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Two men journey to the bars and restaurants of Scandinavia to find amazing beers. Always with the same question “what’s on tap?”

Two men journey to the bars and restaurants of Scandinavia to find amazing beers. Always with the same question “what’s on tap?”




Two men journey to the bars and restaurants of Scandinavia to find amazing beers. Always with the same question “what’s on tap?”






Barrier Brewing Kickin Knowledge: Pumpkin - Brewfist SWX: Spaghetti Western Double 10th Anniversary - ep375

We are joined by Bjorn this time for two fun and crazy beers. First we have Barrier Brewing Kickin' Knowledge: Pumpkin. This is beer 9 in the series and it's one of the weirdest beers we've ever tired. This milkshake IPA is brewed with vanilla, coconut, pumpkin, cinnamon, nutmeg, coriander and all spice. Guess how many flavors we could taste. Italian brewers Brewfist used to be found everywhere. These days they are a bit harder to find. We tried the SWX: Spaghetti Western Double 10th...


Pastore - Blood Orange Waterbeach Weisse - Frutti di Bosco Acido - ep374

After last weeks intense episode, we thought we should take it down a little and relax. Pastore out of Waterbeach, Cambridgeshire England is a new brewery to us. They specialize in sour beers: wild ales, sour ipas, berliner weisse, fruited sours. They released in the webshops recently and we got our hands on a few cans. We tried Blood Orange Waterbeach Weisse, a low ABV berliner weisse and Frutti di Bosco Acido, a bold imperial weisse make with Kviek and Lactobacillus and conditioned on...


Game of Beers - The Showdown - ep373

We haven't been able to play Game of Beers for quite some time. Due to the pandemic, we thought it best not to. Now the time has come for the ultimate showdown. Stefan vs. Martin!!! It's the showdown you've been waiting for. One is a tasting idiot and one is a ticking expert. Who will be the better taster? Bjorn from Bjornguiden has stepped in as the host of the games and lends his expert talents in leading us through the game. He picked some really tough beers to taste blind. The bastard!


Brewski Pineapple Smoothie Swirl - Stigbergets Ringobrau Rauchbier - ep372

Brewski and Stigbergets have been in-demand Swedish breweries for quite some time. Both breweries have several releases a month here in Sweden. We always look forward to trying beers from these maverick breweries. Brewski Pineapple Smooth Swirl is an IPA with lots of hops and sweet pineapple. It's another in their fruited IPA series. Stigbergets has launched a line of traditional German style beers called Ringobrau. First off the line is a Ringobrau Rauchbier. It's a lightly smoked beer and...


Abomination Wandering Into the Fog Nelson Sauvin - Cascade Brewing Sang Rouge - ep371

Stefan and Martin both blindly reached into their fridges and brought something to the show to review. Stefan knows how much Martin loves a new brewery check-in and was very excited to bring a new beer from Abomination called Wandering Into the Fog - Nelson Sauvin. Martin knows how much Stefan loves Flemmish Red Ales and was very excited to bring Cascade Brewing's version of a Flemmish Red Ale called Sang Rouge. Love abounds.


Pentrich Brewing Co Blizzard in the Pines - Toppling Goliath Nugmo - ep370

We're doubling up on IPAs, but not doubling up on double IPAs. This isn't a double double episode. That's another one. What we do have are two IPAs from top brewers. Pentrich Brewing Co has jumped into the EU market with a series of releases. Blizzard in the Pines is made with Mosaic, Simcoe and Idaho Gem hops. Toppling Goliath returns to the EU market with Nugmo a tropical citrus bomb made with Mosaic, Sabro Simco and Amarillo hops.


Trillium Brimming Bin - Double Apricot Stonington - ep369

The webshops are a hopping these days. You never know what will turn up week to week. A few weeks go Trillium dumped a lot of sour beers on the EU market. We weren't even aware Trillium has a sour beer scene. Imagine our surprise when we found around 15-20 sour Trillium beers in shops. Brimming Bin is an American wild ale aged on Sauvignon Blanc and Chenin Blanc grapes. Double Apricot Stonington is a saison aged on French oak Chardonnay casks and then fermented with apricots. Both are tart,...


The Bruery Three's Cocompany - Fair State Brewing Cooperative Heckin Chonkers - ep368

The Bruery had a threesome with Moksa and Mikerphone. The results is a coconut, vanilla bean, milk sugar and oat milk imperial stout called Three's Cocompany. Kinky. New to the EU market is a brewery out of Minneapolis, MN called Fair State Brewing Cooperative. They have released a bourbon barrel-aged pastry stout with vanilla called Heckin' Chonkers. It's a sweet boozy pastry stout and gives us great hope we'll get more from this brewery.


Remmarlöv Black Light - Friends Company Chocolate Vanilla Cupcake Imperial Stout - ep367

We went dark this episode. Hometown favorites Remmarlöv are back with a black IPA called Black Light. Known for their perfect versions of traditional beer styles, the brewery has been branching out to other styles of late like sours and non-traditional styles. For their first black IPA, they are on the right track. Friends Company has been exciting the Swedish beer market with their Cupcake series. The Chocolate Vanilla Cupcake Imperial Stout keeps the hype going.


Verdant Putty - 40 Watt Moon - ep366

Verdant started a couple of years ago and they worked really hard to create a flagship beer. That one beer that everyone is frantic for. That beer is Putty. In the past it was a special release that only came to select webshops. This year, it's in almost every webshop and luckily for Sweden, in Systembolaget. In addition to the Putty release, Systembolaget also got another highly rated Verdant beer called 40 Watt Moon. Both are NEIPA's but they are very different beers.


