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1.61 Postpublication Metrics of RCTs, PCP Appointment Time, Bortezomib, & Dr. Christopher Booth

This week we cover three papers -- "Postpublication Metrics of Randomized Clinical Trials With and Without Null Findings" by Murray et al. in JAMA, "Association of Primary Care Clinic Appointment Time With Clinician Ordering and Patient Completion of Breast and Colorectal Cancer Screening" by Hsiang et al. in JAMA Network Open, and "Exceptional responders with invasive mucinous adenocarcinomas: a phase 2 trial of bortezomib in patients with KRAS G12D-mutant lung cancers" by Drilon et al. in...


1.60 I-PREDICT, Flawed Phase I Trials, & the Cost of Drugs with Dr. Daniel Hartung

We revisit I-PREDICT, discuss the "Imputability of Adverse Events to Anticancer Drugs" (a letter published recently in the New England Journal of Medicine), and interview Dr. Daniel Hartung of Oregon State University's College of Pharmacy on his vast knowledge of the cost of drugs, specifically addressing Acthar gel and multiple sclerosis drugs. Imputability of Adverse Events: Back us on Patreon!


1.59 BONUS! Should Evidence Come with an Expiration Date? with Palmer Greene

In this BONUS episode, we interview Palmer Greene, a fourth-year medical student at the University of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine, on his recent paper: "Should Evidence Come with an Expiration Date?", published in the Journal of General Internal Medicine. Expiration Date?: Back us on Patreon!


1.58 Magic Mouthwash with Dr. Arjun Gupta & Precision Oncology with Dr. Talal Hilal

This week we discuss three paired papers on precision oncology published in Nature Medicine and then, later in the episode, go in-depth on the implications of these negative studies with Dr. Talal Hilal of the Mayo Clinic. We also discuss the use of magic mouthwash for oral mucositis with Plenary Session fan, Dr. Arjun Gupta of Johns Hopkins University. WINTHER: TARGET: I-PREDICT: Magic...


1.57 BONUS! Control Arm Quality in RCTs Leading to Anticancer Drug FDA Approval with Dr. Talal Hilal

In this BONUS episode, we interview Dr. Talal Hilal of the Mayo Clinic on his paper that was published today in JAMA Oncology, titled "Analysis of Control Arm Quality in Randomized Clinical Trials Leading to Anticancer Drug Approval by the US Food and Drug Administration". Control Arm Quality: Back us on Patreon!


1.56 BONUS! Real World Data & the Search for Meaningful Cancer Care with Dr. Christopher Booth

This BONUS episode is the recording of a Grand Rounds lecture that Dr. Christopher Booth of Queen's University in Kingston, Canada gave this morning (May 1, 2019) at OHSU. The title is "Achieving the Achievable: Real World Data and the Search for Meaningful Cancer Care". Back us on Patreon!


1.55 Role of a Professional Society & More with Dr. Cliff Hudis of ASCO

This week we sit down with Dr. Cliff Hudis, the CEO of the American Society of Clinical Oncology, to discuss the role of a professional society, the evolution of oncology, building a career, and more. Back us on Patreon!


1.54 Association of Patient Characteristics and Tumor Genomics with Clinical Outcomes & SABR-COMET

In this week's episode, we break down two recently published papers. The first is "Association of Patient Characteristics and Tumor Genomics With Clinical Outcomes Among Patients With Non–Small Cell Lung Cancer Using a Clinicogenomic Database" by Singal et al., published in JAMA. The second is "Stereotactic ablative radiotherapy versus standard of care palliative treatment in patients with oligometastatic cancers (SABR-COMET): a randomised, phase 2, open-label trial" by Palma et al.,...


1.53 CALGB 50303, REMoDL-B, & REMS, Orphan Drug Act, and Role of the FDA with Dr. Ameet Sarpatwari

We begin this episode with a discussion of two recent clinical trials in lymphoma: CALGB 50303 and REMoDL-B, respectively published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology and The Lancet Oncology. We include a primer on the history of lymphoma and the development of R-CHOP. We follow that with an in-depth interview with Dr. Ameet Sarpatwari of the Harvard Medical School on Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategies (REMS), the Orphan Drug Act, and, broadly, the purpose of the US FDA. CALGB 50303:...


