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Other Half Cobbler Jams & Mikkeller Dessert Beer Geek - ep293

You would think we would be tired of Mikkeller and sour beers by now but you would be wrong. First up is a peach and raspberry sour IPA from Other Half called Cobbler Jams. It's a fruit cobbler in a can with hints of cinnamon, honey, vanilla and milk sugar. We follow that up with one of the Beer Geek series called Dessert Beer Geek. This roasted, chocolate, vanilla, and caramel bomb compliments the sweet tart goodness.


Baghaven Wild Ale Celebration 2020, Part 2 - ep292

Did you enjoy the Baghaven Wild Ale Celebration 2020, Part 1? Well, we have another whole episode of interviews from some really exciting people. This time we're able to talk to the new kids on the block as well as the established guard. Find out how a classic Belgium lambic producer feel about American wild ale (the answer my surprise you).


Baghaven Wild Ale Celebration 2020, Part 1 - ep291

Baghaven Wild Ale Celebration 2020 just took place and we hit all three sessions. We got so many amazing interviews we had to spread them over two episodes. If you love sour beers, gueuze and saisons, then this was the beer festival for you. Thirty of the world's best sour beer makers from all over the world brought the most amazing beers to try. This episode we talk to:


Bruery Terreux Oude Tart & Untitled Arts Horchata Milk Stout - ep290

We're excited about the Baghaven Wild Ale Celebration next week. In order to prepare, we picked a sour beer from Bruery Terreux. Well known for their incredible sour beers the Oude Tart is their take on a Flemmish red. For very ying, there is a yang. We can only have sours so we paired it with the Untitled Arts Horchata Milk Stout, a very different beer but equally impressive with lots of flavor and spice.


Timm Vladimirs Bryghus Deep Deep Space & Evil Twin NYC I Seriously Can't Even Remember the Last Time I Drove a Car - ep289

A couple of episodes ago we talked about beer subscription services. Martin grabbed a beer from his Mikkeller Beer Club monthly box and brought for us to share. You might have never heard of Timm Vladimirs Bryghus. Or you might remember BoatLove we reviewed during the Advent calendar. Deep Deep Space is a dipa made especially for the Beer Club. Evil Twin NYC goes crazy again with their names with I Seriously Can't Even Remember the Last Time I Drove a Car. It's a damn near perfect TIPA.


Wander Beyond Brewing Gulp & Weldworks Mexican Achromatic - ep288

Wander Beyond Brewing came out of nowhere and has been exciting the European beer market. They have been releasing high avb beers in little cans and high abv beers in big cans, but they've been releasing exciting beers. We got our hands on a little can of Gulp, a 12% abv imperial milkshake ipa. We combine it with a Mexican stout from Weldworks called Mexican Achromatic based on Mexican hot chocolate.


Kihoskh Beer Box: Whiplash Whirlpool of Love & Herslev Bryghus Jubilaeums Rugol 2019 - ep287

We've been ordering monthly beer boxes for several months now. We thought it was high time to finally review one. While Martin has been getting the Mikkeller Beer Club "exclusive" box and Stefan has been getting the Mikkeller Beer Mail box, they ended up reviewing neither box. Kihoskh Beer Box started a few months ago and unlike brewery sponsored beer boxes, this one is a real mix pack of beers. We picked Whiplash Whirlpool of Love & Herslev Bryghus Jubilaeums Rugol 2019 to review this...


3 Fonteinen Brouwerij Loterbol Tuverbol 2018 & Cascade Mikkeller Bean to Barrel Triple - ep286

Martin was excited to try these two beers. Of course we love 3 Fonteinen gueuze and lambics, but what about a collab with Brouwerij Loterbol? Does a blend of strong Belgian tripel blond mix well with a lambic? It's interesting to be sure. After that he brings out a collab between US Cascade Brewing and Danish Mikkeller called Bean to Barrel Triple. This is a sour triple ale made by Cascade with chocolate provided by Mikkellers' Bean Geeks Craft Chocolate.


2019 Year In Review: pFriem Family Brewers Oud Bruin & Frontaal I've Got Friends in the Music Business - ep284

Phew...after 48 episodes we have one more this year. It our traditional 2019 Year In Review episode. We take a look back at the year. Talk about our favorite moments and of course share some beers. First up we have pFriem Family Brewers Oud Bruin. An American take on a traditional Flemish style. It's not as big and bold as a Flemish version but they get really close. Frontaal and The Burery team up for I've Got Friends in the Music Business, is an imperial mexican stout.


Day 24 - To Ol Advent Calendar 2019: Jule Maelk - ep283

Day 24 of the To Ol Advent Calendar is a classic beer from To Ol. Jule Maelk is a 15% abv big bold imperial stout. They have slowly been ramping up the ABV in the beers the past few days and they hit with a huge beer. This might be one of the highest ABV beers they have ever put in one of their calendars. We had a lot of fun working through this calendar and we take a moment to reflect on Advent calendars and how we feel about brewery created calendars.


