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Voice over is a heroes' journey. Make it your journey. Actor, voice talent and storytelling coach David H. Lawrence XVII takes you on a journey each episode into the art, commerce, science and mindset of voice over as a performing art, and as a profession and business. Presented by

Voice over is a heroes' journey. Make it your journey. Actor, voice talent and storytelling coach David H. Lawrence XVII takes you on a journey each episode into the art, commerce, science and mindset of voice over as a performing art, and as a profession and business. Presented by


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Voice over is a heroes' journey. Make it your journey. Actor, voice talent and storytelling coach David H. Lawrence XVII takes you on a journey each episode into the art, commerce, science and mindset of voice over as a performing art, and as a profession and business. Presented by








0075: Three Things To Do Instead Of Interrupting Someone

Hey there, hero! In a recent episode, we talked about patience. About allowing a partner to speak. About listening "louder." And I got some requests for suggestions on what to do instead of jumping in with "feedback" or "advice" or "support." I've got three things that will make you so popular as a conversationalist, you'll need to hire someone to help you enjoy all your popularity. Once you've heard or watched the podcast episode...did those help? Do you have any little tactics you use...


0074: Can You Last For Eighteen Seconds?

Hey there, hero! Tom Peters is one of my mentors. (He likely doesn't know or care about this fact, but it's true nonetheless.) His lessons on how to run your business on a high level started for me a long time ago, but remain some of the most powerful guidance I've received. He answers the question "How long before the average person simply must interrupt the person they are speaking with?" You might be surprised how short that time is...and how you can be more effective by being more...


0073: Sarah Beth Goer: Be The Kind of Performer/Entrepreneur She's Become

Hey there, hero! One of my OG VO2GoGo Pros has some words for you if you're trying to figure out how to succeed as a performer: "Notice what doors are open, and then walk through them." When I hear a phrase like that, I immediately want to hear more. Sarah Beth Goer grabbed the performer/entrepreneur bull by the horns and is riding it into the future. You can catch up with her at Check out her journey, and if you have any questions or comments, let me know...


0072: 128 Speed Bumps Shaved In Just 10 Minutes

Hey there, hero! I'll admit it. I got sucked in. It started slow, and built over time. It affected my productivity, my sleep, my health. That's the bad news. The good news is, I finally decided to do something about it. And I did. I deleted 128 apps, mostly games, from my phone. And at times, especially when I'm about to go to sleep, it's hard to not go back to the App Store, and grab just one to pass the time. But...I'm sleeping better, and I've replaced the game playing with two...


0071: Do This To Get Better Responses To Your Online Questions

Hey there, hero! A few years ago, Facebook did something that changed how you got notified via email when someone posted something, replied to something, added a comment and more. And what they did didn't help you and me out one bit. They went from a full quoting of the content of what they were notifying you about, to just a few opening words. It was done to increase engagement on the FB platform. They now tease you with that opening, and you're more likely to click on the "Read More"...


0070: There's A New, Awesome VO Talent Association You Should Join

Hey there, hero! My buddy Tim Friedlander always seems to be figuring out how to do one thing: making life easier for voice talent. He figured out how to give you a weekly VO workout. He figured out how to help you convert non-union work to union work. And now, he's out to figure out how to help you stay safe with your rates and with health insurance coverage...even if you're not in a union. After you watch this talk with him about his new organization, NAVA (National Association of...


0069: One Weird Hack To Nail Location Pronunciations Every Single Time

Hey there, hero! I'm sure that wherever you grew up, there were various names of local points of interest that had very local names. And you know the right way to say them. But people who aren't from around there? Not so much. But you can only be familiar with a few areas and their peculiar place names - even if you are a military brat and moved around a lot. So how do you handle unfamiliar location names when narrating an audiobook, or reviewing an audition script that has them? I...


0068: One Very Basic Baby Task I Totally Forgot

Hey there, hero! In a recent episode, during my drive to make us all more awesome performers, I forgot a key element in a baby's daily life. The management regrets the error, and the employee involved will be given mandatory training and increased play time. Does adding the element of play help? Is it something lacking in your daily to-do list? Let me know in the comments below. REQUEST: Please join this video's conversation on VOHeroes, where the comments are moderated and civil:...


0067: How To Really Stick It To Online Trolls

Hey there, hero! For as supportive a community that we as actors and voice talent often have in person, online communities can be filled with trolls. They are arrogant, opinionated, insulting, and love to provoke normal, law-abiding citizens. (Been to a Facebook audiobook narrator group lately?) I've often wondered what the best way is to deal with these fools, and have also been listening lately to a podcast from Stanford Professor of Neurobiology and Ophthalmology Dr. Andrew...


