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25- Mistborn: The Final Empire with Lauren and Holly

This week "The book club" aka Holly, Lauren, and I talk about the first book in the Mistborn series, The Final Empire. Please read this book before listening it's completely worth the time you need to invest. We have a short spoiler free section. Spoilers start around 14:10 and end at 1:02:50. Email at wouldJesuswatchthat@gmail.com follow on twitter @wJwtpod or IG: wouldJesuswatchthat. Thanks as always for listening be sure to tell a friend


24- Infinity War and Solo Review

We are back! Shawn and I talk Infinity War and Solo this week. We give a spoiler free review of each before diving into all things spoilery. Infinity War spoilers end at 33:23. Solo spoilers end at 59:17 Tell a friend and be sure to contact us we are all over the internet! Email= wouldJesuswatchthat@gmail.com


23- 90's TV with Jordan Harrell

THE OFFICIAL ENTERTAINMENT PODCAST OF GREATAFFECTION.COM Writer Jordan Harrell joins me this week and we talk about all things 90s television. We also sprinkle in a little bit of Jesus along the way. Be sure to share the podcast with a friend, and as always you can contact the show at wouldJesuswatchthat@gmail.com Twitter @wJwtpod IG: wouldJesuswatchthat


22- Wingfeather Saga wrap-up with Holly and Lauren

This week Holly, Lauren, and I talk about the final book in the Wingfeather Saga, The Warden and the Wolf King. We all agree that Jesus would watch for sure while pointing out some of the symbolism and deciding what to read next. Email at wouldJesuswatchthat@gmail.com twitter= @wjwtpod IG: wouldJesuswatchthat We always appreciate you telling a friend.


21- Ready Player One review with Shawn

This week Shawn and I discuss Ready Player One. In which, I say I think it will ruin video game movies for the foreseeable future and give little reason as to why like a moron. But hey at least Shawn knows what he's talking about because he read the book. Hope everyone had a great weekend. Be sure to check out the new blog at Greataffection.com. As always you can email at wouldJesuswatchthat@gmail.com twitter= #wjwtpod IG= wouldJesuswatchthat


20- Actor Spotlight/Cusasktacular "Say Anything" with Ben Knight

This week Ben Knight joins the podcast and we talk about Infinity War, Deadpool, and Venom before beginning our actor spotlight series on one of our favorites, John Cusask in his breakout performance in Say Anything. Email the show at wouldJesuswatchthat@gmail.com, twitter= wJwtpod IG: wouldJesuswatchthat


19- Movies Based on Book with Bobby Wesson of Alabama Nation

This week I'm joined by Bobby Wesson of Alabama Nation and we talk film adaptations of books. We also give a little news related to Star Wars(as usual). Be sure to check out the new trailer for Fantastic Beasts 2. As always email the show at wouldJesuswatchthat@gmail.com, twitter= @wJwtpod, IG= wouldJesuswatchthat


18- Olympics with Holly

Just a quick Olympic episode with my beautiful and very pregnant wife, Holly. Hope everyone enjoyed the games as much as we did. Please rate and review. Feel free to contact us by email at wouldJesuswatchthat@gmail.com, Twitter= wJwtpod, IG= wouldJesuswatchthat


17- Black Panther thoughts, old Star Wars news, and Billy Graham with Shawn!

This week Shawn and I discuss Black Panther, Star Wars(as usual), Cloverfield: Paradox, and even talk a little about Billy Graham. Shout out to Fun Sexy Bible Time! Please rate and review it helps a lot! Email at wouldJesuswatchthat@gmail.com, twitter @wJwtpod and IG: wouldJesuswatchthat


16 The Monster In The Hollows(Wingfeather Saga) with Holly and Lauren

This week Holly, Lauren, and I discuss the third book in The Wingfeather Saga, The Monster In The Hollows. We have a brief spoiler free section but highly recommend reading the book prior to listening! We love hearing from you! Email us at wouldJesuswatchthat@gmail.com Twitter @wJwtpod IG: wouldJesuswatchthat Please rate and review!


