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looking at the latest in pop culture including film, TV and music, as well as dissecting some very special topics of our choosing.

looking at the latest in pop culture including film, TV and music, as well as dissecting some very special topics of our choosing.


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looking at the latest in pop culture including film, TV and music, as well as dissecting some very special topics of our choosing.






Fetch The Bolt Cutters (episode forty two)

*WARNING: IN THIS EPISODE, WE GET QUITE NSFW & COVER ADULT THEMES SO APPROACH WITH CAUTION!!* sure, this episode is almost two hours long but it’s not like you don’t have lots of time on your hands, huh?? plus, this is ~a very special episode~ because guess what? we have A GUEST! first we spend some time addressing which celebrities are having a rough time in isolation (5:00) before moving onto vanity fair’s behind the scenes feature on ‘dune’ (22:00) something we’re hoping still sees a...


The C Word (Daniel Craig) (episode # forty one)

suddenly got lots of time on your hands and find yourself in need of a distraction? well, you’re in luck; episode forty one is a 90 minute c-free zone (unless the c-word is daniel CRAIG, in which case, we have LOTS of thoughts) we address that GQ shoot (5:25), the harry styles tiny desk (12:54) and a small bit of timmy time (16:30) before moving onto TV, where we discuss hulu’s ‘high fidelity’ (18:25) and the end of HBO’s stephen king drama, ‘the outsider’(28:36) on the movie front, we...


What's His Name in 'Donnie Darko'? (episode #40)

our podcast has reached the dizzy heights of FORTY EPISODES and to celebrate, we answered some of YOUR questions in this very special mailbag episode! thank you to everyone who sent us their Qs- tune in to see if we answered yours! don't forget you can find us on twitter: our NEW AND IMPROVED blog, with recommended reading & links for this episode: & you can email us your thoughts/feelings/feedback:...


This is Dedicated To You, Ben Stiller (episode #39)

our second episode of 2020 is here and it's an AWARDS SEASON catch up, with a few spoilery reviews of HBO's 'the outsider' (25:35), taika waititi's 'jojo rabbit' (39:30) and book adaptation 'just mercy' (52:23. after that, we dive deep into ~every awards ceremony so far~ (1:01:18) and ahead of the academy awards on february 9th, we make our own oscar predictions. we also asked for you to send your questions for a future mailbag episode; anything you want to know? GET IN TOUCH!! don't forget...


"Women: They Have MINDS!" - Our End of Year Round-Up, 2019 (episode #38)

it's been a while and we're now at the start of a new decade(!) but we're BACK with our end of year 2019 best of lists! we share our film, tv, music, book & podcast top tens, plus a few ~honourable mentions~ and other shout-outs to things we loved over the last twelve months. some of the discussion may be a little spoiler-y so listener discretion is advised!! if you don’t yet have a copy of our zine, you can buy one here: & you can also find our spotify...


You Always Hurt The One You Love (episode #37)

episode 37: “that's some heavy-duty conjecture.” we start with news (2:20) covering brad pitt and alia shawkat (who aren’t dating), trent reznor’s inadvertent CMAs win (he didn’t really wear a cowboy hat), harry styles’ SNL double-duty (must get rid of toxic in community) PLUS our usual ~timmy time~. on the review front we cover the first six episodes of HBO’s ‘watchmen’ remix (29:00, beware of SPOILERS) before moving onto rian johnson’s whodunnit mystery ‘knives out’ (49:50) and then noah...


Find Me and Call Me By Your Name (episode #36)

episode 36 is a pod of two halves, quite literally: 50% us, 50% ~special guest appearance~! as always, we start with news (2:49) as we cover variety’s new actors on actors series, keanu reeves and his age appropriate girlfriend, the my chemical romance reunion AND timmy time is back in full effect. reviews wise: we cover joaquin phoenix in todd philips’ ‘joker (16:38) and mike flanagan’s shining sequel ‘doctor sleep’ (34:17) plus a few nods to other things of note including ‘watchmen’ and...


We Met Greta Gerwig at London Film Festival & All We Got Was This Episode (Episode #35.5)

our second annual london film festival recap is here; we discuss our weekend antics including a brush with one of our favourite directors, a leap into the world of fandom plus reviews of screenings we attended: robert eggers' ‘the lighthouse’ (23:24) and netflix’s historical drama, ‘the king’ (43:00) our 2018 LFF episode can be found here: don't forget you can find us on...


Brad Astra (Episode #35)

episode 35 is us in full-on catch up mode as we return from our brief september hiatus to cover some news & reviews of what we’ve been consuming for the last SIX(!!) WEEKS. it’s a long one, so buckle up! in ~current affairs~ (2:34) we’ve address THAT harry styles rolling stone profile, that GQ brad pitt profile; there’s some swedish skarsgård drama and we touch on this year’s emmy awards where the brits swept the board. we also let you know that TIMMY SEASON is truly upon us. on the TV...


"You're Kinda Pretty for a Stuntman" (episode #34.5)

"hey! you're rick f**king dalton. don't you forget it" ‘once upon a hollywood’ is quentin tarantino’s ninth film and one we’ve been looking forward to all summer (brad! leo! margot!). so- with that in mind- episode 34 & a half is an elongated SPOILER FILLED discussion about the movie in all its 1960s sunshine-fueled glory. we cover our expectations in the build up to the film’s release; our overall impressions now we’ve seen it; the themes it addresses; what we thought of the cast;...


