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Episode 13: AVN Special: Financial Domination with Goddess Kyaa and Geographies of Porn Consumption with Dr. Paul Maginn

This is the last episode that will bring you interviews and insights from this year's AVN in Las Vegas. We had a great time there, talked to tons of amazing people in the industry, and are happy that we got to share all of that with you on the podcast. This final episode will begin on the expo floor with short interviews featuring Sammi Ross (@SammiRoss), Nathan Bronson, Sam Phillips (@SamsPajamaParty), Ramona Flour (@RamonaFlour), Karina Latina (@cutebbwlatina), Ela Darling (@ElaDarling),...


Episode 12: FOSTA/SESTA with Kate D’Adamo, Gay Porn with Westley Woods, and Trans Representation with Chelsea Poe

We begin Episode 12 by bringing in Kate D’Adamo (@katedadamo) from to help us cover the news. She discusses the status of FOSTA and SESTA and what the implications of the law will be for the sex work community as a whole. She also talks about the work that sex work activists are doing and how to get involved. We then go back to the AVN expo floor and interview Westley Woods (@thewestleywoods) about his career in gay porn and the new iWantGayClips division of...


Episode 11: AVN Special: Deepfakes with Samantha Cole, Findom with Violet Doll, and Riot Grrrl and Queer Porn with Courtney Trouble

We start Episode 11 on the floor of the AVN Expo, talking to iWantEmpire’s (@iWantEmpire) adult content producer and pro domme Violet Doll (@VioletDoll). We talk to her about her the evolution of her career and her creative process. We then move onto our news segment, where we are joined by VICE Motherboard (@motherboard) assistant editor and journalist Samantha Cole (@samleecole), to discuss Reddit, Deepfakes, issues of consent. Lastly, we feature an extended interview with queer porn...


Episode 10: Special Episode from BDYHAX2018!

This is a special episode coming out of the BDYHAX Convention in Austin, TX. PJ and I had the opportunity to be there last week. The convention is a 3-day celebration of human enhancement, transhumanism, and biohacking that brings together industry experts, curious newcomers, and everyone in between. We spend this episode talking to several of the people who both spoke at and attended the convention. We first bring you a short interview with convention Director and Co-founder Trever...


Episode 9: AVN Special: Lynn Comella on Female Owned Sex Toy Shops & Dominic Rystan on Being a Non-Binary Porn Performer

We start Episode 9 on the floor of the AVN Expo, talking to cam performers and clip producers about their hopes for the convention. We hear from Christy Ocean (@ChristyOcean), Scarlet Raven (@ScarletRaen_69), Little Puck (@littlepuck), Miss Lollipop (@MissLollipopMFC), and Scarlett Fox (@ScarlettFoxPlay). We interview Dr. Lynn Comella (@LynnComella), from University of Nevada, Las Vegas, about her new book Vibrator Nation. Vibrator Nation is the history of feminist owned, sex-positive sex...


Episode 8: OkCupid's Real Name Policy, Julian Gill-Peterson on Trans Histories, and Nikki Night on Cam Model Coaching

We begin Episode 8 discussing OK Cupid’s policy change push users to use real first names. We look at Kate Conger’s (@kateconger) article, “OK Cupid’s Real Name Policy is Dumb.” Next we chat with Julian Gill-Peterson (@gpjulian) about his upcoming book Histories of the Transgender Child, which shatters the widespread myth that today’s transgender children are a brand new generation. He does this by uncovering a previously unknown twentieth century history during which they not only...


Episode 7: Ron Jeremy, Touching & Consent - Interviews with Ginger Banks & EJ Dickson

In Episode 7, we interview cam model Ginger Banks (@gingerbanks1) and journalist EJ Dickson (@ejdickson) about the sexual assault allegations leveled against Ron Jeremy. These allegations are nothing new, but what is new is the attention that they are now garnering and so what we explore in this episode is what has changed in the industry and in society writ large so that these allegations are finally getting attention. Importantly, we see the stakes of this story as being much bigger...


Episode 6: Jayne Swift on the Lusty Lady & Shaleece Haas on her Documentary “Real Boy”

We begin Episode 6 talking about maternal health outcomes for African American women, as they are outlined in NRP’s piece, “Black Mothers Keep Dying After Giving Birth.” Next we chat with Jayne Swift (@jamswift13) about her research on and work in The Lusty Lady, a West coast based peep show that is known for his effective labor unionization. She argues, contrary to popular belief, that the internet did not kill the peepshow. We also discuss the sociality of sexuality, gentrification,...


Episode 5: Apryl Williams on Race & Internet Dating and Moriah Ella Mason on Gender & Intimacy in Stripping

In Episode 5, we interview Apryl Williams (@AprylW) and Moriah Ella Mason ( We also talk about sex workers being stopped at international borders, and issues of sexual harassment in VR. We start by discussing Jessie’s recent Cyborgology (@cyborgology) post about sex work, social media, and border crossing. We then go on to talk about issues of sexual assault in VR, with attention to Tom Woodley’s Future of Sex (@Futureofsex) article. Next we interview Apryl...


Episode 4: Kashmir Hill on Facebook Outing Sex Workers & Reese Piper on Stripping with Autism

In Episode 4 we interview Kashmir Hill (@kashhill) and Reese Piper (@thenudereporter). We also talk about the new Patreon content guidelines. We start by discussing Patron's new content guidelines, which many creators fear will lead to a crackdown on adult content. PJ reads an excerpt from the "Open Letter to Patreon" posted by Liara Roux. We recommend Samantha Cole's "Adult Content Creators: Patreon Is Doing ‘the Exact Opposite of What We Asked For’" in Vice's "Motherboard." We then...


Episode 3: Sarah Alison Miller on Historical Ideas of Women's Bodies & Isabel Dresler on Making Smut

We interview Classicist Sarah Alison Miller about leaky female bodies in Greco-Roman and Medieval literature, sexual assault in Greco-Roman myths, body fluids, mystics, and witches! We also talk to queer photographer and content creator Isabel Dresler (@isabeldresler) about making smut. We discuss her photography career, how her experience as a sex worker informs her art, why she isn't afraid to take selfies, and what it means to do porn ethically. We also discuss the Harvey Weinstein...


Episode 2: Maggie McMuffin on Hugh Hefner's Death, Dahlia Dee on Being Naked on the Internet, Sunny Moraine on Writing Sex

We interview cam model and clip producer Dahlia Dee (@xoDahliaDee) about sharing/selling sexy content on the Web, what should happen when people use the images without consent, and her experiences coming out to friends and family. We also talk to to erotica writer Sunny Moraine (@dynamicsymmetry) about writing sex from the perspective of differently bodied people, using the word “pussy,” and more. Sunny introduces us to erotic works from Circlet Press (@circletpress), who is raising funds...


Episode 1: Kristina Marusic on Bi-Erasure & MochaPuff on Racism in Sex Cam Sites

Our very first episode! We discuss adjunct professors turning to sex work, feminist porn site Bellesa and piracy. Interviews with Kristina Marusic (@KristinaSaurusR) about bisexual identity and bi-erasure and MochaPuff (@xMochaPuffx) about blackface and racism on sex cam sites. *** Hosted by Jessie Sage (@sapiotextual) & PJ Sage (@peejsage). Thanks to Joe Kennedy for our music. Produced by PJ Sage.


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