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Join "Boogaloo Shrimp" Dennis Daniel and "The Boss, The Mon" John Pokémon as they dive into the worlds of animé, professional wrestling, and pop culture to bring you the best of all three worlds in one action-packed radio program. Remember, in the world of All Taste, anything can and WILL happen!

Join "Boogaloo Shrimp" Dennis Daniel and "The Boss, The Mon" John Pokémon as they dive into the worlds of animé, professional wrestling, and pop culture to bring you the best of all three worlds in one action-packed radio program. Remember, in the world of All Taste, anything can and WILL happen!
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Join "Boogaloo Shrimp" Dennis Daniel and "The Boss, The Mon" John Pokémon as they dive into the worlds of animé, professional wrestling, and pop culture to bring you the best of all three worlds in one action-packed radio program. Remember, in the world of All Taste, anything can and WILL happen!






Canterlot Radio - 201 - The Return of Canterlot Radio

In 2013, one show changed the format of Brony radio and introduced the concept of a show built by Bronies and for Bronies. Now, it makes its' triumphant return to BlogTalkRadio. It's the triumphant return of Canterlot Radio and its' host, the MC of MLP, Mic Check! This week, Mic Check gets caught up on everything that has happened since his absence, tries his hand at Pokémon Go, and takes you back to the vault with a classic interview from 2015 with a special mystery guest. Join us for the...


Michaela Dietz - Dennis Daniel Show

Dennis returns for the first Dennis Daniel Show of 2015 and he welcomes one of his most outrageous guests to the program. It's none other than Michaela Dietz, the voice of Crystal Gem warrior, Amethyst from the hit Cartoon Network series, "Steven Universe." Michaela is best known as the rebel of the Crystal Gems and will join Dennis to discuss her starts in voice acting, and the first season of "Steven Universe." Also, with WrestleMania just around the corner, Dennis tries to show the...


Michael J. Nelson Interview - Dennis Daniel Show

He's chatted with Cena, caused chaos with Korra, and caught'em all with Ketchum, but the next installment of The Dennis Daniel Show will take him to a place he's never been before.....THE NOT TO DISTANT FUTURE (This Monday A.D.) Next time on The Dennis Daniel Show, we welcome actor/comedian and one of the stars of the iconic movie riffing series, "Mystery Science Theater 3000," Michael J. Nelson. Michael is best known as one of the hosts of the popular movie-riffing television series and...


Janet Varney Interview - Dennis Daniel Show

We're back with another exciting episode of The Dennis Daniel Show, and this week, we welcome back one of our most exciting guests. The Avatar returns as we welcome back voice actress from Nickelodeon's "The Legend of Korra," Janet Varney. Join us as we talk with Janet about working on the exciting final season of the popular Nick series, Korra's last hurrah at New York Comic Con, and Janet's works outside of voice acting, including the hit FX hit series "You're The Worst," and her...


Canterlot Radio Listening Party - The Shake Ups in Ponyville's "Pony Power Pop"

Canterlot Radio is back for one night only on BlogTalkRadio and we're hosting our first ever listening party. This week, we are previewing "Pony Power Pop," the new album from The Shake Ups in Ponyville, and we are going to be joined by lead musicians PJ and Savannah O' Conor. Plus, find out how you can win a digital copy of their new album, even before it hits shelves and iTunes! Join us for a special edition of Canterlot Radio. Tonight at 9PM


Night of Champions Countdown 2

It's the only night of the year that every championship is on the line, and on September 15th, it's the WWE's Night of Champions. Join the All Taste Explosion as we run down the PPV's match card, and give you our predictions on who will walk away with championship gold, It's the one night where gold is on everyone's mind, so make sure the Friday before, it's on yours as well and join us for the Night of Champions Countdown


All Taste Explosion's SummerSlam Spectacular 2

It's officially dubbed "The Biggest Party of the Summer", but a storm is on the horizon and we get you braced for it with the second annual All Taste Explosion SummerSlam Spectacular! Join Dennis as he runs down the match card, gives you his predictions on the WWE World Heavyweight Champion match between champion John Cena and challenger Brock Lesnar, Roman Reigns and Randy Orton, Chris Jericho and Bray Wyatt, and many more! Grab a cool drink, some snacks and join us for the SummerSlam...


All Taste Explosion's Money in the Bank Mania II

It's the one night of the year where the future of seven superstars hangs in the balance of a briefcase. A night that can change the face of the WWE forever. We prepare for Sunday's WWE PPV event "Money in the Bank", with Money in the Bank Mania. Join us as we talk about the match card including the WWE World Heavyweight Championship and Money In The Bank Briefcase Ladder Matches, the Tag Team Championship match, and give you our predictions on who will become the new WWE World Heavyweight...


Canterlot Radio - Episode #55: Kickoff to Summer!

Canterlot Radio begins to enter its' summer season and it has the hottest songs to keep you cooler than a thousand air conditioners. This week, Mic Check prepares you for the BIG MOVE to Fillydelphia Radio in the NewsStable, we discuss which magical creatures from previous MLP generations should appear in FiM, and in an all-new "My Little Kitchen," The Brony Chef shows you how to make your own Vanilla Oat Swirl Ice Cream so you can "Om Nom Nom" like Rarity. All this, plus two hours of the...


