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Will the police actually arrest you for smoking weed? Is Instagram making you miserable? Can you ever get rich from gambling? In VICE UK's new podcast, we attempt to answer the kind of questions that we're always thinking about but are too complicated for Google to answer.

Will the police actually arrest you for smoking weed? Is Instagram making you miserable? Can you ever get rich from gambling? In VICE UK's new podcast, we attempt to answer the kind of questions that we're always thinking about but are too complicated for Google to answer.
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Will the police actually arrest you for smoking weed? Is Instagram making you miserable? Can you ever get rich from gambling? In VICE UK's new podcast, we attempt to answer the kind of questions that we're always thinking about but are too complicated for Google to answer.




Is London Becoming More Dangerous Cos Of Petty Squabbles On WhatsApp?

Knives, acid and guns - London has become an ugly place for many of its residents. But what is behind the rise in violent attacks? Police funding, drugs, social media or maybe something else? Featuring Ceryl, a Youth Worker in London, plus Max Daly, VICE Reporter. Hosted by Sam Wolfson.


Is It Alright To Go To Bed On An Argument?

Diets, morning routines and meditation - this week we’re talking about the world of self help and life advice. VICE’s Zing Tsjeng, Sirin Kale and Emma Garland bring their advice to The Game Show. Hosted by your lad Sam Wolfson.


Can You Get Arrested For Basically Doing Nothing At All?

Did you know you could get arrested for skateboarding, being out late, or gathering in a group of two of more? Hear from someone using PSPOs on behalf of the Council, someone at a charity supporting homeless people who are being handed PSPOs, and someone utilising PSPOs to fight for something she believes in. Hosted by Sam Wolfson, with reports from VICE’s Mark Wilding.


Are Teenagers Today Cooler Than They’ve Ever Been?

They've got better dress sense and they look after themselves better, but do today's teenagers know how to have fun? Hear from Charlie Barker, model and Insta-influencer, Reebok’s Creative Director, plus a bunch of excited teens at a London Supreme drop. Hosted by Sam Wolfson, Executive Ed at VICE UK.


Is There Anything More Infuriating Than Insomnia?

Everyone thinks that their problems are bigger than your problems, right? Hear from a girl who's allergic to sunlight, a guy who can't visualise things in his head, and an insomniac. Sam Wolfson, Executive Ed at VICE UK (who also suffers from dyspraxia) hosts our first ever game show.


Do Middle Class People Need To Learn To Integrate?

Integration is usually discussed in terms of immigrant communities becoming more “British”. But what happens when hipsters move to areas where immigrants have lived for years and start bringing their coffee shops and cobbled streets? Sam Wolfson, Executive Ed at VICE UK, alongside Poppy Noor, VICE Journalist, investigates.


Yeah... We're back!

Google not working anymore? Don't worry, we'll sort you. Sam Wolfson and co are not promising clear answers, because life is not that simple, but SE3 of Yeah, But It's Not As Simple As That does have a bunch of interesting reports, discussions, and even a gameshow!


Manchester International Festival

Series 3 is coming soon but in the meantime here's a little bit of what happened at the Vice Census Live at Manchester International Festival


Should We Let Tracking Devices Make Our Decisions For Us?

This week we speak to Yuval Noah Harari about his book Homo Deus, and ask whether we are now at a point where our technology is starting to know us better than we know ourselves. Should we just hand over decision-making power to our fitbits, Facebook and other devices that track our health and personality? We also hear from a company that has created a kegel tracker that goes inside your vagina, and talk to Vice regulars about whether whether there is any point in resisting technological...


Could You Have Sex With A Stranger Tonight?

It's never been easier to have sex with a stranger, if you're single and on Tinder you could basically go home with someone every single night. But most of us don't do that, and not because we don't like having sex but because the people we meet somehow don't live up to our standards. Of course some people are simply tactless or cruel, but mostly it's little things that upset us. Tiny little dealbreakers – a goatee, bad footwear, the word "lush" – that stop us going home with...


