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A podcast dedicated to the Gen X pop culture that raised us. Lori and friends revisit the TV, films, music, and music videos every latchkey kid of the MTV Generation knows and loves ... and sometimes loves to hate.


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A podcast dedicated to the Gen X pop culture that raised us. Lori and friends revisit the TV, films, music, and music videos every latchkey kid of the MTV Generation knows and loves ... and sometimes loves to hate.






Our Epic GenX Road Trip Adventure!

Hop in the backseat and buckle up, because we’re taking you on an epic road trip adventure to the GenX capital of the world — SEATTLE! So forgive the road noise and pop open your Pringles as we rehash a questionable road trip we took in high school, Lori's first time drinking, Cate breaking and entering, very real dangers on the road, and Arnold Schwarzenegger's "ding dong", but not before Cate sprinkles herself throughout history and Lori asks for a better seat in a restaurant. K.I.T. Support the pod on Patreon!


A Heads Up! + ON REPEAT: Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret. (1970)

We don't have a new episode this week for one very good reason! Cate and I are hitting the road for an epic road trip adventure to the home of all things GenX. Yep, I’m talking about Seattle, WA! We’re going to try to podcast on the road (so stay tuned for that), but in the meantime, in honor of the theatrical release of Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret., we'd like to offer a very special encore presentation of our Season 1 episode where Cate and I cover this Judy Bloom classic, while sharing our own coming to terms with coming of age. It’s all bras and periods and hormones, so take special care while listening! Because this 1970 literary classic holds a special place in the heart of nearly every GenX woman, they’ll explore the book’s timeless themes involving friendship, puberty, and the hard questions we dare ask while taking those brave first steps toward self-discovery. And yes, the besties spill their secret sisterhood stories involving their first "menstroo-ation", first kisses, and first bras, along with their earliest sex ed memories and the wild wondering of what it all means. Sugar Calling: Cheryl Strayed interview with Judy Blume The Secret Sisters - "Late Bloomer" [Official Video] K.I.T. Support the pod on Patreon!


Patreon Bonus: The Golden Girls - ”Sick and Tired” (aka ”Dorothy Is Dismissed by Her Doctors”) (1989)

Because free is fun, I'm offering you a sneak peak of The Untitled GenX Podcast's Patreon! If you're into it, I invite you subscribe at For $5 or more per month, you'll unlock access to exclusive episodes like this one and nab yourself an official sticker. Plus, you can feel really good about helping to support the pod! Grab your caftan and settle into some wicker. My pal and confidant Jessica Ashley joins me to talk all about getting older, getting wiser, and getting golden in Season 5, Episodes 1 & 2 of The Golden Girls titled “Sick and Tired - parts 1 and 2” (aka “Dorothy Is Dismissed by Her Doctors”). From the seriousness of gender bias in healthcare, our own experiences as patients searching for answers, and Dorothy Zbornak as the premiere feminist of 1989 ... to the silliness of "Golden Girls-ing it out" in our golden years, making friends with podiatrists, and our favorite Golden ladies being way too young to be so old, we get candid about aging, dating, second acts, and the undeniable power of female friendship. To support this podcast and gain exclusive access to bonus episodes, visit Gaslighting in women’s health: No, it’s not just in your head TODAY - Dismissed: The health risk of being a woman Get to know Jessica Ashley: Jessica Ashley is the Divorce Coach for Moms and the author of The Blended Family Q&A: 400 Questions to Spark Fun and Thought-Provoking Conversations. She is also the professor of a graduate communication class at Northwestern University. Jessica is mom to a 17-year old son and 7-year old daughter, and wears inappropriately high heels to the playground. Official Website The New York Times "It’s a Good Time to Be a Relationship Coach" Schedule a complimentary call with Jessica The Blended Family Q&A: 400 Questions to Spark Fun and Thought-Provoking Conversations TikTok @divorcecoachformoms Instagram @divorcecoachformoms K.I.T. Support the pod on Patreon!


The Cutting Edge (1992)

We’re here to warm your cold, cold hearts as we revisit 1992's romcom comfort classic The Cutting Edge, a film about ice princesses, Pamchenkos, and of course, toe picks! From sex in the Olympic Village, men with cutting edges, signature dude dick moves, and pounding tequila shots, to Cate getting nursey, Lori forever falling, and our mutual adoration of movie montages, we skate through our eternal love for this iconic feel-good figure skating film. K.I.T. Support the pod on Patreon!


