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The Hippocratic Hustle Podcast was created to be a space where women doctors can come together and share their stories of their business, project or side-hustle. We will also explore ways to stretch our hard earned dollars and be more efficient with our time and money. Join us as we explore the many creative ways women can practice medicine.

The Hippocratic Hustle Podcast was created to be a space where women doctors can come together and share their stories of their business, project or side-hustle. We will also explore ways to stretch our hard earned dollars and be more efficient with our time and money. Join us as we explore the many creative ways women can practice medicine.
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The Hippocratic Hustle Podcast was created to be a space where women doctors can come together and share their stories of their business, project or side-hustle. We will also explore ways to stretch our hard earned dollars and be more efficient with our time and money. Join us as we explore the many creative ways women can practice medicine.






Physician Contracts with Ann Bittinger, JD

Today Lawyer Ann Bittinger, JD is chatting with me about tons of stuff that affects almost ALL physicians. Ann Bittinger is an attorney who helps make sure physicians' employment agreements don't stand in the way of getting what they want out of life. A specialist in healthcare law, for 20 years she has worked both sides of the physician employment agreement: employer and employee. She is a mom of three, law firm owner, and physician advocate. Hiding out in Jacksonville, Florida, she is a...


Ep 052 Michelle Finkel, MD: Insider Medical Admissions

In today’s episode, we speak with Michelle Finkel, MD, owner of Insider Medical Admissions and Emergency Medicine Physician. She tells us all about how she got her business started, and how she has helped over 1000 applicants improve their candidacies for medical school, dental school, residencies and fellowships over the past 11 years. She also explains how she balances being a busy wife, mother, business owner and physician. In this episode, you will learn: Dr. Finkel is a graduate of...


Ep 051 Jim Dahle, MD: The White Coat Investor

Today is a very special episode with a celebrity guest that needs no introduction. Jim Dahle, MD, the White Coat Investor, is here to talk with us today about how he got started with his financial blog and how he has come to be the go-to resource for physicians seeking financial advice and guidance. Miss Bonnie MD is also here to speak with the us and share all of her financial wisdom too. Listen in as Carrie, Bonnie and Jim discuss all things financial and share so many great tips to set...


Ep 050 Sasha Shillcutt, MD is Brave Enough!

Today is Episode 50! Thank you so much for listening all the way up to episode 50 of our podcast! In today’s very special milestone episode, we speak with Sasha Shillcutt, MD of Brave Enough and StyleMD. Listen in as Sasha tells us all about her greatest passion of empowering women to be Brave Enough in their professional and personal lives. In this episode, you will learn: Sasha K. Shillcutt, MD, MS, FASE is an Associate Professor and the Vice Chair of Strategy and Innovation in the...


049 Friends Talk Finance: Why are Prenups so Taboo?

In today’s Friends Talk Finance episode, we discuss the the taboo topic of Prenuptial Agreements. Why are people afraid to talk about them? Should you sign one or not as a physician? What are the financial implications of not getting a prenup? All of these questions are answered today as Bonnie and Carrie discuss all things to do with Prenups! In this episode, you will learn: Links we discussed in the show: Miss Bonnie MD. The Pros and Cons of Prenuptial Agreements.The Happy Philosopher...


Ep 047 Intercultural Consulting with Christen Behzadi, MD

In today’s episode, we chat with Dr. Christen Behzadi about her journey into starting her own business, The International Intercultural Consulting Firm. Dr. Behzadi became engrossed in Persian Culture when she first met her husband in medical school. She shares her journey from meeting her husband’s family, learning about their culture, feeling transformed by the experience of all things Persian to eventually writing her own book to help other non-Persian Brides. In this episode, you will...


Ep 046 Friends Talk Finance: Bonnie Fired Her Financial Advisor and Carrie Hired Her!

Bonnie and Carrie are both on their journey to FI (Financial Independence) and want to share their path and why they feel it is one of the most important things for women physicians to start as soon as possible. They talk about how Bonnie fired her financial advisor and why Carrie ended up hiring her ironically. Both friends discuss how a financial advisor helped them organize their financial lives, make estate plans and guide them on their FI journey. In this episode, you will...


Ep 045 How to Become a Camp Doctor: Dara Kass, MD

In today’s episode, we are so happy to welcome back our most frequent guest of the podcast. She is the multi-talented Emergency Medicine Physician and Founder of FeminEM, Dara Kass, MD. I first talked with Dara in Episode 3 of the Hippocratic Hustle Podcast. In that episode, Dara explained how she was developing a conference specifically for EM women physicians. Then, in Episode 25, Dr. Kass was back to discuss how amazing the conference was and its significance. Today, Dr. Kass is back...


Ep 044 Back to Basics: Nii Darko, THE Doc Outside the Box

Dr. Nii Darko is a trauma surgeon living in Pennsylvania and also the creator of the wildly popular Docs Outside the Box Podcast. In his podcast, Nii interviews ordinary doctors doing extraordinary things. Nii’s guests have broken the typecast of doctors as just being doctors. He has interviewed physicians that are also media moguls, activists and trend setters. He has also recently written a book and manages a locums company. In between all of this, he and his amazing OB/GYN wife, Renee,...


