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Heidi Lender: Breaking Her Fear of Success

From being a fashion director for W Magazine to studying yoga and opening her own studio, to growing pot in Northern California, to making a spontaneous move to the magical, middle of nowhere in Uruguay, Heidi Lender has lived many lives. After years of following the dreams and wishes of the men in her life, in the last seven years, Heidi has had a slow and uncomfortable awakening to the fact that over time she had developed a pattern of dimming her own light in exchange for pleasing her...


Wunmi: From Cinderella to Dancing Queen

Singer, dancer, and fashion designer, Wunmi, short for Ibiwunmi, meaning “a birth loved, a child loved, a life loved”, is a force of nature, but it took her a long time before she felt she could step into her name and really own it. Abandoned by her mother and sent to live with family in Nigeria by her father, Wunmi grew up fantasizing over and yearning for her mother’s love. Feeling deeply lost and invisible, clothing and dancing became a way for her to be seen, “I didn't want to dress like...


Naomi Shimada: At Home In Her Body and Hashtag “Herself”

We interviewed Naomi Shimada three years ago for the What’s Underneath Project video series. She inspired us then and continues to inspire us daily on social media with her singular embrace of herself, which includes her voluptuous curves, her boldly colorful style, her overall joie de vivre and its inextricable link to her darker side. In 2015, when we asked Naomi what her favorite body part was, she said it was her mouth because everything she loves most in life comes from the lips,...


Lola Kirke: Prolific Through Self-Doubt

We are super excited to be with the youngest of the three Kirke Sisters, Lola Kirke. We have already featured both Jemima and Domino on our What’s Underneath video series, and Domino was also with us in episode 6 of this podcast, so now we are thrilled to be able to dig deep into what’s underneath the equally radical and truthful younger sister. Lola talks candidly about growing up in a bohemian family of artists, the struggle to be heard in a room of men, how sexual rejection fueled a song...


Terence Nance: Has Nothing to be Unapologetic About

We sit down this week with the incredibly multi-talented artist, director, and musician, Terence Nance, to get inside his head about things like his HBO series, Random Acts of Flyness, that airs out, in almost a stream-of-consciousness, many of today’s most salient issues like systemic racism, white privilege, gender, and masculinity. Not knowing it all is especially important to Terence’s work, “I think of making stuff as conversation; why would you get into a conversation if you knew where...


Chloe Garcia Ponce: Creating Her Own Definition of Motherhood

Curandera (Mexican Healer), Chloe Garcia Ponce, was introduced to darkness at 8 years old when her father passed away. “In order to understand or to speak about light you have to experience darkness. The amount of light that I'm capable of working with is also because I have witnessed a lot of darkness and sadness and grief and pain, and all that is part of this beautiful wheel of life. We cannot have one without the other.” In a way, the passing of her father was her first teacher on her...


iO Tillett Wright: Living & Learning His Self-Evident Truth

We reunite with author and activist, iO Tillett Wright, who we first interviewed about four years ago for our What’s Underneath Project video series. In that interview, he told us about his radical self-awareness as a very young child, asking his parents if he could live as a boy, despite the fact that he was born into a female body. Even after a childhood of gender-bending, for the majority of his adult life, iO identified as a queer woman, and it wasn’t until 3 years ago that iO officially...


Lorri Davis: Falling and Fighting for the Love of her Life

Last week we spoke with Damien Echols who was incarcerated on death row for more than 18 years for murders that he did not commit. It became crystal clear during that interview that the heroism of his story was as much to do with him as it was his wife, Lorri, the heroine of this truly incredible love story. Lorri was a successful architect working in New York when she saw the first Paradise Lost film (which documented the circus of Damien’s first trial) at the Museum of Modern Art in 1996....


Damien Echols: Discovering His Authentic Self After Death Row

In this episode, we are joined by a gigantic hero of ours, Damien Echols, who was incarcerated on death row for 18 years and 76 days for murders that he did not commit. We became aware of his story with the first of a series of three documentaries called Paradise Lost and have since been forever strengthened by his two books (we can’t wait for the next one soon to be released). Damien’s story is one of almost superhuman inspiration in terms of what the human spirit is capable of enduring and...


Mara Hoffman: Letting It Go to Let it Grow

We greatly admire New York-based fashion designer, Mara Hoffman. Her designs and principles stand out in a sea of homogeneity and “buy more” culture. The former dancer studied at Parsons School of Design in New York and London’s Central Saint Martins College. She was “discovered” by Sex and the City stylist, Patricia Field, who sold Mara’s samples in her shop. We sat down with Mara in her 6th Avenue studio to talk getting comfortable with change by facing our mortality, not being too...