Return to Oz (1985)

We’re taking you somewhere over the rainbow into the bowels of the Emerald City to revisit a fever dream from our youth as we hitch a ride on the gump to join Dorothy and her misfit pals in Return to Oz, the dark fantasy adventure responsible for our collective childhood trauma. From big questions about HOW and WHY this film was ever marketed to children (cue Lori's traumatic theater-viewing experience) to Cate's real-life-OMG L. Frank Baum connection, we break down the terror and triumph of this batshit crazy Disney adventure. K.I.T. Support the pod on Patreon!


Some Kind of Wonderful (1987)

Don't go mistaking paradise for a pair of long legs, and don't go thinking there was ever a better Gen X love triangle than Some Kind of Wonderful. Friend of the pod and resident cool guy Kenny Stach joins us as we talk all about the risks and rewards of being in love with a friend, stalker Keith, naked girls in locker rooms, THAT KISS, kissable Watts, awkward dates, guyliner, sad paintings, and how a lack of shallowness doesn't make you deep. K.I.T. Support the pod on Patreon!


The Giving Tree (1964)

If you’ve ever pondered the sometimes fuzzy line between love vs. sacrifice … or helping vs. enabling … or beloved children’s classic vs. entitled child’s manifesto, then this episode is for you. We’re turning the pages of Shel Silverstein’s classic, The Giving Tree and exploring the themes we thought we loved (???), while unraveling the enigma of the renaissance man himself. But wait, there's so much more! We dare to ask whether Silverstein was an intellectual hottie and where the hell the forest's village was at, but not before discussing the high cost of lumber, why kids are attracted to ugly images, and of course, the healthy boundaries required in every relationship. The Tree Who Set Healthy Boundaries: A Parody Alternate Ending for Shel Silverstein's "The Giving Tree" K.I.T. Support the pod on Patreon!


Aerosmith’s Alicia Silverstone Music Video Trilogy (1993-1994)

Content warning: This episode includes discussions surrounding suicide. If you are someone you know is experiencing suicidal thoughts or is in crisis and are in the US, please contact the 988 Suicide and Crisis Lifeline by dialing 988 to be automatically connected to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline for free and confidential support. As a nod to the “teenage dirtbag” trend, we’re kicking it back to the good hair and bad attitude of our quintessential ‘90s queen, Alicia Silverstone and her epic Aerosmith video trilogy. From “Cryin’” to “Amazing” to “Crazy”, we dive deep into the music videos that inspired us to kick ass, love hard, and live free — all while looking sexy as hell. In addition to dishing on matching tattoos, sexy gas pumping, scandalous nepotism, and stealing white bread, we tackle old man gawkers, the perks of being pretty, and of course, those magic moments of teenage freedom. Uproxx: "An Ode To Aerosmith’s ‘Crazy,’ The Greatest (And Creepiest) Music Video Of The 1990s" by Josh Kurp Aerosmith - Cryin' [Official Music Video] Aerosmith - Amazing [Official Music Video] Aerosmith - Crazy [Official Music Video] K.I.T. Support the pod on Patreon!


Singles (1992)

Welcome-ish to (what we have so far for) Season 4! Cate, my childhood best friend and your favorite GenX cohost is here to rock your world as we to break down the sex, single life, and Seattle sound of 1992’s GenX classic, Singles. From "the show up", video dating, and what we can only assume is an important missing scene, to totally hating Debbie, peak '90s adulting, and the Friends connection you never saw coming, we explore the emotional larceny of being totally lost in love. K.I.T. Support the pod on Patreon!


ON REPEAT: Skid Row (1989)

WE ARE THE YOUTH GONE WILD! Join Cate and Lori ON REPEAT as they rock out to an album near and dear to their 8th grade hearts — Skid Row’s 1989 self-titled debut album. Crank the volume as the gals discuss all the *ahem* feelings Sebastian Bach’s low-rise leather pants and high cheekbones gave them, while revisiting the music videos of the singles from this anthem-rich album. Come for the bottle-throwing, bad-behaving Bach, stay for the candid convos involving bedside table drawers, online dating, and of course, Gilmore Girls. Skid Row - 18 and Life (Official Music Video) Skid Row - I Remember You (Official Music Video) Skid Row - Youth Gone Wild (Official Music Video) Skid Row - Live at Wembley Stadium (1991) K.I.T. Support the pod on Patreon!


