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The Tiff and Jules Show - #24, Hostile Julieanne, Sensitive Tiff & Chill Chay play Catch Up

Join us as we catch up after a little time apart. There's no lack of the usual disagreements, deep discussion about relationships, exploration of the pursuit of unsafe options and cheers to Chay reading Julieanne's book, Spelling it Out for Your Man. Join us for another roller coaster show that takes us on many journeys.


The Tiff and Jules Show – #21, Avoiding Responsibilities, Homelessness & More

Tune-in for an entertaining episode of The Tiff and Jules Show where Tiff, Jules and Chay all try to get out of Podcasting, Tiff cracks up Jules, and Chay beats around the bush 'til he finally comes out with a story about conditional vs. unconditional kindness. Join us in a laugh or two as we return from our hiatus. Facebook: Twitter:


The Tiff and Jules Show – episode 20, Billionaires, Friends, Philosophy & Sleepy Nights

Tune-in for a terribly imperfect show... Not worth getting into the details - You might as well just tune-in for a laugh or be disgusted. Oh boy. Who says this shit on the air?! Facebook: Twitter: Enjoy!


The Tiff and Jules Show - #19, Friends Start Dying, Judgments, Mental Illness in the Military, Etc.

"You can't let the darkness win." Join us on The Tiff and Jules Show with Producer Chay and special guest, Heather Trimmer for a candid and deep discussion about some real world issues. Along with an intense debate between Tiff and Jules about what the news perpetuates, conversations about how to stay informed without obsessing, and more. There's no lack of energy in this episode with some dialogue that just gets down and dirty with our opinions about a lot of serious topics. Enjoy and...


The Tiff and Jules Show - #17, Getting Real, Insecurities, Passing the torch

Tune-in for an episode about people living with heart, creating smile wrinkles and analysis about coming to terms with aging. Fight it or Embrace it? The fundamentals of feeling good about yourself... Whether you're self-consciousness or you honor your own self-worth, there's something for everyone in this episode of The Tiff and Jules Show. Website: Facebook: Twitters: @TiffandJules


The Tiff and Jules Show - Episode 16 - "Hey... What's yo DNA?"

In this unforgettable episode, Tiff reveals just how "Ethnically Ambiguous" she is with her DNA results which spark a candid and insightful dialogue about race, people's perceptions of us, the colorism that still exits and how at the end of the day; as different as we may think we are, we're really not that different after all.


The Tiff and Jules Show - episode 15, After Hours, The Las Vegas Shooting

Tune-in for an episode of The Tiff and Jules Show after hours. An episode on wine, Dynomite, Good Times and well, you'll just have to tune-in if you want to hear it all. It gets good as the wine gets "sucked" down. Enjoy. "Sorry Mom!" X-Rated.


The Tiff and Jules Show - episode 14

On this week's episode, Jules gets Tiff an kit and producer Chay follows suit. Stay tuned to find out what the heck they all are when they reveal their results on the air live in the coming weeks. Chay reminisces about his boy scout days and Jules gets a little too close with a giant-sized reptile. Is snake therapy a thing?


The Tiff and Jules Show - Episode 13, Sex Sex Sex

So here it is. A show we shouldn't probably air. But in all honesty, once you mark this baby explicit, it is what it is. Enjoy as we have a little open conversation about some taboo topics on this episode of The Tiff and Jules Show.


The Tiff and Jules Show - Episode 12, Hurricane Harvey, Hypochondria, & the Unraveling of a Human

“When someone holds up a mirror and that image comes back, if you’re not checking yourself daily, it can be a bit jarring.” –Producer Chay Join us on The Tiff and Jules Show as we venture out on a journey to share sensitive issues as vaguely as possible, so as to prevent the unraveling of the people involved. Tune-in as we learn more about each other's Lioness natures, Sensitivities and needs for calming. There's also no shortage of laughs when Tiffany freaks out about stolen French...


The Tiff and Jules Show - episode 11

On this week's episode... Tiff, Jules & producer Chay get real about the "hot button" topic of diversity in Hollywood and how far we've come yet still have so far to go, "Wonder Woman's" impact on every woman's feminine power (and desire for Spanx) and the culture (or lack thereof) in many different American cities where perception really is their reality.


The Tiff and Jules Show - episode 10

Tiff, Jules and Producer Chay chat about the difference between being self-absorbed and self-aware (all while simultaneously taking selfies), growing older, letting go of unrealistic expectations and what's really important in today's photo shopped, face-tuned society.


The Tiff and Jules Show - Episode 9 - Female Cycles, Bank Robbers and Terrifying Situations

Tune-in to this week's episode of The Tiff and Jules Show as we get way too personal about everything from "that time of the month" to Tiff's Super Woman run for it from the Matrix, with a heroic leap over the Bank’s Plexiglass wall just in time to save everyone from a…! That's not all, this episode won't let you down as Julieanne decides she's not going to die a telemarketer and Chay comes clean about his guilt from one frightening evening lost in Harlem. And still there’s more. Tune-in....


The Tiff and Jules Show - Episode 8

Get ready for a roller coaster ride of F bombs, making it rain in the studio, swiping vs swabbing and then it gets REALLY real as Tiff, Jules and producer Chay talk about their fight or flight responses in some very personal stories involving a brush with death, peeping Tom encounters and an intense story about surviving and fighting off an attempt at sexual assault. Listeners never know where the show is gonna go and neither do Tiff & Jules... but it's never boring. This is an...


The Tiff and Jules Show - Episode 7, Candor, Kissing Cousins & the Creole Swag

The Tiff and Jules Show with Producer Chay brings it to you yet again, with another episode of craziness, fun and candor. Join us for a show about the chicken wing dance, family reunions, Vanessa and the Creole Swag. Be it our candid banter about dance moves, childhood dramas, or coffee pop-offs, there’s no bashfulness in this show. Tune-in for a little fun, a bit of seriousness, some straight up talk about kissing cousins. No wonder we are ready to start the “Unfriended” community after...


The Tiff and Jules Show - Episode 6, Sweat Lodges, Ayahuasca, Bullying and more...

Join us for Episode 6 of The Tiff and Jules Show where Tiff opens up about being bullied, Julieanne brings up emotional release and Chay chimes in about The Drum Journey. But that’s not all! There’s more. Tune-in for our ride through a sweat lodge, hallucinogenic drugs or Ayahuasca (iowaska), claustrophobia and prison. There’s no lack of entertainment in this episode of The Tiff and Jules Show. Join us!


The Tiff and Jules Show - Episode 5, Texting, Sexting and LA Living...

Tiff and Jules are back at it again with another candid show about life in LA. From Texting to SEXting to Voxer and more, Tiffany and Julieanne have some fun with producer Chay talking about life in the Big City. Join us on our adventure of life as we share the good the bad and the personal.


The Tiff and Jules Show, Episode 4, Hollywood, Dating, and More

In this week's episode: Tiff and Jules take on a 30-day no-alcohol challenge, Chay lets go and does him, Tiff navigates her way through multi-dating and the whole crew takes a moment of rare silence, to breathe in a little mindfulness.


The Tiff and Jules Show - Episode 3, The Difference Between Hoping and Creating, LA Living

In this week's episode; Tiff & Jules talk about the seriousness of creating your life, looking for the good in every situation and what's really going on with our dating and relationships in 2017. Do women set their men up for failure with their probing questions? Tune-in to find out!