide if this sequel is JAWSome or JAWful! Instagram | YouTube


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Cats (with special guests Avi & Noah)

Sydney & Shannon invite you to the Jellicle Ball with guests Avi &'s time for CATS! In an episode as chunky as Bustopher Jones and in outfits as fashionable as Rum Tum Tugger, we try to make sense of one of the most nonsensical movie musicals to date. Why did Judi Dench and Ian McKellen do this to themselves? Who would we send to the Heaviside Layer in an interactive version of CATS? Are the Jellicles a cult? "Get rid of the plot, just give us the cats." Instagram | YouTube


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Lamb (Sheep June)

Sydney & Shannon wrap up Sheep June with LAMB, where an Icelandic couple steals a a sheep/human baby and doesn't question its existence once. Why didn't the little sheep play the drums or sing a song? Which movie in the single-word-animal-title-cinematic-universe is the best? Is Bojack Horseman a minotaur? Technically, he might be. But we wish hadn't thought about it. Instagram | YouTube


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Black Sheep (Sheep June)

Sheep June continues with Sydney & Shannon's watch of BLACK SHEEP! It's got fetus lamb puppets, monster sheeple, and lots of stringy flesh - the three components of a perfect movie. Can vegetarians run faster than meat eaters? Will the Rapture consist of a stampede of precious, fluffy sheep? What was the brother trying to accomplish when he fathered a sheep and why did he do that in the first place? This movie is so baaaad it's good! Instagram | YouTube


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Shaun the Sheep Movie (Sheep June)

Welcome to Sheep June! Sydney & Shannon kick off the month with SHAUN THE SHEEP MOVIE. We laughed, we cried, and we sang along with Shaun and his British claymation friends in “The Big City!” Why is the dog catcher the villain in every kid’s animal movie? Have we ever seen an animal uglier than the rat dog thing? What movies make us cry and why is it PIGLET’S BIG MOVIE and HAPPIEST SEASON? We hope EWE enjoy! Instagram | YouTube


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Love on a Leash (with special guests Avi & Noah)

Sydney & Shannon welcome Avi & Noah to the table to stumble through LOVE ON A LEASH. If you’re looking for a Lynchian(?) flick to enjoy on your next “friend night,” look no further than this waking nightmare. Was the dog’s voice over actor even shown the movie? How much green is too much green, how many years of editing is too many years of editing, and how many dutch angles are too many dutch angles? Where are the ladies at? Cause this explicitly heterosexual dog sure is looking for them. Instagram | YouTube


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Groundhog Day (with special guest Jillian)

Sydney is back with special guest Jillian for GROUNDHOG DAY, a movie that’s legitimately well-acclaimed for a change of pace. How is it still winter if the groundhog sees his shadow on a sunny day? Should all movies get Broadway adaptations like this one? If Punxsutawney Phil is god and the town councilmen are his priests, does that make us his disciples? Someone call Bill Murray, cause this episode’s been recovered from the vault! CW: mentions of suicide Instagram | YouTube


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65 (with special guest Taliyah)

Sydney & Shannon hop aboard a spaceship to the dinosaur past with 65, a movie their special guest Taliyah calls, “just hour and a half of Adam Driver screaming and moaning…that’s what got me through it.” When Is Adam Driver going to make a Patreon? How many different ways can we insult the naked dinosaur? Which is most baffling: the pacing, the title screen, or the single comedy scene? No offense, Adam Driver, but this movie left us with so many questions and few answers. Instagram | YouTube


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Surf's Up

Let’s catch some waves! Sydney & Shannon hit the beach with SURF’S UP, the surfing penguin mockumentary no one asked for but everyone needed. What’s up with all the mid-2000s movies’ animated roller coaster scenes? Is SURF’S UP just CARS but with penguins? How do you explain death to a child? Our hosts have never gone this far off the rails. Instagram | YouTube


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There's no need to fear, UNDERDOG is here! Sydney takes another trip down memory lane while Shannon questions another one of the mid-2000s' many talking-animal/mad-scientist movies. Who picked out the name "Shoeshine" and why did no one stop them? Why haven't they brought back Underdog cereal yet? Is there anything more terrifying than a pack of floating German Shepherds? That answer's still up for debate. Instagram | YouTube


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Fantastic Mr. Fox (with special guest Jillian)

Sydney welcomes Jillian to the PAWdcast to talk FANTASTIC MR. FOX, a very Wes Anderson movie, as all Wes Anderson movies are. What species of animal-person would we be in this world? Where can we get a jaw harp, and how can we join Petey's impromptu band? Will Jillian ever stop calling it "Mr. Fantastic Fox?" No. No, she will not. Instagram | YouTube


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Cocaine Bear

Sydney the park ranger struggles through a tangent-filled, incoherent retelling of the instant cult classic COCAINE BEAR to Shannon the bear who BEARly remembers the plot. Who is literally any character in this movie? Why does Jimmy Kimmel hate bears? Would we be able to be able to meet Pablo EscoBEAR in a town bear pit? Let us know after listening! Instagram | YouTube


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Shark Tale

Martin Scorsese as a puffer fish and a shark mafia based on The Godfather? Say no more. Sydney & Shannon are talking SHARK TALE, a movie you truly have to see to believe. Should all fish have both hands and feet? Does every kids movies reference Die Hard, Scarface, and Apocalypse Now? Are dolphins just gay sharks? Tune in to find out! Instagram | YouTube