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#53 - The Beautycon Low-down - #Diaries

Lainey and I survive yet, another crazy celeb stalking adventure! The dream team is back reporting live from Beautycon to give you all the inside scoop... And that includes, Kylie's ex lips, Kim Kardashian's journey towards proper motherhood etiquette and of course, the latest FASHIONABLY LATTE metldown... This episode was brought to you by BIOCLARITY: - Code: DIANA for 50% off !! SUBSCRIBE TO THE FASHIONABLY LATTE PODCAST:...


#52 - Started with Music... Now We Here - Chelsea Alden

After minutes of PDA during a rather formal HOLLYWIRE interview, '13 Reasons Why' correspondent (and cast member) Chelsea Alden and I reunite for our most unfiltered discussion yet. The Netflix actress (in the role of Mackenzie) started her career as a recording artist... So there's that! FOLLOW CHELSEA: BIOCLARITY: a green skincare brand that will help you achieve healthy, soft and beautiful skin in days! It is basically like green juice for your...


#51 - We're Into Functional Fashion (And Why You Should be Too) - #Rundown

Function and fashion are two things I never thought would collide... Until meeting Anne Zanussi: fashion entrepreneur and CEO of Sintillia. Get ready for an informative episode, discussing functional fashion items you NEED ASAP, Kim Kardashian 'cultural appropriation' as well as Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson's express engagement... GET A NEW AND HEALTHY SKINCARE REGIME NOW! Code: DIANA (for 50% off your first month) !! Follow Annie:...


#50 - How Much Of a Wellness Hoe Are You? - #Diaries

As an avid Angelino and lifestyle connoisseur, my Wellness Hoe impulses were put to the test. Fellow podcaster Craig MacNeil (Pumprules Podcast) joins me for a 'How Much of a Wellness Hoe Are You' quiz, discussing weird snacks, hypocritical tendencies and overall wellness hoe behaviour. PASSION PLANNER GIVEAWAY: PASSION PLANNER: / Code: CANTSITWITHME10 for 10% off PUMPRULES POD: WRITE AND GET FEATURED! Any...


Bonus Episode: #WokeUpThisWayChallenge for Mental Wellness

Lainey (fashionlaine) is back on the podcast, and for a good cause this time... On this bonus episode, we talk about the #WokeUpThisWayChallenge and how YOU can get involved, to promote social wellness. FOLLOW LAINEY: INSTRUCTIONS BLOG POST: E-MAIL FOR PASSION PLANNER GIVEAWAY: (Discount code: CANTSITWITHME10) WRITE AND GET FEATURED! Any advice, rants, or...


#55 - Shortcomings & Bringing Elle Woods Back - Brittany Ross & Natalie Lander

In the capital of pretend perfection, Brittany Ross and Natalie Lander from the Shortcomings Podcast are here to remind you it is OKAY to fall short. The two actresses / hosts join me to discuss their biggest life fails. The conversation moves on to Legally Blonde making a comeback and the latest Vanderpump Rules engagement! Who cares, perfection is so overrated anyway... PASSION PLANNER GIVEAWAY: - Code: CANTSITWITHME10 SHORTCOMINGS...


#54 - What Happens in Summer House - Cristina Gibson

If you’re a Bravo enthusiast, you must already know that ‘Summer House' is basically the Hamptons version of Vanderpump Rules. Except these guys get filmed in their bedrooms too! Insider Cristina Gibson is back sharing her experience, what it’s like being on a reality show, working with Bravo and the ups and downs of a public life New York. FOLLOW CRISTINA: WRITE AND GET FEATURED! Any advice, rants, or news tips welcome!...


#53 - Instahusbands and Faux-minism - #Rundown

In a traumatic era of pop culture (with one iconic relationship after the other failing miserably), electro / pop band Violet Days stops by the studio to celebrate the release of latest single 'Just a Little,' and grace us with a hint of hope for love. The episode is obviously followed by a traditional Pop Culture Rundown; covering Taylor Swift's struggles to own her dirty drops and commercial material, as well as Ariana Grande's most recent breakup and 'faux-ministic' tweets... FOLLOW...


#52 - 13 Reasons Why - Anne Winters

If you’re familiar with MY ALL-TIME FAVOURITE SHOW 13 Reasons Why (I am sure you are) – you’re going to want to know all about this week’s guest: Anne Winters! In celebration of Season 2 finally coming out, the new star of the show took part in a '13 Reasons Why' game explaining her whys and why nots. FOLLOW ANNIE: WRITE AND GET FEATURED! Any advice, rants, or news tips welcome! WEBSITE: FIND ME ON:...


#51 - Love & Loathing LA - Caroline Juen

After shamefully sliding into her DMs, Diana welcomes favourite lifestyle blogger Caroline Juen (Love & Loathing LA Blog) for an 'Anti-Basic Bitch' guide to enjoying LA... Get ready to live your best Hollywood life, people... FOLLOW CAROLINE: LOVE AND LOATHING LA: WRITE AND GET FEATURED! Any advice, rants, or news tips welcome! WEBSITE: FIND ME ON: Instagram:...