Canterlot Radio - Episode #54: A Pony Tail and a Brony Tale with Brent Hodge

This week on Canterlot Radio, we present another installment of PonyTalk, the only talk show in Equestria that features the biggest names in both the MLP and Brony fandom. And we are pleased to welcome independent film maker and director of "A Brony Tale," Brent Hodge to the program. "A Brony Tale" follows the adventures of MLP voice actress Ashleigh Ball, as she travels to her first ever BronyCon to meet the fans that have made "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic" so popular. The movie...


Canterlot Radio - Episode #52: Prelude to a Season Finale

With the highly anticipated Season 4 finale of MLP:FiM just around the corner, Canterlot Radio gets prepared to give you everything you need to know regarding the fate of Equestria and a new villain that will make their appearance known. Also, Mic Check makes an Equestria-shattering announcement regarding the future of Canterlot Radio, looks at the announcement of Season 5 in the NewsStable, and talks about something non-pony related....The brand new Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire remakes. And...


All Taste Explosion's Extreme Rules Extravaganza II

Blood could be spilled, bones could be broken, and careers could come to an end! All of this is possible when WWE presents the only night of the year where the only rules that matter are "Extreme Rules" Join the All Taste Explosion as we get you ready for this Sunday's massive PPV event with the Extreme Rules Extravaganza. We get you caught up on all the stories and stipulations that revolve around the WWE World Heavyweight Championship match between Daniel Bryan and Kane, the Steel Cage...


Canterlot Radio - Episode #51: Welcome Back, Colter!

Mic Check's been gone for a few weeks now, and boy, what a two weeks it has been. Don't fret, he's here to get you all caught up. This week, Mic Check discusses his Goldie Award nomination, talks about the all new MLP documentary, "A Brony Tale" in the NewsStable, and The Brony Chef stops by to share his recipe for Rock Candy in an all new "My Little Kitchen." Plus, learn how you can help Canterlot Radio get to Everfree Northwest and Bronycon and score some awesome perks. It's an all new...


Canterlot Radio - Episode #50: CR Hits The Nifty Fifty!

Canterlot Radio hits FIFTY episodes, and there's no signs of stopping. This week, Mic Check talks MLP in the game of Life in the NewsStable, reflects on "Testing, Testing! 123" in another Episode Synopsis. We also share an important announcement regarding our summer season and we even read a letter in our Letters to Celestia. Join us for our fiftith episode of Canterlot Radio. Today at 3PM EST on BlogTalkRadio


Canterlot Radio - Episode #49: April Foal's Day!

We know that April Fool's Day has come and gone, but we here at Canterlot Radio believe that everyone's favorite pranksters deserves their day, and we're dedicating an entire day to everything Pinkie Pie and Discord. This week, we look at the fallout from "Leap of Faith" plus get you caught up in the news of MLP with the NewsStable. Plus, all the Pinkie and Discord-related music you could ask for. It's our April Foal's Day special! Wednesday at 3PM EST on BlogTalkRadio!


Mela Lee Interview - Dennis Daniel Show

We continue down the road to “Five Years of The Dennis Daniel Show,” and our next stop features an all-new guest! On the next Dennis Daniel Show, we talk with voice actress Mela Lee. Mela Lee is best known as Shinku from the classic animé, “Rozen Maiden.” She’s also known as Rin Tohsaka from “Fate/Stay Night,” Rena Ryuugu from “When They Cry,” and Yuki Cross from “Vampire Knight.” Join Dennis as he talks with Mela about her career in voice acting, her new music video "Odds & Ends," with her...


Canterlot Radio - Episode #48: My Little Cease & Desist

It's been quite the week for Bronies everywherre, and Canterlot Radio is here to make some sense of it. This week, we look at the latest ceast and desist orders handed down by Hasbro in the NewsStable, We talk about "For Whom the Sweetie Belle Tolls," and we tell you about a Summer-long MLP music event coming to Canterlot Radio in June called "Coltacella." Join us for Canterlot Radio. TODAY at 3PM EST on BlogTalkRadio


Canterlot Radio - Episode #47: One Year Anniversary Spectacular

Canterlot Radio invites you to join us for a very special celebration. One year ago on March 20, 2013, a new kind of radio program premiered and changed the Brony fandom. That show was Canterlot Radio and after nearly 50 episodes, it's still going strong on BlogTalkRadio, and we're pushing into another successful year with the Canterlot Radio One Year Anniversary Spectacular. Join Mic Check as he looks back at some of the show's most entertaining, yet outrageous moments, welcomes MLP voice...


Canterlot Radio - Episode #46: LeekFish Draws Up Some Fun!

With one week until their One-Year Anniversary Spectacular, Canterlot Radio gets the Bronies in the celebratory mood. This week, Brony artist LeekFish joins us in the Brony Spotlight, we look at a Brony-themed episode of "Bob's Burgers" in the NewsStable, and we look at "Somepony to Watch Over Me" in an all-new Mic Check's Episode Synopsis. All this, plus two hours of awesome MLP music! Join us for Canterlot Radio! Today at 3PM EST on BlogTalkRadio!


Canterlot Radio - Episode #45: Easy Squeezie, Mic Check's A Breezy!

It would appear that Mic Check is not himself this week. What will happen when he has to do the a Breezy? Also this week, we look at TrotCon's newest guests in the NewsStable, and ask you what kind of magical creature you would like Twilight to transform you into. Join us for Canterlot Radio. Today at 3PM EST on BlogTalkRadio


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