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A pop-culture podcast on Winnipeg and beyond *Description* - Winnipeg Free Press writers Erin Lebar and Jen Zoratti chat about trending topics, life in Winnipeg and, really, whatever else they want to – their pod, their rules. They’re basically Statler and Waldorf, but cuter.

A pop-culture podcast on Winnipeg and beyond *Description* - Winnipeg Free Press writers Erin Lebar and Jen Zoratti chat about trending topics, life in Winnipeg and, really, whatever else they want to – their pod, their rules. They’re basically Statler and Waldorf, but cuter.
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Winnipeg, Manitoba


A pop-culture podcast on Winnipeg and beyond *Description* - Winnipeg Free Press writers Erin Lebar and Jen Zoratti chat about trending topics, life in Winnipeg and, really, whatever else they want to – their pod, their rules. They’re basically Statler and Waldorf, but cuter.






BtL Ep. 71: School Nicole Apple

In this loosely back-to-school themed episode, Jen and Erin discuss self-care tips for the stressed, whether or not bras should be mandatory (spoiler: no), and how a girl gang of Nicoles came to be at the University of Calgary.


BtL Ep 70: Dictionary Sperm Potter

Jen and Erin chat about some of the new words added to the Merriam-Webster dictionary and the evolution of language. They also talk about sperm! More specifically, a new GQ long-read that provides some pretty startling scientific evidence saying men are half as fertile as they were 40 years ago. The gals also bring back the popular Pop-Culture Blindspot segment during which Jen tries to explain the plot of a Harry Potter film without having seen it or read the books.


BtL Ep. 69: Burger Coat Chat

On this episode, Jen and Erin talk about Burger Week, which kicks off in Winnipeg on Sept. 1, as well as Balenciaga's $9000 'Joey Tribbiani' coat and group-chat etiquette.


BtL Ep. 68: Food for Thought

Jen and Erin discuss a new Free Press food project called Food For Thought, and give some shout-outs to readers for the feedback the ladies received from their food road-trip story. Erin also tries her first ever peanut butter and jelly sandwich, sparking a conversation about nostalgic eats. Keeping with the food theme, Jen and Erin try two new (non-alcoholic) beverages; both were... not good.


BtL Ep. 67: Hot Folklorama Bachelorette

Jen and Erin embrace Folklorama and talk about some of their favourite pavilions. Also, Winnipeg is facing some surface-of-the-sun like temperatures this week, so the ladies also talk about access to water in public spaces. Then, Erin gives a rousing recap of the Bachelorette three-hour finale episode.


BtL Ep. 66: Rural Road Eats

Jen and Erin share all the details from their Rural Eats Roadtrip, in which they scouted out the best places to eat in nine Manitoba towns, and were thoroughly charmed in the process. Elsewhere, Free Press drinks guy Ben MacPhee-Sigurdson joins them for the August installment of Budget Wine of the Month Club, which isn't about wine at all but cocktails in cans.


BtL Ep. 65: Summer Bod Positivity

Jen and Erin are joined by Brooke Van Ryssel, owner and creator of My Body Fitness and Nutrition, a body positive fitness and holistic nutrition company. The three ladies do some major chatting about what body positive fitness is, why the idea of a "summer bod" or "sweating for the wedding" is so damaging, and Brooke shares some of her thoughts about the fitness industry and diet culture.


BtL Ep. 64: HUNKS of Fringe

Rory Fallis and Tim Gray of local sketch comedy troupe HUNKS join Jen and Erin to talk all things Fringe — prepping for it, what it's like during the festival and which shows (other than their own) they recommend checking out this year.


BtL Ep. 63: Slurpee Summer Fatigue

Summertime, and the living is... hard. On this episode, Jen and Erin discuss Summer Fatigue, and the pressure of having to make the most of what can feel like a too-short season. Winnipeg continues its reign as Slurpee Capital of the World, so they try the new sour watermelon and birthday cake flavours in a new installment of Good or Gross.


