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What's better than one Virgo? That's easy, two Virgos with a lot to say. Virgo Season is an ongoing conversation between friends covering everything from culture to life as a married man (Ryan) and a single woman (Today with a J). There's nothing off the table. Listen in as Ryan and Joyhdae (aka Today with a J) entertain you with their conversations on all things life. Two Virgos hosting a podcast about just about everything? What could go wrong? Nothing. Because they're Virgos. So please pull up a seat and listen in on their conversations; you're guaranteed to come back and join in on the conversation. Welcome to Virgo Season.


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What's better than one Virgo? That's easy, two Virgos with a lot to say. Virgo Season is an ongoing conversation between friends covering everything from culture to life as a married man (Ryan) and a single woman (Today with a J). There's nothing off the table. Listen in as Ryan and Joyhdae (aka Today with a J) entertain you with their conversations on all things life. Two Virgos hosting a podcast about just about everything? What could go wrong? Nothing. Because they're Virgos. So please pull up a seat and listen in on their conversations; you're guaranteed to come back and join in on the conversation. Welcome to Virgo Season.




Dirty Diddy Money

Our 2023 curtain call is a showstopper with Cassie and Diddy turning up the drama from the studio to the courtroom. Will Brother Love’s saga end in a legal crescendo? The stage was set for chaos when Tamar introduced Chrisean Rock, and the drama with ‘Patti Pie’ virtuoso James Wright Chanel left us all in shock. ⚖️ Hear how a gospel singer’s flight performance almost had them earning their wings the hard way. And Tasha K, with Brother Bilal, might just be playing with fire, dishing out sensational claims about Will Smith and Duane Martin. 💖 In a heartwarming interlude, Marlon Wayans shows us what family love looks like on the Breakfast Club. And the climax? Keke Palmer’s mom takes the spotlight with fiery words that Shakespeare himself would applaud, as Usher inadvertently becomes part of the narrative. Wave goodbye to 2023 with us and get ready for the ultimate blend of laughter and mess. We’re pressing pause, but anticipate our return in 2024, revamped and ready to act brand new 😉


Who’s Keke-ing Now?

This week on Virgo Season, we’re not sure who told Keke Palmer’s ex it was safe to play with her. Plus We’re talking about the buzz that’s got Les Twins in the spotlight – with 37 babies on the rumor mill, are they prepping for a mini dance crew or a full-on daycare? Plus, we’re serenading your ears with the potential harmonious reunion of Nelly and Ashanti. Is it “Just a Dream,” or is Ashanti really singing “Always on Time” for her once-and-future beau? And make space in your calendar – #TheVirgos have an earth-shaking announcement. Don’t miss out!


Keith Lee’s Flava

Get ready to LOL in our latest episode! Keith Lee had ATL restaurants SHOOK with his epic FamLee Food Tour! Flava Flav is in the building, and he’s taking the National Anthem to a whole new level – you won’t believe your ears! Saucy Santana vs. DJ Akademiks – it’s the showdown of the century! Is Wackademiks finally getting a taste of his own medicine? North West wants to be a mosquito, and she’s spilling all the juicy deets on her future plans in her I-D magazine interview. Ryan’s throwin’ it way back with some nostalgic gems, and Joyhdae’s making sure Ryan’s got his theme song locked down, straight outta Campbell Crystal Lake! Tune in for laughs, entertainment, and all things culture – this episode is ! Don’t miss out! And while you’re at it, make sure to subscribe, rate, download, and share the Virgo Season podcast with your friends and family!


Good Grip

Chasing likes can lead to unexpected turns! When a TikToker’s prank on his girlfriend’s kids hits a low, we gotta ask: How far is too far for clout? Shaun “Talcum X” King is making headlines again, now on a global scale. He says he’s a hero; the affected family thinks otherwise. Where’s your no-go for a first date? Dive into our list and find out! From the Cheesecake Factory to the gym, we’re here to spill the tea. Applebees: chic dinner or dating disaster? And, heads up, Kai Cenat is streaming behind bars, with celebs like Druski & Offset and The Virgos have some thoughts on this latest stunt! For a roller-coaster of laughter, debates, and pure pop culture vibes, there’s no place like Virgo Season Show!


