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Laugh along with Tommy, Kej and Sach as they chat about all things Desi and British… this is the ultimate podcast to put a smile on your face!


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Laugh along with Tommy, Kej and Sach as they chat about all things Desi and British… this is the ultimate podcast to put a smile on your face!




247: It Turned Out To Be A Small'un!

Fresh out the van and into the Brownload fire! I’ve been grafting around London with a narrow miss from some drama … meanwhile Sach and I are still doing our victory parade following the weekends “Shine Walk” for Cancer Research. Kej’s got news about the little joys in life that make us feel good (like having a kingfisher beer!) and what age we actually become adults (and it aint 18!)


246: London Podcast Festival 2023

This one was recorded infront of a live audience in Kings Cross, London! What a great crowd! We absolutely love doing the podcast with all the noise and rabble from our Brownloaders! We’re discussing the new indian iPhone as well Aliens in Mexico and Greggs’ new menu!


245: The Sparks Were Flying Off Venus!

We just had the hottest day of the year so far in September! How did that happen? We all dealt with the heat in our own way! Sach was moaning, I was sweating and Kej was leaving us drunk voicenotes! Plus we’re talking about the big news this week that a prisoner escaped from jail and waiters asking restaurant go-ers to clean up their own kids’ mess! Loads going on in this weeks podcast - so hurry up and get listening!


244: Made In Bharat!

Yeah, we’re just three guys reflecting our “British Bharatian" roots! Really? India is changing its name? We had to discuss that, plus Sachin is actually happy about the customer service he received from Sky and Kej and I were the only Desis on the beach and in the park! It felt weird! And we’re talking heatwave, comfy crocs and the things we’ve watched and learnt! It’s a goodun! Also - just wanna say Happy Birthday to our boy Sach who’s 36 today! Have a great one you absolute legend!


243: Buzz-Batti-Year

This one felt jam packed! It always happens after we’ve not seen each other in a while... It’s like we’ve got TOO much to say to each other! We’re all back fresh from holidays and time off, talking about travels, India’s moon landings and the future of Pizza Hut!


242: Jack & Jill

Back together, sort of! Kej has been in Portugal, I’m still in Canada and Sach is holding it all together back in the UK! We’re talking about all the things we’ve seen on our travels, as well as the Adnan Sami concert and the rising costs of cheese slices!


241: My Wrist Hurts

Simon Sandhu (my cousin brother) sits in on the podcast instead of Kej! So we were allowed (by my wife) to record this episode INSIDE the house! What a treat to sit at the kitchen table again and talk about weddings, how loud the music is (I know … we’re getting old!) and my generosity with a homeless person backfiring on me! Enjoy the Kej free podcast!


240: Does It Rhyme With 'ollocks?

Someone’s suddenly got into Barbie! I’m not saying who, but it’s the one that jumps on every band wagon going! Sach has got news about how an airline dealt with hungry passengers when they realised all their in-flight meals were off! We’re also talking weddings, 2000 year old curries and the top 25 TV shows ever!


239: Let's Play Smelly Poker!

We’re all over the place … maybe it’s because the weather can’t make its mind up, maybe it’s the B.O I’ve been exposed to, Kej’s Mums dhokla or Sach getting bad breath forced into his face! We’re also discussing Twitter's new name and we’ve got a competition to give away Adnan Sami tickets for Leeds, London and Birmingham this August 11th, 12th & 13th. Check out the Brownload on Instagram to enter now before it too late!


238: Roti In The Post!

I was Macaulay Culkin this weekend and didn’t know what to do with myself! The weather was changing its mind more than I do in a buffet queue and there’s a new Wimbledon mens champion who’s just a baby! So that got us thinking … what had we achieved by the age of 20? Plus Sach has got news of a new way of travelling to Japan and Kej doesn’t want any surprises on his restaurant bill : 8 dollar band chor! It’ll all make sense when you hear the episode!


237: I'm Gonna Be The Samosa Man!

What is Threads? Well, luckily for all of us, the social media bandwagoner (Kej) has clearly invented the new online platform and is therefore in full endorsement mode as he explains how great it is! Sach and I aren’t convinced! Maybe I was feeling negative after my first comedy walk out (that’s right … two audience members left half way thru my show !) Also, 50 Cent is going to India later this year and Sach has got a little remix he could try singing!


236: Spirit Of The Game!

Hi there … mountain ranger Sandhu here! Fresh from my Ben Nevis climb where I missed all the controversy around the Ashes and Johnny Bairstow! Kej and Sach fill me in as we chat about all the times we’ve cheated at stuff! Plus there’s talk of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Elon Musk and holiday islands that are banning you from using your phone! (Unless you’re listening to the Brownload of course!)


235: Dil Se...

This isn’t just any Brownload episode, it’s the one where we announce that we have sold all our tickets to our live show at the London Podcast festival 2023! All the seats were nabbed in 3 days so thanks so much for that! We’re also talking about Glastonbury and Kej is moaning about why Desis can’t do their own one! Sach is more worried about the smell of the festival and I’m using this episode as therapy for my issue with milk lids!


234: Bhabi's Got The Chabi

Imagine a woolly mammoth combined with the Burj Al Arab? Massive right?? Well that’s how big our news is … we’ve got something very exciting to share!! Plus Sach is no longer struck by Hayfever, im exposing myself to be struck by cold temperatures and Kej is getting star struck at a party! And my big idea this week is about a new type of crisp they need to do! It’s a genius idea (well, it was thought of by me!) and I’m sure I’m not alone on loving these particular crisps! And Kej has got some revelations about what your favourite fast food says about you!


233: They're Not Called Beef-eaters!

The sun’s out and I’ve lost all knowledge of what’s going on in the world! What champions league match? What soccer aid? I’m oblivious! Sach is busy being named in National newspapers for his celebrity Dj’ing skills (he’s not on Page 3, don’t worry!) And Kej is getting drunk calls from men which he absolutely loves! He actually tells us why he misses the late night phone chats with his fellas!


232: Fa-Laugh-Al

What a podcast! Loads of different things discussed: like how the bill for dinner is split, buying rounds of drinks, putting toothpaste on your brush, sexy team sports and Neha Kakkar’s new song! Get involved with the chat and drop us a message: or message us on Instagram @thebrownload


231: When You Bite... It Will Excite!

May we begin by saluting the legend that sadly passed: Tina Turner! What a lady … Who was loved by Desis! Plus we chat about some backstage antics whilst I hosted the Gurdas Masn concerts and there’s talk of Paneer and Ice cream! And … I hate to be a snitch, but two out of three of us did our homework that was set last week … find out who didn’t! Enjoy Brownloading!


230: Sunshine, Sandwiches & Su-Su!

The sun is shining for National Sandwich week and while we may have started this podcast moaning and being negative, we all come good by the end! There’s a few toilet issues to discuss too! To stand or not to stand, that is the question!


229: It’s Ladies Only!

This one’s full of failures, first aid courses and falling out over the temperature of meaty balls! Sach is back from Dubai to a culture shock in the UK and Kej’s “things we’ve learnt” is enough to put you off … everything in life! #blamekej - Still, at least the suns out! Hit play and enjoy!


228: Bruana Louwada

Apologies for not giving you your fix of The Brownload last week! We have read all your messages of complaint! You’ll hear the reasons why we missed it in this episode. Plus we’re hailing our new King, Sach is watching from Dubai while Kej is suffering from R.A (hit play to find out what that is!) And I’ve been all over the UK hosting concerts and racing women on the underground.