ON REPEAT: Cyndi Lauper - She’s So Unusual (1983)

Cate and Lori are back ON REPEAT singing the praises of singer, songwriter, actress, feminist, activist, and all-around queen, Cyndi Lauper and her breakout 1983 debut album, She’s So Unusual. The gals dance deep into the album’s bops, ballads, and sometimes unusual music videos. In true Cyndi form, things get a little colorful as the ladies talk about their suburban childhood, middle school cafeteria lunches, phone rules, crazy nights past 8 PM, and that very real single teardrop pain of running away from love. Cyndi Lauper - She Bop (Official HD Video) Cyndi Lauper - Girls Just Want To Have Fun (Official Video) Cyndi Lauper - Time After Time (Official Video) K.I.T. Support the pod on Patreon!


ON REPEAT: a-ha - Take On Me (1985)

The gals take you back to Cate's very first music video, a-ha’s 1985 synth-pop tour-de-force single, "Take On Me" from their debut album Hunting High and Low. They draw deep into the progressive single, innovative music video, and long-time legacy of this beloved and often-covered ‘80s classic. The ladies also talk dining and dashing, cartoon crushes, getting sweaty and sexy, and trying again until you get it right. a-ha - Take On Me (Official 4K Music Video) a-ha - The Making of Take On Me (Episode 1) a-ha - The Making of Take On Me (Episode 2) a-ha - The Making of Take On Me (Episode 3) Savoy Cafe location K.I.T. Support the pod on Patreon!


ON REPEAT: The Electric Grandmother (1982)

Cate and Lori TOTALLY FREAK OUT ON REPEAT over 1982’s endearing and oddly unsettling made-for-TV movie, The Electric Grandmother, starring Maureen Stapleton and Edward Herrmann. And if you're like, "Never heard of it," you're in for a big surprise as the ladies recount the nightmare nostalgia associated with this super-messed-up-how-is-this-made-for-kids-TV-movie-about-weird-robot-grannies that still has Lori calling out for her mommy. Full movie: The Electric Grandmother K.I.T. Support the pod on Patreon!


ON REPEAT: Heathers (1989)

GREETINGS AND SALUTATIONS ON REPEAT! Cate and Lori decided to kill a bottle of wine and dish on 1989’s cult classic Heathers starring Winona Ryder, Christian Slater, and Shannen Doherty. It’s no secret this film is "so very" with its dark humor and colorful characters (#teammartha), so the good time gals invite you to join their clique as they get into the red scrunchie of it all. But first, what's your damage, Heather? K.I.T. Support the pod on Patreon!


ON REPEAT: FRIENDS - ”The One With All the Resolutions” (aka ”Ross and the Leather Pants”) (1999)

Happy 2023, beautiful people! If it hasn’t been your day, your week, your month, or even your last two years, join Cate and Lori as they revisit season 5, episode 11 of Friends, "The One with All the Resolutions" ON REPEAT! (Yes, this podcast episode originally aired December 2020. And yes, they still think it's a fun listen.) And because besties tell each other everything, they gossip about sex at midnight, swamp ass, leather while pregnant, farting on a first date, and offer their heartfelt message of love to you in the new year. Cheers! The Fart that Almost Altered My Destiny by Anna Lind Thomas K.I.T. Support the pod on Patreon!


ON REPEAT: (Drunk) Die Hard (1988)

Welcome to the ON REPEAT party, pals. Today Cate and Lori tackle the iconic Christmas (?) blockbuster, Die Hard. They invite you to “come out the coast, we’ll get together, have a few laughs…” as they dive deep into the elevator shaft of the film’s titillating trivia, it’s place in the great Christmas film debate, and its die hard fan base ... all while getting sloshed on spiked eggnog. And oh yeah, they chat maiden names, crippling telephone shyness, wild Christmas parties, and "Huey Lewis's" surprise cameo in the film. Yippee ki yay, melon farmers. K.I.T. Support the pod on Patreon!


