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The Final Guys Horror Podcast covers all genre topics ranging from movies, books, games, and much more! We love horror and discuss it with a humorous slant.

The Final Guys Horror Podcast covers all genre topics ranging from movies, books, games, and much more! We love horror and discuss it with a humorous slant.


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The Final Guys Horror Podcast covers all genre topics ranging from movies, books, games, and much more! We love horror and discuss it with a humorous slant.






Final Guys 202 - Stay Out of the F**king Attic

We're reviewing Stay Out of the F**king Attic this week. It's a movie. But first, we're talking From the Dark, Train to Busan Presents: Peninsula, Cold Moon, The Dead Zone, Dawn of the Beast, Chronicle, The Howling, Ma, The Slayer, Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus, Night Film by Marisha Pessl, and The Southern Book Club's Guide to Hunting Vampires by Grady Hendrix.


Final Guys 201 - Godzilla vs Kong with Joshua Marsella

Author Joshua Marsella joins us to review Godzilla vs Kong. Let's find out if the childlike smashing of action figures overcomes the dumbest plot in history. But first, we're talking Animal, Blood Moon, The Ruins, The Lie, The Stylist, Dream Demon, Dolls, Eerie by Blake Crouch, A House at the Bottom of a Lake by Grady Hendrix, and The Diner by JC Robinson.


Final Guys 200 - The Shining (1997)

To celebrate the 200th episode of Final Guys, we're taking listener questions, talking about our best and worst moments, and bestowing upon you our The Shining miniseries review. It's guaranteed to be 10/10 pickles. But first, we're talking Saint Maud, Shadow in the Cloud, Cold Skin, The Changeling, Game of Death, Paradise Club by Tim Meyer, and Bone White by Ronald Malfi.


Final Guys 199 - Son

This week we're featuring Son, a movie about a woman fleeing a cult so she can have a child in a car before romancing a detective and teaching kids how to sling paint at the wall. But first, we're reviewing The Block Island Sound, Rawhead Rex, Butcher Baker Nightmare Maker, Cujo, Monster Hunter, Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon, The Philadelphia Experiment 1 and 2, Communion, Lucky, Sweet Home, Meathead 3 by Steve Barnard, Scratches by Josh Marsella, and Something is Killing the...


Final Guys 198 - The Vigil

Our main feature this week is The Vigil. It's about a dude who can't figure out cell phones getting paid big money to sit beside a dead body for a night. But first, we're reviewing Run Hide Fight, Spell, Spookies, Creepshow, Unhinged, Starship Troopers 3: Maurader, Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon, The Devils, Come True, Those Who Came Before by J.H. Moncrieff, We Are Wolves, My Best Friend's Exorcism by Grady Hendrix, and Providence by Caroline Kepnes.


Final Guys 197 - The Special with writers James Newman and Mark Steensland

This week, we're joined by James Newman and Mark Steensland, writers of THE SPECIAL. We're talking about indie filmmaking, dicks in boxes, co-writing, and a whole lot more.


Final Guys 196 - Wrong Turn (2021) Review

We're going deep into the backwoods this week with our Wrong Turn (2021) review. Head crushing, eye burning, and annoying millennials ensue. But first, we're reviewing Gonjam: Haunted Asylum, Girl, Look Away, Incident in a Ghostland, The Shining, The Special, Alone, My Sister, the Serial Killer by Oyinkan Brathwaite, and Meathead 2 by Steve Barnard.


Final Guys 195 - Sacrifice Review

Prepare yourselves for our Sacrifice review. It stars the legendary Barbara Crampton. Cults, binge drinking, and copious transitions featuring water abound. We're also reviewing Wolfman's Got Nards, Along Came the Devil, The Blood on Satan's Claw, Carrie, One Million Years BC, Starship Troopers, Starship Troopers 2: Hero of the Federation, Braid, The Box by Jack Ketchum, In Darkness Shadows Breathe by Catherine Cavendish, and Dead Inside by Chandler Morrison.


Final Guys 194 - The Queen of Black Magic

This week we're pitting the original The Queen of Black Magic vs the new Shudder Original remake. Flying heads, pellet gun wounds, and exploding bodies ensue. But first, we're reviewing The Faculty, What Lies Below, Pulse, Phantasm IV: Oblivion, Phantasm V: Ravager, Willy's Wonderland, Torso, The Cleansing Hour, The Southern Book Club's Guide to Slaying Vampires by Grady Hendrix, Fevre Dream by George RR Martin, Cold Storage by David Koepp, and Seeing Things by Sonora Taylor.


Final Guys 193 - The Empty Man and Robert Benjamin Interview

We're joined by Robert Benjamin, the screenwriter, editor, and co-producer of the hilarious thriller Bloody Hell! Robert gives us some great insight into the making of the movie, plus a lot more. After that he stuck around to review The Empty Man with us, which is about a dude who shows up when you blow into a bottle on a bridge to convince you to join an existential cult that dances around fires in abandoned summer camps.


