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Join Penn Cinema's Penn Ketchum and David Moulton as they talk movie news and reviews.

Join Penn Cinema's Penn Ketchum and David Moulton as they talk movie news and reviews.


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Join Penn Cinema's Penn Ketchum and David Moulton as they talk movie news and reviews.




131: Grow Old With Us

Sometimes we have controversy in the news, sometimes it's in the trailer, and every now and then it's in our movie review, BUT this time we've got controversy in all parts of the show! Can we agree on the best trailers? Do we both know our John Carpenter films? Did we love or hate Old? These questions will burn in your mind for the entirety of the show. Well at least until we address them. Be a part of the show! Email us at **Please excuse any excess noise from...


130: Space Jam: A New Legacy To Avoid

We have so much to go over this week and we have to do it with little to no shenanigans! The big man is listening now and we can't be caught goofing off. So buckle in for three boat loads worth of news and four freight trains worth of trailers. And this week's review... well lets just say it's a special one. Be a part of the show! Email us at


129: Black Widow Brings 'Em Back To The Theaters

People are coming out in waves to see Black Widow in theaters and loving it! We get into how well the movie is doing and could it have done even better? Also this week there's a gaggle of new movie trailers including one you absolutely must seen. And don't you dare think we're going to get through this week without talking about The Suicide Squad. Oh we got you covered. Be a part of the show! Email us at


128: This Ain't No Disco, It's The Summer of Soul

As you all know we're not ones to joke around, but let me tell you this week we have at least one joke for you. Don't get spoiled now, this might not happen again. Along with one solid laugh Penn also brings us a report on the documentary The Summer of Soul. Directed by the anti Elizabeth Banks, Questlove. Also this week we experience our first ever dueling trailers. What is a dueling trailer? Tune in to find out! Be a part of the show! Email us at


127: Is F9 The Most Fast and Most Furious Movie Ever?

It may feel like it took forever to get here but have not doubt F9 is speeding into theaters. But that's not all we have to talk about! One of this week's trailers leaves half of our hosts flabbergasted, and Dune news rocks the world to it's core. Be a part of the show by emailing us at


126: The Hitman's Wife's Bodyguard's Podcast

We may be reviewing The Hitman's Wife's Bodyguard this week but it seems like all we can talk about is The Suicide Squad. From a new trailer to announcements on if it's DCEU cannon, it's constantly coming up. Don't worry though because it's not the only thing going on this week. Penn's got a problem with a certain type of genre's trailers and David demands to know where his emails are. Plus all these kids be running. What's up with that!? Be a part of the show by emailing us at...


125: Come Along For An Experience In The Heights

This week we take a look into the long awaited musical In The Heights and we are not disappointed. Also this week David might over step Penn's limits when it comes to hypothetical bad news about Indiana Jones 5. Will both hosts make it out of this week alive? Tune in to find out. Be a part of the show by emailing us at


124: Cruella Plus A Super Secret Surprise Review Of It's A Cop Thing

Sometimes distance can push two people apart, but not here at The Penn Cinema Podcast! That's right, Penn comes to us live all the way from Las Vegas this week. And if hearing from Penn potentially for the last time before he loses everything he owns on one big play at the tables isn't enough for you, then fear not cause we're also talking about Cruella this week. Plus we have some interesting developments involving Dune. I can't go into details about it here, but trust me it's big...


123: Findng Yourself A Quiet Place 2 Watch This Movie

Are we living the dream? Not any more! This week we've got a tough race for trailer of the week, hot off the press Dune news, and we take a riveting look at A Quiet Place 2. Plus in a weird turn of events It's A Cop Thing picks up a weird following with the theater staff. What's up with that? Be a part of the show by emailing us at


122: Scooby-Dooby-Don't Watch This Movie

Getting a weird reverse release window after being on streaming for a year, we checked out Scoob! Regrets? Yeah we've got them. But before we get to that we've got this week's top 7 best trailers from the 7 new trailers that came out this week. Also Penn learns some new ways to greet people and struggles to deal with the fact that there's no Dune news this week. Be a part of the show by emailing


