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This is the writing and marketing show with Wendy H. Jones, It does what it says on the tin. Everything you need to find your way around the business of being a writer.

This is the writing and marketing show with Wendy H. Jones, It does what it says on the tin. Everything you need to find your way around the business of being a writer.


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This is the writing and marketing show with Wendy H. Jones, It does what it says on the tin. Everything you need to find your way around the business of being a writer.








Working With a Literary Agent

Today I am chatting to Amy Collins a literary agent from Talcott Notch Literary Services about working with an agent. We find out where they fit into the publishing ecosystem, what they do and don't do for authors and how authors and agents can work most effectively together. You can learn more about Amy at


Time Management for Writers

Do you find that time just seems to fly past and there never seems to be a minute in the day. If so, this episode is for you. It's jam packed with tips to help you manage your writing career more effectively and get more out of every day.


Expecting the Unexpected

I've learned so much on my trip to Antigua but one thing I have learned overall is that you should expect the unexpected and embrace it. It will make your final manuscript so much richer and bring it to life.


Leading the Laptop Lifestyle as a Writer

What is it like leading the laptop lifestyle and writing from anywhere in the world? Can you do it? Today's episode outlines how easy it could be and the steps you can take.


Using Newspaper Archives

Today's episode talks about using Newspaper Archives and the way these can help with research.


TikTok Shops

TikTok Shops are being trialled in the UK and I am hundred to be in at the beta stage of the journey. At the time of recording they have only been going a week and my shop si set up and I'm using it. Find out all about it in Today's episode.


Sisters in Crime

Today I continue with my series on Organisations which help writers speaking with Melissa Williams Pope. This isn't just for published crime writers but for all readers, librarians and unpublished authors.


Organising an International Author Tour

Have you ever considered doing an author tour abroad? Today's show takes you through the steps you need to take to organise such a tour. There's also some exciting personal news.


Kindle Vella for Authors

What is Kindle Vella and why is it important to us as authors? Todays podcast will answer these questions and many more as I chat to author Emily Shore who is a Top Ten Fave on Kindle Vella.


Writing Historical Mysteries

Historical mysteries are an enduring part of the crime writing landscape with millions of readers worldwide. Today I talk to Historical Dagger Finalist, Fiona Veitch Smith, in an episode jam packed with advice, hints and tips.


Developing and Running an Indie Book Festival

As the world opens up and events are happening once more, I speak to Debrah Martin of the Oxford Indie Book Festival about running the festival. You can find out about Debrah’s books here: Adult and non-fiction: Children’s and YA fiction: And her editing, mentoring and self-publishing services here: You can also find her on social media: Facebook: Twitter:...


Association of Christian Writers

Today I talk to Annmarie Miles the Publicity Officer for the Association of Christian Writers. There's more to it than you might think.


Writing Psychological Non-Fiction

Today I talk to Dr Lisa Ortigaro Crego about writing psychological non-fiction. Lisa describes her books as inspirational, motivational and spiritual and I would say they are also effective.


TikTok Live

Today's show is all about TikTok Live. How to use it, how it drives book sales, what topics to cover, Live Duets. Everything I've learned so far.


Plotting Your Book Using Page One Notebooks

Today I talk about plotting your book and my experience of using Page One Notebooks. If you don't know what they are, you really need to listen to this show. Special Offer Page One have very kindly offered a discount to anyone listening to the Show. From 16th February until 2nd March, anyone who uses the code WENDY10 will get a 10% discount on the notebooks. That is extremely generous. However, one person who orders with the code will be chosen to receive their whole order free and will...


Writing Organisations That Support Writers

There are many organisations which writers can join and that support writers. Today I give an overview of nine of them, eight of which I am a member. These are


Why are Writing Groups Valuable for Writers?

Today I'm talking about why writers should consider being a member of a writing group and the value they bring to our writing. It's a lot more than you might think.


TikTok My Thoughts So Far

I'm continuing with the TikTok Theme with an episode covering my thoughts so far and giving hints and tips and what I have learned in the last two weeks of being on the platform.


TikTok and Booktok for Authors

The social media platform TikTok is growing at a phenomenal rate with over a billion users worldwide. With #BookTok going at an equally phenomenal rate authors can nob longer afford to ignore this platform. Today, I talk to Lila Dubois who runs the TikTok Sells Book Course, alongside her co-founder Jayne Rylen. This episode is jam packed with advice for both those new to TikTok and those who want to use it more effectively. You can find out more about Lila through her website...


Developing Your Social Media Presence

It's the 2 year anniversary of The Writing and Marketing Show, so I wanted to bring you something special. Today I am talking with Jason Smith of Social Shapes about Developing Your Online Presence. With billions of users using the internet every day this is not something you can afford to ignore. You can find Jason via his website -