"I Dump Your Ass" (episode #34)

"there's more to life than stupid boys, you know" episode 34 is a bumper TV special (soon to be followed by a tarantino minisode) but before we dissect the shows we’ve enjoyed this summer, we cover some news (1:49): channing tatum has moved to suffolk(?!), liam hemsworth and miley cyrus have split (again?), harry styles has emerged to film two videos & appear in a gucci fragrance campaign AND *drumroll* THE TIMMY DROUGHT IS OVER: the ‘little women’ trailer is here! our TV catch up is spoiler...


"I'd Kiss You If I Could" (episode #33)

it’s been a while since we recorded which is why this is really episode 33 masquerading as episode 32 (ignore our puns!). more importantly: we’re joined by our favourite australian, von, who co-hosts with us IN REAL LIFE (and not via skype!) in news, we cover the ‘charlie’s angels’ trailer (4:20) the forbes 100 richest list (10:16) AND we return to our podcast roots by monologuing about one of our favourites, jake gyllenhaal & his recent ‘spider-man: far from home’ press tour romance with...


"We Haven't Broken Any Rules!" (episode #32)

"we are not one-dimensional. we are smart and fun!" like the rest of the internet, we saw and loved olivia wilde's directorial debut 'booksmart' and left the cinema with lots to say. our friend peggy hughes felt the same, so she joined us for a spoiler-ish discussion about the film (3:30) which turned into a much broader chat about the legacy of high school films as a genre(39:25). she even stuck around for our ~obsessions of the week~ (1:10:20). you can find peggy over on twitter:...


Falcon Would Show You a Good Time (episode #31.5)

“i think you look great, cap. as far as i’m concerned, that's america's ass.” episode thirty one and a half and here’s the thing: WE’RE NOT WORTHY! WE’RE NOT WORTHY! … but we’re still giving our deep-dive spoiler-filled review of ‘avengers: endgame’ (5:00) and THEN- what you’ve all been waiting for- our second annual thirst ranking of the avengers cast (40:45). for this episode, we’re joined by our wonderful friend von who has lots of MCU-related hot takes we’re sure you’ll enjoy. if you...


Celebrity Cats & Celebrity Canoodling (episode #31)

now we’ve inched into our thirties, we’re back with another episode in which we cover some recent news from the internet rumour mill (does jake gyllenhaal have a cat? are lupita and janelle dating? does that mean tessa and brie dating?? what’re the dune cast up to? will rpattz play batman?) before moving onto some reviews, including a spoiler-filled look at joe berlinger’s ted bundy biopic ‘extremely wicked, shockingly evil and vile’ starring our favourite ex-disney darling, zac efron...


Metisode #30.5

it's a MET GALA emergency pod! given HOW much of our attention it occupied in a very short space of time, we took initiative and decided to discuss the 71st met gala which took place earlier this week on the first monday in may. we cover the fashion highs, the lows, the contentious theme (what exactly IS camp?) and- of course- those co-chairs, including two of our faves, lady gaga and some guy called harry styles ('i don't know her'). don't forget you can find us on twitter:...


Send Me Your Potato Sugars (episode #30)

like mark ruffalo and jennifer garner in the seminal rom-com classic, we're 13 going on THIRTY. hi, we're back and catching up with the latest news & reviews from the last few weeks. we talk coachella 2019 and shia labeouf's questionable stomach tattoo (real? unreal? who knows!) followed by a spoiler-y discussion of jordan peele's 'Us' (19:49) and a whizz through other things we've enjoyed of late including the end of 'broad city' (38:17) 'fleabag' (40:00). in the second half of the episode...


Triple Thirstier (episode #29)

“you know I dreamed about you, for twenty-nine years before I saw you…” we’re back with another episode, catching up with the latest news & reviews from the last few weeks. we talk luke perry’s untimely death, operation varsity blues and chart pete davidson & kate beckinsale’s romance in the best way possible: A TIMELINE! spoilerific reviews abound: we cover the MCU’s newest, ‘captain marvel’ (26:12), and netflix’s ‘triple frontier’ (43:14), a film we argue was definitely made for women,...


Oscars A Go Go (episode #28.5)

3/9/2019's a very special oscars episode! we talked to our #ladypodsquad friend Amanda about the 91st academy awards; the highs, the lows, the most baffling moments plus the thing we care about the most: the red carpet. Amanda hosts a variety of other shows, which you can find listed on her website just here: don't forget you can find us on twitter: our NEW AND IMPROVED blog, with recommended reading & links for our episodes:...


C is for Cancelled (episode #28)

episode 28 and like cillian murphy, we're navigating the (pop cultural) landscape trying to make sense of what's going on... we cover some news (lucas hedges! shawn mendes! lady gaga & that guy she dated!), and some reviews as we discuss jake gyllenhaal's weirdo performance in netflix's 'velvet buzzsaw' (25:00) and barry jenkin's beautiful 'if beale street could talk' (35:00). we also do some spoilerific analysis of 'russian doll' (45:38) before moving on to discuss cancel culture as a...