#50 - Real House-Byes - Cheris Dillon 'Let's Talk TV' Podcast

Cheris Dillon from the Let's Talk TV podcast joins Diana on a mini #RHOB rant. After seeing Reunion Numero Uno, needless to say the two podcasters were left feeling... underwhelmed. FOLLOW CHERIS: Let's Talk TV Podcast: WRITE AND GET FEATURED! Any advice, rants, or news tips welcome! WEBSITE: FIND ME ON: Instagram:...


#49 - Spott Me a Gram - Adam Spott

Yet again, Adam Spott from Vanderpump Rules joins me to discuss millennial topics: relationships in the glitz and glam of Hollywood, some valuable Instagram strategies and HASHTAG BLOGGER dos and donts... Because nobody is a legit blogger until they have blatantly promoted a product they would never be caught dead using / wearing... FOLLOW ADAM: WRITE ME AND GET FEATURED! Any advice, rants, or news tips welcome! WEBSITE:...


#48 - Last but Not Least - #Reality

It feels like the end of an era recapping the last #VanderpumpRules Episode from Season 6. This one brings us back to high school graduation... Lisa is totally a proud mom sending her kids off to college except they aren't kids... They are over 30, and most definitely going anywhere before the new season begins. Diana and Olivia cover it ALL, in the most unapologetic (and sometimes, gross) way. FOLLOW OLIVIA: WRITE ME AND GET FEATURED! Any...


#47 - Reporting Live from #NoChella - Cristina Gibson

What is there to enjoy more than a Bravo commentary from an ACTUAL cast member, who also happens to be a journalist (and truly *GETS* the struggles)? NOTHING! Accompanied by Cristina Gibson (Summer House), Diana covers the #Nochella life and reasons it should never be okay to be a 'pretend music connoisseur' for social media content. Cristina also shares details on Beyonce's makeup look, from her makeup artist himself! If you're expecting some Summer House juice, you're going to have to...


#46 - Thanks for the Boob Job - #Reality

Diana and Olivia are back for another #RealityOG segment recapping Vanderpump Rules. And honestly, ARE JAX AND BRITTANY ACTUALLY BROKEN UP?! Despite being impressed by Jax selflessly looking out for Brittany's best interest, Diana and Olivia were quickly brought back to reality (and their original opinion of Jax) once he picked the peppers off her pizza and ate it in less than 5 minutes after she stormed out. #FAIL FOLLOW OLIVIA: WRITE ME AND GET...


#45 - Who Needs a PromPosal? - Anne Winters

If you're familiar with '13 Reasons Why' (you most definitely are) - you're going to want to know all about this week's guest: Anne Winters! As we are all patiently waiting for season 2, the next star of the upcoming season discusses PromPosals, high school days, her love for RHOB and traditional path towards becoming one of the most iconic actresses of our generation! Follow Anne: WRITE ME AND GET FEATURED! Any advice, rants, or news tips welcome!...


#44 - SO Many Douches - #Reality

This week's Vanderpump Rules 'Reiki Breaky Heart,' featured one of the most catastrophic amount of douchiness seen on the show yet. From Patrick's FAILED GOT analogy and fluffy Kumbaya life lessons, to Jax's compulsive desire to treat his woman like shit (and let's not forget about Tom Sandoval's obsession with Tom Tom, failing to remember about his starring feature in Ariana's cocktail book) - girls let's be honest, if you're thinking of getting into the mix... RUN! Diana & Olivia Gabaree...


#43 - Let's Talk Housewives - Danny Pellegrino

Ever dreamed of having a sassy, hilarious best friend to unapologetically JUDGE Real Housewives with (and not be judged for it yourself)? Clearly, Diana's prayers have been heard... Her wishes came to life in the form of an embarrassing display of her hypocritical tendencies, accompanied by Danny Pellegrino - from the Everything Iconic Podcast! Danny shares some insight into his extensive Reality TV knowledge, including housewives meltdowns, reality tv dos and donts, as well as answering...


#42 - Maybe Just The Tip - #RealityOG

Most have heard the saying "history repeats itself," and judging from Carter's face, he's probably heard it to. Diana And Olivia disagree over this week's Vanderpump Rules epsiode; TheReal_O-G is not buying that Kristen and James didn't hook up. Playing it cool is kind of a must when covering up the truth, or at least attempting to? Obviously, Jax didn't get that memo, judging by his meltdown and over-the-top display of middle fingers. So.... Was it just the tip? Would you flip off the...


#47 - Spott On Charisma - Adam Spott

There are few things in life Diana loves as much as her puppy, unicorns, a pop culture scandal and her recent addiction to chilli mangos. One of those things is being proven wrong by Vanderpump Cast Members. After referring to the newest addition as: Adam: Charisma of an Oyster, Diana had the pleasure of having Adam Spott himself come chat about life, modelling, relationships, dating apps, some juicy info, and finally, prove her wrong... He may be low key on the internet, but after...