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Podcast insights and what has my attention in life and podcasting. Your host John Biethan, Imagine Podcasting. Produced by Heard Not Seen Media, Inc. dba Imagine Podcasting https://www.imaginepodcasting.com

Podcast insights and what has my attention in life and podcasting. Your host John Biethan, Imagine Podcasting. Produced by Heard Not Seen Media, Inc. dba Imagine Podcasting https://www.imaginepodcasting.com


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Podcast insights and what has my attention in life and podcasting. Your host John Biethan, Imagine Podcasting. Produced by Heard Not Seen Media, Inc. dba Imagine Podcasting https://www.imaginepodcasting.com






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Ep. 25 Women in Strong Leadership - Leading from Love

This is the 2nd in a series of Women in Strong Leadership. Here we discuss several enhancements that lead with love and lead with love in coaching. It’s interesting to me, and there’s more on this topic to come, as the ground is fertile here. It has my attention and is important to me and others as the business landscape changes to a more humane business culture with women leading this in strong leadership and coaching often referenced by the work of Brene Brown and Simson Sinek, partners...


Ep. 24 Storytelling with Chris Sheridan

So if you’ve been with me recently, you know I’ve developed a curiosity and work ethic for writing. Well today, I get to have Chris Sheridan on the show. Chris is a writer. A storyteller, and an executive coach. So I was thrilled to have him on the show. If you’d like, come by WhatHasMyAttention.com and lay down a voice message on that little blue button on the bottom right of your screen. And of course, you can follow us anywhere you get your audio. A little about Chris in his own...


Ep. 23 Stress Less “Spiritually” with Carlee Myers

Get your FREE copy of the Alternative Ways to Reduce Stress Playbook here. In this episode part 2 of 2 Acupuncture and cupping, Carlee wants the Venus of Willendorf tattoo, defining moments in Carlee’s life, shame and guilt, RelationshipByDesign.com and their podcast, loneliness and isolation, Unlonely Planet by Jillian Richardson, multiple-partner relationships, spirituality, religious trauma, letting go of those things that are outside of our control. Spirituality: the undefined thing,...


Ep. 22 Stress Less with Carlee Myers

Get your FREE copy of the Alternative Ways to Reduce Stress Playbook here https://bit.ly/AltWaysPlaybook Carlee Myers is an expert at helping leaders (think high achieving executives, business owners, and managers) who feel overworked and exhausted find the peace and freedom they desire. As the founder of The Stress Less Company, Carlee has helped hundreds of professionals around the world take action to reduce stress through her educational and mentoring programs. She believes there is...


Ep. 21 Your Tone of Voice with Shannon Dalton Giordano, Serendipity Social Media, Inc.

Today I have the pleasure of having Shannon Dalton Giordano from Serendipity Social Media, Inc. on the podcast. I met Shannon through Eileen Cox from True To Choice who I had met through Mary Cravets and her excellent Watch Us THRIVE online Zoom calls. “I'm a singer and love to sing just for fun, not professionally. So I think about Tone of Voice as how we show up. It's the words we use. It's the way we talk. It's the way we treat people. And I think that certainly from a brand perspective,...


Ep. 20 Women In Strong Leadership: Lisa Pachence

You can view the video version of this episode on our YouTube channel for this episode titled “Women In Strong Leadership: Lisa Pachence.” Lisa Pachence is a Success, Life, and Leadership coach. She specializes in helping women transition from surviving and struggling through a nine-to-five job to thriving as a leader and business owner. As you will see in this conversation, Lisa balances warmth and rigor to help her clients achieve their personal and professional goals with speed and...


Ep. 19 Integritas Leadership: Whole and Complete with Barry Berman

Subtitled: An easier way to be an extraordinary you The information in this podcast is drawn from: Being a Leader and the Effective Exercise of Leadership: An Ontological / Phenomenological Model, is authored by Werner Erhard, Michael C. Jensen, Steve Zaffron, and Jeri Echeverria. ©2021 W. H. Erhard, M. Jensen, Landmark Worldwide LLC. All Rights Reserved. What is Leadership? What is the nature of leadership on the court as distinct from observing leaders, studying leaders, their traits,...


Ep. 18 Kent Sanders: a Daily Writer and Podcaster

The journey of a writer that took him to podcasting. Since I recently started writing I’ve noticed a few things that may be apparent to you, but they certainly weren’t to me. As I’ve said before in previous episodes, writing with intention is a new experience for me. In the middle of the audio edit of this episode, it dawned on me how clearly Kent is as a communicator. I’ve been experiencing a similar “clarity” in my thinking since starting to write with intention. So this insight was the...


Ep. 17 Sandtray

What Has My Attention podcast https://www.whathasmyattention.com/17 You're probably wondering what sandtray has to do with podcasting. Simply put, it’s had my attention for a very long time. And since this podcast is about what has my attention, well there you go. But it was being on Kim Shea’s Pivot and Thrive Podcast episode 16 titled “John Biethan and Stephanie Murphy: An Extraordinary Couple Builds Their Future Together” where in the conversation my partner Stephanie talked about...