Final Guys 192 - Psycho Goreman

Our main feature is Psycho Goreman, the tall tale of a demonic alien trapped by a gem in the backyard of a suburban family who is awakened and enslaved by children. But first, we're reviewing The Little Things, Unhinged, The Last Exorcism, Promising Young Woman, You can't Kill Stephen King, The Monster of Piedras Blancas, Phantasm 1-3, Green Room, The Woman, The Return by Rachel Harrison, Skullface Boy by Chad Lutzke, and Night of the Mannequins by Stephen Graham Jones.


Final Guys 191 - Bloody Hell

This week we're reviewing Bloody Hell, a film about a man who talks to himself after he's sent to prison for stopping a bank robbery who then flies to Finland and runs into the family from Hell. But first, we're talking Monstrum, Followed, Catskill Park, Thirst, Hellraiser--Hellword, Revelations, Judgement--, Greenland, Promising Young Woman, Wormwood by the Toolbags, Cradle Lake by Ronald Malfi, and Frozen In Ice by Armand Rosamilia.


Final Guys 190 - The Deeper You Dig

Our main feature this week is The Deeper You Dig. It's about a drunken idiot who kills a sled-riding teen only to be haunted by her ghost while taking his sweet time remodeling a house and drinking hot chocolate with the girl's con artist mother. But first, we're talking Spontaneous, La llorona, The Owners, Save Yourselves!, Promising Young Woman, Hellraiser: Hellseeker, Hellraiser: Deader, Synchronic, Sinister 1+2, Bug, The Sorrows by Jonathan Janz, and Wormwood by Chad Lutzke and Tim Meyer.


Final Guys 189 - Hard Rock Zombies with Keith Cooper

This week we're reviewing the insane Hard Rock Zombies with special guest Keith Cooper. Keith is an actor, writer, producer, visual effects supervisor, and he's also a jerk. He wrote and produced Anything For Jackson this year, which made our best horror of 2020 lists. Hard Rock Zombies has 80's hair metal, Hitler, zombies, and everything else under the sun.


Final Guys 188 - The Best Horror Movies of 2020

This week we're doling out our best horror movies of 2020 lists! Though the year lacked big-budget releases for the most part, we had a deluge of amazing indie horror flicks. Our lists include movies like The Invisible Man, 1BR, Anything for Jackson, The Hunt, and much more!


Final Guys 187 - Anything For Jackson

Our main feature is Anything for Jackson, the Shudder exclusive about an elderly couple kidnapping a pregnant woman so they can use the power of Hell to perform a reverse exorcism to bring their grandson back from the dead. We're also reviewing Hunter Hunter, Freaky, 12 Hour Shift, Secret Santa, Impetigore, Hellraiser: Inferno, Cujo, Archenemy, Phasmophobia, Cannibal Cheerleader by Tiffany Drake, The Dark Man by Desmond Doane, and Black Stars Above by Lonnie Nadler and Jenna Cha.


Final Guys 186 - Fatman

This week we're featuring Fatman, a Mel Gibson film about a pissy Santa Claus manufacturing weapons for the military while a hitman hunts him at the order of a spoiled brat. But first, we're talking The Dark and the Wicked, Alone, Bit, A Christmas Horror Story, Red Christmas, Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth, Hellraiser: Bloodline, Santa's Slay, Bliss, Silent Night Deadly Night, Better Watch Out, The Plumbers by Terry M West, and Dweller by Jeff Strand.


Final Guys 185 - Castle Freak (2020)

Our main feature this week is Castle Freak, the age-old tale of a blind woman with a douchebag boyfriend inheriting a castle with a freak living in the walls. But before we get to that, we're talking Anything for Jackson, Nobody Sleeps in the Woods Tonight, The Lost Boys, Hellier, The Ninth Configuration, Hellraiser, Hellbound: Hellraiser II, Porno, All the Creatures Were Stirring, Lost Highway, Existenz, and Until Summer Comes Around by Glenn Rolfe.


Final Guys 184 - Run with Chad Lutzke

Horror author Chad Lutzke joins us this week to review Run, the Hulu exclusive film about a daughter realizing her mom is Sarah Paulson. But first, we're talking Little Monsters (2019), Lords of Salem, Freaky, Lake Placid vs. Anaconda, Lake Placid: Legacy, Christmas Evil, Child's Play (2019), Leap of Faith, and The Bog by Michael Talbot.


Final Guys 183 - Possessor

This week we have a Possessor review on the docket. It's the classic story of an assassin taking over the body of hapless victims to kill targets in violent ways while sleeping with their significant others and also being annoyed by her family. But first, we're reviewing His House, The Witches (2020), The Phenomenon, Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter, Lake Placid 3, Lake Placid: The Final Chapter, Villains, Hannibal (TV), Waco, Crossroads by Laurel Hightower, The Triangle of Belief by Brian...