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Just a small town girl living in her own little world. Come join me as I explore the characters, history, locations, and stories of Outlander!

Just a small town girl living in her own little world. Come join me as I explore the characters, history, locations, and stories of Outlander!


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Just a small town girl living in her own little world. Come join me as I explore the characters, history, locations, and stories of Outlander!




The One With The Reunion

Welcome back for another episode of The Sassenach Files! This week I’m chatting about 306: “A. Malcolm”. Join me as I discuss the entire new cast of characters we get, and the little things about the production that annoyed me. Of course, we can’t talk “A. Malcolm” without discussing the reunion and all the ways it tugs at your heart strings. So, buckle up for a roller coaster ride as I break it down for you.


The One With The Leap of Faith

Greetings listeners! Welcome back to another episode of The Sassenach Files. This week I’m discussing one of my all time favorite episodes, 305: “Freedom and Whisky”. Join me as I chat about Brianna’s identity crisis, Claire and Joe’s friendship, and how completely relatable Claire’s moments of doubt were when debating her return trip to Jamie. There’s also a wee surprise for your ears in this one as I’m always adding a little spice to The Sassenach Files life :)


The One About Fatherhood

Hey Obsassenachs! Thanks for joining me for another episode of The Sassenach Files. This week I’m talking episode 304 of Outlander: “Of Lost Things” in all it’s heartbreaking glory. Join me as I take a dive deep into Geneva’s motivations for blackmailing Jamie, John and Jamie’s growing friendship, and why I flipping LOVE Isobel. But most importantly, I discuss how a pasture full of cow patties ended up giving Jamie the biggest silver lining of his life: his son.


The One With The Open Marriage

This time on The Sassenach Files I’m talking 303: “All Debts Paid”. Join me as I discuss my opinions on the adaptations of Claire and Frank’s open marriage and Murtagh’s survival. I also chat about Jamie's new alias, Jamie and John's remarkable similarities, and why these two were a match made in friendship heaven.


The One With The Last Gasp

Greetings Obsassenachs! This week on The Sassenach Files I’m discussing 302 of Outlander: “Surrender”. Join me as I discuss the fantastic sibling dynamic Laura Donnelly and Sam Heughan have created, the craving for human connection on both sides of the time line, and the ultimatum our protagonists face this week: accepting the hand they’ve been dealt, and learning to cope with their grief.


The One With The Battle of Culloden

The season three train is leaving the station, Obsassenachs, so all aboard!! This week I’m discussing the season three premier: “The Battle Joined” along with the oodles and buckets of amazing material we see within Ron Moore’s final screen play for Outlander. Join me as I talk Jamie and Claire’s separate story lines, the challenges the writers faced in maintaining separate arcs for our two leads, and why it works! I also chat about Sam’s phenomenal acting, Claire and Frank’s ongoing...


The Story of Roger Mac

This week on The Sassenach Files, Rebecca is BACK to talk all things Roger Wakefield MacKenzie with me. This is an episode full of “spoilers” as we discuss all content through Book Five The Fiery Cross and Season 5 of Outlander. Join us as we discuss the character of Roger, the poor adaptational choices that were made in portraying his character, and why people generally don’t like him in the grand scheme of Starz’s Outlander. This was our first LIVE recording of The Sassenach Files, and...


Season Two Superlatives

I’ve taken a wee break from episode analyses, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have a new episode for you! This week, I’ve brought a special guest on The Sassenach Files to help me wrap up season 2 with a nice little bow -- just in time for the holidays. Come join us as we discuss all of our favorite moments of Outlander’s second season from Most Romantic Moment, to Biggest Tear Jerker, to Favorite Scene Stealer. And of course, we’ll have to talk about our favorite episodes… *wink wink.


The One Where It's Been Twenty Years

Welcome back to another episode of The Sassenach Files where I’m discussing the season 2 finale, 213: “Dragonfly In Amber”. This is my favorite episode of the series, and I am stoked to chat about it ALL. The twenty-year time jump is just the beginning of this whirlwind adventure. Join me as I discuss the supernaturally fated duo of Roger and Bree, the giant, interwoven tartan that is Outlander, and how Caitriona Balfe’s superb acting crushes my soul in the best way possible every time I...


The One With The Randall Conundrum

Greetings, one and all, and welcome back for another episode of The Sassenach Files! This week I’m back to talk episode 212 of Outlander: “The Hail Mary”. Jamie and Claire are on the verge of throwing in the towel on their Jacobite espionage, but there are A LOT of other things happening in this episode as well. Join me as I discuss the parallel storyline of the brothers Randall and MacKenzie as well as the interesting facets of Black Jack Randall we get our hands on, and why Colum is making...


