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Welcome to How Music Charts, a music business podcast by Chartmetric. Join the music industry's brightest minds as they bridge data, culture, and creativity in real time. Looking for more? Sign up for a free account at, subscribe to Beats & Bytes at, and reach out on our socials.

Welcome to How Music Charts, a music business podcast by Chartmetric. Join the music industry's brightest minds as they bridge data, culture, and creativity in real time. Looking for more? Sign up for a free account at, subscribe to Beats & Bytes at, and reach out on our socials.


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Welcome to How Music Charts, a music business podcast by Chartmetric. Join the music industry's brightest minds as they bridge data, culture, and creativity in real time. Looking for more? Sign up for a free account at, subscribe to Beats & Bytes at, and reach out on our socials.








How Bandsintown Helps Artists Get Seen With Fabrice Sergent

Our guest today is Fabrice Sergent, Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Bandsintown, where they “believe that live music is one of the last ‘tribal experiences’ which creates happiness and understanding in the world. Their mission is to help artists build a sustainable future through virtual live streams, music releases, merchandise and traditional live events promotion. With a reach of 250 million Monthly Active music fans globally, over 67m registered concert goers and 550k touring artists...


Navigating the Music Business With The Outlaw Ocean Project's Ian Urbina

Our guest today is Ian Urbina, the director of The Outlaw Ocean Project. The project is a non-profit journalism organization based in Washington, D.C., that produces investigative stories about human rights, environment, and labor concerns on the open seas. Urbina won a Pulitzer Prize for Breaking News and a George Polk Award for Foreign Reporting. Several of his stories have been adapted into major feature films, and his reporting for a New York Times Magazine article called The Secret...


The Power of Music Metadata With Byta Founder Marc Brown

Our guest today is Marc Brown, Founder of Byta, a music sharing app that lets artists, studios, and managers share, collaborate on, and promote secure music files before uploading them to streaming services. Marc is currently based in Stockholm, Sweden, though he is originally from Canada and spent many years in London working in A&R and artist promotion. On this episode, we discuss how he came to found Byta, what sets the app apart from DropBox and Soundcloud, and what this might mean for...


A Fireside Chat With Chartmetric Founder Sung Cho

Before starting Chartmetric, Sung worked on Sales Cloud as the Principal Product Manager at Oracle Corporation. Prior to that, he was the first employee/engineer at the publicly-traded gaming company Gamevil (which has a Market Cap of $400MM), where he initiated mobile game development and eventually positioned the company as a leading mobile game developer. Sung graduated with a bachelor’s degree of electrical engineering and computer science from Seoul National University, and an MBA from...


Disrupting Live Music With DICE President Russ Tannen

Russ Tannen is President of DICE, a UK- and now NYC-based mobile ticketing, live streaming, and live music recommendation platform that partners directly with venues, labels, and promoters to bring upfront pricing to live music fans (no fees are added at checkout, so the price you see at first is the price you get). Before rising through the ranks at DICE, Russ spent many years as an artist manager at Deadly Management during — and after — his time as an Events Manager at Vice Media. Before...


Music Trends in Arab Countries With Firas Abou Fakher

The Arab nations have rarely been viewed as important markets by the global music industry. And artists from the region have only ever achieved modest international success. Until 20 years ago, exactly the same could be said of countless other countries. Today, markets like Latin America and South Korea produce global superstars with astonishing regularity. If you want more free insights, follow our podcast, our blog, and our socials. If you're an artist with a free Chartmetric account,...


Lessons for Artists and Leaders With Stem CEO Milana Lewis

Our guest today is Milana Lewis, Co-Founder and CEO of Stem, a platform making it easier for artists, managers, labels and brands to distribute music, manage contracts, share data, split royalties, and stay independent. After six years working in talent agencies, spending the majority of that time as a Digital Media Agent with United Talent Agency, Milana started Stem in 2015 with the goal of simplifying how musicians and their teams pay collaborators. At the start of 2020, Stem announced...


How to Distribute and Monetize Your Music With UnitedMasters' Dave Melhado

UnitedMasters’ Head of Marketing David Melhado (mel-HEY-doh) is a New York City-based industry veteran who first cut his teeth in music marketing and management in the South, holding roles at Atlantic Records, iHeartRadio, StreamCut Media & RocNation. Connect With Dave on LinkedIn and check out UnitedMasters here. If you want more free insights, follow our podcast, our blog, and our socials. If you're an artist with a free Chartmetric account, sign up for the artist plan, made exclusively...


From Playlists to Mailing Lists With Aileen Crowley

On this episode, we chat with Aileen Crowley, former Vice President of Global Streaming Marketing at Universal Music Group. Before leaving the major label world in November 2020, Aileen devised data-driven streaming strategy for developing artists, working directly with artist management to translate streaming analytics, develop artist release strategies, and implement plans for audience growth. Prior to that, Aileen was the General Manager of DigSin, a subscription-based independent music...


How the TikTok Charts Influence the German Charts With Popakademie

Aqui Kumar, Jannick Steinke, Sebastian Gorki, and Valerian Dilger are music business students at the Popakademie in Germany. “Established in 2003, the Popakademie is a higher education institution for the music and creative industries and their pop cultural scenes. By focusing its study programmes on popular music, it offers an academic education that is unique in Germany's public university landscape.” In this context, the students are part of Popakademie’s SMIX.LAB. Founded in 2008 as an...


