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We are a 2 hour weekly podcast, brodcasting live on Monday nights at UMSL (University of St. Louis) from 9-11p Central. We talk about video game news, review, interviews and more. Come join our IRC chat during live streaming times and interact with the show! Bang Howdy!

We are a 2 hour weekly podcast, brodcasting live on Monday nights at UMSL (University of St. Louis) from 9-11p Central. We talk about video game news, review, interviews and more. Come join our IRC chat during live streaming times and interact with the show! Bang Howdy!
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St. Louis, MO


We are a 2 hour weekly podcast, brodcasting live on Monday nights at UMSL (University of St. Louis) from 9-11p Central. We talk about video game news, review, interviews and more. Come join our IRC chat during live streaming times and interact with the show! Bang Howdy!






VGS Show 578 - Featuring VGS (& Bathwater)!!! (7.9.19)

VGS crew, featuring VGS, is back for an all new VGS, starring VGS!!! Anyway...Rich, Kurt, Matt & Bob are back and manage to pull off this episode only having a handful of emails, two news stories, and promoting Mo Game Con 2019 (get your tickets now at August 3 featuring VGS and so much more!!!


VGS Show 577 - The Prodigal Son Returns for E3 (6.11.19)

Ah yes, E3 2019 is here. Also, we have our huge email contest as well. It is pretty packed show. Find out what we like, disliked, meh'd, and despised about E3 2019. Listen to the entries into the Worst Video Game Experience email contests, and just listen to the general conversation with Rich, Addy, Kurt, Matt, Bob and some other guy.


VGS Show 576 - Goodfellas is Not Better Than Godfather!!! (5.29.19)

Matt and Rich are left on their own and with virtually no gaming news, yet they manage to pull off a new episode of VGS. We discuss Mo Game Con 2019, your emails, the next ten games announced for the Sega Genesis Mini and what games we'd like to see added, Summer game releases, AEW's Double or Nothing, some movies we've seen, and so much more. Also, we make a contest announcement with some big prizes, including 2 VIP tickets to Mo Game Con, for the next episode. Tune in to find out how to...


VGS Show 575 - Addy, Why Are You Here? (5.14.19)

Oh yeah, we get downright philosophical on this episode...not really. Anyway, Rich, Bob, Matt & Addy announce there will be a VGS panel at MO Game Con 4 with a live episode, we discuss emails, can you separate the art and the artist, Addy has a story for us, and so much more.


VGS Show 574 - The Legend of Pizza the Hut's Kill Screen (4.30.19)

Don't worry, we don't spoil or really even mention Avengers End Game or Game of Thrones. We do however spoil some of the Halloween sequels from the '80s, so be warned there. The crew, including Rich, Addy, Matt & Bob, are back for another VGS. We continue the stream thing (follow us at and talk to folks in the chat, hit up your emails, and discuss the topics of gaming. Sonic trailer, games 11-20 added to Genesis Mini, a so-called games preservationist selling...


VGS Show 573 - 15 Years Later... (4.16.19)

In April 2004, a project called Video Games Show (VGS for short), was first posted on the web to see if people would find and listen to some regular folks talk video games. Fifteen years later and we're still talking. Join the crew of Rich, Kurt, Addy, Matt & Bob as we talk about fifteen years of VGS. We hit emails hard, we talk some news, but mostly we walk down memory road and the wild ride it has been. Also, we launch the official show Twitch channel and now you'll be able to listen in...


VGS Show 572 - The Old Moron & His Ramblings (4.2.19)

Well, it has been a bit quiet news wise since the last episode, but Rich, Matt & Addy will still keep you entertained. We got emails again, discuss multiple upcoming consoles (including one we are super excited about), hitting the game release lull time of year, how Twitch works, odd movie pairings, and more.


VGS Show 571 - Beware of Otis: The Wire Pulling Saboteur Cat! (3.19.19)

Few things put panic into the heart of Rich as a wire pulling, claw digging feline. But that is neither here nor there. A lighter crew this episode as Rich, Matt & Bob talk away about all things. This week's topics include Google's newly announced "console," how are wallets and accounts are taking a pounding from all the limited print releases dropping right now, a new Wii U game coming next week, comic book movies, Tarantino, and much more.


VGS Show 570 - To William Forsythe, With Love, Dirty K XOXO (3.5.19)

Well, you know what happens when the crew doesn't record for any extended length of time. Yep, one of those shows. Nonetheless, the crew gets it together enough to read emails, talk Anthem taking it one step further than Fallout 76, Apex Legends making trouble for Fortnite, Panasonic no longer making blu-ray players, random Dick Tracy facts, and so much more.


