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Writers Group Therapy is a podcast by writers for writers. We cover timeless topics for writers on the craft, important issues related to the business of writing, and interviews with up-and-coming and established writers, agents, and other people who will appear in a writer's life at some point in their journey.

Writers Group Therapy is a podcast by writers for writers. We cover timeless topics for writers on the craft, important issues related to the business of writing, and interviews with up-and-coming and established writers, agents, and other people who will appear in a writer's life at some point in their journey.


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Writers Group Therapy is a podcast by writers for writers. We cover timeless topics for writers on the craft, important issues related to the business of writing, and interviews with up-and-coming and established writers, agents, and other people who will appear in a writer's life at some point in their journey.








Session #154 - Dennis Lehane - “Black Bird” Writer and Showrunner

In this session, we talk with novelist and screenwriter/showrunner Dennis Lehane. His award-winning novels and the film adaptations spawned major feature films such as “Shutter Island,” “Mystic River” and “Gone Baby Gone.” The show’s he’s written for, “The Wire” and “Boardwalk Empire,” are always at the top of everyone’s “best written show” lists. We discuss his journey and his latest project, the true crime limited series on AppleTV+ “Black Bird” starring Taron Egerton. SHOW NOTES: Black...


Session #153 - Interview with Maggie Cohn Showrunner of HBOMax’s “The Staircase”

Maggie Cohn, one of the show runners and writers of The Staircase, the new HBOMax true crime series is our guest for this session. Maggie won a Golden Globe for writing and producing American Crime Story: Versace and previously co-executive produced Narcos. SHOW NOTES: Official Trailer"The Staircase" on HBOMax"The Staircase" on IMDB


Session #152 - WGT’s Annual Pilot Season Analysis - It’s a Wild, Wild Pilot Season

Are the broadcast networks just going through the motions this pilot season? With each having its own streamer, are we seeing the last days of the traditional pilot season? What does this mean for writers? And Tom remembers the day so of Saturday morning cartoon pilot season. SHOW NOTES: Tom was wrong, “The X-Files” was not a mid-season replacement show. The first season was a full 24 episodes running from September 1993-May 1994. It was a Friday night show, which were shows that weren’t...


Session #151 - The Economics of Entertainment

Getting in, staying in and consuming entertainment all take a certain amount of resources. We discuss how to prioritize where you put your time, money and heart into the entertainment industry, both as an artist and as a consumer. SHOW NOTES: None this episode


Session #150 - Rachanee Lumayno talks about “Heir of Memory & Shadow” – Kingdom Legacy Series Book #2

Our own Rachanee Lumayno takes the hot seat to discuss the release of “Heir of Memory & Shadow” Book #2 of the Kingdom Legacy YA Fantasy series. We discuss was it like writing a second book in a series, self-publishing and marketing the books and what’s next in the Kingdom. SHOW...


Session #149 - Writing for Games with David Bergantino

David Bergantino shares his 30 years of interactive storytelling with companies like Disney and Nickelodeon. David’s company, Cold Room Entertainment, recently released “Dying Light 2.” David is also a novelist with 11 novels, including the novelization of Wes Craven’s “New Nightmare.” SHOW NOTES Dying Light 2: https://dl2.dyinglightgame.com Cold Room Entertainment: coldroomentertainment.com LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/david-bergantino-98110686/ FB author’s page:...


Session #148 - Amazon closes MGM deal. What it means for screenwriters

Amazon has closed its deal to by MGM that it announced in May 2021. How will the purchase of the 98 year old studio impact Amazon Prime, Hollywood, consumers and, of course, writers. SHOW NOTES: THR: MGM’s Amazon Era Begins With Big, Unanswered QuestionsMGM Television ProgramsMGM


Session #147 - Interview with Lauryn Kahn - “Fresh” Screenwriter

In this session, Tom talks with Lauryn Kahn, the screenwriter of “Fresh,” the new indie thriller starring Daisy Edgar-Jones and Sebastian Stan that took Sundance by storm. The film, produced by Adam McKay (“The Other Guys,” “Step Brothers”) and Searchlight Pictures, was acquired by Hulu. SHOW NOTES: "Fresh" is available to stream on Hulu Lauryn on IG: https://www.instagram.com/laurynkahn/ Lauryn on Twitter: https://twitter.com/youdonknowme Fresh premiered at the Sundance Film Festival...


Session #146 - Interview with Paul Kalburgi - Writer and host of The Writer’s Toolkit book and podcast

Paul Kalburgi is a British screenwriter, playwright and TV producer, as well as author and podcast host of the book and podcast “The Writer’s Toolkit.” He discusses his journey as a writer, his process and the tools he uses in his craft. Guest host Sam Gasch. SHOW NOTES: Paul’s website and “The Writers Toolkit”: https://www.paulkalburgi.com/thewriterstoolkitbook TW: https://twitter.com/PaulKalburgi IG: https://www.instagram.com/paulkalburgi/ YouTube:...