0066: Baby Steps

Hey there, hero! How many times have you heard the phrase "Just take a few little baby steps at a time, and you'll be fine."? I have a question: have you ever actually witnessed what happens when a baby takes a few steps?? It's the subject of a tweet that pretty much says it all - and is useful to us all as we learn new skills and start new chapters in our lives. After you hear my take on this, what are your thoughts on taking "baby steps" now? Let me know in the comments...


0065: The Important Difference Between UpGRADES and UpDATES

Hey there, hero! Like clockwork, I can count on questions from my students and clients about whether or not they should upgrade to a new version of their computer's operating system. Especially when Apple or Microsoft are urging them constantly to upgrade to a new version of their computer's operating system. Like many things, it depends. But this one is a bit easier to decide than other iffy propositions. I discuss the difference between updates (yes, please) and upgrades (no thank you,...


0064: Make Your Equipment Come To You, Not You To Your Equipment

Hey there, hero! I usually run all of my private VO coaching calls on Zoom with both of our cameras turned off. That way, I can save bandwidth to get clearer audio. But sometimes, I'll hear something odd about the sound I'm listening to, and I then ask my clients how their gear is set up. And sometimes, it's so weird that I'll ask them to fire up their cameras so I can see how they are addressing their microphones, where their mouth is in relation to the pickup and what position the mic...


0063: What's Your Relationship Like With Casting?

Hey there, hero! What does it feel like to you when I ask about how you approach casting people? Are you able to look at them as anything other than your barrier to entry? Your speed bump on the way to a job? Your closed door to a booking opportunity? Or can you look at them as a peer, a partner...a friendly face in a sea of uncertainty? I have some thoughts for you on how to lessen the terror of approaching these people. But I do is your...


0062: When You Hit A Dry Patch, Remember This About The Stock Market

Hey there, hero! I was reading a post on Facebook the other day, where a voice talent was really puzzled why she wasn't continuously successful at VO. She had a couple of years where she was showered with work, and then for the last 8 months or so, she can't get arrested. And her question was, based on her past performance, what had she done wrong to make this happen. And it reminded me that our business is a lot like the stock market. And there's a particular phrase used there, that we...


0061: What's Left: How To Make Your Pickup Editing Foolproof

Hey there, hero! When doing pickups, your final product has to sound completely natural, as if that's how you recorded it in the first place. And sometimes, breaths can be a bit confusing. Do you edit around them? Do you include them? Do you leave them out? Do they get doubled by mistake? I have a one-word solution: "Left." And I'll show you a demo in Audacity so you can make this rule your own. Does this help? Make sense? Let me know in the comments below. REQUEST: Please join this...


0060: What Does The Word Agency Mean To You? And How Do You Maximize Your Agency?

Hey there, hero! If you're paying any attention to social media, you see the word "agency" being batted about, and it might be confusing as you see it: "She exerted her own personal agency when she became part of the Great Resignation and told her employer she was quitting." OK... In our world, the word "agency" means two very different things: a working environment for our representation, and our own personal power. And yet, they produce the very same result: moving forward as human...


0059: Can't You Just Leave Well Enough Alone?

Hey there, hero! We're in the midst of a series of free lessons right now, teaching people how to zero in on the best information around to help them add audiobooks to their performance skills, with the ACX Master Class. (You can watch them all at - they are all free!) We let people know they can ask questions about audiobooks, ACX, narration, and...the tech. An awful lot of people have asked about getting the "right" sound, tweaking their gear and their...


0058: As A Performer, Are You Hooked On Hope?

Hey there, hero! In a recent group Zoom session with other actors, one of them dropped a bit of knowledge she'd learned from a college professor, a behavioral psychologist. His teaching was around how gamblers are not only hooked on the chance of winning, but are also given the feeling of hope even when they lose. I did some research on it, and found this article by the BBC: And as I read this quote, I...


0057: Are You Willing To Let Go Of What Doesn't Work?

Hey there, hero! I've often shared my definition of success: do more of what works, and less of what doesn't. But there are a couple of things that are hidden in that short phrase. One of them is being willing to test your assumptions, accept the results, and then let go of those things you see aren't working. But are you willing to do that? Are you willing to say that something isn't serving you or doesn't work for you? Do you feel like a failure when you do? Let me know in the comments...


0056: An Easy Way To Avoid Confusing Price With Value

Hey there, hero! When making any purchase, it's easy (and common) to ignore the value of something, especially when the price is a bit either direction (too high or seemingly too low). I found an easy way to think about it, and it's a key phrase I use when I'm considering purchasing something (or pricing something I'm selling). How do you think about the value of something? Do you consider it before rejecting a purchase based on price? Let me know in the comments...