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Recognizing The Emerging Cannabis Industry lacked Sophisticated Sales-Based Data

Today on 420 Cloud our host Alex Mardikian is joined by a Harvard MBA, former McKinsey consultant, and serial entrepreneur. He is the founder of BDS Analytics Roy Bingham. Bingham started BDS Analytics after recognizing that the emerging cannabis industry lacked the kind of sophisticated, sales-based data that is both commonplace and essential in other, more established industries. In those industries, market research – and consumer behavior – drive everything from new product development...


Meadow Care Popularly Known As The “Amazon of Weed”

Today on 420 Cloud's Cannabis Connection our host Alex Mardikian is Joined by David Hua the CEO and co-founder of Meadow Care popularly known as the “Amazon of Weed”. Hua is an entrepreneur, marketer, problem solver, and catalyst. Before that he was Head of Mobile Growth at Provide Commerce and Head of Platform at Sincerely where he focused on growth and marketing. Previously, he held the position as VP of Content at HealthCentral and Director of Blogger Relations at Wellsphere. In...


Point-of-Sale (POS) for Cannabis Dispensaries

Alex Markdikian talks about POS or Point of Sale with a former Apache helicopter pilot and Army captain, MIT graduate who has become one of the Cannabis Technology trendsetters, Socrates Rosenfeld, the CEO and Co-founder at Jane Technologies, Inc.


Celebrity Cannabis Licensing and Branding

Alex Mardikian talks about celebrity cannabis licensing and branding with the CEO of Purple Haze Properties, Andrew Pitsicalis.


Attract, Engage, and Nurture A Cannabis Customers Long-Term Loyalty

Today on 420 Clouds Cannabis Connection our host speaks to Guillermo Bravo the CEO of Foottraffik. Guillermo is CEO of the largest dispensary marketing agency in the country called Foottraffik, which helps dispensaries attract, engage, and nurture customers long-term loyalty.Guillermo Bravo has 11 years of experience applying my expertise to marketing teams in both the startup and agency environments. Guillermo Bravo's passion is spearheading initiatives to drive sales, expand lead...


The Front Lines of Cannabis Policy Reform

Today on 420 Cloud Alex speaks with Stephen DeAngelo, founder, and CEO of Harborside Health Center. Stephen has long been on the front lines of cannabis policy reform since he was a child in fact. Besides being the Co-Founder and CEO of Harborside Health Center in Oakland, CA he is also the President of the ArcView Group. Formerly, DeAngelo helped lead Ecolution, Inc., which produced industrial hemp products and sold them to retail stores in all 50 states and 21 countries. He also played...


Cannabis Industry Innovation and Investing

Alex welcomes Evan Eneman, Managing Partner at Casa Verde Capital. Casa Verde Capital makes early stage investments in innovative and fast-growing ancillary businesses in the emerging cannabis industry. Evan has a background in operations, risk management, compliance and business development, previously serving as a director at PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP. He holds a B.S. in Economics from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.


Pioneering a New TV Channel, 420 TV

Today on 420 Cloud Doug Lee Joins our host Alex Mardikian.Doug Lee was Involved in the planning and execution of over 20 networks/video services in the U.S., Europe, Latin America and Asia. He has created such cable channels like Epix. He created Noggin, the first educational children’s network that is a joint venture between Childrens Television Workshop, Nickelodeon, And he conceived and launched MGM HD. Doug is now pioneering a new TV channel, 420 TV. The 420TV channel will feature...


Female Leadership Will Foster More Gender and Diversity Influence In the Cannabis Space

Today on 420 Cloud’s Cannabis Connection your host Alex Mardikian is joined by Stormy Simon, Former President of Overstock.com. Stormy joined Overstock.com in 2001 She initially developed PR in-house, the Books, Music & Movie store, ran the warehouse, and many other processes, positions and departments. She moved up to VP of Branding to Senior VP to becoming company president in 2014. She left Overstock last summer with the company averaging over two billion dollars in revenue and being...


Lance Herbstrong Gets "Ripped" With Help From Grammy Award Winning Rapper

Kamal Soliman, a member of mashup artists Lance Herbstrong talks to us about their new music video for their first original song. “Ripped” featuring legendary Grammy Award-winning Big Daddy Kane.


Advance Technology Can Help in The Cannabis Industry

Today on 420 Cloud our guest is the Former President of both EA and Activision and former Call of Duty and Tony Hawk developer, Mr. Danny Hammett. Danny is now leading HKA Digital Studios, who are the makers of the marijuana tycoon mobile game Hemp Inc! In the game, you build your very own cannabis empire and go from a garage grower into dispensary royalty. They speak about his career from EA to where he is now as well as the development of Hemp Inc! Also they talk about how his background...


Consultant, Advocate and Cannabis Entrepreneur Chadd McKeen

Alex welcomes good friend and a seasoned consultant, advocate, and cannabis entrepreneur, Chadd McKeen. Among other projects, Chadd is working on his merchandise and marketing arm called Mic Mac Moe.


Diversity Support For New Cannabusiness Owners and Cannapren...

Diversity Support For New Cannabusiness Owners and Cannapreneurs as host Alex Mardikian speaks about that and more with NFL Super Bowl Player Marvin Washington.