Tartaruga Fine Brewing Sweet Alma - 71 Brewing Co Blueberry Fields - ep365

Oh Joy! We get try two new breweries this week. Tartaruga Fine Brewing is from Belgium. Usually when we review a Beligan beer it's a lambic or a gueuze. This week we have a Belgian IPA. Sweet Alma hits like a Belgian IPA. If you've never had one before, it hits a little different from any other IPA style. 71 Brewing Co is out of Scotland Blueberry Fields is a kettle sour using Scottish Blueberries. It's a light refreshing beer that would be perfectly fine for a grill out in the park.


To Ol 45 Days of Hell(es) - Beerbliotek The trash-filled streets made me wish we were headed home - ep364

We tried and loved 45 Days of Pilsner a while back. We were excited to try To Ol's 45 Days of Hell(es). This is one damn tasty beer. If you're not a fan of pilsners, largers, helles, etc., these beers might very well change your mind. Light, sweet, bready, and easy to drink. We follow that up with Beerbliotek's The Trash-Filled Streets Made Me Wish We Were Headed Home is a brown ale. This is their 7th brown ale and their 293rd recipe. It's a hoppy brown ale that tastes more like a black IPA...


Overworks Jackalope King - Pühaste Trinity in Black Bourbon BA - ep363

We are barrel aging this episode but in very different ways. Brewdog's sour beer brand, Overworks, has released Jackalope King. This Scottish sour ale has blueberries and gorse flowers aged in red wine barrels. What's a gorse flower? Listen and find out. Pühaste released a series of beers under the Silver Series 2020 logo. This collab with AF Brew and Zagovor Brewery is called Trinity in Black Bourbon BA. It's a big intense boozy beer with a whole lot going on.


This is how How to Reappear2020 - Alpha Delta - North Brewing Tartarus - ep362

We're bringing out the heavy hitters again, a barleywine and an imperial stout. This is How is a brewery from the small town of Piteå in northern Sweden. They have released an English barleywine aged on Buffalo Trace and Heaven Hill bourbon barrels. It's a sweet boozy beer that will keep warm on cold winter nights. Alpha Delta and North Brewing collaborated on Tartarus, an imperial stout aged on oak spirals with a touch of vanilla. You have both of these and you'll stay warm and toasty in...


Brew York Viva La Guava-lution - Amundsen-Finback Sticky Maple and Banana French Toast - ep361

Stefan is pretty open to all kinds of beer. There are a few adjuncts he's not crazy about, guava, banana and hazelnut. This episode we have two beers with fun adjuncts. Brew York Viva La Guava-lution promises to be a revolution of guava. More guava than your simple minds and palates can handle. Next is from the Amundsen Virtual Reality series, Sticky Maple and Banana French Toast. This collab is with Finback. It's 12% pastry stout that promises maple, banana and cinnamon. We shall see.


Equilibrium Lupo Lab - The Veil The Motive - ep360

Equilibrium and The Veil on one episode? It used to be quite difficult to get beers from either of these companies in Europe. These days they seem to show up almost weekly. Both of these came from online shops. Equilibrium Lupo Lab is their version of Fluctuation with an experimental product called LUPOMAX, a concentrated Citra lupulin product. The Veil The Motive is a sour IPA that has pineapple, mango, peach and vanilla added. It pours like a fruit smoothie. It's thick.


Nerdbrewing - Override Strawberry - Typecast - ep359

Nerdbrewing has been putting quite a few beers recently. Known for their rich flavorful imperial stouts, they don't disppoint with two of their latest releases. First we have one of the two new Override stouts, Override Imperial Chocolate Milkshake Stout - Strawberry Edition is a blend of strawberry puree with cocoa nibs and vanilla. Next is Typecast Imperial Licorice, Lemon & Vanilla Stout. The combination might sound odd but the taste combines to create a vanilla cola flavor. Yum!


Crooked Stave IPA - Stigbergets Bat Cat - ep358

Our first episode of the new year and we've got something a little different from two very well respected breweries. We love Crooked Stave for their sours. That's pretty much all we've gotten in this part of the world. When we got our hands on an IPA from Crooked Stave, well of of course we had to have it on the show. Next is a beer from Stigbergets. They have been putting out amazing IPAs and stouts for the past few years. Lately they've been dipping their toes into other styles. Bat Cat is...


To Ol Brewing - Yule Malt, Yule Maelk Bourbon and Rum BA - ep357

It's the last episode of the year on the last day of the year and it couldn't come sooner. We are ending the year on a high note with not the usual two beers, but three boozy fun To Ol beers. Martin and Stefan look back on the year that and look forward to starting 2021 with new beers and fun times. We hope you enjoyed the show this year and enjoy our last episode of 2020 as we review Yule Malt, Yule Maelk Bourbon and Yule Maelk Rum BA.


Advent 2020 Day 24 The Ale Apothecary The Beer Formally Know As La Tache - ep356

It's finally here. Day 24 of our 2020 Advent calendar. We end it with a great beer The Ale Apothecary The Beer Formally Know As La Tache. It's an American Wild Ale made with Cascade hops and aged in oak barrels. It's a great way to end the calendar and start the Christmas festivities. We hope you've enjoyed our calendar this year as much as we enjoyed making it. Have a God Jul and Merry Christmas.