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Podcast insights and what has our attention in podcasting. The official Imagine Podcasting podcast with Host, President, and Producer John Biethan for Heard Not Seen Media, Inc. dba ImaginePodcasting.com.

Podcast insights and what has our attention in podcasting. The official Imagine Podcasting podcast with Host, President, and Producer John Biethan for Heard Not Seen Media, Inc. dba ImaginePodcasting.com.


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Podcast insights and what has our attention in podcasting. The official Imagine Podcasting podcast with Host, President, and Producer John Biethan for Heard Not Seen Media, Inc. dba ImaginePodcasting.com.






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Ep. 13 PassPoint: Protect Your Business and People from COVID Risk

GetPassPoint.com We’re going to take a bit of detour here before we get back to the conversation first started in episode 12 talking about our process for podcast brand discovery. It’s January 26, 2021, and we’re still in a pandemic dealing with the challenges that come with it - and even as the vaccines start to roll-out, the risks aren’t going away anytime soon. It’s my highest recommendation that you listen to at least the first 10 minutes of this episode and share it with as many...


Ep. 12 A message from the President - No, not that one

I’m John Biethan your host for this podcast, What Has My Attention. I’m also the President of Heard Not Seen Media thus, the reference to “President” in the title of this episode. As you might guess, this show is literally about what has my attention, whether that’s about podcasting or something else that caught my attention and which I’ve put some thought into. So I haven’t put out an episode for about a month and want to give you an idea about where I’ve been, what I’ve been doing, and...


Ep. 11 Virtual Discovery Center Tour with COO Samantha Richter

Samantha Richter, COO of the Agua Hedionda Lagoon Foundation takes you on a walking listening tour of Agua Hediodna Lagoon Foundation’s Discovery Center. Learn about the history of the Agua Hedionda Lagoon Foundation and Discovery Center, current and future exhibits, milestones and much much more as you immerse yourself in the offerings of the Discovery Center. The Agua Hedionda Lagoon Foundation, a non-profit 501c3, operates the Discovery Center, an extraordinaire collection of hands-on...


Ep. 11 Jane Butel: Chili, Tequila, GREAT Southwestern Cuisine, and Recipes, Recipes, Recipes

It’s a fruit, not a vegetable. How to parch not roast your chilis. How to create a great chili sauce. Jane Butel’s Cooking School Jane Butel's Pecos Valley Spice Company Southwest Cooking Products Hatch New Mexico and the Hatch Green Chili Store The LONG list of Jane’s Featured Receipts including Bowl O’ Red - Classic Chili RecipeThe Perfect GuacamoleThe Perfect Margaretta withHerraduraorSauzatequila The history of Herradura tequila Culinary Tour to Oaxaca, Mexico - 2021 June 15 -...


Ep. 10 Lauren Vang: SAFE Meetings Procurement & Site Selection

During this pandemic, I know we’re all itching to get back to live face to face events. What if you had someone from a company that was a global leader in meetings procurement and site selection to handle ALL of your needs without needing to pay anything for it? As a PSA, today I’m talking with Lauren Vang from HelmsBrisoce who does exactly that. If you’re planning a large wedding, cruise, or any meeting type with a group of people, you owe it to yourself to contact Lauren. Listen in and...


Ep. 9 Birth of “The Lagoonatics” podcast

My guests on this episode have got my attention for several good reasons: I admire the environmental work they do in promoting the restoration and preservation of a natural resource in my own community of Carlsbad, California. And I’m eager to help them succeed in their mission by starting a podcast about specific aspects of the ecosystem and their role in it, like their Monarch butterfly program. Lisa Rodman is the CEO and Samantha Richter is the COO of the Agua Hedionda Lagoon...


Ep. 8 Makeala Ferguson: Coaching and Consulting with Passion, Compassion, Humor, and Style

Today’s guest Makeala Ferguson is a new friend I met on Mary Cravets Watch Us THRIVE Zoom call, which I do several times a month and where I consistently meet great people like Makeala. These calls are open and free. I suggest you join us. Makeala has almost 16 years of experience at the secondary (7 years) and post-secondary education (9 years) levels, and has successfully taught personal and professional development courses, advised high school students and adult learners, and managed...


Ep. 7 Flashback Friday: BuDDy’s Old Fashioned Podcast, a Glamourous Guest

While living in New Mexico, I started podcasting in 2005 first producing Jeffery Milburns Omni Art Salon, which Jeffrey continues today with over one-quarter of a million downloads. That my friends is another Flashback Friday episode forthcoming. In 2006 I was well on my way producing podcasts when I got a call from a friend asking if I knew Jim Terr from Blue Canyon Productions. I said I didn’t. My friend told me he was a comedian and a local New Mexican radio personality and I should have...


Ep. 6 Dave Herndon: How to Tell Your Story

If you want to be a better writer, this episode is for you. My guest Dave Herndon is an accomplished non-fiction editor and writer, with nearly 40 years of experience at quality newspapers and magazines. We asked him for a few writing tips, which turn out to be good advice for delivering information and storytelling regardless of medium or platform. Dave stresses the importance of outlines, so here’s a somewhat shrunken version of his outline. Ask yourself the most important question: Who...


Ep. 5 Mel Robertson: Dare To Thrive

Dare To Thrive - Monday, July 13th, 2020. How to let go, get unstuck, re-connect to source, and experience happiness and abundance in every area of your life. Click here to sign up and attend for FREE! I first met Mel Robertson from De-Cluttering Spaces at a networking mixer in 2016. After experiencing her clarity, obvious presence, and knowledge of the subject, I brought her on Alternative Health Tools podcast April 5, 2016, for episode 44, Mel Robertson: De-Cluttering Spaces And Becoming...


Ep. 4 Misogyny

Today I’m talking with Karen Berzanski who can be found at TheLuckySoul.com, a Certified Life Coach, Pro EFT Tapping Coach, Mindset enthusiast, and trauma thriver. We’re joined by Stephanie Murphy from MesaVistaWellness.com, MA, RN, MEd, LPCC, ATR-BC, and Art Therapy Supervisor. All three of us have wanted to have a conversation about “misogyny.” Here it is. By the end of this episode, it was apparent there was more to talk about - in upcoming episodes. What Is Misogyny? Misogyny: hatred...


Ep. 3 Tracy and Laurie say: Get A Passport

This episode was recorded on October 16, 2019, before the pandemic while Tracy and Laurie were visiting me here in San Diego. This is the 2nd of two recordings we did while they were here. Go back to episode 2 and listen to “Medical Tourism” to find out how you can get all your medical needs met at a fraction of the cost you’d spend here in the states while traveling the world having fabulous vacations - all expenses included for twenty-five dollars a day, $750 a month! Laurie has a...


Ep. 2 Medical Tourism with Tracy and Laurie Krauthamer

Topics Tracy and Laurie introduce each other.How Tracy and Laurie met: best friends first.Engaged before the first kiss.Back-packing around the world for four-years in 23 countries.Low airfares and traveling on $25 a day each. $50 a day.Couch surfing is about relationship first and also saving money.Workaway.orgWhat is Medical Tourism?JCI accreditation.The best places to go for medical attention.Getting to your destination cheaply.The problem with healthcare in the United...


Ep. 1 John Victorino: Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and SEO Digital Real Estate

John Victorino's company BeaconSEO.com offers Carlsbad, California businesses organic SEO consulting and Facebook Advertising services that will increase the visibility of a website across all major search engines by utilizing proven strategies that drive qualified customers to your website and increase sales. Beyond his business, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is his passion. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Eye contact.What is Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu? A grappling sport. With Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, when you get your...