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'The Ship It Podcast', a Film Podcast from Ship It Studios. We Revisit Some of Your Favorite Movies and TV Shows Through Reviews, Debate, Power Rankings, and Fantasy Drafts.

'The Ship It Podcast', a Film Podcast from Ship It Studios. We Revisit Some of Your Favorite Movies and TV Shows Through Reviews, Debate, Power Rankings, and Fantasy Drafts.


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'The Ship It Podcast', a Film Podcast from Ship It Studios. We Revisit Some of Your Favorite Movies and TV Shows Through Reviews, Debate, Power Rankings, and Fantasy Drafts.






Party Like Its...2007

"2007 is a top 5 year" - Bull. The 4th of July weekend may be coming to a close, but that doesn't mean that the party has to end. Join us as we revisit the iconic year of 2007 and review all of its iconic releases.


Dr. Film - 007

Train & Bull revisit the 007 Franchise and give their pitches for next steps after No Time To Die.


Take 5 - TV Dynamic Duos

Bull & Mr. Zak. Mr. Zak & Bull. The best dynamic duo in podcasting in here to break down the greatest 1-2 punches in television.


Mount Shipmore - Quentin Tarantino

Introducing...The 4th Shipmore by The Captain. On the latest episode of the Mount Shipmore, Bull & The Captain break down the top four films of Quentin Tarantino's career.


Fantasy Draft - Ideal Movie Crew

Have your ever thought about who you would enlist to make your ideal movie? Who would be your headline actors? Which director would take the reins of the film? Which Cinematographer would man the camera? Well, we're going to find out. We're enlisting the help of Arthauz Productions to help us draft the ideal movie crew.


Deep Dive - Super Troopers with Jay Chandrasekhar

Dez and Bull revisit this cult classic and sit down with Director Jay Chandrasekhar to walk through some behind the scenes stories from the making of the film.


Take 5 - Movie Dogs

This one goes out to all the good boys and girls out there. Bull and Mr. Zak are breaking down the top 5 movie dogs of all time. Will your favorites make the cut?


Party Like Its...2000

It's crazy to think about the fact that the year 2000 was 20 years ago (10 years in Bull years). Trade in the Corona Virus for Y2K and join us as we revisit all of the major releases from the year 2000.


Mount Shipmore - Adam Sandler

The man goes by many names. Nicky, Deeds, Billy, Dracula, Happy, Opera Man, & countless others. It's only right that we give Mr. Sandler his due by giving him his own Mount Shipmore monument.


Deep Dive - Spice World

When you're feelin' sad and low. We will take you where you gotta go. Come and join Bull and Zak as they travel back on the Deep Dive podcast to the 1997 classic, Spice World.


Take 5 - Bond Films

The name's 5. Take 5. We're breaking down the top five films of the 007 franchise, as well as forecast what type of long-term impact the current crisis could have on the movie industry.


Party Like Its...1991

Ah, 1991. A time when people could still shake hands and toilet paper filled the shelves. Join The Ship It Podcast as we look to pass the time of isolation with a trip down memory lane in the year 1991.


Fantasy Draft - Fairy Tale Adventure

Once upon a time a time four brave boys went out in search of the perfect Fantasy Draft lineup. One wished upon a star. One found true loves first kiss. One was shown the whole wide world. One got a flat tire and had to turn around. They all lived happily ever after.


Mount Shipmore - Rachel McAdams

Were you a bully in High School? Do you like crashing weddings? Do you love the song "I'm Like a Bird" by Nelly Furtado? If you said yes to any of these questions than you need to listen to the latest episode of Mount Shipmore. On this episode, we're breaking down Rachel McAdams' four best roles that will be forever memorialized on her Mount Shipmore monument.


Dr. Film - Super Smash

Sonic just broke the record for a video game movie's three-day opening in the US. That means that studios will start paying a lot more attention to video game adaptations moving forward. Does this open the door for a possible Super Smash Brothers franchise? Bull, Captain, and Mr. Zak sit down to talk about what we would like to see a Super Smash adaptation, as well as what actors we would like to see voice these iconic characters.


Take 5 - 2020 Most Anticipated

A lot of people feel like 2020 will be a down year for the box office. We're joined by Zachary Danek from Arthauz Productions to break down which films you should still head out to the theater to check out.


Deep Dive - The Big Lebowski

Ah, the age old tale about a man and his rug. On the latest episode of Deep Dive Mr. Zak & Bull are taking down the cult classic, The Big Lebowski.


Party Like Its...1997

1997 was an all-time great year. Bull, Zak, and The Captain and going back in time to relive the glory days.


Fantasy Draft - Star Wars Rebellion

This is a rebellion, isn't it? We rebel. So we're drafting our ideal rebel scum lineup from our favorite TV & Film characters. May the force be with us.


Mount Shipmore - Dwayne The Rock Johnson

We're excited to kick off our brand new series called Mount Shipmore. We're going to review which 4 credits are most deserving to be forever memorialized on our famous Mount Shipmore across our favorite actors, actresses, and directors. To help kick off this series we're going to be reviewing the love-able big guy, Dwayne "The Rock' Johnson.