ON REPEAT: Mariah Carey - ”All I Want for Christmas Is You” (1994) — with Big Brother Jake!

Lori's very merry to welcome her new best friend, podcaster Big Brother Jake ON REPEAT to chat all about the song Mariah Carey calls among her greatest achievements. Yes, little lambs, we’re talking about Mariah’s 1994 immortal holiday classic “All I Want for Christmas is You”. From Mariah being so much more than "the Christmas song lady" to wholesome pole dancing, best ever gifts, and Mariah's elusive "you," Lori and Big Brother Jake speculate and pontificate on the modern, inescapable earworm that found its way into the classic holiday cannon against all odds. Come for Mariah's waves and kisses, stay for the dogs in sweaters. Get to know Big Brother Jake: Jake Warner (his government name) is a Navy veteran and a radio veteran. He’s a SoCal native who works as an on-site Engineer and Producer for the Los Angeles Clippers and the Los Angeles Kings Radio Broadcasts. Jake is the host of The Big Brother Jake Podcast and serves as Executive Podcast Producer and Development of Talent for Rose City Sound. He’s also a loving father of three daughters and the warmest guy you’ll ever meet. Follow: Big Brother Jake Listen: The Big Brother Jake Podcast @thebigbrotherjakepodcast on Instagram @bigbrotherjake on Twitter -- Mariah Carey - All I Want For Christmas Is You (Official Video) Mariah Carey - All I Want For Christmas Is You (Black & White - Official HD Video) K.I.T. Support the pod on Patreon!


ON REPEAT: A Christmas Story (1983) — with Trish the Dish of GenX Voice!

Lori's feeling the excitement of a kid on Christmas as she welcomes podcaster Trish of GenX Voice ON REPEAT to discuss 1983’s classic cringey comedy, A Christmas Story. Join Trish and Lori as they question Aunt Clara's motives, Mom's '80s-inspired perm, childhood "visions," and Ralphie as a potential sociopath. The fast friends also chat about the impact of school bullies, double dog dares, challenging childhoods, and the reality of being forever scarred by Porky's. Get to know Trish the Dish of GenX Voice: Trish was born in 1975 and was deeply involved in the music and culture of the rave scene in the ‘90s. She traveled the world in her 20's and was deeply enmeshed in the rave scene of the ‘90s. From there, she committed herself to teaching French to underprivileged youth and is now involved in making positive changes through higher education. She is the host of GenX Voice, a podcast dedicated to bridging generations and proving we’re not all slackers and Karens. GenX Voice Podcast GenX Voice website @genxvoice on Instagram The Untitled GenX Podcast on GenX Voice: 1988, Lilith Fair, and Ramones Tee Shirts K.I.T. Support the pod on Patreon!


ON REPEAT: Wham! - Last Christmas (1984)

This Christmas, Cate and Lori are giving their hearts ON REPEAT to someone special (psst! YOU) as they revisit Wham’s chart-topping, toe-tapping hits “Last Christmas” and “Everything She Wants”. Released as a double A-side in December 1984, the gals dive deep into the dramatic music videos, heartbreaking lyrics, and too-good trivia that make both songs karaoke favorites to this day. They also chat about the awkwardness of hanging out with an ex, the risk of breaking hip while sledding, and the pure cinematic value of strategically placed bed sheets, ah-ha ah, ah-ha ah, doo doo doo, la, la, la, la, la. Last Christmas (Official Music Video) Everything She Wants (Official Music Video) K.I.T. Support the pod on Patreon!


ON REPEAT: A Very Special Thanksgiving Crossover: The Cosby Show / Who’s the Boss?

Pull up a chair for this very special ON REPEAT episode as Cate and Lori dish on the iconic Thanksgiving episodes of Who's the Boss? and The Cosby Show! The gals talk turkey about The Cosby Show —"Bonjour, Sondra" (Season 1, Episode 10) and Who's the Boss? — "Thanksgiving at Mrs. Rossini's" (Season 2, Episode 9). Consider it all of the best parts of Thanksgiving as the ladies serve up extra helpings of the delicious sarcasm you love and none of the yucky side dishes you don't. K.I.T. Support the pod on Patreon!