Molly Guy: Finding Inner Sanctuary During Her Darkest Hour

Having graced us with both a Closet and a What's Underneath video, Molly Rosen Guy is no stranger to StyleLikeU so we are honored to be sitting down with her again for a very real talk about death, divorce, finding inner sanctuary during her darkest hour, and the comfort of knowing she was a rock for her father during the last weeks of his life. We have always been enamored with Molly’s piercing presence and vivid honesty, something that is startlingly evident from the writing on her...


Riya Hamid: Radically Honest About Mental Health

*Please note that this content contains sensitive information regarding mental health and topics related to suicide. The extraordinary artist, poet, model and mental health activist, Riya Hamid, opens up to us about the very brave and honest work she is doing on Instagram surrounding her own personal struggles with mental health, a subject that is all too taboo and that needs to come to the surface, because we all struggle with mental health in one way or another. She describes what it was...


Alex Auder: Highly Uninhibited on High Maintenance

Yoga teacher, actress, activist, and (we think) should-be-comedian, gifts us with her company while offering insight into what it was like growing up in the (in)famous 70s New York Chelsea Hotel, daughter of Warhol’s “superstar,” Viva, and artist Michel Auder. She tells us why she and her sister, Transparent actress Gaby Hoffman, are both so comfortable in their physicalities, at times to the discomfort of others, and tells the story and motivation behind her incredibly inspiring role on...


Chani Nicholas: Parented by the Planets

Coined the ‘Social Justice Astrologer’ and a rock “star” to us, Chani Nicholas’ readings make you feel as if she is speaking to you personally in the deepest, most intuitive, profound, psychological, and empowering way. She talks to us about how her relationship with the planets as early as 8 years old, was the first thing that made her feel seen, having grown up neglected while locked in a “sex, drugs and rock’n’roll party” on the side of a mountain, finding love at 38 just when she thought...


Jacob Tobia: Way Too Much For Capitol Hill

We were so excited to be back in the same room as Jacob Tobia that we could barely contain our finger snaps. This author, producer, and gender-fabulous gem talked to us about pets, pencil skirts, and nail polish alongside urgent issues around gender and style politics. Far from binary, this nonconformist has compared gender to a multifaceted diamond with endless and infinite refractions and permutations, different gradations of radiance and existence. Yes. Yes. Yes. More. Please. “Any...


Ashton Applewhite: Hitting Her Stride at 65

One of the most absurd things in the world is that we all dread the one thing we absolutely know is going to happen: we don’t talk about death and as a result, we are all terrified of aging. We have an entire society that is paralyzed by this fear. The obsession with Kim Kardashian and plastic perfection has people worrying about aging and thinking about Botox at 15. How could that make for a happy society? Ashton Applewhite, activist and author of This Chair Rocks: A Manifesto Against...


Jesi Taylor: Re-examining Identity After Vitiligo

The physical effects of vitiligo have been life-rippling for Jesi Taylor, guiding their journey towards self-acceptance. First down a path of bulimia as an attempt to control the initial devastation of their black skin losing pigment day-by-day, followed by their shifting perspectives around the constructs of race and gender (“what is it that I’m calling myself and letting people identify me as?”), and now in the midst of a high-risk pregnancy. They are finding a deeper peace by surrendering...


Domino Kirke: Trusting Life Without Drama

Domino Kirke, musician and co-director/founder of Carriage House Birth reveals the wisdom she’s gained as a doula, including her own physical and emotional limitations, and how our past traumas can come to haunt us in labor. She talks about her struggle with shedding old familiar and familial rituals around drama and alcoholism in favor of creating a balanced, sober and calm environment for her body, her mind, and her loved ones. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


Alok Vaid-Menon: The Strength of Feelings

Elisa and Lily are joined by gender non-conforming performance artist, writer, educator, and entertainer Alok Vaid-Menon who explains why the creation of the ‘self-other’ as a binary is fundamentally flawed: “Individualism is wrong because it constantly sees ourselves as separate from one another rather than synchronous. So many of the things that we’ve been taught are oppositional or antagonistic are not.” They reveal why coming out, for them, was really about radical honesty and the...


Sylvia Maier: Turning Pain into Beauty

Artist Sylvia Maier gifts us with an intimate portrait of her soul as she takes us on a journey from her childhood, growing up in 70s New York as the only daughter of biracial musician parents, through healing the pain of an abusive father by seeking out and painting beauty. She tells us why, having cared for her dying mother, she is no longer afraid of dying herself, why trust was the biggest risk she has ever taken, and she gets real about her identity as mother, artist, and person of...