121: Here Today Just Like Every Week

Did someone order a jam packed episode full of news, crazy trailer talk, a rave review of Here Today, and about 400 tangent stores? No? You sure, cause I've got the order right here. You know what, why don't you just take this one. On the house. Wait, don't leave without a side order of letters from the audience. Rounded these up just for you. Be a part of the show! Email us at


120: Incurring The Wrath of Man

This week we take a look at Star Trek 2: The Wrath of Khan. No wait, that's night right. We saw Wrath of Man, not Khan. Easy mistake. Can Penn's BFF Jason Statham bring home the bacon with this flick? Not many trailers this week, but there's more then enough to say about them. Too much some might say. Also, we received a trivia game from our listeners. Will we pass with flying colors or crash and burn? Be a part of the show! Email us at


119: All Aboard The Demon Slayer Hype Train

That's right folks, we dip our toes into the realm of legit anime to see what America's #1 movie is all about. Let's just say by the end everyone was crying. Maybe not for the same reasons, but crying none the less. Also this week we've got a new Dune trailer for David to wig out over and Penn finally admits he doesn't know how to ride a bicycle. Be a part of the show by emailing us!


118: It's Time For Mortal Kombat! AKA The Oscars

While the big films of 2020 duke it out for their coveted Oscar we headed to the theater to watch Mortal Kombat. That's combat with a K because it's extra edgy. And if that wasn't enough for you we've got a nice boatload of new trailers to talk about. Good ones too! So pull up a chair and pop in your earbuds cause it's about to get top notch chatter for your consumption. Be a part of the show! Email us at


117: Vanquish Any Thought Of Seeing This Movie

Have you ever wondered what it's like to watch a dumpster fired for 2 hours? Don't worry, we'll describe exactly what it's like because we're reviewing Vanquish. Despite the bad movie this week we do have a full list of rather good trailers to talk about. Also this episode sees the return of the extremely popular segment Dune News. Be a part of the show by emailing


116: We're Talking Voyagers Here Not Yoyagers. Easy Mistake.

This week Voyagers aka Lord of the Flies: IN SPAAAAACE! is our movie of review and boy do we have little to say. So as an extra bonus we've got another addition of Guess The Movie From The Savage Review. Can this segment live up to the hype? No promises. Also we discuss some interesting rating news, Penn declares his admiration for James Gunn, and is Chicken Soup For The Soul is taking over cinemas? Be a part of the show by emailing


115: Godzilla vs Kong or Kong vs Godzilla?

Isn't one of those two guys a king? We're going to have break it all down and get into the nitty gritty to get some real answers. Also this week DC surprises us by canceling 1 movie that turns out to be 2 movies AND there's a new horse movie that Penn wont stop going on about. Plus new sound effects that encompass what everyone's been thinking! Be a part of the show! Email us at


114: We Aint Saying Nothing About Nobody. Capisce?

Ok maybe we'll say a little bit of something about Nobody. Also this week there's an over abundance of horror trailers as well as a surprisingly fun DC trailer. Don't worry, we sill make sure to jam in as many non sequitur stories as we can into the conversation as possible. Send us your advice!


113: A Perfect Package For The Courier

Everybody's favorite CEO is back this week to lay down the law on what's to come for Disney and WB announces a movie for the hero we've all been yearning to see on the big screen. Also, Penn and David realize they're the ideal casting choice for an all new live action version of a beloved cartoon. Does it get more exciting? Only YOU can prevent forest fires! Just email your feedback to


112: Minari & 2021 Oscar Nominees (All 7 Of Them)

Imagine if you will waking up and rushing downstairs to a beautiful list of Oscar nominations. Now imagine that list is only comprised of like 7 different nominees. You see that's how they get you. But don't worry we're here to break everything down with due diligence. Also this week we took in one of the most A24 movies we've ever seen A24 put out, Minari. But that's not all! Easter is almost here and you know what that means... Way too many horror trailers!!! Be a part of the show and...