15- MCU with Eric and Shane from Not Your Momma's Christian Podcast

This week I'm joined by Eric and Shane of Not Your Momma's Christian Podcast and we talk all things Marvel Cinematic Universe! Also a shoutout to Mockingbird website for putting out great content. Check out NYM Christian podcast! Email= wouldJesuswatchthat@gmail.com twitter @wJwtpod IG: wouldJesuswatchthat


0014 James Bond with Jonathan of Jettison Ink

This week Jonathan of JettisonInk.com and I talk all things James Bond. I apologize for the audio problems but he was a great guest and can't wait to have him back. Make sure to check out his great blog at jettisonink.com or contact him at @jettisonink on twitter. Email the show anytime at wouldJesuswatchthat@gmail.com, IG= wouldJesuswatchthat, twitter @wJwtpod support the show by rating and reviewing on itunes!


13 A look at 2018 with Scott Higa from The Christian Nerd!

I was so honored this week to have The Christian Nerd himself, Scott Higa, on to help me look toward all the great entertainment we have to look forward to this year! Check out his podcast at "The Christian Nerd" on all podcast apps, @ScottHiga or @Christian_Nerd on twitter. Contact us at wouldJesuswatchthat on IG, Twitter = wJwtpod or email the show at wouldJesuswatchthat@gmail.com


12 Merry Christmas and Happy The Last Jedi viewing!

This week Shawn and I talk about Christmas movies, traditions, and is Die Hard a Christmas movie final decision. We dive into why we think The Last Jedi is great, while also going full blown apologetics mode on the naysayers. Thanks for listening all! Email us at wouldJesuswatchthat@gmail.com FB= facebook.com/groups/wouldJesuswatchthat IG=wouldJesuswatchthat Twitter= wjwtpod


11 The Pre Last Jedi Episode with Shawn and Justin

This week Shawn, Justin, and I talk about our hype leading up to The Last Jedi and what we liked in The Force Awakens. We also discuss the Fox Movies/Disney merger. We encourage everyone to go see TLJ opening night if possible. Email us at wouldJesuswatchthat@gmail.com Twitter = wjwtpod FB= facebook.com/groups/wouldJesuswatchthat instagram = wouldJesuswatchthat


10- Infinity War Trailer/ Alternative Justice League Movie ideas! Second half is ep01 replay

No guest this week just your boy Erick here talking about the Infinity War Trailer and an alternative script to Justice League. The second half of the episode is a replay from our first episode. $50 gift card given away listen to the episode for details. Email us at wouldJesuswatchthat@gmail.com. Twitter @wJwtpod Insta= wouldJesuswatchthat and fb at facebook.com/groups/wouldJesuswatchthat


09 Wingfeather Saga books 1&2 with Lauren and Holly also news updates of Fantastic Beast sequel cast and upcoming Infinity War trailer

We start out with our hype surrounding the now released Infinity War trailer, then move to our thoughts on the Fantastic Beasts sequel cast. We get to our main topic of The Wingfeather Saga books 1(On the Edge of the Dark Sea of Darkness) & 2(North! Or be Eaten). Spoiler free review up until 0:25:00 Shout out to our recommendation of @NerdofGodcast and their podcast. Email us at wouldJesuswatchthat@gmail.com join our facebook group at facebook.com/groups/wouldJesuswatchthat twitter =...


008 HATEWATCH: Justice League! Shawn joins me as we debate on whether or not Justice League is good or terrible

Happy Thanksgiving! Shawn joins the podcast to discuss if Justice League is good or awful! Spoilers as usual, beware we do get into flashpoint briefly. Please share with your friends. Email the show at wouldJesuswatchthat@gmail.com follow on twitter @wJwtpod join the group at facebook.com/groups/wouldJesuswatchthat


Stranger Things season 2 review and HUGE Star Wars news with Shawn, Josh, and Justin!

FULL SPOILERS AHEAD!!! In this week's episode we talk about the new massive Star Wars news. We also tell ya'll how we feel about season 2 of Stranger Things. At the end Josh and I talk a little about why we think most Christian movies are bad. Please follow the podcast on twitter @wJwtpod, facebook at facebook.com/groups/wouldJesuswatchthat or email us at wouldJesuswatchthat@gmail.com Rate and reviews are always appreciated!


Thor Ragnarock Review Spoiler-free and Spoiler additions, Disney getting Marvel?, and recommendations with Holly

This week Holly and I review the newest Thor movie. We also have a huge rumor to discuss to go along with our recommendations and things we are looking forward to. Listen to the episode for details on our $50 gift card giveaway. Please subscribe to the podcast, follow us on twitter @wJwtpod, join our facebook group at facebook.com/groups/wouldjesuswatchthat or email at wouldJesuswatchthat@gmail.com. Rate and Reviews always welcome!