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Ep. 41 - These Gays can help you take better food photos

Adrian Harris and Jeremy Inglett, known as "The Food Gays", join Lindsay and Bob for a lively conversation about food, their new book, and about how they took their food blog and turned it into a full-time occupation for both of them.


Ep. 40 - The Editor in Chief of the Vancouver Courier is retiring

The Editor in Chief of the Vancouver Courier, Martha Perkins, is retiring after a lifetime spent in community news. Her colleagues at Glacier Media, Lindsay William-Ross and Bob Kronbauer, talk about her career and what's next for her. In this episode of the Vancouver Is Awesome podcast we also discuss the black market of stolen cheese in Vancouver, Mark Brand of Save On Meats now being called a "homeless drug addict" in the media, and the hilarious sign at Templeton Park in East Van.


Ep. 39 - The best Vancouver politics podcast just launched

Alex de Boer, host and producer of the new podcast called Seeking Office joins Lindsay and Bob for a conversation about what's happening in the Vancouver election, and what we can expect leading up to, and on election day: October 20th, 2018.


Ep. 38 - What's on tap at Canada's first and only craft brewing collective

Find out what's going on at Canada's first and only craft brewing collective--starting with what the heck that even means. We've got Stephen Smysnuik, the Marketing Director, of Craft Collective, and Evan Doan, of Doan's Craft Brewing, in the house (with some beers!) to talk about the shifts in the Vancouver craft beer scene over the past couple of years, and how Doan's is making a radical move to keep things brewing. These guys really love beer, and really know their stuff, so it's a fun...


Ep. 37 - The crazy world of Instagram with Erin Sousa of Sparkle Media

Take a deep dive into the crazy world of Instagram, as we talk about marketing and influencers with Erin Sousa, the founder of Sparkle Media. Erin, an influencer on her own accord, does modern marketing campaigns for several brands, including many based in and around Vancouver. We talk about how brands use Instagram, as well as how influencers can get up to some shady business to make themselves look better--and we aren't talking creative selfies--in the numbers game. Plus Erin opens up...


Ep. 36 - Deciding Vancouver's Unofficial Ambassador

Justin McElroy from CBC Vancouver is really into ranking all things British Columbia and, often, Vancouver. He recently launched a project where our public broadcaster is letting YOU decide who Vancouver's Unofficial Ambassador is. On the eve of the round of 32 being announced (whittled down from 64) we sat down with Justin to discuss the hows and whys of this fun... er... contest? Vote for who YOU think should be our unofficial ambassador here:...


Ep. 35 - From despair in Vancouver to dessert in Paris

This week on the V.I.A. Podcast we’re taking a dip into the pool of 30+ awesome episodes in our archives to bring you another treat--and this one involves the discussion of actual treats. Our guest for this V.I.A. podcast rebroadcast is Jackie Kai Ellis. Founder of Beaucoup Bakery and now the Paris Tours, she discusses her 2018 memoir, depression, and letting go of a Vancouver business she loved. Credits: Produced and hosted by Lindsay William-Ross and Bob Kronbauer. Additional support from...


Ep. 34 - How Vancouver can prepare for "The Big One" (Rebroadcast)

This week on the V.I.A. Podcast we've took a dip into the pool of 30+ awesome episodes in our archives to bring you a treat. No, it's not a popsicle (though in this heat wave that sounds pretty great). It's our excellent chat from January 2018 with CBC Vancouver’s Johanna Wagstaffe on the topic of earthquake preparedness. Wagstaffe is a science reporter, meteorologist, seismologist, and author of a children’s book about earthquakes, Fault Lines. We talked about her book, the earthquake...


Ep. 33 - Everything you need to know about bicycle road racing (mostly)

Did you know that there is a whole cycling subculture in Metro Vancouver that's focused on fast-paced road racing? Ahead of the upcoming Awesome Grand Prix (July 28, 2018 at Jonathan Rogers Park), we sat down with Graham Fox, the current BC Criterium champion and one of the owners of bike shop Bicicletta to take us for a spin through his world. This week's co-hosts Adam Nanji and Lindsay William-Ross (not cyclists) get up to speed with Fox (a big time serious cyclist) on the ins and outs of...


Ep. 32: The Last Gang in Town author Aaron Chapman

There was a time in Vancouver's not too distant past when gangs of teenagers prowled their turf in and around the city's parks. Not covered by the media to any great extent, these gangs caused trouble for each other and their communities, and the Vancouver Police. The most notorious was the Clark Park Gang, with members behind all sorts of burglaries, muggings, street fights, and more. How did the gang form, and how did the cops bring law and order into these turbulent times? Author Aaron...


Ep 31 - It's a bird, it's a plane, it's an airborne ant orgy!

