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Metropolitan (1990)

On this episode of Why Press Play we dust off the martini glasses and put on our patent leather shoes for a night on the town with the finest New York beaus and debutantes in a weird movie from director Whit Stilman and graciously shown to me by Gareth Stack called Metropolitan from 1990. In a nebulous time somewhere between 1950 and 1990 a loosely affiliated group of new rich haute bourgeoise calling themselves a 'Rat Pack' of sorts, are flitting from after-party to after-party in the New...


Robocop (1987)

On this episode of Why Press Play you must come quietly or there will be... trouble as we get on the bullet train to Detroit and heavily pad the street with our old pal Murphy, looking for crime in all the wrong places and revelling in the realistic special effects and bitingly witty dialog inthe company of filmmaker and raconteur Anthony Downes. OCP, a multi national conglomerate has created two new types of law enforcement to quell the rising tide of violent crime sweeping the city in...


Coach Carter (2005)

On this episode of Why Press Play I chat with Claire Fox about one of the most watched movies on her roster (and not on purpose). The 'against all odds' 'balls in the hood' basketball story that sees Samuel L Jackson whip a sass mouthed band of raggle taggle ghetto gobshites into a respectable and well trained high school team that respect hard work and discipline. Based on a true story Ken Carter (Jackson) somes back to his old award winning high school basketball team to see if he can...


Super8 (2011)

On this episode we talk about the modern classic science-fi mystery action movie Super8. This movie gives us all the good early teen movie feels and drags us back to the simpler cinema era of Spielberg, Donner and Reiner films where a gang of kids can get into some crazy adventure and not be apathetic or disaffected about it! This heart warming and bearably schmaltzy film comes from the mind of the man who has all our childhood dreams in his hands these days, JJ Abrams. Arguably his first...


Idiocracy (2006)

On this episode we talk about a potential prediction of the future and a movie with a spooky foreshadowing of a crazy US President with time travel, energy drinks and stunted vocabulary its the 2006 cult movie Idiocracy. Directed by Mike Judge, this movie didnt do well in the box office for various reasons, but smashed DVD sales just 6 short months later. Joe Bauers (Luke Wilson) is put into cryostasis as part of a US military experiment with hooker Rita (Maya Rudolph) and they both wake...


The Last Boy Scout (1991)

On this episode I chat with comedian and filmmaker Gary White about the early 90s ferocious football flick The Last Boyscout starring Damon Wayans and in arguably his best performance ever, Bruce Willis. Bruce Willis, at his acting and popularity peak, agreed to do this movie only because of the involvement of Tony Scott but after Willis and producer Joel Silver practically took over production, it was a miracle such a clasic film came out of it. Written originally by Shane Black (but...


Memento (2000)

On this episode we talk about a backwards running masterpiece, Memento; the movie that carved out Christopher Nolan's indellible mark on Hollywood with filmmaker Anthony Downes. This is one of the 21st centuries most original films, where we find Guy Pearse suffering from a form of short term memory loss and we experience this with him by way of a disjointed and non-chronological story line in the film. An amazing supporting cast top this movie right off including Joe Pantoliano and Carrie...