Ep. 16 Social Distancing NOT

What Has My Attention podcast https://www.whathasmyattention.com If this is your first time here, welcome. I’m John Biethan your host. This is being recorded on March 12, 2021, and I know things look very much like if we mind our P’s and Q’s we’ll be able to get back to some real unmasked socialization very soon. Probably the most valuable thing I’ve learned over the last many years of podcasting is that over time, podcasting builds long-lasting, trusted relationships that are absolutely...


Ep. 15 Up Close and Personal with Kim Shea

With podcasting, when you have a good “dynamic” microphone and learn how to use it, you’ll be up close and personal with the person you’re having a conversation with. You’ll experience the person more fully, which makes it easier to “empathize” and BE WITH the person you’re talking with, resulting in a more meaningful conversation. I started out the day by outlining a “solo” episode with the topic “Up Close and Personal,” the advantages of good microphone technique, with a good...


Ep. 14 Why We Podcast - Podcast Observations

As you imagine the world of podcasting, we thought it would be useful to offer a brief overview of the landscape, as we see it. Very simply, podcasting, over time, creates long-lasting and trusted relationships…which are worth their weight in gold. Here are eight reasons why: Podcasting, as it relates to people Podcasts make information personal.Listening to a podcast is a transportive experience Podcasting, as it relates to businesses Takeaway Podcasting is more than fun – it’s an...


Ep. 13 PassPoint: Protect Your Business and People from COVID Risk

GetPassPoint.com We’re going to take a bit of detour here before we get back to the conversation first started in episode 12 talking about our process for podcast brand discovery. It’s January 26, 2021, and we’re still in a pandemic dealing with the challenges that come with it - and even as the vaccines start to roll-out, the risks aren’t going away anytime soon. It’s my highest recommendation that you listen to at least the first 10 minutes of this episode and share it with as many...


Ep. 12 A message from the President - No, not that one

I’m John Biethan your host for this podcast, What Has My Attention. I’m also the President of Heard Not Seen Media thus, the reference to “President” in the title of this episode. As you might guess, this show is literally about what has my attention, whether that’s about podcasting or something else that caught my attention and which I’ve put some thought into. So I haven’t put out an episode for about a month and want to give you an idea about where I’ve been, what I’ve been doing, and...


Ep. 11 Virtual Discovery Center Tour with COO Samantha Richter

Samantha Richter, COO of the Agua Hedionda Lagoon Foundation takes you on a walking listening tour of Agua Hediodna Lagoon Foundation’s Discovery Center. Learn about the history of the Agua Hedionda Lagoon Foundation and Discovery Center, current and future exhibits, milestones and much much more as you immerse yourself in the offerings of the Discovery Center. The Agua Hedionda Lagoon Foundation, a non-profit 501c3, operates the Discovery Center, an extraordinaire collection of hands-on...


Ep. 11 Jane Butel: Chili, Tequila, GREAT Southwestern Cuisine, and Recipes, Recipes, Recipes

It’s a fruit, not a vegetable. How to parch not roast your chilis. How to create a great chili sauce. Jane Butel’s Cooking School Jane Butel's Pecos Valley Spice Company Southwest Cooking Products Hatch New Mexico and the Hatch Green Chili Store The LONG list of Jane’s Featured Receipts including Bowl O’ Red - Classic Chili RecipeThe Perfect GuacamoleThe Perfect Margaretta withHerraduraorSauzatequila The history of Herradura tequila Culinary Tour to Oaxaca, Mexico - 2021 June 15 -...


Ep. 10 Lauren Vang: SAFE Meetings Procurement & Site Selection

During this pandemic, I know we’re all itching to get back to live face to face events. What if you had someone from a company that was a global leader in meetings procurement and site selection to handle ALL of your needs without needing to pay anything for it? As a PSA, today I’m talking with Lauren Vang from HelmsBrisoce who does exactly that. If you’re planning a large wedding, cruise, or any meeting type with a group of people, you owe it to yourself to contact Lauren. Listen in and...


Ep. 9 Birth of “The Lagoonatics” podcast

My guests on this episode have got my attention for several good reasons: I admire the environmental work they do in promoting the restoration and preservation of a natural resource in my own community of Carlsbad, California. And I’m eager to help them succeed in their mission by starting a podcast about specific aspects of the ecosystem and their role in it, like their Monarch butterfly program. Lisa Rodman is the CEO and Samantha Richter is the COO of the Agua Hedionda Lagoon...


Ep. 8 Makeala Ferguson: Coaching and Consulting with Passion, Compassion, Humor, and Style

Today’s guest Makeala Ferguson is a new friend I met on Mary Cravets Watch Us THRIVE Zoom call, which I do several times a month and where I consistently meet great people like Makeala. These calls are open and free. I suggest you join us. Makeala has almost 16 years of experience at the secondary (7 years) and post-secondary education (9 years) levels, and has successfully taught personal and professional development courses, advised high school students and adult learners, and managed...


Ep. 7 Flashback Friday: BuDDy’s Old Fashioned Podcast, a Glamourous Guest

While living in New Mexico, I started podcasting in 2005 first producing Jeffery Milburns Omni Art Salon, which Jeffrey continues today with over one-quarter of a million downloads. That my friends is another Flashback Friday episode forthcoming. In 2006 I was well on my way producing podcasts when I got a call from a friend asking if I knew Jim Terr from Blue Canyon Productions. I said I didn’t. My friend told me he was a comedian and a local New Mexican radio personality and I should have...