The One Where Sandringham Gets His

What’s up guys! It’s Chelsea, back for another episode of The Sassenach Files and this time I’m talking 211: “Vengeance Is Mine”. In this week’s episode, I discuss how impressed I am with our lead actors, and their ability to use facial expression in lieu of voiceover. I also discuss Jamie’s movement toward accepting the inevitable, why The Duke of Sandringham’s selfish nature creates a fascinating villain, and how Diana Gabaldon’s talent with creating humorous content gives this episode a...


The One With Angus's Farewell

Hey Obsassenachs, welcome back to another episode of The Sassenach Files for my analysis on episode 210 of Outlander: “Prestonpans”! This week I get into the history of The Battle of Prestonpans, the leaders of the Jacobite Army, and a couple of fun facts on the making of this special Outlander episode. I also talk about the parallels of Rupert and Angus’s friendship with Ross and Kincaid, Dougal’s unrestrained bloodlust, how much it bothered me, and the little things that made this episode...


The One With The Return of The Highlanders

This week on The Sassenach Files, 209 of Outlander: “Prestonpans” is on the docket. In this episode I’m discussing a little bit of everything including the significance of Claire’s PTSD, Jamie and Dougal’s ongoing power struggle, and how the appearance of a new character has me super excited to get into season three!! Stay tuned at the end for the latest news on Diana Gabaldon’s newest book, Go Tell The Bees That I Am Gone and Season 6 filming!


The One With The War of Wits

After a brief hiatus, The Sassenach Files is back. Jamie and Claire have returned to Scotland looking for a fresh start only to be sucked back into the Jacobite war machine. Family drama involving Jamie and Jenny’s grandfather, Lord Simon Fraser of Lovat, takes center stage, and Colum MacKenzie joins the party to make strange bedfellows. After Jamie commits to the cause, he uses all his clout to pull his family members into the fight with him, while Claire throws in the towel...


The One With The Trial By Fire

This week on The Sassenach Files, Chelsea is talking the Season 2 midseason finale, “Faith”. This episode is overflowing with emotional torment. After the loss of her daughter, Claire is struggling to find meaning in life, and her anger at Jamie over his broken promise has made her content to let him rot in the bastille. But when Fergus tells her what truly caused the duel, she finds a deep enough sea to hurl her inequities into, and she heads to Versailles for a final showdown with King...


The One Where Murtagh Finds Out

Welcome back for another episode of The Sassenach Files! This week Chelsea is discussing 206 of Outlander: “Best Laid Schemes”. Jamie and Claire have mended fences after the blow out of 205, and the truth about why Jamie let Black Jack Randall live is finally revealed. Murtagh is welcomed into the Time Traveler loop, and life seems like it’s going to work out--for approximately 2.5 seconds. Then the bubble of happiness implodes leaving more than one of our beloved characters in peril just in...


The One Where Claire Is Completely Selfish

Hey folks! This week I’m talking episode 205 of Outlander: “Untimely Resurrection”. Prince Charlie and Jamie keep playing an unfortunate game of whack-a-mole while Mary and Alex are dealing with the aftermath of the attack in 204. Claire’s unwavering belief that Jack Randall is Frank’s direct ancestor causes her to make some questionable decisions that ultimately lead to a knock down, drag out fight with Jamie when Black Jack Randall returns to the show at the Court of Versailles. P.S....


The One With The Disastrous Dinner Party

This week on The Sassenach Files I’m talking episode 204 of Outlander: “La Dame Blanche”. The news is out. Black Jack Randall is alive, and Jamie’s reaction is one for the ages. Claire and Jamie are able to be honest with each other about the personal struggles they have been facing and are FINALLY able to reestablish their physical connection. Just in time too -- the most disastrous dinner part of the century is right around the corner, and it’s unclear whether anyone will depart from it...


The One With All The Espionage

Greetings listeners! This week I am breaking down 203 “Useful Occupations and Deceptions” where I talk about Jamie’s role as a double agent, Claire’s reunion with her passion for medicine, and how these two paths put our favorite couple on a collision course. Mary Hawkins and her destiny are revealed, and Mother Hildegarde and wee Fergus also come on the scene!


The One Where They Go To Oz

This week on “The Sassenach Files” I’m talking episode 202 of Outlander: “Not In Scotland Anymore”. Join me, Chelsea, as I discuss the cast of new characters we meet, the implications of Jamie’s new relationship with Prince Charlie, and the plight of Murtagh and Claire as they struggle to adapt to the alien world of Parisian society. I also talk about my love of Ira Steven Behr, Terry Dresbach, and John Gary Steele who all blew it out of the park this episode with their respective crafts!...