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Join Dennis VanDerGinst as he interviews interesting and entertaining people, including national and local celebrities. We will explore various aspects of the human experience and what makes life more fun.


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Join Dennis VanDerGinst as he interviews interesting and entertaining people, including national and local celebrities. We will explore various aspects of the human experience and what makes life more fun.




Bruce Braley | Season 2 | Episode 027

On this episode of Uncommon Convos Dennis talks with former US Congressmen for the 1st District of Iowa, Bruce Braley. He was a successful trial lawyer in Iowa for 20 years. After serving in congress for 8 years he ran for the US Senate. In 2015 he returned to is roots as a trial lawyers in Denver Colorado. Bruce talks about his life and how he came to be a lawyer as well as his exciting path to congress and some of his most memorable stories. Listen to more episodes here or at...


Andy Sallee | Season 2 | Episode 026

On this episode of Uncommon Convos Dennis talks with long time friend and entrepreneur, Andy Sallee. He it the epitome of the rags to riches story. Andy came from very humble beginnings living in various trailer parks moving around often when he was young. He has built a amazing real-estate empire and continues to educate himself, attend mastermind events. Andy defines success as having freedom in time. Freedom to come and go as you please and do what you want. The biggest thing he can teach...


Joy McMeekan | Season 2 | Episode 025

In this episode of Uncommon Convos Dennis talks with Executive Director, Joy McMeekan of Gilda's Club Quad Cities. Joy left the corporate world after losing both her Husband and her mother to cancer. With this experience she was led to be a part of Gilda's Club. Joy talks about the struggles she had with dealing with the loss of her husband and mother to cancer and what resources Gilda's club offers to all those affected by cancer. Check out www.gildasclubqc.org Check out more episodes of...


Chad Pregracke | Season 2 | Episode 024

In this episode of Uncommon Convos, Dennis talks with one of the hardest working men in America, Chad Pregracke. Chad is founder of Living Lands and Waters. Dennis talks to Chad about how he started on this mission of cleaning the rivers and how things have changed over the years. They also talk about several other projects Chad has going on like, The Bison Bridge Project, Million Trees Project and Adopt A River Mile to name a few. As a kid he started to notice all the garbage above and...


Brian Hemesath | Season 2 | Episode 023

On this episode of Uncommon Convos, Dennis talks with Emmy award-winning costume designer, Brian Hemesath. Brian has worked on many large projects including John Wick, SNL and West Side Story (2021). Currently, he is the costume designer for the guests on Sesame Street.


Robby & Kimi Fender Yoli | Season 2 | Episode 022

In this episode of Uncommon Convos, Dennis VanDerGinst talks with Robby & Kimi Fender. Robby is the CEO of Yoli and is a co founder along with his wife Kimi. Robby Fender CEO and co founder with his wife of YOLI. Yoli is a international network marketing company that produces natural supplements designed to help increase vitality health and balance. "If you are an awesome person, money just makes you do more awesome stuff" Robby says. They are passionate about Yoli and focusing on building...


Susan Bratton Part 2 | Uncommon Convos | Episode 021

In this episode of Uncommon Convos, Dennis talks with realationship, Sex and Intimacy Expert Susan Bratton. Susan and Dennis talk about Sexual Biohacking and Erotic Play Dates. Find more about Susan Bratton at the links...


Susan Bratton | Uncommon Convos | Episode 020

In this episode of Uncommon Convos, Dennis talks to beloved Sex and Intimacy Expert Susan Bratton. Susan has spent 20+ years building her experience and knowledge in intimacy. She has been teaching and empowering singles and couples ranging from 19-90 years old. She helps people find their path to heart-connected sexual health and happiness. Susan has been married for 30+ years to her husband who is also an online entrepreneur and was the inventor of Rhapsody. This is the first of two...


Dr. Rich Blundell | Uncommon Convos | Episode 019

Dennis VanDerGinst talks to Dr. Rich Blundell about the interconnection between nature and creativity as well as many other interesting topics.


The Dr. Marissa Interview | Uncommon Convos | Episode 018

She is sure to bring some happiness to your day. Dennis talks to a very positive woman who has been dubbed the Asian Oprah, and for a good reason. Dr. Marissa Pei (Pay) is certainly a renaissance woman in the same was as Oprah. She is an organizational psychologist who has consulted with and assisted businesses improve in a wide variety of ways over the past 30 years. She is a true edu-tainer, having hosted and produced a brilliant program called “Take My Advice. I’m Not Using It. Get...


The Art Bell Interview | Uncommon Convos | Episode 017

Today we talk to Art Bell, the man who started Comedy Central and was the president of court TV.


End of Season 1 Message

It's the end of season 1! Thank you to all who listened to our first season. We will be back in early August 2021. In the meantime be sure to go back to catch up on missed episodes, and subscribe so you don't miss any of season 2!.


The Brian McFayden Interview | Uncommon Convos | Episode 016

Brian McFayden stops by to talk about working in the entertainment industry, the time he met Robin Williams, and the worst job he's ever had.


The Pat Miletich Interview | Uncommon Convos | Episode 015

Pat Miletich stops by the Uncommon Convos podcast today to talk about winning championships in UFC and boxing, early days of the sport, his coaching gym, family life, and aliens.


The Matt Garard Interview | Uncommon Convos | Episode 014

Matt Garard talks about his career in theater, working in standup and improv comedy, and his current stint with Thunder Bulge in this weeks podcast episode.


The Brad Nye Interview | Uncommon Convos | Episode 013

Brad Nye stops by to tell us some stories from his days helping out Van Halen, building his own music career, and his own experience as a movie writer and podcast host.


The Acie Earl Interview | Uncommon Convos | Episode 012

Coach Acie Earl stops by to talk about playing for the Hawkeyes, the NBA, and playing overseas, as well as his post-player career as a coach.


The Erik Maitland Interview | Uncommon Convos | Episode 011

Erik Maitland is here to talk about everyone's favorite subject: the weather. Erik educates us on some deadly and less common types of weather occurrences, his experience as a meteorologist, and what he, as a weatherman, considers to be an accurate forecast.


The Kim Kurtenbach Furness Interview | Uncommon Convos | Episode 010

This week we sit down with Creative Kim, Business Kim, Survivor Kim, and Inspirational Kim, all of whom are one and the same as our multi-talented guest Kim Kurtenbach Furness. Kim is an actor who has also run a theater company, starred in films, survived cancer, and inspired many to get into a life of acting and to push through the hard times in life. Check out her bubbly spirit on this weeks Uncommon Convos.


The Lisa McCormick Eveleth Interview | Uncommon Convos | Episode 009

Lisa McCormick Eveleth joins us to discuss living a fit and active life while having multiple autoimmune diseases, and how to get that ignite spirit to keep pushing forward through the tough times in life.