Day 24 - Advent Calendar 2019: Olofsson Brewing Repair Bimbo BA and Christmas Stories - ep282

Day 24 of the Advent Calendar 2019 is a surprising personal choice. Mathias and Stefan worked together to create a Prairie Bomb clone a couple of years ago. They slowly drank through the supply over the years. They made two versions, a regular one and a version aged on bourbon barrel oak cube. Martin was super excited to try the last known bottle in existence of Olofsson Brewing Repair Bimbo BA. Of course this sparked memories and we have some nice Christmas Stories to share as well. Merry...


Day 23 - To Ol Advent Calendar 2019: Blizzard (in a Beer Mug) - ep281

Day 23 of the To Ol Advent Calendar 2019 is a fun beer we've both been wanting to try. Blizzard (in a Beer Mug) evokes a hazy NE IPA. While this is a cloudy beer, no one would call it hazy. Made with Mosaic and Simcoe hops, this winter wheat IPA is juicy and fruity. Don't know what winter wheat is? Don't worry, we get into the types of wheat made during different times of the year.


Day 23 - Advent Calendar 2019: Wylam The Economic Growth of the Geek - ep280

Day 23 of the Advent Calendar . It's the penultimate episode. Wylam The Economic Growth of the Geek is an IPA in the way that Wylam does best. Rich, fruity and amazingly drinkable, this citra galaxy IPA has tons of tropical fruit. The only downside is that there isn't more. Only one day left. I hope you're as excited as we are to find out what the last beer is.


Day 22 - To Ol Advent Calendar 2019: 1 Ton of...Rosehip - ep279

Day 22 of the To Ol Advent Calendar gives us another ton of fun. First we had a ton of Christmas, then a ton of pomegranate and a ton of rosehips. 1 Ton of...Rosehip has one ton of rosehips per 1000 ml of beer. If you're from Scandinavia then you know all about having rosehip soup after a long cold winter day. This is one fun beer and the best of the "1 ton" series we got to try. This yeasty saison is sparkling and tangy. Oh what fun!


Day 22 - Advent Calendar 2019: Jammerdalen Nameless Mist - ep278

Day 22 of the Advent Calendar is from one of the few Swedish breweries we had this month. Jämmerdalen is from Kalix, which is practically Finnish. Nameless Mist is a fruity lemon and orange farmhouse saison. After a string of stouts and barleywines, a zesty hopped mixed culture saison is a nice treat as we enter the final days.


Day 21 - To Ol Advent Calendar 2019: Genau Das! - ep277

Day 21 of the To Ol Advent Calendar is a German pilsner called Genau Das! It's exactly what you would expect. It's a smooth easy drinking pilsner that goes down quick.


Day 21 - Advent Calendar 2019: Stone Old Guardian 2014 - ep 276

Day 21 of the Advent Calendar is another barleywine. How did that happen? Who cares when it's a 5 year-old barleywine. Old Guardian has mellowed and aged beautifully. This bottle from 2014 came from the depths of Mathias' cellar. It's another cellar surprise to make this one of the best advent calendars of all time. Also, who knew we liked barleywine so much.


Day 20 - To Ol Advent Calendar 2019: Garden of Eden - ep275

Day 20 of the To Ol Advent Calendar is a fruity IPA filled with lots of tropical fruits: Apricot, Guave, Mango, Passionfruit and Papaya. It's a true garden of flavors. We've enjoyed this beer many times over the years and it's still a fun fruity beer. It's nice to revisit a classic. To Ol is making it harder to live in these cold grey days.


Day 20 - Advent Calendar 2019: Siren Craft Brew Project Barista: Irish - ep274

Day 20 of the Advent Calendar is another coffee beer. I know...yet another coffee beer. You don't realize how many coffee beers there are until you put a beer calendar together. Siren Craft Brew is doing a whole series of coffee beers based on different coffee types. The series are pale ales, stouts, ipas, sours and more. Project Barista: Irish is a wee heavy with bourbon barrel-ageing Brazilian coffee beans. It's an interesting take on an Irish coffee.


Day 19 - To Ol Advent Calendar 2019: Gose to Sonderjysk Kaffebord - ep273

Day 19 of the To Ol Advent Calendar has us taking a coffee break. Gose to Sonderjysk Kaffebord is a gose with coffee, vanilla and powdered sugar. It's an interesting mix of flavors that somehow really works. Now a bit about the name. Sonderjysk is Danish for Southern Jutland and Kaffebord is a traditional coffee table set with 21 different cakes and coffee. This beer definitely captures that spirit.