Aretha’s Franklins

Fasten your seatbelts, folks, because this week, The Virgos take it there. First up, Halle Bailey’s been spotted with what might be a baby bump — but is it just a burrito lunch? Ryan and Joyhdae have some ideas Then, dive into the pages of Britney Spears’ tell-all where she dishes on a past pregnancy with none other than Mr. ‘Cry Me A River’, Justin Timberlake. Speaking of money rivers, Cedrick The Entertainer pulled the plug on a 25K family fund — was it a comedy error? And Jay Z, billionaire extraordinaire, apparently doesn’t think his cousin is worth 4800 bucks. We’re just here wondering if that’s before or after tax. But wait, there’s more! Sidney Powell’s recent college kerfuffle led to a shocking turn of events as The Virgos dip their toes into a little bit of true crime. And in ‘beggars can’t be choosy’ news, Yung Joc might’ve just turned down a quarter million because of… ‘lustful eyes’? Stay tuned for laughs, gasps, and perhaps an out of pocket joke or two!


Teh Muh Coola

🎙️ This week, #TheVirgos are on one. Dive into the hilarious world of celeb drama in this week's episode! 😂 Why is Birdman beefing with meme-king Druski? 🐦 Joyhdae gives her thoughts on Drake's latest (not-so-hot?) album 🎵, while Ryan has a quick (and we do mean quick) change of heart about Doja Cat 🐱. Jada's giving us an update on her and Will's relationship timeline, and honestly, can we all just leave that group chat? 🙄 Plus, get the latest on Carlee Russell's shocking sentencing and learn about the game-changing Ebony Alert launching in CA. 🚨 Perfect for anyone craving a dose of celeb commentary with a side of oysters #IYKYK


Menace 2 Sobriety

Dive into this week's wildest stories as we debunk claims of R. Kelly's alleged prison concert – was he really serenading inmates in a leather-orange jumpsuit? The Virgos unpack a Caribbean identity controversy sparked by Majah Hype. We'll also unravel Godfrey's troubling remarks, discuss Tanner Cook's perilous YouTube prankprank at Dulles Town Center that backfired spectacularly, and shed light on DJ Envy's looming real estate scandal. Plus, what's the drama between Pink Sauce Lady and Dave’s Gourmet? And who could forget our honorable mentions including a surprising political stance and TikTok tales. Ryan brings back a fan favorite and Joyhdae is holding on to that crown (or is she?) Don't miss out on this rollercoaster of revelations and debates! Hit that subscribe button NOW, and join us in unpacking the juiciest stories of the week. Whether you're Team Caribbean Debate or curious about the DJ Envy saga, there's something for everyone. Be part of the conversation and let your voice be heard. Don’t forget to Subscribe, rate, and share!


Peanut Butter

Hold onto your headphones, Virgo Season fam! 🎧✨ This week #TheVirgos have a LOT to cover. Ryan brings the jokes and Joyhdae brings the mess. First off, imagine Usher in a halftime show at the Super Bowl! 🕺🏈 How did this happen? We've got the scoop on how Usher got picked for the gig and whether he'll be dancing in the end zone. Then for a twist that even Shonda Rhimes couldn’t write: Kerry Washington's family secrets! 😱 Find out about the scandalous revelation of her true parentage that shockwaves as she prepares to drop her new book. The Writers Guild of America (WGA) reached a tentative deal to end the strike. 🖋️✒️ What does this mean for our beloved TV shows? Will we finally get closure on those cliffhangers? Meanwhile, we peek into the crystal ball to predict a possible government shutdown on the horizon. 🏛️🚧 Will this be the sequel to 2020's chaos or a duller rerun? Our speculation game is strong! Then, we explore Britney Spears' spine-tingling knife dance. 🔪🩸 someone go to that ladies house and help her. And to top it all off, we dish out the latest scoop on Trump's legal tango - he’s been found guilty of fraud, doesn’t this mean it’s game over for Trump Organizations? 🕴️💼 Join us for laughs, gasps, and a rollercoaster of emotions on Virgo Season. Don't forget to hit that subscribe button and share! Let's roll! 🚀🤣


The Petty Files

Welcome to The Petty Files! This week The Virgos celebrate Ryan’s birthday and leap right into the mess. New York's Mixxy Mayor is up to his usual antics, and the hosts are here to dish on his questionable choices, from hanging out with women half his age to neglecting his job duties. But it's not all shade! The Virgos dive into the state of Black love in the entertainment world, from Teyana and Iman to Remy Ma and Papoose. Is true love in Hollywood a rare find? (Cue the Black Eyed Peas song!) Tyler Perry is known for his dramatic movies, but are his portrayals of real life on point? Ryan and Joyhdae share their candid thoughts on whether life imitates art in Perry's world. And finally, Kirk Franklin's emotional documentary has The Virgos in their feelings. Tune in as they discuss the healing and triggering aspects of this impactful film. Don't miss this week's episode of Virgo Season!


