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Amager Viewpoint and Viewpoint Coco - ep220

Yeah, we're trying more Amager beers. Deal with it. This time we're trying to variants of Viewpoint, a collaboration between Amager Bryhus and Brazilian Cervejaria Dadiva. The beers use are use Goiabada, a guava based jelly. Viewpoint is an interesting combination of Amager double imperial stout with Brazilian flair. Viewpoint Coco is the same with added coconut. Both Viewpoints come in at a huge 11% abv. Amager keeps producing fun, original beers and we're glad we are so close to Denmark...


Arbor C Bomb and Mikkeller San Diego Upstairs Downstairs - ep219

We picked a couple of unknown beers to try something different. Neither of us had heard of Arbor Ales before and we got try a C Bomb, an American pale ale brewed with large quantities of citra hops. It comes in much bolder than either of expected. That's follows by one of Martin's least favourite styles, a lager. MIkkeller's Upstairs Downstairs is a larger made with kaffir lime leaves and Indian coriander. It's an interesting exploration into a what you can do with a lager.


Jammerdalen Gloson and La Sirene - Cuvee de Bois ep218

Martin and very special guest Pontus each brought a sour beer to enjoy. Martin brought a sour stout from a young Swedish brewery called Jammerdalen Bryggeri called Gloson. Pontus found an Australian sour saison from La Sirene called Cuvee de Bois. Both are very interesting beers but for very different reasons. It's a fun episode and we get into some great discussions about life, the universe and everything.


Wizard Brewing - Sky's the Limit and Bats ep. 217

Wizard Brewing hasn't been around very long. They only have 8 beers released. They are the number 2 ranked brewery in Sweden. It's been a metoric rise for this young brewery. They have been known mostly for their amazing berliner weisse beers but lately they have been starting to branch out. This episode we have two of their beers. Sky's the limit is has black currant, ginger and lime and Bats has apricot, pineapple, passion fruit and mango. It's delightful fruit bombs.


Amager American Days 2019 ep 216

Every 4th of July Amager releases six beers that were done in collaboration with American breweries. The day is called Amarikaner Day. They have live music, classic cars, food and lots of great beers! Sadly, we weren't able to attend this year but we were able to get 4 out of the 6 beers released. The four beers are Peg Puff with Transient Artisan Ales, Ancient Dinosaur with Half Acre Beer Company, Demon Juice with Titletown Brewing Co. and Sarah's Secret with Bearded Iris Brewing.


De la Senne Schieve Saison & Akia Brygghus Pralin - ep 215

We dug into our recent beer purchases and found a couple of surprise winners. Brasserie de la Senne collaborated with Crooked Stave Artisan Beer Project to create Schieve Saison, one of the best saisons we've had in a long time. We follow that up with a new Swedish brewery called Akia Brygghus Pralin, an imperial milk stout.


To Ol - Yule Maelk & 3x Sort Maelk - ep 214

We love To Ol! We have reviewed more of their beers than any other brewery. We can't get enough of them. We haven't had a chance to review many of their stouts but that's about to change. We have two of their amazing stouts that take a base beer and treat it very differently. These are part of their imperial Maelk series. Yule Maelk is an imperial milk stout aged in cognac and sherry barrels. 3x Sort Maelk is an imperial milk stout aged in Scotch oak barrels for three years. Two amazing...


Verdant Every Day is a Different Dose & Frau Gruber Flying Monkey ep 213

We want to give a big congrats to Mathias on the birth of his baby! Good job mate! While he takes some time off from the podcast to raise his daughter, Martin will take over as permanent co-host. Lots of changes and new things on the horizon. But before we get there, we have two fun beers to talk about. Verdant's Every Day is a Different Dose is an American wheat beer and Frau Gruber's Flying Monkey is a Belgian wit beer. Both bring something very special to the table. You'll have to...


Brewski Pearbear and Way Way Green - ep 212

We got lucky and were able to try two beers from one of Sweden's best and most fun breweries. Brewski has been setting trends in the beer market for years and they are pushing the bar forward with these two beers. Pearbear is a delicious pear and passionfruit ipa with an intense color. Way Way Green is exactly what it says it is. When you see it your imagination runs wild with what it will taste it. Martin has a lot of interesting thoughts around this one.


Threes Brewing Edge of Consciousness and Gamma Brewing Trace - ep211

Do you remember MBCC? We do and we're sad it's over. Stefan picked up a few beers at MBCC 2019 and of course had to share them on show. Fortunately Martin was around to share with him. First up is a fun dipa from Threes Brewing called Edge of Consciousness. That's followed up by one of Denmark's best up and coming breweries Gamma Brewing called Trace.


