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Meet local and national authors from SPAA (The Speakers, Publishers & Authors Association. Learn how to become an author, other tips and challenges on writing your book.

Meet local and national authors from SPAA (The Speakers, Publishers & Authors Association. Learn how to become an author, other tips and challenges on writing your book.


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Meet local and national authors from SPAA (The Speakers, Publishers & Authors Association. Learn how to become an author, other tips and challenges on writing your book.






David Williams - The Power of Our Stepping Stone

Join us as SPAA's very own David Williams discusses his upcoming project The Power of Our Stepping Stones. You Don't Want To Miss It!


Author Carl Slocum - Why It Should Never Be Forgotten

Listen as Carl speaks from his upcoming book "Why It Should Never Be Forgotten." Carl's other published works include: The Problem with Procrastination; Strength of a People and America: A Country in the State of Denial.


Author Ron Essex - I Heard It, They Said It!

Listen as Ron speaks about his upcoming project I Heard It, They Said It! For many years collecting wisdom tidbits became a passion for him. You don't want to miss it!


Author Linda Matthew - Speaks on the Live Your Best Life Collaboration

Linda Matthews speaks on her contribution to the Live Your Best Life Collaboration "BINDING HEARTS". You don't want to miss it!


SPAA Leader Veronica Yancy discusses her upcoming project "Care & Giving"

SPAA Leader Veronica Yancy discusses her upcoming project "Care & Giving" in the SPAA collaboration Live Your Best Life.


Author Tammy Montgomery-Doz`ier-The White Room

Tammy Montgomery-Doz'ier is interviewed for her participation in SPAA's new collaboration "Live Your Best Life." Tammy, is an award-winning author, keynote speaker, director, singer, and actress.


Dakota Kelley - Author of Hell In The House

Dakota Kelley is a fiction writer, speaker, and international magazine columnist. Her latest book, Hell in the House, highlights three Christian women, and the abuse they suffer at the place that is supposed to be their refuge, the church, will soon be released. Dakota loves to create. Please listen as she discusses her excerpt from the book "Live Your Best Life."


Veronica Yancy - SPAA Leadership

Veronica Yancy is the author of Menopause girl bye book, she has co -author in 4 collaboration books. She is a professional member of SPAA (The Speakers Publishers & Authors Association) and also a part of the STAT (Spaa Theatre & Actors Troupe) and has performed in many productions at the Spaa Theater. Veronica is the official SPAA photographer as well as the owner of Creative Creations by Veronica an Event planning company, Veronica recently retired after 30 years working with the federal...


Brenda Tucker-Jeffries - SPAA Leadership

Brenda Tucker-Jeffries is the author of Mother of the Bride Stuff Happens, collaborating author of The Power Within, a Wedding Strategist, Relationship Coach, Public Speaker, over 50’s model with the Polk Entertainment Enterprise Inc. models and entrepreneur. She is Vice President of the Chicago Midwest Chapter of Blacks in Government (BIG) and previously served as Vice President of the Combined Chapter of the Speakers Publishers and Authors Association (SPAA). Brenda became a real estate...


Lucille Usher-Freeman - SPAA Leadership & Trainer

Lucille Usher Freeman is an entrepreneur, award-winning writer, author, certified coach, and trainer. Lucille authored Today My Sister Is Getting Married, Silly Caterpillar, Hats, Momma Raccoon and co-authored Stretch Your Wings: Famous Black Quotations for Teens and Jobless: Loving What You Do. She has participated in writing conferences throughout the nation and is a professional member of SPAA (Speakers, Publishers, and Authors Association), and STAT (SPAA Theatre & Performing Arts).


Commernitta Bradby - SPAA Milwaukee Chapter President

Commernitta Bradby, Author and the current President of the Milwaukee Chapter. She is the author of 2 books: Raised By A Child and Meek Not Weak. Commernitta has participated in 3 of the SPAA collaborations and also won the 2020 Speaker of the year award. She is married to Deacon Byron Bradby, has five adult children and nine grandchildren. Please listen to her on the newest episode of the SPAA Authors Academy


Jacqueline Grover- SPAA Chicago Combined Chapter President

Jacqueline is an Author, Director, Playwright, Actress, and Singer. She is very passionate about her craft. She was awarded the SPAA 2019 Director of the Year Award. She is the author of I'm Still Wearing Your Name a fiction Novel about Love, Lust, and Betrayal. She has also contributor to two SPAA Collaboration projects titled The Power Within and Seeds of Truth. She currently working on several new projects. You don't want to miss it!


Jay Collins- Executive Director of SPAA

Jay Collins decided in April of 2019, to enter SPAA's annual writing contest and submitted two (2) chapters for the contest. That entry was then chosen for SPAA's collaboration book, "The Seeds of Truth". Such an honor in itself, but then SPAA's Founder & CEO, Dr. Michael V. Wilkins awarded Jay the SGM. Hartman Wilkins Scholarship which covered the cost to publish and release my first book, "The Spirituals". Jay states "It is still difficult for me to even talk about this experience because...


Tammy Montgomery-Doz'ier - National Vice President of SPAA

Tammy Montgomery-Dozi’er is an award-winning Author (SPAA’s Author of the Year 2016), Professional Speaker, Director, Singer, and Actress. She is the winner of the 2020 writing contest. Tammy writes books that deal with real-life issues; such as obesity, self-esteem and mental health. Her books are "Addicted to Pain" a realistic solution for taking your tragedies and transforming them into triumphs. “From F.A.D.S. (False Allegiance To Destructive Stuff ) To Freedom and SPAA collaboration...


Dr. Michael V. Wilkins, SR - Founder & CEO of SPAA

Dr. Michael V. Wilkins, Sr is the Founder and CEO of the SPAA Theater &Performing Arts & SPAA International. He is the author of the best-selling books "Mississippi Mindset" and "The American Mindset." The SPAA is a not-for-profit "Speakers, Publishers & Authors Association" a membership organization founded in 2007, by a group of nationally acclaimed Professional Speakers, Publishers & Authors. SPAA's primary goal is to prepare, empower & provide its members with an equal opportunity to...


The SPAA Authors Academy Trailer

Coming soon The SPAA Authors Academy. Meet local and national authors. Learn how to become an author yourself.