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There's Food in the House looks to give you all of the conversations you need in one place. There's no need to go anywhere else, because there's food in the house!


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There's Food in the House looks to give you all of the conversations you need in one place. There's no need to go anywhere else, because there's food in the house!




Sex Doula, Tantric Healer, & Intimacy Guide - Goddess Amina

From the website - The Atlanta Institute of Tantra & Divine Sexuality is the only non-profit religious institution in the world that centers on Black women and our pleasure. Rooted in Tibetan Tantric tradition, we perpetuate the advancement of love in our communities by being love. Through touch, wellness, and sexuality, we work to dissolve fear and create fearless relationships, increasing our natural ability to love.


Actor, Host & Comedian - Jay Dukes

Jay Dukes is an all-around entertainer who has been touring since he graduated from college just a couple of years ago. As a comedian, he brings a unique versatility that appeals to all demographics. As a nationally-touring entertainer, Jay is extremely passionate about showing current college students ways to leverage their network into entrepreneurial opportunities. As the founder of Aux Cord Wars, LLC. Jay is utilizing this high-energy event as a platform to inspire and uplift the next generation.


Actress, beauty expert, and entrepreneur - Cory Oliver

Actress, beauty expert, and entrepreneur Cory Oliver who starred in "Beverly Hills Pawn" and "God's Not Dead," suffered from being bullied for her lips growing up, has developed Beverly Hills Balm, a skincare line to help women and men of all ages achieve their natural beauty. As a licensed beauty expert, Cory is helping women to use makeup to complement their natural beauty as opposed to hiding behind it.


Voice-over Producer & Actress - Susan Reed

Susan has always enjoyed the spotlight and the entertainment industry from quite an early age. She enjoys filmmaking and all the aspects of it. She studied film and acting at Columbia College in Chicago. Susan has worked in Los Angeles as a production assistant for the BET Awards, talent coordinator for the Global Spin Awards & the Food Network's "Halloween Wars and was also coordinating producer for a YouTube documentary "Future of Storytelling" featuring talented writer, Wendy Calhoun. Susan, now part of the Tyler Perry franchise, is providing production assistance and script reading on the "Have and Have Nots", "If Loving You Is Wrong" BET series "Sistas, "The Oval" "Ruthless, "BRUH" & an upcoming series "Assisted Living" the return of "House of Payne" & Nickolodeon series hit "Young Dylan"! She also worked on the Netflix release Tyler Perry's "Fall From Grace". Her voice can be heard as she guest stars as the operator in several episodes of season 7 & 8 of the"Have and Have Nots" on the "OWN" network. Susan has provided looping skills on Will Packers "Ambitions" which premiered on the "OWN" network. Susan has recently signed exclusively with Gill Talent Group in Atlanta and Chicago. She continues to make strides and effortlessly connects the dots she needs for success. Susan is a warm, confident spirit that seeks the best in herself and those she engages with! She is extremely excited about the next chapter and is humbly grateful for all that has come her way!!


Radio Personality & Music Executive - Whitney Taber

Radio Personality | Music Exec | Wellness Enthusiast | Good Vibes Coach | Skincare Ambassador


CEO & Founder of Heirloma - Hustino Mitchell

Mitchell has founded Heirloma de Cana which produces sugar….but not just any sugar. Like a fine wine or third-wave coffee, the terroir, heirloom varietals, and traditional farming methods give the cane sugar complex flavor notes, ranging from apricot to dried cherry, to prune, to caramel, to chocolate. Heirloma is an agricultural exporter that partners with indigenous Colombian tribes to grow naturally derived products such as handcrafted cane sugar, green coffee, raw cacao, chocolate, and honey, made available to a global market through direct wholesale and domestic distributors. All of their 100% organic agricultural products are grown and made in accordance with indigenous traditions in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta mountains, UNESCO’s World Biosphere Reserve named as the most at risk of desertification due to global climate change.


Neuroscientist, Lecturer & IF/THEN Ambassdor - Dr. Lataisia Jones, Ph. D

Dr. Lataisia Jones, Ph.D, is the first African-American to graduate with a Ph.D from the Department of Biomedical Sciences in the College of Medicine at Florida State University. She is committed to being a role model for young girls who may not have someone like her to look up to in the STEM field.


Beauty Editor, Celebrity Makeup Artist & Esthetician - Tie Cooper

Being a Southern Belle has it's charm and charm is what Tie Cooper is full of. In addition to being a full time Regional Human Resources Manager, Tie is a beauty editor, celebrity makeup artist, esthetician and more! We're talking beauty tips during quarantine, building your business the right way & being a put together Tomboy, you don't want to miss this conversation!


Actress, Pro-Athlete & Producer - Carrie Bernans

Having thought of herself as the black girl, James Bond, and after years of studying Theater, Economics, and International dealings in college, Carrie has set herself on the path to becoming just that. Studying abroad in an array of amazing countries including China, France, Germany, and the U.K., Carrie is fluent in Spanish, Latvian, Mandarin Chinese, French, and Russian. As if being a real-life superhero wasn't enough, Carrie has a passion for solving homelessness, reading and financial literacy, and self-esteem building among youth.


Digital Media Entrepreneur & Author - Fred Willis

Digital media entrepreneur Fred Willis has been several things in his lifetime, a musician, singer, journalist, minister, broadcaster, window washer, cashier and cook among other things. Fred is a father, husband, son and brother who in the midst of his journey, discovered that he was still living life unfulfilled, he was forced to find the missing element. In this episode of There's Food in the House, we're discussing men and their Journey to Genesis.


Healthy Food Advocate & Founder of Freekelicious - Barbara Incognito-Fanelli

In this episode, I speak with healthy food advocate founder of Freekelicious - Barbara Incognito-Fanelli about my picky eating habits, making better food choices and how to recondition your brain to make better food choices.