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Quissy & Pasta discuss all things related to Warcraft, including WoW Classic & Retail, Warcraft Reforged and other Blizzard related games, too.


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Quissy & Pasta discuss all things related to Warcraft, including WoW Classic & Retail, Warcraft Reforged and other Blizzard related games, too.




Wrath Classic Release Date and Difficulty, Blizzcon Reactions, Dragonflight Alpha flying & more!

In this month's episode, we catch up with the WoTLK Classic release date, our experience running dungeons and heroics in Wrath Beta, thoughts on the anti-boosting and EXP buff added to TBC Classic, and more. We also shift gears and discuss initial thoughts on Dragonflight Alpha, the Dracthyr soar mechanic and customization options. Finally we touch briefly on Shadowlands and other future content to expect. Thanks for listening!


Emerging from the SHADOWS?! Wrath Classic Discussion and more!

IT SURE HAS BEEN A WHILE. In this episode, we spend time catching up and discussing what we've been doing in the past year and a half. We dive a bit into our Classic Season of Mastery (SoM) experience, why we stopped playing TBC Classic for a while and how we returned, as well as Wrath of the Lich King Classic predictions and discussion. So sit back, relax and enjoy the show!


New Location, New Setup! Let's chat Classic, TBC Rumors and more!

Not only is this our first episode of the new year, but we're also in a new location! In this episode, we recap what we've been up to, update our latest Classic WoW progress, rumors for a TBC Classic, and other World of Warcraft happenings!


Naxxramas is out & Shadowlands First Impressions!

Quissy and Pasta discuss the launch of Naxxramas in WoW Classic, the latest happenings as well as their first thoughts and reactions to playing Shadowlands!


We're back! SL Release Date, BlizzConline, Classic News & banter!

Quissy and Pasta are back for another episode! Discussing everything from the delayed Shadowlands release date to shared laundry spaces, WoW Classic Phase 6, and everything in between!


SL Beta Key Giveaway, What's New with Us, Classic WoW Updates, TBC Speculation

Here is the latest episode of Warcraft Brew! We've been having some troubles IRL and therefore lack of sleep. We tried our best to not ramble on and hopefully make some sense with topics including: our current thoughts of WoW Classic: Naxx release and potential TBC launch/Beta, updates with our Horde guild CHILL, mentions of the Classic Hardcore challenge, Shadowlands release date and latest happenings, and more!


Is SHADOWLANDS modern WoW's last chance? Release date reactions and more

Quissy & Pasta discuss the news of Shadowlands releasing in October. Is it too soon? They also share thoughts on their experience with the gameplay in the Beta so far.


What to Expect in Phase 5 of WoW Classic, Theater of Pain from Shadowlands Beta

Quissy and Pasta are BACK! In this episode they discuss what is coming in Phase 5 of WoW Classic with the start of the Ahn'Qiraj War Effort coming this week! They also talk about their experience in the Theater of Pain, a new dungeon from the Shadowlands Beta.


Episode 24: Craziest Week for Gaming yet? Allegations, Collapse and the Ahn'Qiraj Announcement

Quissy and Pasta discuss the recent sexual assault allegations centered around the gaming community, with the collapse of Method in particular, and ways to possibly streamline reporting of hateful conduct on Twitch and Discord. They also discuss the news that Ahn'Qiraj and Phase 5 of WoW Classic is coming at the end of July 2020, and a few other tidbits of World of Warcraft news.


Episode 23: Classic WoW News, Patch Notes Recap, IRL updates & more!

Quissy & Pasta discuss all of the latest news from WoW Classic, with some commentary on the Patch Notes 1.13.5, reaction to the $4,000 prize pool for the WSG Summer Bowl PvP Tournament, and more!


Episode 22: BIG Announcement, Addressing Current Events and Latest World of Warcraft News

Quissy & Pasta have a big announcement for you! Some awesome changes are coming to Warcraft Brew! But first, they briefly address and acknowledge what's going on in the world currently, followed by their usual Classic WoW, Shadowlands Alpha and BlizzCon banter. Be sure to get comfy and enjoy the show!


