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Whiskey Business is a podcast not so much about whiskey, as it is one WITH whiskey. Comedian and influencer, Dino Tripodis, discusses topics from A to Z while sharing a pour of whiskey with his guests. Join the Whiskey Business team for enlightening and entertaining conversations over a “good pour".

Whiskey Business is a podcast not so much about whiskey, as it is one WITH whiskey. Comedian and influencer, Dino Tripodis, discusses topics from A to Z while sharing a pour of whiskey with his guests. Join the Whiskey Business team for enlightening and entertaining conversations over a “good pour".


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Whiskey Business is a podcast not so much about whiskey, as it is one WITH whiskey. Comedian and influencer, Dino Tripodis, discusses topics from A to Z while sharing a pour of whiskey with his guests. Join the Whiskey Business team for enlightening and entertaining conversations over a “good pour".




The Bocce Bros: Ya Gotta Have Balls To Play Bocce!

Dante and Chris Lovell aka The Bocce Bros, joined Dino and the boys on Whiskey Business for a fun and spirited conversation about the centuries old sport of Bocce. From its roots to its growing popularity, to their efforts to make it an Olympic sport, the podcast covered a lot of ground including: the skill set, the competitiveness, and a good dose of sibling rivalry between the two teammates who sometimes face each other as opponents. Move over Curling! Bocce is alive and well and growing!...


Nicky Winkelman: The Color Of My Pee (and other revelations of a comedic life)

The absolutely wonderful Nicky Winkelman joined the boys on Whiskey Business for a chat about life, comedy, being a mom, a future wife, depression, anxiety, joy and yeah-even the color of pee. It’s an hour of honest and open conversation that you won’t want to miss. Coupled with a bottle of Whistlepig Roadstock Rye Whiskey it’s what Whiskey Business is all about: A good pour and a good conversation. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


Matt Benjamin: The “Trip” To Ayahuasca

Whiskey Business got curious about the mystical and spiritual journey that comes with Ayahuasca, a plant based “tea” that puts the recipient on a path of spiritual awakening and enlightenment. Matt Benjamin joined the podcast to discuss his reasons for taking the journey and how it’s changed his life for the better. Is it a cure for addiction, mental illnesses, depression and so many other things that one can’t find on their own? Or is it just a “trip” down another hallucinogenic rabbit...


Alex Hastie: Take Me Out To The Brawl Game

Alex Hastie, host of Ohio v The World, joined Whiskey Business to talk about one of the biggest fiascos in baseball promotion history: 10 CENT BEER NIGHT at Cleveland Municipal Stadium in June of 1974. The stars misaligned as the Indians took on the Rangers in what is arguably one of the most messed up baseball games ever. Streakers, fights, bare breasted women, theft, arrests, injuries and of course…10 CENT BEERS. What could possibly go wrong? Um…only everything. Enjoy, learn and…have a...


Anne Dimmick & Fr. Nic Ventura: The Horror and The Holy

This year's annual Halloween episode on Whiskey Business may just be our most unconventional holiday episode to date. Yeah, there’s scary stuff in it; Anne Dimmick from Watershed Distillery dealing with a demon in a hotel room. And her Catholic faith came into play as well when she sought out the guidance of Fr. Nic Ventura. What Fr. Nic brought to the table was some fascinating insight into evil itself. Have you ever been told to “sage” your house to rid it of a negative or evil presence?...


Root Beer Business

Hansberry's kids join Dino to chat about the important issues...root beer, holidays, and ghosts. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


Gary Jones & Chris Hahn: ESCAPE FROM DEATH BLOCK 13

The title says it all, but the movie Gary Jones made says the rest. Whiskey Business dove into the realm of lower budget action movies with Writer/Director Gary Jones and Chris Hahn who plays Bunyan in the film. A fun, funny and fascinating conversation about the trials and tribulations of making movies took place with insights into how to make something BIG with a small, less-than-standard Hollywood budget. Filmed in Ohio, the film has notable and familiar actors like Nick Turturro and...


Billy Demora: ONE MORA TIME (and that’s it!)

Whiskey Business entertained the return of The Most Superstitious Buckeye Fan In The World, Bill Demora…one more time. Not to get an update on his superstitions. We’ve covered that. This was more of an “intervention” on the superstitions as we told him “It has to stop!” What follows is another humorous discussion (with rationalizations from Billy) as to why it can’t AND the only way it CAN come to an end. And no, it’s not us killing him. Lol. Enjoy. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit...


