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Brian Lloyd, Movies Editor with, meets popular Irish figures to discuss the movies closest to their hearts. Each guest tells Brian what the movie of their choice means to them, why they love it and the reasons it left such an impact on them.




Brian Lloyd, Movies Editor with, meets popular Irish figures to discuss the movies closest to their hearts. Each guest tells Brian what the movie of their choice means to them, why they love it and the reasons it left such an impact on them.






S2E6: Emmet Kirwan revisits 'Robocop' (1987)

Actor, playwright & screenwriter Emmet Kirwan joins Brian to chat about 1980s classic 'Robocop'. As well as embracing the B movie action and hilarity of the Paul Verhoeven hit, Emmet and Brian also discuss the socio-political landscape 'Robocop' reflected and how its themes are still prescient to this day. See for privacy information.


S2E5: Ciara King revisits 'Hunt for the Wilderpeople' (2016)

2FM presenter Ciara King chats to Brian about her favourite movie, 'Hunt for the Widerpeople'. Describing it as like "the New Zealand version of 'Up'", Ciara shares with Brian what drew her to this Taika Waititi flick and how the characters and landscape of the movie remind her so much of her home of Connemara. See for privacy information.


S2E4: Richard Chambers revisits 'Point Break' (1991)

Virgin Media News Correspondent Richard Chambers chats to Brian about Keanu Reeves's early '90s hit 'Point Break' on this week's episode of 'The Revisit'. Acknowledging it as "the best bad movie ever made", the pair share a mutual love of this action-packed classic. "Vaya con Dios". See for privacy information.


S2E3: Mario Rosenstock revisits 'Jaws' (1975)

Comedian and impressionist Mario Rosenstock joins Brian to chat about "the movie that made him love movies", 'Jaws'. The Today FM Gift Grub star shares why 'Jaws' and indeed Spielberg, left such an impression on him at a young age and how it began a life-long love of cinema. See for privacy information.


S2E2: Hazel Chu revisits 'Top Gun' (1986)

Dublin Lord Mayor Hazel Chu chats to Brian about her lifelong love of the movie 'Top Gun'. It began as a child when she wanted to be a fighter pilot and to this day she is still drawn to the Tom Cruise classic, loving it for its portrayal of camaraderie and well, let's face it, really cool action scenes. See for privacy information.


S2E1: Tommy Tiernan revisits 'Unforgiven' (1992)

Comedian, actor, and all-around national treasure Tommy Tiernan joins Brian for the first episode in a new season of The Revisit. His movie of choice? Clint Eastwood's 1992 Western 'Unforgiven'. Tommy chats about his love of the "moral clarity" of Westerns and tells Brian why this movie has always been a firm favourite of his. He also reflects on his career to date; looking at the craft of acting and his own experiences of it. See for privacy information.


S1E6: Chris Greene revisits 'Paul Blart: Mall Cop' (2009)

Radio DJ Chris Greene joins us for the last last episode of the first series of The Revisit. What film was he going to choose other than 'Paul Blart: Mall Cop'? Kevin James plays a mild-mannered shopping centre security guard with hypoglycaemia who answers when destiny calls. 'Die Hard' with segways. See for privacy information.


S1E5: Elaine Crowley revisits 'Labyrinth' (1986)

Host of the conveniently-titled 'Elaine' chat show on Virgin Media, Elaine Crowley talks through her love of the 1986 fantasy romp 'Labyrinth' starring David Bowie. See for privacy information.


S1E4: Jo Linehan revisits 'The Bodyguard' (1992)

For a fashion stylist and interior designer like Jo Linehan, 'The Bodyguard' may not have been a touchstone in her work - but its presence, she contends, is undeniable. On this episode of The Revisit, fashion journalist and host of The Futurist Podcast Jo Linehan comes in to talk 1992's romantic thriller 'The Bodyguard' with Brian. Among the topics discussed include Dolly Parton's version versus Whitney Houston, shiny chrome helmets and billowing curtains of the '90s. See...


S1E3: Nessa Childers MEP revisits 'The Killing of a Sacred Deer' (2017)

Nessa Childers MEP joins us in studio to discuss 2017's 'The Killing Of A Sacred Deer'. Directed by Yorgos Lanthimos, the story follows a doctor who befriends a troubled young man and ingratiates himself into his life. Before long, the domestic bliss that he has worked so hard to maintain is shattered and puts his family at risk. As well as being a career politician, Nessa Childers also worked as a psychoanalyst - something which informed her choice in 'The Killing Of A Sacred Deer'. See...


S1E2: Kojaque revisits 'Gummo' (1997)

Kojaque joins us in studio to look back on 'Gummo' (1997), an American comedy-drama written and directed by Harmony Korine starring Jacob Reynolds, Nick Sutton, Jacob Sewell, and Chloë Sevigny. The film is set in Xenia, Ohio, a small, middle class Midwestern American town that had been previously struck by a devastating tornado. We talked at length about the inspiration for Kojaque's music and music videos, David Lynch's influence, and so much more. See for privacy...


S1E1: Blindboy Boatclub revisits 'Black Rain' (1989)

On the first official episode of The Revisit, we sit down with Blindboy Boatclub of The Rubberbandits and the Blindboy Podcast. His choice of movie? 1989's neo-noir action thriller, 'Black Rain'. Starring Michael Douglas, Andy Garcia and Yusaku Matsuda, the story follows two NYPD detectives (Douglas and Garcia) who arrive in Osaka for a prisoner exchange of a Yakuza, only for them to be drawn into the crossfire of a gang war. By no means Ridley Scott's finest work, 'Black Rain' is...


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In this lovely intro episode, the luxurious Brian Lloyd lets you know exactly what to expect from The Revisit. We'll keep some secrets. "It's a real romp" - Eoin Ronayne See for privacy information.