Can You Love Someone When You Don't Love Yourself?

This week, we look at some of the difficult questions around mental health and relationships. Can you break up with someone who's depressed? Should you tell a tinder date about a mental health problem? How does anxiety affect your sex life? We hear a couple that broke up because of issues around sex and wellbeing, Emily Reynolds wrestles with the hard questions of dating with mental health problems and the artist Hannah Perry makes a case for rethinking our attitudes to "mad" behaviour.


Should You Quit Your Crappy Job?

Unemployment is a real problem for a lot of people and one we spend a lot of time talking about. But there's also the more niggling, first-world, problem of being stuck in a job that was just supposed to be a stop-gap, feeling undermotivated, wanting to quit but fearing the lack of security. When's the right time to quit your job? We hear from people who tried it with wildly varying results, then Joel Golby give us his Cosmo-style "Should you quit your job?" quiz.


Is Social Media An Addiction?

Most of us accept we're a bit hooked on social media, but for a lot of people it goes further than that. This week we hear from three people whose lives have been changed by social media: a junkie who can't quit Instagram, a writer who didn't like it when Twitter turned on him and a Vice writer who has unusual relationship with her Facebook stalker.


Is Smoking Weed Effectively Legal Now?

Some police forces have stopped prosecuting people for possessing small amounts of cannabis, instead diverting them into government programmes if they're caught. Does that mean weed is basically legal now? We hear from the police, weed smokers and people who've got caught to find out the legal status of weed in the UK.


Is Christmas Just For Kids?

It's the last podcast of the year, so we're heading to the pub to talk about the pains and pleasures of Christmas in your 20s: relentless drinking, bonking in your childhood bed and drunk parents. Also, Oobah asks people when they found out Santa wasn't real, and we enjoy a problematic Christmas quiz.


Was 2016 Really That Shit?

It's our review of the year, 2016. We discuss why everyone saying "2016 is shit" is shit, and we're joined by John Madden, the man behind the Sun Apologises twitter account, to talk about fake news and misreporting this year. All that, plus Vice's human guinea pig Oobah reflects on his year bothering the general public in outlandish ways.


Do Teenagers Worry About The Same Things As Adults?

We're constantly reading that this generation of young people are going to be worse off than their parents, but how does that make them feel? In this week's podcast we spoke to a group of 15 and 16-year-olds about the problems they face as they see them. What they told us was surprising: they've never been to a houseparty, they photoshop their selfies and they're still not sure whether it's ok to be openly gay in school. We discuss everything from Islamophobia to sexting. Plus, Charlotte...


Has Everything Been Done Before?

Anyone who has ever tried to be creative – in music, the arts, in their filing system at their shit temp job – has at some point felt the sinking feeling that they will never come up with anything new; that everything has been done before. And this feeling only intensifies as the internet continues to give us free, easy access to every cultural product in recent human history. So has originality really died for good? In this week's podcast, performance artist Marina Abramovic, PC Music's...


Is It OK To Masturbate To Facebook Photos?

Our lives are full of moral grey areas, things our parents' generation never had to worry about. Is it ok to send the same line to 10 different people on Tinder? Is it better to tell all your previous sexual partners about an STI individually, or on a group thread? Is it wrong to sleep with someone who's already in a relationship, even if they tell you they're "basically broken up" anyway. This week on the VICE podcast, our team of Vice contributors discuss modern moral quandaries, from...


Is My Mental Health Problem Affecting My Job?

Our jobs and our mental health are obviously linked: if you're suffering from anxiety or depression, it can affect your ability to work, while the stresses of work itself can be a trigger for mental health issues. It's in bosses' interests to have a mentally healthy workforce, yet most chose to look the other way: 56 percent of employers say they wouldn't hire someone with depression if they knew about it. This week on the podcast, we're joined by Alastair Campbell, the spin doctor during...