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Sandra McMaster and Salvador Limon

In this week's show, Carolyn sits down with two employees. Sandra McMaster and Salvador Limon have traveled a long and challenged road to get them here today. You wouldn't believe what they went though apon feeling their energy and spirit today. Lets listen in on why Carolyn hired both of these individuals.


Fresno Fire Department Fundraiser Kerri Donis with Tree of Life

In today's show, we have on Fresno fire chief Kerri Donis. Don't miss a very special fundraiser for the Fresno Fire Chiefs foundation. It's heating up at Tree Of Life Cafe & Bakery this May 18th! Don't miss our Kitchen Takeover event where Fresno Firefighters will cook & serve a meal. We'll also have live music. This is certain to be a memorable and fun event. Come out & do a good deed for our community, while enjoying unique dinner sights, sounds, & tastes. Tickets are $60 per person....


Story of the San Joaquin Valley

In this week's show, Carolyn talks with us about the story of the San Joaquin Valley. The Tree of Life Cafe transforms the fruits of the valley into delicious receipts. Downtown Fresno is on the verge of revitalization. How does the cafe fit into this new transformation. Carolyn also talks about the extracurricular activities hosted at the cafe. Listen to who is employed at the cafe, it might surprise you. Sit back and relax with this great message.


What is the Tree of Life Cafe?

In this week's show, Carolyn talks why her and her husband Steve Started the Tree of Life Cafe. She talks about the meaning behind the Tree of Life. Discover what the cafe is and where it's going.


Introduction to the Tree of Life Podcast

This is the introductory podcast for the Tree of Life Cafe. Carolyn along with her husband Steve are the owners of the cafe. Carolyn is joined by Ryan Murry founder of In Touch Media Group. Ryan welcomes the Tree of Life Podcast into the media group and congratulates Carolyn on her latest adventure into podcasting. Carolyn explains why she decided to start her own podcast.