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POG #11 ECO with Sandi Kronick

Walking down the aisle of a supermarket do you stop and look at where your lettuce came from? How about your broccoli? Or even your avocados. Consumers today are very disconnected from where their food comes from and we're also very interested in saving our environment. Today, I sat down with Sandi Kronick, CEO, and co-founder of Eastern Carolina Organics. She opens up the conversation and shared the wealth of knowledge that she has amassed over decades of working within this industry. For...


POG #10 Beasts with Ana Levley

Do you have a dream to one day become an author or share story that is burning inside of you? At 30 years old, Ana Levley, did just that. She quit her corporate job and became a sci-fi dystopian author, releasing her first book entitled Beasts. It's a series of books that she's aiming massively high from day one. She hopes to inspire her audience while taking them on one great adventure. Listen to how Anna did it and became an author as well as how she wrote her book. For show notes and...


POG #9 Island Spirit with Kirsty Barnby

Kirsty from Island Spirits has a lot of spirit in her. She's bubbly. Her passion for travel is infectious and she is a living example that it is possible to have a great company that gives you a really good quality of life was also positively contributing to the communities that she works in. Kirsty shares in this very frank conversation, her life journey of how she came upon the idea of setting up an eco-travel agency when it wasn't that fashionable to do. And what eco actually means to her...


POG #8 VEGANUARY with Matthew Glover

Want to be the pioneer of a tribe of change-makers? Matthew Glover may not have set out to be such a Pioneer, but when he created the platform Veganuary, helping individuals and businesses transition towards a plant-based lifestyle, he became a key person within this growing movement. Matthew shares in this interview his background as a butcher’s son, and why he chose a non-profit Business Model over a Limited Coproration. His passion and deep love for this topic is evident, yet most of...


POG #7 Three Benefits of the Wim Hof Method with Tim Van der Liet

Tim isn't someone you forget quickly - he's eccentric, full of energy and has a natural charm that draws you to him. Tim lives life the way that works for him - and is all about promoting freedom in everything he does. Working in finance by day, Tim balances this very numbers-orientated career with activities (such as ice baths!) to awaken our potential and allow us to achieve everything that our heart wants! No business plan, no marketing strategy, just a love for life and "going with...


POG #6 Forward Thinking Design

Founder Vanessa Cullen realised that the interior design industry was unsustainable and decided to do something about it. So, she founded Forward Thinking Design - a company that puts people and the planet first while also staying competitive in a busy market. If you would like to read more about Forward Thinking Design, you can visit their website: And, feel free to connect with Vvanessa on LinkedIn too:...


POG #5 Fair Food Forager

Paul's on a mission to get people eating healthily - and I don't just mean about personal health. Fair Food Forager is rating eating establishments based on their sustainability and global health - not just on taste alone. Working as an Australian beach lifeguard, he saw first-hand the waste people created while eating out and decided that he was the man to change this and bring people a choice in their footprint whilst dining out. Fair Food Forager was born, and Paul shares openly what...


POG #4 with Genashtim

Teaming up with elite universities across to world, Genashtim offers online education that is parallel to what we experience in a bricks & mortar building: community, camaraderie and cultural diversification. Having online courses is not unique, but having online classes with international students present is, as well as having 90% of its employees with a disability. He believes that every person has a right to receive education and also employment. And with Genashtim, he’s succeeded in...


POG #3 with TwentyFifty

How the world will look in 2050 is shaped from today's actions - and especially the actions of large companies. TwentyFifty is a company that is changing the way businesses do business. Focusing on the rights of humans and offering cultural sensitivity to all employees, they have worked with international companies to ensure people are getting what they deserve - as well as what they want. For more information, visit: And, as always, if you want to...


POG #2 with Neighbourly

Meet Nick Davies who created a platform bringing together local community projects and international corporations. This formidable mix fuels meaningful movements with much-needed volunteers & funding with the motto "Profit on Purpose"! For more information about Neighbourly, visit: If you would like to get in touch with me, drop me an email:


POG #1 with Payactiv

Payactiv's founder, Safwan Shah, had too much time on his hands and decided to forgo his golf in place of questioning how society functions, and what he could offer to the world. In this interview, Shah breaks down how he discovered a need society didn't know it had, eradicating debt and also removing the shame attached to money (and lack of it). Shah's combination of observing how people spend - and save - as well as questioning everything, he has produced a company that is not only...


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