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#29: Gender Differences in Public Relations

Amelia Reigstad is a public relations practitioner and newly-minted faculty member at the University of Minnesota. She developed Crosspoint Communications, a full service consultancy agency from a grassroots level in 2007 and taught a variety of public relations and communications courses at Kwantlen Polytechnic University, the University of Victoria, and the British Columbia Institute of Technology. Amelia is currently completing her Ph.D in media and communications and recently published...


#28: Jumping Without a Safety Net - Lori Myren-Manbeck

“Most of us want kindness. We start there.” Lori Myren-Manbeck is the founder and CEO of Inclusivi-tee, a charity t-shirt club that donates 100% of its profits to “forward-focused” non-profit organizations. Lori holds a PhD in Geriatric Psychology and has enjoyed a fulfilling career providing care to vulnerable individuals. Today, Lori’s passion for “taking care of each other” has never been stronger. In November of 2016, Lori noticed a deeper level of concern about the environment and...


#27: Duty-Bound Journalism With Chris Serres

“You cant do this work from a desk.” Chris Serres is a reporter for the Star Tribune covering social services and issues affecting society’s most vulnerable populations. In the interview, we discuss his reporting on individuals with mental illness and the elderly. More specifically, we explore his eye-opening work that exposed statewide injustices happening to these two groups and their families. His 2015 series of articles, titled “A Matter of Dignity,” explored Minnesota’s archaic and...


#25: From Africa to America - The Basil Ajuo Story

“We grew up in a community where people were killed every day.” In this episode of Twin Cities Podcast, Mike welcomes Basil Aujo to speak about his incredible journey from Cameroon, Africa to Minnesota. Basil talks about the realities of growing up in a poor African village with limited resources and little access to healthcare. Basil was raised by his grandmother who preached the importance of education and community service. Those two pillars serve as a framework for the inspiring life...


#23: The Opportunity Chaser - Shayla Hoheisel

“I think bucket lists are limiting.” Shayla Hoheisel (IG: @livingonaoneway) is a world traveler, YouTube video blogger, and entrepreneur, but more importantly she is creating the life she wants for herself. And she wants you to do the same. The Lakeville, Minn., native caught the travel bug a few years ago and decided to take it up full time. After a few months on the road, her friends and family wanted frequent updates so she started a video blog called Living on a One Way. The blog has...


#20: Purple Politics With MinnPost's Briana Bierschbach

Briana Bierschbach (@bbierschbach) is an award-winning journalist currently working for the MinnPost (@MinnPost) as a political reporter. In this episode, Briana gives us a behind-the-scenes look at what its like to cover the people, policy, and purple politics of the Minnesota Legislature. She describes her role at MinnPost as trying to help people make sense of what’s happening at the state capitol, and focusing on the "why" of the story as opposed to the what. Briana analyses the strong...


#17: Amelia Rayno On Facing Unfortunate Choices, Sports Journalism, & Bigfoot

“As a reporter, you never want to be a part of the story.” Amelia Rayno (@AmeliaRayno) is a food, travel, and features reporter for the Star Tribune. Prior to her current role she covered the University of Minnesota Athletic Department, mainly the Gophers’ men’s basketball team, for six years. In August of 2015, Amelia penned a very personal article detailing the sexual harassment she endured at the hands of former Gopher Athletic Director Norwood Teague, all-the-while having to report on...


#13: Medical Cannabis with Dr. Andy Bachman

“We started with a seed and a big dream.” Dr. Andy Bachman is the CEO/President and Co-Founder of LeafLine Labs, one of just two authorized providers of medical cannabis in the state of Minnesota. Dr. Bachman is a board-certified physician with more than a decade of emergency room medical experience. It was in the ER that Dr. Bachman saw firsthand the epidemic of opioid misuse in this country. After years of watching addiction and overdose rates soar, Dr. Bachman felt a responsibility to...


#6: The Art of Selling Hot Dogs with Nate Beck

Nate Beck is the owner of Natedogs, which is a hot dog cart that has been serving up delicious wieners for the past five years in the Twin Cities. In fact, Natedogs' tagline is "quality wieners, MN farms" because Nate acquires his hormone-free dogs from local farms. He has been dubbed by several local and national publications as “Best Hot Dogs in America” and even listed as one of the “Best Food Trucks in America.” The professionally trained singer uses his background in the arts to...

#3: Drones with Michael Welsh of Sky Candy Studios

Michael Welsh owns Sky Candy Studios, a local video production company that focuses on aerial photography/videography, and shares his expertise on all things drones. Michael talks about how he bought his first drone off an impulse buy from Brookstone and then skipping out on college to start his company. We discuss the different industries that benefit from drone technology and how Amazon is investing heavily into drones and its use for delivering packages. We even talk about one of his...

#2: Polyamory with Jennifer from Poly in the Cities Podcast

Mike explores the topic of polyamory with Jennifer who co-hosts a podcast called Poly in the Cities, which deals with the daily realities of living a polyamorous lifestyle. Jennifer talks about misconceptions in the mainstream public regarding polyamory, when she was first introduced to the idea, being married while being poly, hosting a podcast and much more. Jennifer deserves a lot of credit for agreeing to be on Twin Cities Podcast. She shares many personal aspects and stories about her...


#1 Introduction to Twin Cities Podcast

In the first episode of Twin Cities Podcast, Mike discusses his motivation for starting a long-form interview podcast. He talks about the value he gained from listening to well-known podcasters such as Dan Carlin, Tim Ferriss, Joe Rogan, and Marc Maron. Mike details the very night when the idea for Twin Cities Podcast was born, which involved a booze-filled summer evening with his brother-in-law Paul. He also talks about his hopes for the listeners and how the guests on TCP might help them...