Puss in Boots

It’s another fire episode of Virgo Season, and this week is jam-packed. From Sukihana laying it down on the red carpet to *NSYNC reuniting. Cardi B and Megan? You already know had Ryan’s full attention. Diddy snagged that Global Icon Award and had his kids rock the stage with him. The VMA’s had some moments. Erica Mena got fired from LHH (overdue if you ask us) over some serious drama with Spice. And this week we’re ripping some crazy headlines straight off the press. From a wife who's feedin' her hubby like a baby to BS High (lock Roy Johnson up!!), plus did we mention there’s a Tabi Shoe Thief? There are some jaw dropping totally real, not made up stories this week You won't wanna miss this wild ride!


Bubble Guts

It’s a celebration y’all! Not really but it feels like it since Mercury wanna be in our business so bad and we still dropped a new episode! This week, The Virgos are talking about Cardi B and Meg Thee Stallion's summer anthem, the longest wedding you didn’t know about on TikTok, Beyoncé's star-studded birthday show and the explosive excursion in the sky. So sit back, relax, and enjoy. Please like, subscribe, and leave us a review on your favorite podcast platform to show your support. We always appreciate your feedback and will continue to bring you the best content possible. Thanks for tuning in!


Glitch McConnell

Happy Labor Day! Welcome to this week's episode of Virgo Season. This week we talk about Miguel's daring song preview where he hung from the ceiling with hooks in his back, Tory Lanez's secret marriage ahead of his upcoming court date, Ye sitting with his crack out on a boat doing adult things with his wife, Steve Harvey's wife being accused of cheating, Mitch McConnell trying to put Atlanta to shame, and the mystery of the real Pinky Doll. Why would Andrew Schutlz get on Blue Ivy’s internet spewing nonsense? Taylor Swift better than Beyonce? We unpack that discussion in an unbiased way. In addition, we tackle a thorny relationship question: who's the asshole in a scenario where a 7-month pregnant wife doesn't feel like cooking and making drinks for a party her husband is throwing for his single friend? Plus #TheVirgos realize there’s a double agent in amongst them. So sit back, relax, and get ready for a fun-filled episode of Virgo Season. Don't forget to like, subscribe, and leave us a review on your favorite podcast platform. As always, thank you for your support!


Wu-Tang Forever

VIRGOSSSSSS IT’S OFFICIALLY OUR SEASON! And the gifts are rolling in early! Fresh and Fit are kicked out of YouTube, Fyre Festival is back and Joyhdae doesn’t know Dick. Kevin Hart put himself in a wheelchair trying to keep up with literal giants. Giuliani and Trump's mugshots dropped and the jokes basically write themselves. Ryan has some suggestions for Rihanna to name her new baby because Wu-Tang is definitely for the kids more than that #RandomManinAtlanta. Are you ready to laugh? Because the dad jokes are flying, and is there a dad joke war brewing between The Virgos? Don't forget to like, subscribe, and leave us a review on your favorite podcast platform. We appreciate your support!


Karma’s Phallus

Listen at this point, we can’t even pretend that we aren’t a mess, but that’s why you’re here so let’s dive right on in. Did them people lie to Michael Oher and then make a feel good movie about it? We're discussing the controversy surrounding "The Blind Side" and whether or not it's a lie (hint - it is) If there’s one thing y’all are gonna learn about Virgos is that our petty knows no bounds. Keke Palmer starred in Usher’s new video for his single “Boyfriend”. Was it a hit or a miss? Trump is facing charges under the RICO Act along with 18 co-defendants all thanks to Black women. Is this the right time to start chanting “Lock Him Up!”? BET will not be sold to the highest bidder as Tyler Perry’s attempt at buying BET has been shut down. Who is Byron Allen and why does he have so much money? And we want to hear from you! What would you do if you caught your 10-12 year old son or daughter sneaking someone into your home on your Ring cam? The Virgos have some thoughts and some stories - what about you? Ryan’s flabber is gasted, Joyhdae is straying further from unproblematic- it’s just another Monday on Virgo Season. Don't forget to like, subscribe, and leave a review. Don’t be shy join the conversation on social media by using the hashtag #VirgoSeasonShow in the comments!


