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Musings of a Socially Conscious Mom

Musings of a Socially Conscious Mom
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Musings of a Socially Conscious Mom






S2 E8: A Chat with Tanya Hayles, Founder of Black Moms Connection

When the boy child called me ‘Blackie’ from the back of his car seat and then told me proudly that his friend from school told him that word was another word for Black people, I started down this path to unpacking what it means to be a Black parent to black children in this world. Part of the village that keeps me sane is the Black Moms Connection, an online mecca for Black mothers. Tanya Hayles the founder, chats with me about black motherhood, the backlash to Black Moms Connections,...


S2 E6 The Secret Lives of Black Moms

Black kids are struggling in school. This is a fact all across North America. Canada is no exception. For many there's chronic underachievement. In this episode, I chat with Trish, author of the Confessions of a Hustling Mama blog. We begin and end by talking about the challenges of learning while Black, but we also talk about our own experiences of working and living as Black women.


S2 E5: PART 2 Brianne DeRosa- On not leaning in, but not leaning out

This episode I continue my discussion with Brianne DeRosa author of the Red, Round or Green blog, about finding work life balance as a working mom, race, privilege and the fact that children never stop needing a parental presence. Be sure to Brianne's article that started this conversation, written for Motherwell Magazine, On not leaning in, but not leaning out.


S2 E4: PART I Brianne DeRosa- On not leaning in, but not leaning out

There's a silent struggle that many women, of all colours are facing today....the seemingly impossible search for work-life balance. Brianne DeRosa is the author of the Red, Round or Green blog and in the first part of my conversation with her, we talk about her article written for Motherwell Magazine, On not leaning in, but not leaning out.


S2 E7 Aja Rutledge on Living Your Best Life...Abroad

What would it be like to just pack up and leave it all behind for a new country? What would it be life to NOT have to have the dreaded Black parent 'talk' with your son? What would it be like to live a life free of daily microaggressions and stress completely related to your race? Aja Rutledge found out. The day after Donald Trump was elected president, she applied for a passport and soon, she packed up her son and her life and moved....to Mexico. This is her story.


S2 E3: The Traumatic Three's, Elsa and the Black Village gone wrong

Parenting a three year old is hard, parenting a three year old as a Black parent is an added layer of issues to address and deal with. From banishing Elsa from your house, to parenting in private for fear of condemnation, to trying to instill a sense of self-love and Black pride in your kids, we are discussing it all on this episode of the podcast. Join in the conversation on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and share your threenager parenting horror story #WMCTHREE


S2 E2: Finding my own Wakanda....Diving into MY Black history

On this episode, I talk to the researcher of my family history....my sister, about doing her DNA test, what drives her to want to find out more about where we came from and who are people are and what some of the challenges are for Black people trying to trace their roots.


S2 E1: The Black Love Episode

"Finding someone to express Black Love…loving your culture, your history, your skin, is truly something special." Destinii, @BlaqLoveSoul Happy Valentines Day! On this episode, I’m joined by Brandon and Destinii from the BlaqLove Instagram blog, we are celebrating the beauty of black love, talking through some of the challenges and digging deep on the meaning of BlaqLove. Visit www.wokemommychatter.com to read what Black Love means to me. Join in the conversation on facebook:...


S1 E8: The one where I wrap up season 1

Woke Mommy Chatter is signing off until next year! If you've missed episodes, be sure to catch up. Don't forget to subscribe and share the Woke Mommy Chatter podcast with other woke moms, dads, friends and family! Until next year- keep following www.wokemommychatter.com Join in the conversation on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wokemommy/ Or follow me on twitter: @wokemommy


S1 E7: The one where we talk about Princess Truly

Kelly Greenawalt a self described- ‘freckle-faced white mom of six kids including two beautiful black daughters is an author who as written a book that I love. It’s called Princess Truly, and it is a must have. It is a beautiful affirming, inspiring book about a little girl who can do anything….Princess Truly. In this episode, we are talking representation, how the book came to be, why she wrote it, how kids react when she reads it to them in school and we touch on her busy life as a mom...


The one where we Hold The Line against hate

In this week's podcast we talk to Bellamy Shoffner a writer and photographer launching a new magazine called Hold The Line to ‘support people of color and LGBTQ+ communities, people defying gender norms, working to combat mental health stigma, and the abhorrent d uprising of white supremacy.’ Bellamy and I speak about her magazine, advice on how to talk to your kids about racial tension, the power of words and why you should never touch a black child’s hair. You can find a link to...


S1 E5: The one where we talk about homeschooling

Have you ever considered homeschooling your kid(s)....well these are the moms you'd want to talk to. They are homeschooling pros. On this episode I talk to Eva Greene Wilson a Homeschooling Mom and Socamom.com blogger and Yolanda Newton a homeschooler and Director of Education Revolt.org. We talk about why homeschooling works for black kids, why they decided to homeschool and the challenges and great benefits that comes along with that decision.


S1 E4: The one where we get real: Talking Trump, black lives and parenting

On this episode of Woke Mommy Chatter- The Podcast, we are continuing our conversation with black mom bloggers- Hadassah, author of the blog For Brown Moms and Afrykyan Moon, owner of the Chocolate Milk Gear store and author of the Infinite Possibilities of a Black Woman blog. In this episode we get real and talk about what it's like to be a black mom raising kids under Trump.


Episode 3: The one where we talk about chocolate milk

On episode 3 of the Woke Mommy Chatter podcast I am talking breastfeeding with Hadassah, author of the blog For Brown Moms and Afrykyan Moon, ownder of the Chocolate Milk Gear store and author of the Infinite Possibilities of a Black Woman blog. We talk about the history of wet nursing and the real stigma that comes with black women using their breasts to feed babies that originated in slavery. ‘That “slavery sh*t” as one woman referred to it. Be sure to visit...


Episode 2: The one where we talk interracial relationships and identity

I'm continuing my discussion with fellow woke moms Rochelle and Carla. This week we are talking interracial relationships and identity from our perspective and experiences.


Episode 1: The one where we talk about making mom friends and everything else

The first Woke Mommy Chatter podcast...The one where we talk about making mom friends with moms of other races, breaking down the glass wall between black women and living parallel lives with friends.