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Episode 45 – Turtle Wax

Whom Pods Destroy returns with another episode, taking a deep dive into the original series. In this podcast we discuss the late third season episode “All Our Yesterdays”. The episode where Spock regresses and er… gets back to basics, so to speak. This episode threw up all manner of side topics, about contemporary storytelling formats … Continue reading "Episode 45 – Turtle Wax"


Episode 44 – Spock here!

Whom Pods Destroy is back with Graham, Derek & Terry getting all loved up for the one and only Spock. Well, I say the one and only but in fact there have been a number of iterations of that “green blooded sonofabitch” and we spent a pleasant 45 minutes discussing the portrayal, development and characterisation … Continue reading "Episode 44 – Spock here!"


Episode 43 – Nigel Mudd

We are delighted to return for another episode of Star Trek chat. Harcourt Fenton Mudd is one of the most notorious characters on the history of the Star Trek. A sex trafficker, drug dealer, misogynist and rogue. And that’s just in his first appearance. Mudd appears in two episodes of The Original Series, one from … Continue reading "Episode 43 – Nigel Mudd"


Episode 42 – The Phantom Mendez

We are overjoyed to bring you our discussions on the only two part episode of Star Trek: The Original Series – The Menagerie. Series 2 of Star Trek Discovery, featuring Captain Pike, Number One and Spock, is about to get underway. So what better time to go back to where it started with and celebrate … Continue reading "Episode 42 – The Phantom Mendez"


Episode 41 – Funky Griffin Guy

We are delighted to be bringing you our first (and perhaps only) podcast on Star Trek: The Animated Series. On this edition of Whom Pods Destroy we look forward to the new series of Star Trek: Discovery by focussing on “Yesteryear”: a superb exploration of the history and character of Spock written by the incomparable … Continue reading "Episode 41 – Funky Griffin Guy"


Episode 40 – We need to build a faster web, lads

The Tholian Web is a fondly remembered character episode with some award winning visuals and elements of psychological and gothic horror. In this episode of Whom Pods Destroy, Graham, Terry and Derek celebrate this third season episode. They also revel in the great character moments between Spock and McCoy in the episode where Kirk is … Continue reading "Episode 40 – We need to build a faster web, lads"


Episode 39 – What of Lazarus?

We are a sucker for unpopular episodes of the original series here at Whom Pods Destroy and they are seldom less popular than The Alternative Factor. However, our last two episode have explored parallel universes so we thought that it would be a good opportunity to explore this often forgotten first season episode since it … Continue reading "Episode 39 – What of Lazarus?"


Episode 38 – There is no Roy Orbison in the Mirror Universe

Following on from our previous podcast on Mirror, Mirror – Graham, Terry and Derek discuss its legacy and the nature of parallel universes and alternate timelines not just in Star Trek but in other Science Fiction. We also celebrate the numerous sequels to this classic episode whether they be canon, side canon and non canon. … Continue reading "Episode 38 – There is no Roy Orbison in the Mirror Universe"


Episode 37 – Your agoniser please

Mirror, Mirror is one of the most popular and enduring Star Trek stories. Its visual and narrative legacy has lasted all the way through to the modern day Star Trek. In this episode of Whom Pods Destroy, Graham, Derek and Terry celebrate this fantastic episode of the original series and discuss its finer points including … Continue reading "Episode 37 – Your agoniser please"


Episode 36 – Star Trek invented the sonic screwdriver and the Wrath of Harve

Assignment Earth was the failed back door pilot that, were it not for the famous fan letter writing campaign, would have been the final episode of Star Trek. This is a strange episodeTrek as it relegates the regular characters to guest star roles as the focus is switched to the pilot’s two main protagonists, Gary … Continue reading "Episode 36 – Star Trek invented the sonic screwdriver and the Wrath of Harve"


Bonus Episode – Star Trek Las Vegas 2018

In this special episode we have an update from the Star Trek Convention in Las Vegas from August 2018. Terry travelled to Nevada with his wife Zoe and were in the room when Patrick Stewart made that announcement about the return of Jean-Luc Picard. We discuss that plus the other highlights of the convention in … Continue reading "Bonus Episode – Star Trek Las Vegas 2018"


Episode 35 – Chicken Soup Guy

Tomorrow Is Yesterday may, on the surface be something of a throwaway episode with its low intensity, light humour and nonsensical plot. However it remains a much loved, fun episode of Star Trek The Original Series which leaves something of a legacy. On their return from a brief hiatus, Terry, Graham and Derek discuss this … Continue reading "Episode 35 – Chicken Soup Guy"


Whom Pods Destroy Bonus Episode – Star Trek Discovery Season 2 Trailer

Terry, Graham and Derek return from their summer break to record a short reaction to the trailer for Season 2 of Star Trek Discovery. What are our expectations for the news season? How do we feel about the return of Pike to Star Trek? Do we detect a little more humour in the news season?


Episode 34 – It was Bobby Clark

Whom Pods Destroy is back for another episode of top Star Trek chat. In this edition we’ve gone all Gorn and discuss the first season original series episode, Arena. There are few images more memorable in Star Trek lore than that of the green skinned lizard creature that is pitted against Captain Kirk in a … Continue reading "Episode 34 – It was Bobby Clark"


Episode 32 – Kock & Boner

We return for another episode of Whom Pods Destroy – A Star Trek Discussion Podcast. In this edition we talk about Wolf in the Fold. An episode about a violent killer of women written by the noted horror writer and author of Psycho, Robert Bloch. Despite being fondly remembered by some, this story has been … Continue reading "Episode 32 – Kock & Boner"


Episode 31 – It’s Green

Whom Pods Destroy returns for another episode of top Trek chat. In this edition we discuss the second season episode By Any Other Name. The story of the Kelvans: all powerful, all conquering multi tentacled invaders from the Andromeda galaxy who can’t take their liquor. This story starts off pretty dark before taking a turn … Continue reading "Episode 31 – It’s Green"


Episode 30 – More like a Doctor Who episode

Welcome back for another edition of Whom Pods Destroy, a Star Trek Discussion podcast. The topic of this edition is the 3rd season episode Is There In Truth No Beauty? There were many constraints placed on the writers and directors in the third season on Star Trek the original series. This frequently led to a number … Continue reading "Episode 30 – More like a Doctor Who episode"


Episode 30 – Your probes have touched me, Mr Spock

Loneliness, isolation, romance, sexual frustration, personality transference: there is a lot packed into the second season Star Trek episode Return To Tomorrow. This is the story of Hennoch, Thalasia and Sargon. Three ancient creatures who have transcended beyond the physical form but are alone. They need to borrow someone else’s bodies in order to build … Continue reading "Episode 30 – Your probes have touched me, Mr Spock"


Episode 29 – The Cloud Minders

Torture, industrial strife, social and economic inequality, massive privilege in the face of poverty, led poisoning: these are the issues and themes behind the Star Trek third season episode The Cloud Minders. This was another example of a story rewritten to soften the author, in this case David Gerrold’s, initial message expressing sympathy for a … Continue reading "Episode 29 – The Cloud Minders"


Episode 28: The Way To Eden (Yeah Brother)

There are few things that Star Treks entirely agree on but the overall disregard for The Way To Eden is probably among them. The notorious “space hippy” episode could have been a very intriguing story involving Dr McCoy’s daughter. Instead it was a jumble of conflicting messages and some terrible Russian accents. However, as with all … Continue reading "Episode 28: The Way To Eden (Yeah Brother)"