BtL Ep. 62: Donny Woo Folk

Jen and Erin are joined by special guest Donovan Woods at the 2018 Winnipeg Folk Festival! They chat about his new album, the Polaris longlisted Both Ways, festival culture and nicknames. They also made up a quiz for Donovan: Folk Band or Local Business? Killbeat Music's Jared Falk makes a cameo.


BtL Ep. 61: Children Tariff War

Jen and Erin get political on the pod this week, discussing the separation of children from their parents while being detained after crossing the border into the U.S. They also do a deep dive on tariffs with the help of economics professor Laura Brown from the University of Manitoba; she breaks down what exactly tariffs are and how a potential tariff war with the U.S. will negatively impact us as consumers, and also why boycotting U.S. products may not be the best thing to do.


BtL Ep. 60: Ireland Survival Wine

Jen and Erin pool their collective festival-attending knowledge and offer up some tips and tricks for tackling Winnipeg's numerous summer festivals. They also touch on Ireland's recent repeal of an anti-abortion law and wine and drinks editor Ben MacPhee-Sigurdson is back for another Budget Wine of the Month Club segment featuring canned wine (spoiler: it was actually pretty tasty).


BtL Ep. 59: Hereditary Emoji Shed

After hearing of chef Anthony Bourdain's suicide earlier in the morning, Erin and Jen talk about him, designer Kate Spade, death by suicide and how silent battles with depression are often connected with personal branding. On a lighter note, the topic of garden sheds comes up for the third week in a row (it's the last time, they promise) and Erin is pumped there are now red-haired emojis available. Also, Erin -- self-proclaimed scaredy-cat -- saw the new horror film Hereditary and it went...


BtL Ep. 58: Roseanne True Crime

Jen and Erin discuss the cancellation of Roseanne and Samantha Bee's use of the c-word to describe Ivanka Trump. They also talk about the rash of thievery that always happens this time of year and their obsession with true crime TV shows, most recently Netflix's Evil Genius. Erin answers a listener's question on a new segment of Tough Love, and also raves about some summer essentials she's recently added to her toiletry kit.


BtL Ep 57: Vegan Kijiji Wedding

JP Hoe and Rusty Matyas join Jen and Erin for an extra-long episode of BtL. JP and Rusty are part of the new five-piece, Middle of Nowhere, and discuss the band's new album, as well as providing some insight on the Royal Wedding and Kijiji shopping. They also partake in a Good or Gross segment focused on the food trend of plant-based eating.


BtL Ep 56: Yanny Laurel Toilet

In this week's episode, Jen and Erin listen to Yanny/Laurel, the mind-bending audio clip that's breaking the Internet. Not since The Dress has social media been so divided. Elsewhere, they discuss the royal wedding as well as an innovative Winnipeg pilot project that is raising awareness for the need for public toilets by actually providing some. Free Press drinks guy Ben MacPhee-Sigurdson returns for Budget Wine of the Month Club.


BtL Ep 55: Playoff Emergency Horses

In this week's episode, Jen and Erin talk playoff fatigue (don't worry, they're still cheering for the Jets! Don't yell at them!), the failure that was the emergency alert system test, and the return of Cavalia's Odysseo.


BtL Ep. 54: Photo Journalism Mothers

Erin's away on vacay so Free Press photo and video journalist Mikaela MacKenzie joins Jen to talk all things photo — the challenges of news photography, the art of a good selfie and the pros and cons of Instagram.


BtL Ep. 53: Travel Apu Riverdale

In this episode, Erin and Jen discuss traveling within Canada, and why it seems less sexy than travel elsewhere — even though this country is MAJESTIC. Elsewhere, Erin has become more adventurous when it comes to trying new food, the gals discuss the Simpsons and The Problem with Apu, and, in Pop Culture Blind Spots, Jen is aghast that Erin has never read an Archie comic.


BtL Ep 52: Pretty Earth Weed

Jen and Erin admit to being very square while discussing the future of marijuana use in Canada (they recorded this episode on 4/20)and, in honour of Earth Day, they complain about the new recycling restrictions. Erin also has some things to say about the new Amy Schumer comedy, I Feel Pretty.