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A podcast about authors reading their audiobooks from Penguin Random House Audio.


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A podcast about authors reading their audiobooks from Penguin Random House Audio.






S8 E34: Cody Rigsby, Sara Kuburic, and Madison Prewett Troutt

In this episode, meet beloved Peloton instructor Cody Rigsby, existential psychotherapist Sara Kuburic, and speaker Madison Prewett Troutt. Press play to hear about how these authors dug deep to write their books, and how it feels to share their audiobooks with the world. XOXO, Cody by Cody Rigsby It's On Me by Sara Kuburic The Love Everybody Wants by Madison Prewett Troutt


S8 Bonus Episode: September Library Love Edition

In this special edition of our podcast This Is the Author, we’re celebrating Library Card Sign-up Month by asking authors to share their favorite thing about their local library. Listen to Ruta Sepetys, Aurora James, Russell Moore, Hakeen Oluseyi, Esmerelda Santiago, Najwa Zebian, Warren Zanes, Susan Casey, Timothy Egan, Christian Cooper, and Torrey Maldonado share why libraries are so special to them. Ruta Sepetys: Aurora James: Russell Moore: Hakeem Oluseyi: Esmerelda Santiago: Najwa Zebian: Warren Zanes: Susan Casey: Timothy Egan: Christian Cooper: Torrey Maldonado:


S8 E33: Gabriel Dozal, Esau McCaulley, and J. Michael Martinez

In this episode, meet poet Gabriel Dozal, author of The Border Simulator, professor and theologian Esau McCaulley, author of How Far to the Promised Land, and writer J. Michael Martinez, author of Tarta Americana. Listen in to hear how they each channeled their struggles and difficulties into works of full-pictured honesty and hope. The Border Simulator by Gabriel Dozal: How Far to the Promised Land by Esau McCaulley: Tarta Americana by J. Michael Martinez:


S8 E32: In Conversation: Joe Posnanski and Ellen Adair

In this special In Conversation episode of This Is the Author, Joe Posnanski, author of Why We Love Baseball, chats with his co-narrator (and friend) Ellen Adair. Listen in as they talk about how baseball brought the two of them together, their experiences recording Joe’s book, and the communal aspect of America’s favorite pastime. WHY WE LOVE BASEBALL by Joe Posnanski


S8 E31: Nick McDonell, Minaa B., and Chloe Elise

In this episode meet journalist, producer, and researcher Nick McDonell, social worker and founder of Minaa B. Consulting, Minaa B., and Deeper Than Money CEO Chloe Elise. Learn how the tense summer of 2020 inspired Nick McDonell and Minaa B. to write their books and how Chloe Elise prepared to record her audiobook by attending the Eras Tour. QUIET STREET by Nick McDonell OWNING OUR STRUGGLES by Minaa B. DEEPER THAN MONEY by Chloe Elise


S8 E30: Sarah L. Sanderson and Russell Moore

In this episode, meet speaker and teacher Sarah L. Sanderson and editor-in-chief of Christianity Today, Russell Moore. Press play to hear Sarah Sanderson compare recording to being in a confessional booth, and discover why Russell Moore purposely did not prepare to record his audiobook. The Place We Make by Sarah L. Sanderson: Losing Our Religion by Russell Moore:


S8 E29: Esmeralda Santiago, Farah Karim-Cooper, and Julie Schumacher

In this episode meet award-winning writer Esmeralda Santiago Professor of Shakespeare Studies at King’s College London Farah Karim-Cooper, and the first woman to win the Thurber Prize, Julie Schumacher. Tune in to hear how Farah Karim-Cooper became empowered through recording her audiobook, how Julie Schumacher intentionally included the point of views of undergraduates in her novel, and how the fear of losing history inspired Esmeralda Santiago. Las Madres by Esmeralda Santiago The Great White Bard by Farah Karim-Cooper The English Experience by Julie Schumacher


S8 E28: Hakeem Oluseyi, Susan Casey, and Michelle Icard

In this episode, meet NASA astrophysicist Hakeem Oluseyi, journalist Susan Casey, and speaker and educator Michelle Icard. Discover why Susan Casey considers her library her personal nirvana, which events Michelle Icard loves most at her local library, and how Hakeem Oluseyi wrote his book to be a guide for others going through hard times. A Quantum Life (Adapted for Young Adults) by Hakeem Oluseyi: The Underworld by Susan Casey: Eight Setbacks That Can Make a Child a Success by Michelle Icard:


S8 E27: Liz Tran, Andrew Leland, and Bethany C. Meyers

In this episode, meet meditation teacher, Reiki Master, and Reset founder Liz Tran; writer, editor, podcast host Andrew Leland; and founder and CEO of the be.come project, Bethany C. Meyers. Hear Liz Tran on the intersection of business and spirituality; Andrew Leland on researching what blindness—and sightedness—means to people around the world; and Bethany Meyers on how helping people was the driving force behind their book. Plus, hear each author’s reflections on unexpected and “exhilarating” moments in the audiobook studio. THE KARMA OF SUCCESS by Liz Tran THE COUNTRY OF THE BLIND by Andrew Leland I AM MORE THAN MY BODY by Bethany C. Meyers


S8 E26: Sydney Campos, Aomawa Shields, Ph.D, and Anupam B. Jena, M.D.

