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The most captivating, informative and revealing stories from professionals in the arts and beyond.

The most captivating, informative and revealing stories from professionals in the arts and beyond.


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The most captivating, informative and revealing stories from professionals in the arts and beyond.




Having the Plan, The Road Map and The Courage To Press On with Loren Paul Caplin

Loren-Paul Caplin has had a varied career in the literary and dramatic arts. His experience in film has involved him in writing and directing History of the World in Eight Minutes, producing Forbiddeb Zone, writing the original story for Lost Angels, and co-writing and co-producing Battle in the Erogenous Zone for Showtime. His plays, "Sunday's Child", "Men In The Kitchen, "A Subject Of Childhood and "City Muzik" have been performed throughout the northeastern United States. "The...


Creating My Own Door and Walking Through It with Lou Martini Jr.

ACTING IN FILM AND TELEVISION SINCE 1964. Early Film roles included, "What's so Bad about Feeling Good," Opposite Mary Tyler Moore and "The Godfather," opposite James Caan. After Lou's father's (The Notable Character Actor, Lou Martini) death in early 1971, Lou's mom decided it was best for him to take a break. It wasn't until attending The University of Houston that Lou took up acting again. Although, the "bug" for acting had been dormant it had never left. After graduating with a BA in...


Finding Out Who You Are, Finding and Living That Truth and Being That Person with Cris Graves

Cris Graves is an Emmy Award-winning filmmaker who has worked across platforms from film to television to online content. She has worked across the globe as a producer/director, filming in some of the harshest and most remote areas on our planet. Her credits include The Amazing Race, Whale Wars, and Living Undocumented. She is also an award-winning narrative filmmaker and has had her work shown in various film festivals including the Cannes Film Festival, Oaxaca Film Festival, and Hamilton...


Reflecting Upon Your Present Blessings Not On Your Past Misfortunes with Bill Sorvino

Bill Sorvino is an award winning actor and is a graduate of William Esper Studio. He is the founder of Golden Door International Film Festival based in his home town of Jersey City, NJ and is also co-founder of Brazen Giant Ensemble with Christian Keiber. Sorvino has directed and produced several films. Support the show (


Don’t Just Create; Create To Change and Aspire To Inspire with Jeff Lam

A Hawaii transplant, Jeff moved to Los Angeles in 2000 to pursue acting and has appeared in numerous Features. In 2008 Jeff decided to take a step back from acting, and start to dabble in Casting. Jeff was mentored by numerous Casting Directors including, Sheila manning, Tracy 'Twinkie Byrd and Pam Bouvier. Immediately, Jeff became the Casting Director for the American Division of the largest international web series "The Scary" ." Also, in 2008, Jeff produced his first feature " Why Am I...


Appealing To Our Better Selves, To Become Something More with Ari Taub

Ari Taub is an American movie director, producer, and editor. Taub was born in New York City. Taub is best known for his movie The Fallen, a 2004 war film about the perspectives of Italian, German, and American soldiers during World War II. Taub's latest movie is '79 Parts, a comedy set in 1979, starring Eric Roberts. Support the show (


Trying Something Different Today. Don’t Stay Stuck and Doing Better with Johnny Solo

Johnny Solo is an actor and producer, known for Man on a Ledge, Newlyweds, The Fitzgerald Family Christmas and 79 Parts. Support the show (


Focusing, Hard On Work and Keeping Your Eyes On The Goal with Iliana Guibert

Iliana Guibert, a graduate of NYU's Tisch School of the Arts and trained at the Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute took a career detour spending her early years in the corporate sector gaining business skills she now applies to her work as an actress and expanding to writing, producing and directing. Guibert proudly sits on the committee and board of several foundations committed to helping youth in need and chronically/terminally ill children. She was married to her high school sweetheart,...


Having a Legitimate and Useful Purpose with Robin C. Adams

Mr. Adams hails from the world of television news and entertainment having worked over the past 40 years as cameraman and producer for CNN, FOX TV, NBCUniversal, NHK Japan, Fuji-TV Japan and ARD German TV. He has also produced and directed documentary and music entertainment projects for CCTV China, NHK Japanese Satellite TV, Sky PerfecTV (Japan), Sony Music Entertainment (USA/Japan) and a wide variety of prominent independent video and music production companies. Robin has worked with such...


Never Considering the Possibility Of Failure; As Long As You Are Persistent with Erika Smith

Erika was raised in the suburbs of Boston, Massachusetts. She studied acting at New York's Neighborhood Playhouse, comedy at the Upright Citizen's Brigade and the Groundlings in Los Angeles and holds a BFA in Music from Hunter College. She acts and sings in film, television and theater and is a recording artist as well. Erika is mostly famous for her similar look as Marilyn Monroe. She has acted in numbers of TV/ Movies. Before The Dust Settles, Lady Peacock, and The Three Chris’s to name a...