How to Think Like an Artist Manager With RAC Manager Zael Ellenhorn

Zael is a manager at YMU Group, a global talent management company with a roster that includes RAC, Kina, Ryan Caraveo, Ben Zaidi, and Oshi. Originally from Amherst, Massachusetts, Zael grew up around a lot of jazz, cows, and psychologists. After moving out to LA and building his own management company, Zael joined forces with YMU in late 2019 where he kicked things off by developing the marketing plan for RAC’s third studio album “BOY” before signing Kina and Ryan Caraveo in early...


The Data-Driven Fandom of BTS ARMY With Ami Patel

On this episode, we chat with Ami Patel, a writer for Water & Music and a passionate analyst of the international music scene. Ami is a music marketing strategist from Houston, Texas, with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing and Entrepreneurship from the University of Houston. She has a passion for artist development and the global music market and frequently shares her thoughts on current music trends and new music discoveries on her website. In June 2021, Patel penned a...


How Data is Redefining the Role of A&R in the Music Industry Today

On this episode, we chat with Tommaso Rocchi, a 2020 Master of Arts graduate of The Global Entertainment and Music Business program at Berklee College of Music in Valencia, Spain. As a former college radio Music Director at the University of Padua in northern Italy, Rocchi then moved on to Berklee to focus on copyright law, new business models, and data analytics. In September 2020, Rocchi penned a Chartmetric article entitled “How Data is Redefining the Role of A&R in the Music Industry...


Spotify Follower Ratio, Artist Growth & Fan Engagement With Components' Andrew Thompson

On this episode, we chat with Andrew Thompson, Editor and Founder of Components, a media and culture publication focused on data journalism. Originally from California, Andrew received a degree in Political Science and Government from Temple University before moving into journalism. Becoming increasingly interested in data and data science, Andrew eventually became the Data Editor and Audience Development Manager at design software startup Ceros and then the Editorial Director of video...


How to Promote Your Music in Southeast Asian Trigger Cities With Adam Kanwal

On this episode, we talk to Adam Kanwal about the article he wrote for the Chartmetric blog entitled, How to Promote Your Music in Southeast Asian Trigger Cities. Kanwal is a Digital Marketing and Analytics Consultant, working with artists including Amorphous, Still Woozy, Remi Wolf, Suzuki Saint, and Miss Madeline to analyze TikTok and YouTube trajectories, building campaigns from the ground up. He’s formed partnerships with over one hundred influencers globally, and has also served as the...


Music and Mental Health in the Streaming Era With Camille Lopez-Silvero

In honor of Mental Health Awareness Month, on this episode, we talk to Berklee's Camille Lopez-Silvero about the article she wrote for the Chartmetric blog entitled, The Under 27 Club: Music and Mental Health in the Streaming Era. Lopez-Silvero is a 2021 Global Entertainment and Music Business Master of Arts candidate at the Berklee College of Music program in Valencia, Spain, and a 2020 Northwestern University graduate. She currently serves as the Head of Marketing and Branding at...


Playlisting and Digital Strategies for Artists With Songular’s Sam Lee

On this episode, we talk to the Founder and Director of London-based firm Songular, Sam Lee. We discuss streaming playlist strategies to grow your audience, how TikTok may or may not be for every artist, and how music data may be important, but at the end of the day, it's better if #ArtistsBeArtists (Songular's hashtag) According to Songular’s website: “We amplify creative voices through forward-thinking digital services. Songular is an independent music company that empowers fearless...


The Rise of Regional Latin Music: Latin Music Genres Evolution With Francisco Toscano

Francisco Toscano is back to discuss the final part of our series on The Rise of Regional Latin Music. Here, we will preview where he sees not only Mexican Corridos or Colombian Cumbia going, and how these and other forms of Latin American genres are mixing to create new music for today’s younger generations. Francisco is an A&R Researcher for a major label, based in and from the great city of Ciudad de México, and has a background in financial services. He holds an MBA from ESADE, located...


The Rise of Regional Latin Music: Colombian Music Genres With Sony A&R Francisco Toscano

On this second episode in our Latin regional music series, we talk to A&R professional and expert in the Latin American music scene, Francisco Toscano, who released another English and Spanish version of an article on the Chartmetric blog entitled The Rise of Regional Latin Music, Part 2: Colombian Music Genres or El Ascenso Mundial de la Música Latinoamericana, Parte 2: Música Regional Colombiana. It is a white paper on four of the most popular Colombian genres being streamed today on all...


Hip-Hop Business Strategy With Trapital Founder Dan Runcie

On this episode, we speak with Dan Runcie, the Founder of the business/hip-hop/culture media company Trapital. Launching in early 2018, Trapital began as a subscription-based newsletter, but provides now features a podcast and a free weekly memo focusing on the business strategy of hip-hop, talking about topics like Beyoncé’s streaming strategy, how the hip-hop’s indie community has taken off and How Tyler, The Creator Built a Cult-Like Following. Trapital’s readers are music executives,...