The Half Hour Comedy Hour (that’s more like 15 minutes)

Welcome to the show that didn’t have a big enough budget for video. So, sit back, sip on your favorite beverage, and enjoy the comedy stylings of Jon Osbeck, Ralph Scott, and Dino Tripodis. With special guests Todd Covert, John Whitney, and Susan Wismar. Audio recording by Greg Hansberry. Sound Design by Robin Gulcher. The Half Hour Comedy Hour is a Big Deal Pictures production in association with Never The Luck Productions. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


Jon Osbeck & Ralph Scott: Dying is Easy…Comedy is Hard

Whiskey Business sat down with Jon Osbeck and Ralph Scott to get a preview of THE HALF HOUR COMEDY Hour (that’s more like 15 minutes). It's a comedic endeavor which involved a cavalcade of talent that included all of us here at Whiskey Business. But then the conversation turned (as it often does) into the semantics of comedy: Whats funny? Why is it funny? Can funny be taught? And a whole lot more. Enjoy this podcast and then look for the debut of The Half Hour Comedy Hour right on its heels....


Watershed Whiskey Business Barrel Pick

Whiskey Business went on location to Columbus' Watershed Distillery for a very special podcast. We were asked to help pick their next single barrel selection...what we didn't know was that the bottle we selected would be an exclusive Whiskey Business release! Needless to say we were honored, flattered and then we got serious about the juice we were tasting knowing that our name would be on the bottles. It was another magical night at Watershed Distillery full of laughs, information, and...


Mark Coffman: Town Branch Master Distiller

Whiskey Business had the pleasure of talking with Master Distiller, Mark Coffman as Town Branch Distillery releases three new bottles exclusive to the State of Ohio. Three bottles that our own Dino Tripodis had a hand in selecting with OHLQ. Mark shared stories and educated us on the new releases...a bourbon, a rye and a really smooth drinking single malt whiskey. Get 'em while you can! But, enjoy this podcast whenever you want. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


Chuck Lombardo: “There’s No Crying In Baseball!"

Die-hard baseball and Cleveland Indians fan, Chuck Lombardo returned to Whiskey Business to discuss the name change of his beloved Indians to The Guardians, as we discovered it wasn’t so much about the name going away as it was the memories. A lot of laughs, and thoughtful discussion came into play over a bottle of Cleveland Black Reserve that was emptied before our game ended. Enjoy! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


Whiskey Business Visits Whiskey Business

Road Trip! Greg takes a trip to visit Whiskey Business..BAR! Yes, it's a liked named establishment in Chicago where he shares a bottle of Columbus' Echo Rye and talks shop. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


Jason Banks: Part Deux. Fortune, Fame and the Tik Tok Game

The longer we spoke with Jason Banks, the more personal and deeper we got, AND funnier. Tune in to find out how the Tik Tok phenomenon is not resting his comedy laurels on this current ride but instead is looking ahead to the future. And if you missed Part One, go back and check that out as well. ENJOY!!!! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


Jason Banks: Fortune And Fame And The Tik Tok Game

Comedian Jason Banks has been making audiences laugh for over 15 years. When the pandemic hit, Jason, like a lot of comedians found himself out of work and took to Tik Tok to create some content and keep the creative juices flowing. What happened as a result was a viral, phenomenon of a following that has propelled Jason to become one of the hottest comedians in the country. Life can change fast and Jason talks with Dino and the boys of Whiskey Business about it all: the fame, the fans, and...


Travis Irvine: Podcast Palooza

Usually with one guest you’ll get into one topic. But not with Travis Irvine. On his second appearance on Whiskey Business we covered a lot of bases: Politics, the pandemic, getting Covid in Wyoming, a new documentary he directed on how America killed someone’s mother and even a little bit of professional soccer. Always entertaining and always surprising, Travis breezed through an hour and probably could’ve gone an hour more. The bottle of George Dickel Single Barrel may have slowed us down...


Rick Gethin: Putting the “I” In Dive Bar.

Rick Gethin from Cat Club Podcast joined Dino and the boys of Whiskey Business as they bellied up to the romance, intrigue and unspoken comfort of the “dive bar.” We all have favorites. We all go to them for are own reasons. The one thing we all have in common? We’re glad we have them and that their doors are open, their bottles aren’t on measured pours and that there’s always a stool we can call our own. Dive in and enjoy this latest episode of Whiskey Business. Learn more about your ad...


Adrian Burns: What Am I Bid?

It was night of good pours and good conversation as Dino and the boys sat down with Adrian Burns of Burns Auction and Appraisal. They dove into the world of collectibles with hopefulness that they were sitting on a collectible goldmine themselves... A Playboy magazine (Volume One/Issue One with Marilyn Monroe on the cover). Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles still in the box. Ashes from the Mt. St. Helens eruption. Adrian also talked about the always busy world of estate selling and some of the...


McCauley Williams: When The Blue Note Hits The Right Note

This week on Whiskey Business, Dino and the boys had the pleasure of talking to McCauley Williams, President and CEO of B.R. Distillers in Memphis, TN. McCauley saw an opportunity to take the reins of one of the oldest distilleries in Memphis and started to making two notable whiskies: Blue Note Juke Joint Straight Bourbon Whiskey and Riverset Rye. Both brands have a combination of expressions that include small batches and single barrels. Now you have one more reason to go to Memphis(aside...