VGS Show 569 - Cross-Platforming Troll 2 & Grab Bag Madness (2.5.18)

Picking up where we left off two weeks ago (it really feels like it since we left that night watching Troll 2 and started out tonight watching Troll 2 again), the crew of Rich, Kurt, Matt & Bob continue to wax poetically the subject of video games and whatever pops up in their heads. Is the latest mistake from LRG the biggest? Can Microsoft and Nintendo game hand-in-hand? Where's Baby the best $2.99 you can spend on Steam right now? Who leaves with the worst stuff at the end of the episode?...


VGS Show 568 - We Back & Off Track!!! (1.22.19)

It's 2019 and break time is over. Yes, VGS is back! Rich, Bob, Matt & Kurt return after a long vacation and get right back to work talking games and getting sidetracked. We hit up emails, discuss the news of gaming and pop culture, upcoming game releases, random acts of public dancing, Home Shopping Club, marking to 40-somethings, and so much more.


VGS Show 567 - A Very VGS Christmas!!! (12.18.18)

Oh yes, Christmas is upon us. The entire crew (minus Jake...yea) gathers for another VGS Christmas celebration. Gifts are given, emails are read, some game news is covered, some great Christmas memories are covered, just a full dose of cheer and merriment with a dash of VGS brand humor. Happy Holidays everyone!!! We shall return in 2019!!!


VGS Show 566 - Cash Grab 2018: The Director's Cut (12.4.18)

Back to the normal format this week. Join Rich, Matt & Addy as we catch up on what happened since last we met, including Black Friday/Cyber Monday purchases, Matt discusses the PlayStation Classic, we ponder what Peter McCallister does for a living, the last of the new game releases for 2018, toys aimed to hit the nostalgia button, emails, and so much more!!!


VGS Presents...The Bombed Out Salvaging of The U (11.27.18)

Oh yes, for one last time, the Bombed Out Radio Network crew invades The U. Join Rich, Keith and Addy in studio, along with Nick Kraftor, Big Josh, Ron and Kevin via Discord, for one last show at UMSL Radio The U. Memories of the UMSL era will be discussed, along with what everyone has been up to. We also go on a strange adventure in the world of Twitch, Ron has some Would You Rather questions for us, we take calls, and so much more. Bonus: Due to the comedy of errors that occurred, the...


VGS Show 565 - VGS Family is Home for Thanksgiving (11.20.18)

Wow, this was so not planned. In fact, coming off of Rich and Matt's two-man show last time, we weren't even sure a show was going to happen Thanksgiving week. Well, not only did a show happen, but everyone came home. Yes, the entire crew of Rich, Addy, Kurt, Matt, Bob and even Jake are full of holiday cheer and put on a little show. We discuss Black Friday deals, Fallout 76 release, Spyro Remastered's disc being pretty worthless, kidney stones, a grown man throwing a temper tantrum at...


VGS Show 564 - Table for Two (11.6.18)

Yep, it is that time of year when schedules and people's lives just get crazy. Not to worry, we still have a new episode of VGS. Rich and Matt take this one on their own, a throwback to the early days of recording out of Game Trader II back in the day. The guys talk emails, Red Dead Redemption II, Sony PlayStation Classic full game reveal, IGN misreporting P.T. downloads disappearing, AT Games dropping the ball big time, and so much more.


VGS Show 563 - Murder B*ner (10.23.18)

Happy Halloween everyone! Rich, Matt, Bob and Kurt report in for their annual Halloween episode of VGS. Not to worry, we do discuss what is going on in the world if video games, including wondering if we'll ever get more games announced for the PlayStation Classic, some money saving tips, Red Dead Redemption II release and much more. Then we get into the spirit of things and read emails, Kurt reports on his Blair Witch hunt, Rich talks about seeing Halloween (2018), we get attacked by cave...


VGS Show 562 - Adjust the Tracking...Tracking? (10.9.18)

The chopped crew of Rich, Matt & Bob are back, left to their own devices on an all new episode. Of course we get to emails and discuss many topics from Red Dead Redemption 2 & Call of Duty: Black Ops 4's upcoming releases and massive installs/patches, the flood of new games in the coming months, what we would do if we reopened Toys R Us, how to find time to game with families, outdated tech issues the young will never have to deal with, collecting and other hobbies, and so much more.


VGS Show 561 - The Dividing Line Between Mini Consoles & Pudding Pops (9.25.18)

Once again we have a full house this week, where so many things will be discussed, impressions will be made, minds will be shattered, and tables will be pounded upon. For the crew of Rich, Bob, Kurt, Matt and Addy, nothing is sacred, nothing is off limits, nothing will be not somehow mixed with a Cosby impression. Oh yeah, it is a show that should have probably been only 50 minutes long, but we ended up with an hour more. How do we do it, come on in and find out.


VGS Show 560 - Video Stores of the Late '80s & Early '90s (9.11.18)

While we are in full swing of the Fall/Winter game release flood, video game news has all but disappeared. No worries, we still have a show for ya. Rich, Bob and Matt read submissions and announce a winner of the email giveaway, discuss upcoming game releases, recent movies we watched, the great era of video stores, and so much more.