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626 - Spotlight: Banjo-Kazooie: Grunty's Revenge

Banjo-Kazooie: Grunty's Revenge has turned 15! The Game Boy Advance midquel set between Banjo-Kazooie and Banjo-Tooie is beloved by some and dismissed by others, but DK Vine has always had nothing but adulation for its bizarre ways. Go back in time with us to 2003 as we pick up our GBAs and go back in time to 1998, so that we may go back in time to 1978.


625 - Talk Like a Pirate Day 2018

For a special Talk Like a Pirate Day episode, go back in time to witness the very first attempt at a Kongversation "podcast" in the Russell family. Discover that the more things change throughout the years, the more they stay the lame...


624 - Sea of Thieves: Cursed Sails First Impressions

The second major in-game event for Sea of Thieves, Cursed Sails, has now been raised. Following their completion of the story and all nine battles, Hyle and Jeff discuss what it's added to the ever-evolving tapestry of Sea of Thieves.


623 - A D. Ream Come True

Not content with leaving the K. Rool in Smash discussion to just the previous episode of the Kongversation, Hyle invites Thomas and Eric, the "Kremling Kampaigners", to the show for even more geeking out. How do the pair now feel knowing they were partially responsible for this revival of the beloved character?


622 - King K. Rool Comes Aboard!

On Wednesday the 8th of August, it happened. Or rather... it Kaptained. King K. Rool was announced for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate! Hyle and Josh "The Geek Critique" Wallen try to collect themselves for the most momentous event in Donkey Kong Country fandom since Returns was announced some eight years ago.


621 - Shark Week Counterprogramming

Tired of the sorry state of Shark Week, Hyle sets out to fix things by offering his own shark-based programming in the form of a Kongversation episode. He and David talk about the sharks of the Donkey Kong Universe, getting into some heated debates about the science behind Snacker, what exactly a Chomps entails, and other pressing maritime issues. Yeah, I don't think Discovery Channel is going to be very worried.


620 - Mario Tennis Aces First Impressions

Mario Tennis Aces is the newest from Camelot Software Planning, but it's also their best game in years. From the perspective of Donkey Kong and Rare diehards, the Kongversation takes a look at what makes Mario Tennis Aces so magical.


619 - Why Banjo-Kazooie Still Matters

Banjo-Kazooie turns 20! As we already did our Banjo-Kazooie Spotlight episode back in Season 1, let's instead focus on B-K's enduring legacy. Why does a 3D platformer released two years in the Nintendo 64's lifespan still resonate so strongly with gamers and developers today? Hyle and Jeff, as well as numerous Kongversation listeners, weigh in with their opinion!


618 - E3 2018 Wrap Up

E3 is over and done, but we still have a bunch of exclusive thoughts and experiences from the show to share. Since Kongversation famous Kongversation caller Mametchi was at E3, we thought we'd also have him on to do the same. What happened when Mametchi met Rare? What happened when Sea of Thieves stormed Skull and Bones? What about when Hyle and Grant Kirkhope saw each other again? All this and a plethora of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate discussion, because this will be our life until the...


617 - E3 2018 Nintendo

Continuing our E3 2018 journeys, Nintendo's relatively underwhelming Nintendo Direct didn't dissuade us from giving the new Super Smash Bros. Ultimate a chance. We played it on the show floor, with Mitchell going competitive and Hyle doing non-competitive. What do we think? Do we think any more newcomers will make it in? And, most importantly, what would the characters of The Office (U.S.) think of the Shrek movies?


616 - E3 2018 Microsoft

Hyle and Mitchell attended the Xbox Briefing today as the Sea of Thieves content updates for the rest of the summer were revealed, as well as the revival of Battletoads for 2019. Also included in the episode is the annual discussion of our E3 lodging, as well as a surprising discussion about the OTHER games Xbox had to offer. Which one did we irrationally hate? TUNE IN TO FIND OUT!


614 - Sea of Thieves: The Hungering Deep First Impressions

The first major in-game event for Sea of Thieves, The Hungering Deep, launched on May 22nd. After spending an amazing eight hours playing it last Saturday, Hyle and Cameron report back here with their experiences.


615 - E3 2018 Preview

It's looking to be a fairly substantial year for the Donkey Kong Universe at E3. With confirmed appearances by both Donkey Kong and Rare, Playtonic keeping mum about potential announcements, and the eternal mystery of what Retro is up to, Hyle and his E3 2018 cohort, Mitchell Wolfe from off of Super Jump, look at what DKU fans can expect this time around.


613 - Super NES Classic First Impressions and N64 Classic Speculation Center

With news that Nintendo has filed a trademark for the Nintendo 64 Classic mini console, Hyle once again invited Josh Wallen from off of The Geek Critique on the show to have a Kongversation about both the Super Nintendo Entertainment System Classic and the Nintendo 64 Classic... and how the latter would even be possible without the majority of Rare's titles.


612 - Yooka-Laylee (Switch) First Impressions

Now that Hyle has a Switch, he's finally turning his attention to the Donkey Kong Universe-centric games he has yet to pick up. Before any potential Yooka-Laylee DLC hits, that means he's first got to try out the Switch port of Yooka-Laylee. Done in-house by Playtonic over the better part of 2017, does it give Nintendo fans a worthwhile experience? Furthermore, have our opinions on Yooka-Laylee changed now that the game has been out for more than a year?


611 - Hot Newz, Cold Rumorz

Did you know that Retro Studios is working on a spiritual Diddy Kong Racing successor starring Star Fox characters and featuring one or more cameos from the Kongs? You did? Of course, because it's CRAZY E3 RUMOR SEASON. Even in the face of potential malarkey, we do have some real news to report: Playtonic preparing to unload some new Yooka-Laylee content, Rare doing the same with Sea of Thieves, the sad end of Nosy Crow's app division, Diddy potentially sneaking in Mario Tennis Aces after...


610 - Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze (Switch) First Impressions

We've unwrapped Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze (Switch, no colon)! What are our opinions on New Funky Mode, the price point, and, perhaps most importantly, where it takes place on the Donkey Kong Universe timeline? Join Hyle and Josh "The Geek Critique" Wallen for a freewheeling discussion!


609 - Tales from the Sea of Thieves: A Literary Analysis

There's a new book out, "Tales from the Sea of Thieves", that's presented as an in-universe journal from several hundred years ago. Mildewed and blood-splattered, it's as if you're holding a piece of the game world in your hands. Plus, not only does it expand and flesh out the lore of Sea of Thieves, but it also begins to tie it to the larger Donkey Kong Universe as well...


Mini 009 - Oops, All Tangents! The DC Universe

OOPS! It's another Kongversation Mini that has nothing to do with the topic matter the show is supposed to be about! Hyle and Jeff talk the DC Comics Universe in light of Action Comics reaching 1,000 issues, DC Rebirth, and the DC Extended Universe collapsing in on itself like that time Kyle Rayner imploded the planet Oa. DON'T PRETEND LIKE YOU DIDN'T GET THAT REFERENCE.


Mini 008 - Tawkin' 'Bout Tawks

There's a new Animal Buddy in the Switch version of Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze. Introducing Funky's personal parrot: Tawks!