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Laugh along with Tommy, Kej and Sach as they chat about all things Desi and British… this is the ultimate podcast to put a smile on your face!

Laugh along with Tommy, Kej and Sach as they chat about all things Desi and British… this is the ultimate podcast to put a smile on your face!


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Laugh along with Tommy, Kej and Sach as they chat about all things Desi and British… this is the ultimate podcast to put a smile on your face!




185: What Does The Bin Say?

The heat is on and we are in my sweaty garage … too close for comfort! Particularly as Kej has the lurgy! We’re talking sunbathing naked, eating without plates and bins that do sexy talk! Ooh wee! A massive thanks to everyone who’s been messaging us too! We love hearing from you: either slide into our DM’s on Instagram or email us:


184: I Feel Like I'm In The Truman Show!

The heatwave is here and so is the hayfever attack! (Or is it just a cold or even covid? - No one really knows!) We talk about robots now having feelings and birthday parties when we were kids, (well 2 in 3 of us celebrated them anyway!) Enjoy!


183: It's Been About A Month & 20 Days...

It feels like about a month and twenty days since we last saw each other! Great to be back in the garage again after a few weeks apart! Lots to catch up on about our holidays and time abroad, the Jubilee celebrations and an update on career developments for the woman who sells her farts! You only get important conversations like this on the Brownload!


182: The Thaal Life Chose Me!

There’s more to the humble thaal than what meets the eye! I love ‘em cos they’re nicely sectioned off pockets of food! So does Kej - we share the thaal love! Sach on the other hand, is a hater! Find out why! Plus we’re talking sandwiches, lottery winning and the things we’ve seen on the telly. This one’s guaranteed to put a doubley big smile on your face! Which is all well and good cos we’re not here next week (off on holiday to top up the brown in our load … we’ll be back in a fortnight to...


181: If I Eat Popcorn... Does It Make Noise?

Even though we technically lost at the Eurovision, we’re still feeling like winners! I’m not sure the new German burgers are winning me over though! Kej reveals the new Desi sounding supermarket and an app to help you make your way around a cheeseboard like a boss! Surely we need an Indian food equivalent? Plus, what colour is your front door and what does that say about you?


180: Bhaag Sandhu Bhaag!

Travelling can be interesting! You can meet some right strange ones (particularly in London!) Kej and I had some unusual encounters while Sach is still on the mend! You can catch Sach in the next “Don’t delay, claim today” campaign! (Probably!) Plus you’ll learn a lot about your colleagues with Kej’s question and how you hold your phone says a lot about you!


179: You're Not Allowed To Laugh!

It all definitely got a bit serious this week! Sach tells us why no-one is allowed to laugh, Kej wants to live in space & we talk about snitches at work! Enjoy!


178: Tu Bus Kar!

Hello lunchtime Brownload! Yes, the podcast recording schedule was a mess this week because of Kej's tour-bus life. We talk about food shortages (again!), the Queen's Platinum Jubilee & the thing everyone has been talking about this week... Twitter! Enjoy!


177: Don’t Tell The Wedding Planner!

It’s getting into wedding season so Sach has been Dj’ing non stop while Kej is getting annoyed at Gujarati ceremonies! I’ve got a dilemma which results in me lying to members of the public and there’s a nightmare bus tour lined up for one of us!


176: It's All A Lie!

In a world full of fake news, made up facts and questionable stats, we are here to tell it how it is! You can take what you want from this podcast! People are watching their energy bills, Kej is watching marathons and clearly nobody is watching who’s getting vaccinated in Mumbai!


175: Better Out Than In!

Ok ok … I’m human and I messed up with my dates! We were scheduled to record this weeks podcast earlier this week but I double booked by accident! So after apologising to the boys, we got on to talk about TGI Fridays, Kej’s lunch failure and teetotal Sach is getting the beers in! Plus, there’s a Brazilian woman who suppressed her natural instinct and ended up in hospital! Find out how!


174: I Don't Like Jokes!

We had to discuss the thing that EVERYONE is talking about! That famous thapar by Will Smith! He’s now apologised but does that make it ok? I get jokes about my bald head all the time! I don’t hit anyone! As always, Kej has got his conspiracy theories and Sach wants a refund on everything he’s ever consumed by Will Smith! Plus Daler Mehndi is breaking new ground in a digital world, Sandwiches are changing their names and I talk you through how to complain in restaurants but in a nice way!


173: Does Anyone Wanna Dance?

Is it me, or do people not dance around like they used to? Kej and I were performing solo routines over the weekend while Sach had a Thai woman walking on his back! And who takes snacks into a cinema undercover? We’ve got news for you! Another big Brownload bakwaas session coming your way!


172: It’s A Marathon, Not A Sprint!

I blame the chip butties! We did a food challenge just before this episode started and there was definitely something strange in the air! Kej has got issues with Bollywood stars at Football matches, Sach has decided to roam around the streets at night (for a good reason!) and I’ve got an idea for future married women who are yet to take on their husbands name - Only on the Brownload! Make sure you check our Chip Butty reel on Instagram: @thebrownload - and don’t forget to follow us if you...


171: Ministry of Sleepy Sandhu!

This week, we all went clubbing to the world famous Ministry of Sound where Sach was DJ'ing! Maybe it’s lockdown, perhaps it’s age but I just didn’t have the stamina to last the whole night! As well as reflecting on our big night out, there’s talk of the ultimate Butty’s and what your belly button says about you!


170: Garage Rave!

Change of venue for the podcast recording today - we’ve been relegated to the garage at my house but there’s one particular reason for it! Plus Sach is moaning about Planes, Kej is whining about his mains and I can’t pronounce names! Whatever you do, be careful trying to say “Sanjay Leela Bhansali” quickly … it’s Leela … nothing else! Drop me an email if we put a smile on your face when you listen to this one:


169: Covid Restrictions Khalas!

That’s right… it’s over folks! The Coronavirus rules we’ve been living by are done (but Covids not gone … just the masks and stuff!) Today is a moment in history! Plus we’ve had some epic storms across the UK, Kej is getting lairy in the swimming pool, Sach is too good looking for Covid and I’m laughing in the face of death! Hit play and enjoy the freedom of listening without being quarantined - and don’t worry, you’re immune from Brownload bakwaas!


168: I'd Happily Go To Prison!

Did I not mention that I’m going away? Oops - forgot to get my leave request in to the boys and so we had to record this podcast on Valentine’s Day (earlier than normal!). What a way to spend the most romantic day of the year! But at least we got to chat about the Super Bowl half time performance, whether we would go to prison and who could handle it? As well as the biggest Greggs in the country which can hold over 100 people! Bring it on! Plus there’s great shows we’ve seen on telly and the...


167: Return Of The Makhanwala!

It’s been a while but we’re all back around my kitchen table to catch up about everything going on in our Brown world! I wanna dedicate this podcast to the incredible, one in a billion, megastar that is Lata Mangeshkar. Sad news about her passing - but we’re here to celebrate her career. Plus we’re talking student gigs, Neighbours and what kinda curry we’re most similar to!


166: Less Forking, More Spooning!

Panic stations!! Red alert!! Bhaago!! My Instagram got hacked on the day this podcast was recorded and the reaction from everyone around me was as if an alien was trying to invade my chittur! So we had a discussion around that as well as how Sach and I are spooners but Kej can fork-off! Plus Sach’s secret has now been revealed by Mc Donald's and Kej is a bit “long in the tooth”.