Session #145 - Interview with The Story Merchant Ken Atchity

This session, we have the multitalented Ken Atchity, a best-selling author, producer, literary manger, professor and editor who aptly goes by the moniker The Story Merchant. He got his B.A. at Georgetown, his Ph.D. at Yale. He was a tenured professor of comparative literature at Occidental College and a distinguished instructor at UCLA Writers program. He’s worked in publishing and filmmaking and is a member of the TV Academy of Arts and Sciences as well as the Producer’s Guild. SHOW...


Session #144 - Interview with “Scream” screenwriter James Vanderbilt

This session, we’re excited to have with us James Vanderbilt, a screenwriter and producer with over 20 years of major feature film experience including blockbusters such as White House Down, The Amazing Spider-Man 1 and 2, and, one of Tom’s favorites, The Rundown. He is also the Chief Content Officer of Project X Entertainment. SHOW NOTES: James on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/jamesthevan Project X Entertainment: https://www.projectxentertainment.com Scream movie website:...


Session #144 - Does Script Length Matter?

Streaming services have broken the mold on episode length. In this session, we discuss how they’ve changed the measuring stick on script length and where, when and if it still matters. SHOW NOTES: None this show


Session #142 - Quantity vs quality. Is the filler episode dead?

With shorter and shorter seasons, accelerated by streamers with big budget, high-quality event shows, has the era of 24 episode season containing the inevitable filler episode come to an end? And how would this change impact writers? SHOW NOTES: NY Times: Streaming TV’s Boom Is a Mixed Blessing for Some Hollywood WritersVulture.com: The Business of Too Much TV9 Best Clip Show Episodes On TV, Ranked According To IMDbWikipedia: The Clip Show


Session #141 - Old Year/New Year - End of Year Wrap Up

In this session, we look back at the year behind us and at the year ahead and talk about how the industry has changed and where it’s going, our past goals, accomplishments, and future plans. SHOW NOTES: https://books2read.com/rachaneehttps://www.amazon.com/dp/1736181114http://www.wordcursion


Session #140 -Gifts for the Writer in Your Life

Seasons Greetings! We hope all your holidays are happy and healthy. In this session, we chat about the holidays and what we, as writers, think would make great gifts for the writer in your life. SHOW NOTES: https://share.purple.com/by/WGTherapyhttps://www.masterclass.comhttps://www.inktip.comhttps://www.networkisa.orghttps://filmfreeway.com


Session #139 - Interview with “Eternals” Screenwriting Team Kaz & Ryan Firpo

This session, we chat with cousins Kaz and Ryan Firpo who teamed up as screenwriters and filmmakers and discuss their separate journeys and writing Marvel’s “Eternals” and their other upcoming projects. Show Notes: https://www.instagram.com/ryan.firpo/https://www.instagram.com/kazfirpo/https://www.imdb.com/title/tt9032400


Session #138 - A Moving Interview with Tom

The end of an era. Tom is leaving Los Angeles and heading back to Cleveland, Ohio. We discuss his nine years in Hollywood, what he accomplished, learned, and what he’s taking with him to continue screenwriting outside of Tinsel Town. SHOW NOTES: Literary Cleveland: https://www.litcleveland.org Cleveland Film Commission: https://www.clevelandfilm.com Cleveland Indie Club: https://www.facebook.com/groups/clevelandindieclub


Session #137 - Interview with Zimran Jacob, Screenwriter & Showrunner‘s Assistant

In this session, we talk with Zimran Jacob, writer and showrunner’s assistant on shows including “Narcos,” “The Punisher,” and “Hannibal.” He delves into his path to becoming a writer and what it takes to be an effective showrunner’s assistant. SHOW NOTES: Roadmap Writers: https://www.roadmapwriters.com WAN Writers Workshop: https://writersassistants.com Zimran on: https://twitter.com/zimranjacobhttps://www.imdb.com/name/nm5900463/ UCLA Extension Writing Program:...


Session #136: We’re back! Or “I Know What You Did Last Summer”

Rachanee and Tom are back from their pandemic Summer breaks with updates on what they and the industry have been up to and what’s coming next. SHOW NOTES: Listen to Rachanee on “Two Book Bitches” Listen to Tom talk James Cameron’s “The Abyss” with Sam Gasch on the Ideal Remake podcast “Heir of Amber and Fire” is the first book in Rachanee’s Kingdom Legacy series. Available online at these e-bookstores: https://books2read.com/rachanee On Amazon -...


Session #135 - Year 4 Wrap Up! Wordcursion and Heir of Amber and Fire

Looking for some Summer reading or a new game to while away the hours? This session, we discuss our recent projects; Rachanee’s new YA fantasy novel “Heir of Amber and Fire” and Tom’s just launched head-to-head mobile word find game “Wordcursion.” Both are available at links below in the show notes. This session marks the end of our 4th year! We’ll be on Summer break for a the next couple months. Look for new sessions in August. Thanks for listening! SHOW NOTES: Wordcursion on Google...