Aslin Beer Company Beer Drinking is not a Crime and Malbygg Humar - ep210

We've got a couple of double ipas from two world class breweries. Representing the US, Aslin Beer Company with Beer Drinking is not a Crime. Representing Iceland is newcomer Malbygg with Humar. It's very exciting to try these two beers to see how different countries deal with the same style. We're also joined by a very special guest.


Brouwerij de Moersleutel - Double Roast Sidamo and Lintong - ep209

Brouwerij de Moersleutel is one of the Netherlands newest and best breweries. We've tried a few of their beers recently but this might be the first beers we've reviewed for the show. This stout is an excellent showcase to show how coffee can affect a beer. We have two version of the Double Roast, Sidamo and Lintong. Two very similar but completely different beers.


MBCC19: Bottle Logic Brewing, Sloop Brewing. Cerebral Brewing, Moksa Brewing - ep208

If you loved the interviews from part one of our MBCC coverage, you'll going to love the hell out of this episode. We crisscross the US and cover brewers from east coast to west coast. This was the most fun we've had at MBCC and some of the best interviews so far! Brandon Buckner from Bottle Logic Brewing Joe Truco from Sloop Brewing Sean Buchan from Cerebral Brewing Derrick Gallanosa from Moksa Brewing


MBCC19: The Rare Barrel, 18th Street Brewery, Foam Brewing, Mikkel Bjergsø - ep207

If you weren't able to attend 2019 Mikkeller Beer Celebration Copenhagen, then you missed the best beer festival in the world. But don't worry about missing out too much, we were there and talked to lots of brewers. This episode we feature interviews with: Alex Wallash from The Rare Barrel Drew Fox from 18th Street Brewery Scott Keane from Foam Brewing Mikkel Bjergsø from Mikkeller Brewing and founder of MBCC


BJCP Challenge - IPA - ep 206

Stefan came up with a new challenge for the show. He got five of the most popular ipa's from Systembolaget, wrapped them in paper, and then randomly assigned them a number. Stefan, Martin and Mathias try each beer and rank them according to BJCP standards. When you take the packaging and marketing away and just focus on the beer, it's quite a difference. The end results ratings surprised us all.


Buxton Ryescrack & FrauGruber Super Soul - ep. 205

This is really nice. Martin brings a can and Stefan brings a can. We have two beers from two of the best breweries in Europe. First is a fun beer from Buxton called Ryescrack. It's a raspberry and rye sour beer. It sounds like a weird combination but it makes for one of the best sour beers we've had in a while. Next is one of the latest from the amazing German brewery FrauGruber. They are pretty new and quickly made a name for themselves with some amazing NEIPA. Super Soul is no exception....


Games of Beers 7 - ep 204

Game of Thrones is back! It's only fitting that we have another Game of Beers! This time Mathias and Stefan go head to head. Martin steps in as the show host and creates a truly challenging game. Who will win? The experienced brewer or the beer nerd? Find out in Games of Beers 7.


MMX Beer Club Sour Beer event - Brekeriet, Psychopipes, Jackdaw ep203

We are hosted our first live event. The Great Swedish Beer Festival is hosting a series of beer events leading up to the great day! They invited us to be part of the sour beer night and host the event. We got to sit down and talk to Brekeriet, Psychopipes and Jackdaw. These are three of Sweden's best sour brewers. Unfortunately we lost the first half of the evening but don't worry, we'll make it up in a future episode. We had a great time talking to the brewers and drinking some amazing sour...


Amager Brygghus Cobras Fumadoras and Cobras Fumantes - ep202

We love Amager. They recently opened a taproom in Copenhagen. While we didn't record this episode there, they do sell both of these bottles in the taproom. Martin brought these two interesting barley wines over. Cobras Fumadoras mezcal barrel-aged barley wine brewed with dark agave syrup and cinnamon. Cobras Fumantes is a barley wine aged in mezcal barrels with dark agave syrup, cinnamon and Mexican coffee. Barrel-aged barley wines aren't usual so this was a real treat to try.


OverWorks Cosmic Crush Quince Sour and Electric Blue - Prairie Artisan double dunk - ep201

How do you follow up our epic 200th episode? It's not easy but Mathias got his hands on two of Brewdog's new sour beers. OverWorks is their new label to support their sour beers. They are off to a great start. We try Overworks' Cosmic Crush Quince Sour and Electric Blue. Both are incredible sours. After that we try one of the latest beers from Prairie Artisan, a cookie based beer called Double Dunk. The results are very surprising.