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Veterinarian and vlogger, Cody Creelman, dives deep into the topics he's passionate about.

Veterinarian and vlogger, Cody Creelman, dives deep into the topics he's passionate about.
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Veterinarian and vlogger, Cody Creelman, dives deep into the topics he's passionate about.




#12- The time I got catfished

Thank you to our sponsor, the amazing documentary "Children of Pioneers" Check it out here: In this episode I announce the winner of my signed merch giveaway, then I talk about the super awkward experience of getting "catfished" by a cattleman, and finally a listener requested topic where we go into depth on how cow-calf producers can help improve cattle health in feedlots.


#11 - The struggle is real

We got Freemartin shirts, we got ALL the broken camera gear, and we got tips and tricks for gittin' rid of open cows early and why it's so important to test cattle feed before you break the bank.


#10 - My trip to MIT to learn about cellular agriculture

This past weekend I travelled to MIT for the New Harvest 2018 conference on cellular agriculture. I was blown away by all of the amazing attendees and their passionate approach to creating new technologies. The future is bright, and I am excited to continue a dialogue with these industries. I truly believe that through collaboration we can have a massive impact on the future of food. As with most things in life, we are stronger together then we are apart.


#9 - Strategic parasite control in cattle

I'm pretty passionate about parasites in cattle and in this episode I dive poop deep into the various methods of testing for infection intensity, the economic benefits of treatment, and the options for strategic parasite control.


#8 - The business stuff that nobody talks about

A great set of questions coming in from the Palpation Nation, and today it's all about business! We talk about how I decide to purchase new practices, the philosophy of Mosaic Veterinary Partners, the types of practices we look at, and the financial analysis of if the deal is viable or not. In this episode we also discuss veterinarian salaries, and the risks of starting your own practice. Thanks for listening!


#7 - Pinkeye: Did somebody fart on your cow's pillow?

A comprehensive review on pinkeye in cattle. Learn all about the pathogenesis, prevention, and treatment of Infectious Keratoconjunctivitis.


#6 - Finding your first veterinary clinic job

Veterinary student Cameron reaches out to me and asks for some advice on how to find the perfect first job after veterinary school. The answer: Don't. Be patient and try to make big mistakes, you'll be better off for it.


#5 - Dear Allison: questions from a High School student about being a veterinarian

High school student Allison asks me a great set of 10 questions about being a veterinarian for her final school project. THANK YOU so much Allison for reaching out, and giving me some great podcast fodder. Allison's questions: 1. How did you know that you wanted to become a vet? 2. What school did you attend to become a DVM? 3. Where there any courses that you took in highschool that you think were beneficial when becoming a vet? 4. What is your favourite procedure to perform? 5. Is there...


#4 - The future of food, cellular agriculture, fake meat, and clean meat

I love thinking about and discussing the future of agriculture and food!! In this episode I discuss my upcoming speaking engagement at the New Harvest 2018 conference in Boston at the MIT Media Lab, a conference dedicated to the science of cellular agriculture. We dive deep into why animal agriculture exists in the first place, what cellular agriculture is, the controversy surrounding "lab grown" meat, and what this might mean for the future of food. From fake meat to clean meat, synthetic...


#3 - My long, hard, disastrous road to veterinary school

An episode of listener requests! I speak about the many challenges of getting into veterinary school and what I learned along the way. Another thing on my mind is the frustrating veterinary job market and how my practice management group is trying to overcome a seemingly bleak situation. Lastly I talk about my experiences with animal rights activists and how providing appropriate context to my content is core to my digital storytelling success.


#2 - Inappropriate cow milking...

A recap of all the weird and wonderful things I couldn't film today, tales from the post mortem pit, bribing my cameraman with ice cream, everything you need to know about vasectomies (on sheep), and a rant about antimicrobial usage.


#1 - We bought a zoo, err, farm and why most cows hate my love

Everything new and exciting in the Creelman family, including our new farm, and new hiking Youtube Channel. I also talk about doing post mortems in front of other cows, why most cows hate me touching them, and I answer a question from #PalpationNation on work-life balance.