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Inspiring others to chase their dreams though business, leadership and life.

Inspiring others to chase their dreams though business, leadership and life.
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Inspiring others to chase their dreams though business, leadership and life.






Episode 15 - Bone Collector

The 2019 Tour kicks off in Louisville, KY with none other than possibly the biggest names in outdoor television. Michael Waddell, Nick Mundt and Travis "T-Bone" Turner join us on set at a live ATA Tour event at the Archery Trade Show. We discuss the current state of the industry, why they do what they do at Bone Collector and what goes into their decision making process when they decide to promote brands in the outdoor industry. You don't want to miss this episode with one of the most...


Episode 14 - Goals

Episode 14 closes out the year discussing goals. Each and every year around the world people create new years resolutions which for the most part never last. Episode 14 provides a little insight from our crew of how and why setting goals has been more beneficial. We also dive into a glimpse of whats to come for Tour 12 in 2019. Happy New Year Everyone!


Episode 13 - Persistence

Episode 13 provides an inside look at 3 catagories in life that potentially paralyze persistence when it comes to living your passion. Heath and Brandon along with a random call in from Aaron Keller of Big & J provide some great insight of how they maintain consistency in both life and business, not to mention some hilarious conversations from hunting November in Arkansas.


Episode 12 - Kendall Jones

In Episode 12 we join Kendall Jones and boyfriend Hunter, former Ole Miss football alum in her home state of Texas. With one of the largest social media followings in the outdoor industry, she shares a little of how her platform developed. At the young age of 24, she is inspiring young women and fellow hunters to ban together and eliminate division in the outdoor industry. She brings a story of inspiration and hope in the face of tragedy, no matter what you've been through in life you can...


Episode 11 - Suicide

In the recent wake of the loss of Jason Hairston, a true outdoor hunting industry innovator our team talks about the topic of suicide. It's a topic many shy away from but in today's world, it's a topic that affects and has impacted a lot of people in America. The truth is no matter who you are there are moments in life you may not feel significant or that you matter. The reality is you do matter, your life counts and we want you to know you have a significant role to play on planet earth....


Episode 10 - Balancing Your Passion and Being Home.

Episode 10 leads us to Tablerock Lake in Missouri. This month we discuss what it looks like to have balance in life when it comes to living your passion. Is it possible that living your passion could cause problems in life? Potentially yes and this month we let the wives way in on the conversation to give us a little perspective from their point of view.


Episode 9 - What Is Preparation?

Episode 9 comes to you from South Texas on the back porch of the ranch at Josh Kinser's hunting lease. Our team was in the midst of helping Josh prep his ground for the fall so the topic of Preparation only made sense to discuss. There's no doubt preparation is involved if you plan on someday living your passion. Heath communicates in this podcast of how many things we enjoy in life come down to a choice. Living your passion every single day is not something we "Get" to do, it's something we...


Episode 8 - What Does It Mean To Have Value?

In Episode 8 we attempt to answer the question, what does it mean to have value? Special guest on the show this week, Aaron Keller from Big & J and brand new to the show this month is Cody Berry who just came on full time with The Southface Media Group. We believe the idea of adding value everywhere you go is a great thought to consider in life, its also a great conversation and it's all this week right here on Tour 12!


Episode 7 - The Given Right with Kenneth Lancaster, Jeremy Atkins & Josh Kinser

This week we are in Grand Island, Nebraska with host of The Given Right Kenneth Lancaster, founder of Big & J Jeremy Atkins and director of marketing for Big & J and Swagger Bipods Josh Kinser. The Given Right television show takes a step towards innovation becoming the first ever true hunting television show to air on Discovery Channel beginning in July. That begins a conversation that leads down the interesting path of conversation. The state of our industry, morals, how we are raising our...


Episode 6 - BassMaster Elite Pro Fred "Boom Boom" Roumbanis

Episode 6 brings us the true story behind Professional Bassmaster Elite angler Fred "Boom Boom" Rombanis. Fred inspires us all to never give up on our dreams. Life lessons from his granddad of how there are talkers and there are doers have played a key role in keeping Fred on the innovative and cutting edge of success in his career!


Episode 5 - Marketing Vs Branding

In episode 5 we discuss the difference in Marketing vs Branding. Understanding how to position yourself and your brand is key to getting where you want to be down the road. Living your passion everyday single day of you life will never happen on accident. We hope that through this episode is will inspire to put a plan of action in place and move one step closer to living your passion throughout business, leadership and life!


Episode 4 - Be An Innovator or Go Home

In this podcast we go down the entertaining and somewhat blunt conversation road of being an innovator in the outdoor industry. Aaron Keller & Josh Kinser of Big & J and Swagger Bipods join us for a lengthy discussion which includes more than a few rabbit trails. However, with all that being said Big & J and Swagger Bipods are both innovative companies at their core and have had major success in the outdoor industry with both brands. It's a conversation we can all learn from and we believe...


Episode 3 - Don't Forget Your Wet Wipes

This week we had the privilege of taking the Tour to Fairfield Texas. We not only had a great time hunting with our friends at Hunt FE Hill Ranch but we also had the privilege of recording this podcast on the back deck with two of the best guides in the business. John Hill, owner-operator of Hunt FE Hill Ranch and Neil Carico, owner-operator of Timberline Guides out of Colorado. We spent the week in camp together, shared great hunts and countless hilarious stories. It was exactly what camp...


Episode 2 - Cowboys & Creatives

Join host J. Heath Graham & Brandon Hunt as they take you on a short journey from the beginning of their relationship all the way to where they are today. The genesis of anything is generally unique. In today's podcast, we learn of how two individuals from polar opposite backgrounds united to form a successful partnership in friendship and business.


Episode 1 - Intro To Tour 12

Join J. Heath Graham in Episode 1 of Tour 12 as he sets the stage and gives a general synopsis of what this podcast is all about.