Ep 043 Nicole Swiner, MD: How to avoid the Superwoman Complex

Dr. Nicole Swiner is a family physician, mother of two, author, speaker, professor and owner of her own publishing company. Her interests include: minority health, women’s health, and pediatrics. She is an author of many books including, “How to Avoid the Superwoman Complex: 12 Ways to Balance Mind, Body and Spirit.” In this episode, she talks to us about how she thought of the idea to write this book, and how we can all apply it to our busy lives as physicians to gain health and...


Ep 042 Friends Talk Finance: F.I.R.E.

This week’s episode is all about F.I.R.E. If you don’t know what F.I.R.E. is yet you can check out Episode 39 with the Physician on FIRE himself for a much deeper explanation. Miss Bonnie MD and I chat about all things F.I. (Financial Independence) and R.E. (Retire Early) and what it means to us and our personal lives. I do apologize in advance this show was recorded a couple months back, and never released until now, but I felt it was still valuable information for all of you to hear. To...


Ep 041 Friends Talk Finance: Happy 4th of July

Happy 4th of July to everyone! Happy Birthday to our country and to our podcast too! As the podcast turns one year old, I would like to sincerely thank each of you for being loyal listeners. This is our 41st episode and we have just reached over 50,000 downloads! That is incredible! To keep in touch, and never miss out on an episode, don’t forget to subscribe to our email newsletter as well! I will send you direct links to our top 3 episodes right away! Our 41st episode is super fun. We...


Ep 040 Nina Shapiro, MD: What is all the HYPE about?

Dr. Nina Shapiro is one of America’s leading physicians. With more than two decades of experience in clinical and academic medicine, she’s a trusted expert whom her patients and the media rely on routinely to set the record straight about the latest health fads and misconceptions. In today’s episode, I discuss her newest venture, her myth-busting and evidence-driven book: “Hype: A Doctor's Guide to Medical Myths, Exaggerated Claims, and Bad Advice - How to Tell What's Real and What's...


Ep 039 Breaking Down Finances and F.I.R.E. with Physician on FIRE

It is a very special day at the Hippocratic Hustle, as I interview our first ever male guest! He is one of the superheroes of physicians and finance. Please welcome, Physician on FIRE, the anonymous anesthesiologist who started the very popular blog by the same name. What exactly is F.I.R.E.? How can we calculate our annual expenditures? What about projections and inflation? What should we do about those pesky student loans? How can we double our money? How long will it take me to...


Ep 038 Practicing Balance with Dawn Baker, MD

Dr. Dawn Baker is an anesthesiologist, blogger, author, mother and cancer survivor. In this episode, we discuss how she started her blog Practice Balance as a way to relieve stress during a difficult time in her life and how it has grown into so much more over the past seven years. She gives us great tips for stress management, blogging and how to practice balance in all areas of your life as a busy physician and mother. In this episode, you will learn: Dr. Dawn Baker is a board...


Ep 037 A Passion for Photography with Sara Cheng, MD

Side gigs add so much more to our lives. It adds another twist to our routines, helps keep us happy, taps our creative side, and taps into a different part of our heart and mind which adds longevity to our daily grind. Sara Cheng is an anesthesiologist, skincare consultant, TKD Blackbelt, and photographer specializing in family and children's portraiture and lifestyle photography. We have so many things in common – working at the same hospital and having the same nanny among others. In this...


Ep036 Starting an Overseas Health Non-Profit with Heather Hammerstedt, MD

Starting an Overseas Health Non-Profit with Heather Hammerstedt, MD How do you start an Emergency Medicine program in a region without emergency rooms? How do you start an overseas non-profit? Heather explains how she and a few friends helped a rural community in Uganda start the non-profit Global Emergency Care. That then grew into an entire program for training nurses and other healthcare providers to run the unit. It’s truly amazing how helping a community solve one small problem then...


Ep 035 Friends Talk Finance: WCI Conference Recap and Life Update

In this episode, we talk about our LIFE UPDATES and the WCI Conference! Physician on Fire Hear our recap of White Coat Investor's Physician Wellness and Financial Literacy Conference Physicians on Fire Physicians dissatisfied with patient satisfaction surveysThanks to Johanna Fox Cheri Wiggins, MD Nisha Mehta, MDJohanna Fox Stephanie Pearson, MDPearsonRavitz InsuranceLarry Keller from Physician Financial Services DadsDollarsDebts Most recent...


The Creation of Lume Deodorant: Shannon Klingman, MD

Shannon Klingman, MD is a gynecologist and she realizes the importance of empowering women to discretely address odor concerns. In today's episode, we hear how Dr. Klingman was tired of the narrative of “vaginal odor” that has been told since the beginning of time. She also discusses with us how there is an industry of products currently on the market that misleads women into believing that all vaginas have a foul odor as if it is an inevitable reality for women. Odor. It happens. But now...