Transforming Insights Into Opportunities with Joey MHz

Joey MHz is the Founder and CEO of MHz Media Group, a production company that has produced numerous projects. Born on Long Island, New York, Joey made his first attempt at directing movies as soon as he was old enough to use a video camera. Enrolling at Briarcliff College, Joey worked for Big Blue Computer Products and soon enough found himself taking on the name Joey MHz and creating his company MHz Media Group. Taking on the role of writing, producing, directing, and co-starring in his...


Stick To The Basics and Holding On To Your Family and Friends with Maria Capp

Maria Capp has served the arts community on Long Island, NY and in Los Angeles for over 20 years. Her multi-disciplinary expertise includes work as an award-winning writer, director, producer, entrepreneur, and acting coach. She has served as an advocate, speaker, committee and board member for such organizations as Women In Media, The Millie D'Agostino Scholarship Fund, Breaking into Hollywood, Youth Biz Alliance, NYSTEA, EdTA, BOCES - Arts in Education, and Kids for Kids Productions. Maria...


Be courageous. Challenge Orthodoxy. Stand up for what You Believe in with Greg Paul

Greg Paul is a writer, producer, actor and musician with multiple Film, Recording, Television, and Web credits. Currently a founding Producing partner in 2020 with Derek Mackay at No Brainz Productions [us]. They are an American/Canadian/Mexican Film and Television Production and Distribution Company. Greg was a successful Warner/Elektra/Asylum Recording Artist and a touring Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist working with several popular musical groups and/or solo artists as a Musician or Sound...


Setting Goals and Turning The Invisible Into The Visible with B.D. Gunnell.

Over the last ten years, Producer BD Gunnell has emerged as a leader in the world of independent feature filmmaking. From humble beginnings on micro-budget indie films, to her professional experience as a Line Producer; BD has developed a well-earned reputation. From completing films with rigorous timelines and severe constraints on budget; BD has developed an exceptional track record in the film industry of delivering films on time and on budget. At this current time, 85% of the movies...


Choose a Career You Love, Give It The Best There Is In You and Seize Your Opportunities with Brian Donahue.

In 1986 with the help of Iona's coach Harold Crocker, Donahue got a tryout with the New York Jets NFL Football team. He signed a free agent contract with the New York Jets to play nose tackle. He participated in mini-camp and summer training camp with the Jets. He was released in August 1986. In 1987, Donahue signed a free agent contract with the Green Back Packers to play nose tackle. During camp Donahue suffered a knee injury. He was released in August 1987. In 1989, he joined the Toronto...


Putting An End To Mindwash Religion, Nowhere Politics and Bogus Philosophies With Al Diaz

Al Diaz is best know for his collaboration with Jean Michel Basquiat on SAMO©, graffiti that appeared in lower Manhattan from 1977 to 1979. SAMO© initially became known because of its wit and sarcastic humor; but became a globally recognized graffito after Basquiat’s rise to fame. A prolific and influential first-generation NYC subway graffiti artist, who later became a text-oriented street artist, Al Diaz’s career spans 5 decades. He currently works with WET PAINT signs used throughout the...


To Boldly Go: Filmmaking, Screenplays, and Books With David Alan Mack

David Mack is the award-winning and The New York Times bestselling author of more than thirty-six novels and numerous short works of science-fiction, fantasy, and adventure, including the Star Trek Destiny and Cold Equations trilogies. Mack’s writing credits span television (for episodes of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine), film, and comic books. His latest novels are The Shadow Commission, the final volume of his Dark Arts trilogy published by Tor books; and his long-postponed Star Trek novel...


More Momo, More Flavor and More Things You Didn't Know About Jeff Orlick

Jeff Orlick is a resident and social entrepreneur in Jackson Heights, Queens. His events such as the Momo Crawl and Wox & Lox along with his Roosevelt Avenue Midnight Street Food Crawl and Queens Tastes of the World Tours have garnered attention from around the globe, centering on the area’s unmatched ability to share culture through food. You can follow Jeff on twitter @JeffOrlick. Support the show (


The Dynamic Duo Elizabeth Martin and Lauren Hynek on Creating and Writing Magic.

Elizabeth Martin and Lauren Hynek both started writing their first plays at the age of about seven. Lauren fell in love with the magic of movies visiting her dad (visual effects supervisor Joel Hynek) on the set of Predator as a little kid. Elizabeth spent her tween years writing (badly formatted) fan fiction episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation. In high school, we joined forces while working at the same Shakespeare theater in the summers. We continued to work in classical theater...


Discovering the Art, Craft, Truth and Quidditas with Russ Camarda

Russ Camarda has been a professional director/actor/acting coach/cinematographer and editor for the past two decades. In FILM Russ has produced, 6 independent feature films, Directed 2, Starred in and edited 5 of them. “Send No Flowers” co-starring in it as well with Sean Young and Tony LoBianco. The film recently secured distribution with Multicom Entertainment Group. “The Night Never Sleeps” co-starring in it as well with Armand Assante, Eric Roberts and Robert Clohessy. The film...