This week's episode of the V.I.A. Podcast should come with a warning: We're going to talk about sex. Specifically the mating habits of flying ants, which had people talking (and simultaneously shutting their mouths) all over Vancouver recently. Lindsay and guest co-host Adam sit down with Michael Kissinger, the City Editor of the Vancouver Courier, whose own close encounter of the gross kind landed him the new distinction of being our resident ant procreation specialist. He walks us through...


Ep 30 - This guy's got something hot on the downlow

This week on the Vancouver Is Awesome Podcast we get things hot and spicy thanks to a visit from Doug Stephen of the brand-new DownLow Chicken Shack. The DL Chicken Shack is Vancouver's first dedicated outpost of Nashville Hot Chicken, a fiery hot fried chicken style with a great backstory. Not only did Doug bring the DL Chicken Shack's awesome eats to hosts Bob and Lindsay, but he also hung around to talk chicken, and also about his other restaurant on The Drive, the critically-acclaimed...


Ep. 29: We're going to need a bigger boat

This week on the V.I.A. Podcast we keep it hyper local by bringing back one of our favourite segments, a Bob versus Lindsay Vancouver battle, hosted by our very own Adam Nanji. Public marketplaces, the emotional appeal of quirky hot dogs, beloved Vancouver summer traditions, that thing when you go to White Spot and you eat in your car, fancy coffee culture and more are on the table this time around. Believe it or not, this Vancouver opinion-off actually has a winner. You gotta listen to find...


The owner of the Vancouver Canadians baseball team, Jake Kerr

Jake Kerr discusses baseball, how he brought Nat Bailey stadium back from being "a dump", and a new mascot to expect on the eve of the Vancouver Canadians 2018 home opener.


Ep. 27 - Meet two of Vancouver Supernatural's ghost hunters

This week on the V.I.A. Podcast we sit down with a pair of hobbyist paranormal sleuths from the group Vancouver Supernatural. Paul and Janine are two of nine in the self-assembled group of ghost hunting enthusiasts who offer their services--free of charge--to investigate (or debunk) spirits in local businesses and homes. Paul and Janine brought not only stories from the field, but also some of the gear in their ghost hunting kits to show us a little bit about how they do what they do. We...


Mijune Pak dishes on Top Chef Canada, lowbrow eats, and her infamous "resting bitch face."

This week on the Vancouver Is Awesome Podcast we sit down for a tasty talk with Mijune Pak, who has just wrapped up her second season serving as a permanent judge on TV's Top Chef Canada. Pak is also known for her blog Follow Me Foodie (and her social media) for her globetrotting pursuit of all things wonderful to eat. Hosts Lindsay William-Ross and Adam Nanji (filling in for Bob Kronbauer) grill the world class foodie on everything from what it's like eating two five course meals at the...


Ep 25 - Vancouver parking meters accept tips now?!

We talk with anonymous satirist "John Swift" who's behind the website The Vancouver Glass. He discusses why he does what he does, how his "Vancouver parking meters now accepting tips" story became a hit and the difference between fake news and satire. Hosted by Melissa Shaw, Adam Nanji and Bob Kronbauer, we also talk about the Morgan Freeman SkyTrain fiasco, a group of sweet muslim kids who break their fast every year and break bread with folks in the Downtown Eastside. Lastly, we talk about...


Ep 24 - Michelle Eliot from CBC's BC Today

This week on the Vancouver Is Awesome Podcast we bring you a thoughtful conversation about CBC's revamped weekday radio program, BC Today. Hosts Bob Kronbauer and Lindsay William-Ross are joined in studio by the call-in show's host, Michelle Eliot. She talks about the show, her process and where she draws patience from. Lindsay and Bob also chat about the Tim Hortons poop video (SORRY), the best and most wonderful ice cream sandwiches in Vancouver, the Canadian knife ban you don't know...


Episode 23 - Sex, marriage, and ice cream (and a bit of Ryan Reynolds)

This week on the Vancouver Is Awesome Podcast is a rare treat: An extended chat about marriage, sex, ice cream, and a whole lot more. Hosts Bob Kronbauer and Lindsay William-Ross are joined in studio by V.I.A. reporter Melissa Shaw to talk about a recent poll showing Canadians are lukewarm about the necessity of marriage, and more. The trio also discuss Perverted Ice Cream's sex-centric motifs and marketing approach. There are the food oddities found at the just-opened Richmond Night Market...


Ep 22 - "Cigarette Smoking Man" William B Davis

In conversation with William B Davis who is perhaps best known for his role as "Cigarette Smoking Man" on The X-Files. We talk about that, the play he's directed Plus, we talk about an unorthodox advertising campaign called "Justin's Massage", feral urban peacocks and more.