In this episode, meet bestselling author and host of the Visionary Souls podcast Sydney Campos, astronomer and astrobiologist Aomawa Shields, PhD, and physician Anupam B. Jena, MD. Tune in to hear about the power of writing for your younger self, the magic of vocal cord lubricating tea, and what it feels like to become deeply immersed in the audiobook recording process. I'm Ascending, Now What? by Sydney Campos: Life on Other Planets by Aomawa Shields, PhD: Random Acts of Medicine by Anupam B. Jena & Christopher Worsham:


S8 E25: Christian Cooper, Hadley Vlahos, and Dr. Joy Harden Bradford

In this episode, meet science writer and editor Christian Cooper, hospice registered nurse Hadley Vlahos, and psychologist and Therapy for Black Girls founder Dr. Joy Harden Bradford. Hear Christian Cooper talk about “nerdiness to go with birdiness,” Hadley Vlahos on revisiting emotional scenes from her book in the studio, and Dr. Joy Harden Bradford on “holding space” for listeners while recording. Better Living Through Birding by Christian Cooper The In-Between by Hadley Vlahos, R.N. Sisterhood Heals by Joy Harden Bradford, PhD


S8 E24: Amber Trueblood, Helen Ellis, and Teresa Strasser

In this episode, meet podcaster, family therapist, and parenting expert Amber Trueblood, bestselling author Helen Ellis, and Emmy-winning writer and television host Teresa Strasser. Press play to hear how these authors prepared to read their audiobooks, and what (or who) they’d love to have with them in the recording booth. The Unflustered Mom by Amber Trueblood Kiss Me in the Coral Lounge by Helen Ellis Making It Home by Teresa Strasser


S8 E23: Stephanie McNeal, Martinus Evans, and Jennifer Ackerman

In this episode, meet reporter and editor Stephanie McNeal, Slow AF Run Club founder Martinus Evans, and science writer Jennifer Ackerman. Dive into influencer culture, hear about the joy of recording “cautionary tales,” and learn what it’s like to perform owl hoots in the studio. These authors certainly weren’t shy about what it was like to record their audiobooks! Swipe Up for More! by Stephanie McNeal Slow AF Run Club by Martinus Evans What an Owl Knows by Jennifer Ackerman


S8 E22: Najwa Zebian, George Anderson, and Mike Glover

In this episode, meet activist, speaker, and educator Najwa Zebian, spiritual medium George Anderson, and CEO of FieldCraft Survival Mike Glover. Tune in to hear these authors discuss the healing, spiritual, and profound experiences that led to the creation of their audiobooks, and how they hope to personally connect with their listeners. Conversations on Letting Go by Najwa Zebian Ask George Anderson by George Anderson Prepared by Mike Glover


S8 E21: Samantha Irby, Guinevere Turner, and Marcie Alvis Walker

In this episode, meet writer and comedian Samantha Irby, actor, director, and screenwriter Guinevere Turner, and blogger Marcie Alvis Walker. Tune in to hear what it was like for these authors to narrate books about their own lives, and who would cast Christine Baranski as a narrator. Quietly Hostile by Samantha Irby When the World Didn't End by Guinevere Turner Everybody Come Alive by Marcie Alvis Walker


S8 E20: Jesse Cole, Elise Hu, and Ruta Sepetys

In this episode meet owner of the Savannah Bananas baseball team Jesse Cole, correspondent and NPR host at-large Elise Hu, and bestselling author Ruta Sepetys. Press play to learn which two of these authors describe their recording experience as “thrilling”, and whose studio must-haves are out of the ordinary. Banana Ball by Jesse Cole Flawless by Elise Hu You: The Story by Ruta Sepetys


S8E19: Connie Wang, Luma Mufleh, and Aurora James

In this episode, meet journalist and editor Connie Wang, founder and director of Fugees Family Luma Mufleh, and creative director and fashion designer Aurora James. Hear Connie Wang on how a comment from her mom inspired her memoir, Luma Mufleh on coming-of-age, and Aurora James on the assumptions we make about what it takes to affect change (and how to move beyond them!). Plus, learn what it was like for these authors to revisit their work in the recording studio. Oh My Mother! by Connie Wang From Here by Luma Mufleh Wildflower by Aurora James


S8 E18: Warren Zanes, Jonathan B. Losos, and Jancee Dunn

In this episode, meet author, musician, and professor Warren Zanes, evolutionary biologist Jonathan B. Losos, and bestselling author and journalist Jancee Dunn. What do Bruce Springsteen, cats, and peri-menopause have in common? Tune in to find out. Deliver Me from Nowhere by Warren Zanes The Cat's Meow by Jonathan B. Losos Hot and Bothered by Jancee Dunn


S8 E17: Alexandra Auder, John Blake, and Emma Lovewell

In this episode, meet writer and actress Alexandra Auder, CNN journalist John Blake, and Live Learn Lovewell founder Emma Lovewell. Hear these authors talk about the process of narrating their memoirs: from the fascinating life experiences that inspired their work, to conveying those experiences in the recording studio. Don't Call Me Home by Alexandra Auder: More Than I Imagined by John Blake: Live Learn Love Well by Emma Lovewell:


S8 E16: Sheetal Sheth, Ava Chin, and Claire Dederer

In this episode, meet actress Sheetal Sheth, award-winning writer Ava Chin, and book critic, essayist, and reporter Claire Dederer. Tune in to hear the very personal reasons these authors wrote their audiobooks, and the ways they are working towards more well-rounded representation through their work. ALWAYS ANJALI by Sheetal Sheth MOTT STREET by Ava Chin MONSTERS by Claire Dederer