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Media podcast by TV-and-radio producer/director Pat O'Mahony in conjunction with his Off Message media blog based on personal experience and coffee-fuelled observation

Media podcast by TV-and-radio producer/director Pat O'Mahony in conjunction with his Off Message media blog based on personal experience and coffee-fuelled observation
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Dublin, Ireland




Media podcast by TV-and-radio producer/director Pat O'Mahony in conjunction with his Off Message media blog based on personal experience and coffee-fuelled observation






Episode 12: Lise Hand

Off Message #12 features political writer, Lise Hand, soon to be ex- of the Times Ireland edition parish. In Buswells Hotel, across the road from her major work haunt of Leinster House in Dublin, and in many ways over the years her office away from her office, she came clean on the life of the political hack, the impact of social media on the world she covers, the downside of the closure of local newspapers, why the Times Ireland is closing and how she's dealing with it, and much much more.


Episode 11: Seamus Dooley

For the 11th media-curious Off Message podcast I dropped into the NUJ's Irish HQ in Dublin to talk all things media with the Irish Secretary of the journalists' trade union, Seamus Dooley, including the recent shooting dead of freelancer Lyra McKee in Derry, the lack of genuine media ownership diversity, their ongoing campaigns, fixing trust in journalism, why he thinks all journalists should join the NUJ, and loads more.


Episode 10: Philip O'Connor

On a flying visit to his native Dublin, freelance journalist Philip O'Connor, the man behind his own media blog and podcast, the wonderfully titled Our Man In Stockholm, dropped by for the tenth media-savvy Off Message podcast. We chewed the fat on his attempt to crowdfund much of his journalism income, how he uses social media to generate work, his often outspoken tone online, his unique and unusual route into journalism, and loads more.


Episode 9: Peter Feeney

As the Press Council of Ireland nears the end of its tenth year in operation, Press Ombudsman, Peter Feeney chats with Pat O'Mahony about the vagaries of dealing with complaints for both online and print publications, his previous lengthy career in RTE making programmes and overseeing their Freedom of Information activity, his love of local newspapers, his predictions for the future of the press and public service broadcasting, and more.


Episode 8: Ciara Kelly

Just a year into her most high-profile radio job to date, the eighth media-curious Off Message podcast features Newstalk's Lunchtime Live presenter Ciara Kelly. During our 50-odd minute chat we chewed the media fat on debating extremists, social media bullying and detoxing, developing a media career without having to hustle, taking over a big show after an equally big controversy, and loads more.


Episode 7: Nadine O'Regan

The seventh media-friendly Off Message podcast - Off Message #50 overall...hurrah! - is with Nadine O'Regan, Books and Arts Editor and current (no relation) Off Message columnist with the Sunday Business Post. During our chat, Nadine discussed how it felt to recently have her long-running Today FM show, Songs In The Key Of Life, rather unceremoniously dropped by the station; her own not insignificant role in the globally successful West Cork podcast; growing up in a household steeped in...


Episode 6 - Michael O'Keeffe

The sixth media circus that is the Off Message podcast is with Michael O'Keeffe, CEO at the regulator of all Irish broadcasting - though thankfully not podcasts...not yet, anyway - the BAI, the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland. During our chat Michael revealed the BAI's origins in Ireland's murky pirate radio past and its planned next move into regulating parts of the online media wild west; the type of complaints they regularly get about programmes; where they get their funding and how...


Episode 5 - Deirdre O'Shaughnessy

The fifth media-curious Off Message podcast is with Deirdre O'Shaughnessy of Cork's 96fm. Editor of and regular fill-in presenter on their morning chat show, The Opinion Line with PJ Coogan, I was particularly interested to explore their different approach dealing with a local rather than a national audience and what kind of items work best for them. During our yabber Deirdre also revealed why she's in no rush to work in Dublin, how when she arrived the station successfully replaced a big...


Episode 4 - Norah Casey

The fourth media-mad Off Message podcast is with the ubiquitous Norah Casey who has worked both here in Ireland and in the UK across all sectors in the media. She's run and owned numerous publishing ventures, she's presented her own radio and television programmes, she's managed a handful of online businesses and written a book of her hectic life to date. In it the podcast Norah reveals the tortuous stories behind her hugely emotional live Late Late Show and Marian Finucane appearances in...


Episode 3 - Mark Little

The third Off Message media-mad podcast features Mark Little, a man who made his name in RTÉ in the 1990s before leaving to start the news-verifying Storyful in 2009 which he subsequently sold to Rupert Murdoch's News Corp. During our chat he explained his latest venture, the news delivery app, Neva Labs, as well as revealing his own ever changing personal media consumption patterns, why he thinks RTÉ's funding model needs to change, and much much more.


Episode 2 - Susan Daly

Episode 2 of the media-curious Off Message podcast features Susan Daly, editor of, and over the course of our chat we debated, discussed and dissected the impact of fake news, the existence of media bias, the role of an online news editor, sexual discrimination and harassment in the media, whether would ever charge for news, and loads more.


Episode 1 - Dave Fanning

The debut Off Message podcast, featuring the media-related wit and wisdom of RTÉ 2fm's music-and-movie-mad Dave Fanning. Over the course of our chat Dave reminisces about his almost completely accidental career journey; he reveals how his RTÉ career hasn't exactly gone to plan and whether he'd ever ask U2 the hard questions; and he divulges his unconventional advice for succeeding in the media world, and at a typical Fanning rate of knots, much, much more.