Chairing is Caring

Just when you thought it couldn't get any more out of pocket, Monday is back and The Virgos are on one. This week, we're talking about the controversy surrounding Jamie Foxx's "antisemitic" IG story post. We also have some thoughts on Jennifer Aniston needing to mind her business and diversify her friend groups. Last week, Ryan dropped a surprise and we need to talk about it. We also discuss the latest on Tory Lanez's sentencing for shooting Megan Thee Stallion, Australian rapper Iggy Izalea's letter in his defense (Go HOME Roger - Joyhdae’s voice), Ciara's pregnancy with her fourth child with husband Russell Wilson (Future may just be the best aphrodisiac for this couple), and the Alabama Sweet Tea Brawl, which brought us nothing but laughs and new Black icons. You may be less of an asshole if you asked yourself - WWRD? "What Would Ryan Do" is our new segment that takes a look at how Ryan would handle tough and VERY real situations. So sit back, relax, and let us entertain you with all the laughs and gossip you need during Virgo season!



Are you ready for another episode of Virgo Season? This week, we're diving right in with Cardi B throwing her mic at a fan during a recent performance, Lizzo being sued by three former dancers for allegedly creating a hostile work environment, and Ryan’s dream of becoming a viral sensation. Then in things we don’t really care about — former President Donald Trump's third indictment…because…at this point, just lock him up. Is everyone okay? — Why are y’all spending $22,000 to become a life-size dog? And let’s not forget last weekend was Renaissance Weekend — Ryan and Joyhdae have some thoughts on their experience! You don’t want to miss this conversation! Don't forget to like, subscribe, and leave a review. Tune in now for another episode of Virgo Season - you won't want to miss it!


Crème Pies & Government Lies

Last week was BUSY. The world works hard, but The Virgos work harder. This week, Jess Hilarious was back with her usual transphobic comments, Monica jumped off stage to defend a woman at her show, and musty Musky has rebranded Twitter as "X". SHEIN must think they are rappers the way they are racking up RICO charges and the US government's admits that intergalactic beings exist. And you know Ryan and Joyhdae have thoughts on Mitch McConnell's reboot during a press conference! Join us for all the laughs on this week's Virgo Season - you won't want to miss it! Don't forget to like, subscribe, and leave a review. Don’t be shy join the conversation on social media by using the hashtag #VirgoSeasonShow in the comments!


Beat Box

It’s that time of week again and The Virgos are back! From NPC's taking over TikTok to Florida's new guidelines on teaching Black history and the MTA fare increase, we've got the weeks hottest topics covered. First up, we'll dive into the world of TikTok and discuss how NPC's are taking over the platform. Have y’all see the latest simulated trend? Now Carlee…blacknically speaking, you should have known better. We’ve got the updates and thoughts on her “mysterious disappearance. Florida is doing Florida things their controversial new guidelines on teaching Black history. And the MTA is launching a fare increase that's got commuters up in arms. Is it fair? Or is it just another way for the MTA to make money? We'll discuss. The Queen of games is back! Joyhdae introduces a new game that leaves Ryan at a loss for words. Tune in now for all the laughs and on this week's Virgo Season! Don't forget to like, subscribe, and leave a review to help us keep bringing you the laughs!


You a Mom

Ryan is back and so are the shenanigans. Buckle up, because this week's episode is jam-packed, not Mark Zuckerberg coming for Elon Musk’s pockets with Meta’s newest venture, Threads. Keke Palmer’s baby daddy could really take a page out of Stedman’s book and keep it cute, but now he’s on the Summer Jam screen and Keke is about to have a hot mom summer. Did Victor Wembanyama’s security guard go to far when he slapped Britney Spears? Jamie Foxx was seen out and about looking healthy Hollywood studios are playing games with this writers and actor’s strike - does this mean no new shows 2024? Jonah Hill might not be the great guy you thought he was - trust us, you won't want to miss this one. So sit back, relax, and get ready for another fun episode of Virgo Season!



You know Virgos can be polarizing figures right (see Eric Adams) this week Ryan is out of the country treating his wife like the Queen she is for her birthday, while Joyhdae is doing Joyhdae things (usually not safe to mention) so this week, the Virgos are switching it up with a thought-provoking episode. We're taking a break from the usual messy topics to answer some tough questions. From politics to personal struggles, we're diving deep and offering our perspectives on slew of different topics. So hit the pause button on your day and tune in for this insightful and informative episode. You won't want to miss it!