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Description:'s podcast covering AMC's Walking Dead television series. News, episode analysis, weekly segments and more!






The End

It's been real, it's been fun, hell, it's even been real fun. But as we announced two weeks ago, we feel this is our time to exit from the series that helped found Bald Move, AMC's The Walking Dead. This podcast is for you; the long time listener! Come take a stroll with us through memory lane, say your goodbyes, and hopefully meet again real soon on better shows with better podcasts. This episode is chock full of clips from the archives, old skits, and tons of memories both hilarious and...


816 – Wrath

Jim and A.Ron put AMC's The Walking Dead to rest at the end of it's eighth season, with the finale episode "Wrath". It's not the worst episode of TWD, but it certainly isn't a good one, and it ends on a puzzling conspiracy against Rick perpetrated by his closest friends. There are crazy character flip flops involving Morgan, Eugene, even Jesus and Daryl get caught up in it, and we say, enough. We'll be back next week with a Podcast Fiesta Wrap Up Extravaganza with some of our fondest...


815 – Worth

Jim and A.Ron discuss the sadness that is an above average episode of AMC's The Walking Dead that still can't rise above the weight of the garbage it's surrounded by. No offense, Jadis. For every half-decent book-end device, there is a terrible Gregory or Eugene scene. For every clever Negan canary trap, there is two seasons of his incompetence making him look like a fool. We're tapping out. Last week will be the last episode of The Walking Dead that we cover. The week after, we're inter...


814 – Still Gotta Mean Something

Jim and A.Ron are here to, sort of backhandedly compliment the latest episode of AMC's The Walking Dead. It's one of the better recent episodes, but the unfortunate thing is all of the moments and beats they come really close to nailing here are ones that have been so worn through mindless repetition to the point we're incapable of feeling anything but boredom. But yeah, Andrew Lincoln, Denai Gurira, and Lenni James really know how to act, and work their professional asses off to sell this...


813 – Do Not Send Us Astray

AMC's The Walking Dead served up what A.Ron describes as a top 5 worst episode of all time in "Do Not Send Us Astray". The show continues to find new lows in its regard for the audience's intelligence, as they don't even bother trying to plausibly setup any action set pieces or plot, it just kind of happens because reasons. We have at least five morgalizers at this point. Day turns to night turns to day and Maggie has been pregnant for like ten seasons now. There was a helicopter at some...


812 – The Key

"The Key", which is the latest episode of AMC's The Walking Dead continues to erode Negan's aura of invincibility, as he can't even keep Rick's hands off his precious Lucille as he lurches from one insane and pathetic deal to the next. Simon's had enough, and leads the rest of the Saviors off to war against the Hilltop. Meanwhile, Maggie makes a deal for The Key to the Future for a milk crate full of phonographic records, and Enid openly wonders if anything means anything anymore. You and...


811 – Dead or Alive Or

"Dead or Alive Or" crash lands back to Earth after the pleasant surprise that was last episode, and there's no "Jadis makes chunky beef chili" aspect to take your mind off things. It's the saddest traveling road show you've ever seen starring Father Gabriel and Dr. Carson. It's Carol and Morgan morgalize over a young boy's soul. It's Daryl losing control over his refugee group because of arguing about the loyalties of Dwight. And Maggie making hard decisions on the Hilltop, which is the...


810 – The Lost and the Plunderers

Jim is off traveling the world this week, but Nina Perez from Project Fandom joins the lonely A.Ron to talk about the latest episode of AMC's The Walking Dead which... isn't half bad as far as these things go. Lots of Simon, an effective Rick vs Negan scene, and one of the most disgustingly awesome set pieces in all of The Walking Dead history combine to make for an entertaining episode. Sure, Rick's back to being a loon, the garbage people are still garbage, and Oceanside has clearly lost...


809 – Honor

Jim and A.Ron are here to say goodbye to Carl, and to have the debate about whether or not we should be saying goodbye in the first place. While acknowledging this is an above par episode of The Walking Dead by AMC Studios standards, it commits several offenses, chief among them the decision to undercut a fairly effective scene of a father and surrogate mother saying tearful goodbyes to their son with yet. More. Morgalizing. Everyone involved is too good for what they're doing, perhaps...


Season 8b Preview!