Episode 21: The Latest with Classic, TBC, BfA, Shadowlands Alpha & BlizzCon?!

Quissy and Pasta are back and discuss some of the latest news heard around Azeroth and beyond, including WoW Classic, TBC rumblings, a little Battle for Azeroth, as well as Shadowlands Alpha and more!


Episode 20: WoW Classic, TBC, Shadowlands Alpha Chat & IRL Updates!

Quissy and Pasta discuss their thoughts on the current state of WoW Classic with the release of the Dragons of Nightmare, Zul'Gurub, Layering and more, as well as Classic TBC predictions and early reviews of the Shadowlands Alpha: Torghast Tower & Revendreth!


Episode 19: Shadowlands Alpha Review, Thoughts, Reactions

This episode focuses mostly on the Shadowlands Alpha, which Quissy & Pasta were fortunately able to get access to. They cover leveling in Bastion, the 1-10 leveling zone for Alliance: Exile's Reach, and cover new models and character customization options.


Episode 18: Arathi Basin is OUT, Updates on Loot & Characters We're Leveling

Quissy & Pasta discuss what's been going on in the realm of WoW Classic, including the release of Arathi Basin, what's going on with their current characters in terms of gear and leveling, as well as cover a bit about how the Coronavirus (COVID-19) has affected their lives over the past 2 weeks.


Episode 17: Arathi Basin, Zul'Gurub, Green Dragons, WoW Classic PTR & more!

Allergy season is upon us, despite that, we are happy to bring a new episode of Warcraft Brew to you! Quissy & Pasta recap their experience at PAX East, discuss the latest news with WoW Classic, including: Arathi Basin, Zul'Gurub and Green Dragons coming in April, the Classic PTR and more! So sit back, relax and enjoy!


Episode 16: Gearing up in WoW Classic, Shadowlands Alpha SOON? PAX East this weekend!

Quissy and Pasta discuss gearing up their "alts" on the Grobbulus server in WoW Classic and how the DKP system can sometimes be flawed. They also discuss plans to attend PAX East 2020 in Boston this coming weekend, as well as what's going on with the encrypted Shadowlands Alpha builds coming to our Batte.net launchers!


Episode 15: Classic BWL Reaction, Raid Loot Discussions & Looking Forward!

Quissy and Pasta are back and this time with their first reactions to Classic WoW's release of Blackwing Lair, covering thoughts, loot, raid strategy and more. They continue with other discussions on distributiing loot through DKP, and finally discuss, what most people believe to be the end of BfA, it's overall failure as a "good" expansion and a brief look at the first raid in Shadowlands, Castle Nathria!


Episode 14: BWL PREP for Classic WoW, Mythic RWF, Warcraft Reforged Disaster & more!

In this episode, Quissy & Pasta discuss their latest thoughts on WoW Classic, including prep ideas for Blackwing Lair (BWL), how WSG has replaced AV for ranking, Molten Core loot rules and more. Then, we move on to our current thoughts with BfA Patch 8.3's Mythic Race to World First in Ny'alotha with watching Method vs. Limit's streams. Finally, we discuss what exactly happened with Warcraft 3 Reforged and why it was such a disaster of a game launch! Don't forget to subscribe to this...


Episode 13: Changes to AV in WoW Classic, Lunar Festival, BfA Patch 8.3 Ending Cinematic Reaction

Despite a busy week, we are back for another episode. Quissy is getting over a cold, they discuss the changes and "improvements" coming to Alterac Valley (AV) in WoW Classic, the Lunar Festival, leveling on Grobbulus, as well as Pasta's reaction to the Battle for Azeroth ending raid cinematic for Patch 8.3. Enjoy! Don't forget to subscribe to show your support! Patreon - https://www.patreon.com/warcraftbrew Twitch - http://twitch.tv/QuissyTV Twitter - http://twitter.com/QuissyTV Discord...