Jim and I will be back for the back half of season 8 of AMC's The Walking Dead. Whether that is exciting or depressing is very much up to the individual, but it's a fact, so today we're previewing the next 8 episodes. What do we think about Gimple's promotion? Is Carl really going to die? What did we think of the pre-season trailers and marketing? And who lives and who dies this season? We contemplate all this and more. See you Sunday night for the LiveWatch!


Season 8a Wrapup

Season 8 of The Walking Dead is finally over and we're doing a wrapup podcast to commiserate with the fans who have hung in there. Thanks to everyone who has been listening and supporting us for the past 6 years of coverage. We'll have some more information on the future of Walking Dead at Bald Move in early 2018. Stay tuned.


808 – How It’s Gotta Be

It feels like we're at a big crossroads here for our relationship with AMC's The Walking Dead, as we watch "How It's Gotta Be". What do you do with a show you don't really enjoy watching when it eliminates one of the biggest reasons you've been watching it, and you have no real hope for improvement? Honestly, we don't know, we're going to have to do a lot of off season soul searching to decide what form our coverage is going to take going forward. We'll be coming back next week for a...


807 – Time for After

AMC's The Walking Dead presents for us a perfect storm of mullet, trash people, rapid onset morgalizing, and terrible action sequences. Except in the actual perfect storm it was two terrible things coming together to make a larger terrible thing, and in "Time for After" it's four. Regardless, George Clooney and Marky Mark ain't making it out alive. The question Jim and I are left with is, do we go down with the ship? Or accept coast guard rescue? Honestly, I've kind of lost the metaphor at...


806 – The King, The Widow and Rick

Jim and A.Ron are not sure whether to laugh or cry with the latest from AMC's The Walking Dead, "The King, The Widow, and Rick". On the one hand, this is a garbage show, now populated with literally, for real, garbage people. On the other hand, Rosita vaporized a guy with a rocket launcher. In a warehouse. From 30 feet away. That's garbage, but it's funny garbage. We break down this fiasco as per usual with supporting fire from our fellow fans in the feedback section.


805 – The Big Scary U

On this episode of AMC's The Walking Dead, "The Big Scary U", Gabriel hears Negan's confession, Rick and possibly a live wildcat standing in for Daryl hit a rough patch while debating the meaning of "All Out War", while the Council of Idiots decides what to do in the absence of their Dear Leader. And feedback. And a bit of spoiler section! Happy Thanksgiving, fellow Americans, and we'll see you and the rest of the world next week!


804 – Some Guy

A.Ron and Jim praise and rip this episode of AMC's The Walking Dead, "Some Guy". We dug a lot of the high concept medieval horror going on, and if nothing else, Ezekiel is a particularly interesting personality to mine pathos out of in this worn out zombie apocalypse we're stuck in. AND YET WE SMILE! Because those car chases were right out of 80's action / comedy, Carol was kicking Savior butt and taking names, until the tragic and outrageous death of a beloved character. Then, feedback!...


803 – Monsters

A.Ron has lost his mind in Morgan fashion, coming out in favor of this episode, but just because he's not right, that don't make him wrong. Jim decries the heavy handed Morgalizing and shoddily constructed action, and then, just when we're at our darkest hour, Guy Ferrari arrives to save the podcast.


802 – The Damned

Jim and A.Ron decry the debacle that was the latest episode of The Walking Dead, "The Damned". If you liked the episode, I'm happy for you. But this is us explaining why we didn't. There was a lot of action, but it had not context, and even if it did, a surprising amount was staged and executed so poorly you couldn't tell if the good guys were winning or losing, even if you knew the objective. Worse, the rampant Morgalizing of seasons past has returned in a big way. This time, they're hand...


801 – Mercy

A.Ron and Jim are a bit divided on this episode of AMC's The Walking Dead, "Mercy". "Mercy" seems to be the dominant theme of this season, with Rick's warpath sharply contrasted to Carl's desire for hope and open handedness. Lots of butt gets kicked this episode, surprisingly the majority of the butt kicked consists of glass panes and not Saviors or zombies. And there are a few head scratching flash forwards/backs/sideways. But just look at that sweet shot of Daryl blowing up stuff real good!


Season 8 Preview

Jim and A.Ron look ahead to season 8 of The Walking Dead! We discuss our thoughts on the promo materials, the legal bombshells that dropped over the spring/summer break, and finally we get spoilery discussing the comic book version of the “All Out War” storyline at the end of the pod. See you this weekend!…