1.52 BILCAP & DOACs for Thromboprophylaxis in Patients with Cancer with Dr. Sven Olson

In this week's episode we critique the statistics of the recent trial "Capecitabine compared with observation in resected biliary tract cancer (BILCAP): a randomised, controlled, multicentre, phase 3 study" that was published in The Lancet Oncology. Then, with Dr. Sven Olson of OHSU, we break down the two papers published in NEJM on thromboprophylaxis with direct oral anticoagulants (DOACs) for patients with cancer: "Rivaroxaban for Thromboprophylaxis in High-Risk Ambulatory Patients with...


1.51 BONUS! Study Time Reduction Using Surrogate End Points with Dr. Emerson Chen

In this BONUS episode, we sit down for a quick interview with Dr. Emerson Chen of OHSU on his recent paper in JAMA Internal Medicine on how using surrogate end points as opposed to overall survival for FDA approval for oncology drugs only results in a reduced drug development time of approximately 11 months. Study Time Reduction: Back us on Patreon!


1.50 Replacing RCTs, Physicians on Twitter, Open-Access, & Orthopedics with Dr. Kathryn Schabel

This week we tackle the recent paper published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology titled "Comparison of Population-Based Observational Studies With Randomized Trials in Oncology" as well as a couple papers lamenting physicians' use of Twitter and the open-access model for journal publishing. We end the episode with an in-depth interview with Dr. Kathryn Schabel of OHSU on orthopedic surgery and how she practices. Observational Studies vs RCTs: Back us on...


1.49 Student Questions, Boeing 737 Max, Pancreatic Surveillance, Leukemia Drugs with Dr. Elihu Estey

We begin this episode by answering questions from a med student who is a Plenary Session fan. We transition from there to a discussion of the recent news stories on the FAA's handling of the Boeing 737 Max controversy and how this reflects on other USA regulatory agencies like the FDA. After a critique of the recent paper "Deleterious Germline Mutations Are a Risk Factor for Neoplastic Progression Among High-Risk Individuals Undergoing Pancreatic Surveillance" published in the Journal of...


1.48 Falsified Data in Meta-Analyses and the Expert Halo Effect with Dr. Stephanie Halvorson

This week we dive deep into an article in JAMA IM on falsified data in meta-analyses. We also discuss the recent JAMA viewpoint "Reducing the Expert Halo Effect on Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committees" with its author, Dr. Stephanie Halvorson of OHSU. Falsified data: Expert Halo Effect: Back us on Patreon!


1.47 BONUS! Medical Reversal: Class Lecture

This BONUS episode is a lecture on medical reversal that was pre-recorded for a class at Harvard Medical School. The recording was played for students in February of 2019 and followed by a Q&A. The slides referenced are available to Patreon supporters. Back us on Patreon!


1.46 BONUS! Personal Finances with Dr. Tom Beer

In this bonus episode, we bring back Dr. Tom Beer of OHSU from episode 1.33 to discuss how to manage your personal finances. The interview is aimed at young physicians, but there is something for all audiences as we cover a broad range of topics: paying off loans, optimizing retirement savings, buying a home, and investing. Back us on Patreon!


1.45 Real-World Data, Gottlieb, & Using the EHR for Meaningful Improvement with Dr. Deborah Cohen

This week's episode begins with praise for the recent article by Booth CM, Karim S, and Mackillop WJ on real-world data published in Nature Reviews Clinical Oncology. Next, we tackle the resignation of Scott Gottlieb as FDA commissioner and how we can measure the success of the FDA. Finally, we have an interview with Dr. Deborah Cohen of OHSU on effective communication between the clinician and the patient and how we can use data from the Electronic Health Record to make meaningful...


1.44 BONUS! Screen Time and Children's Performance

This BONUS episode is the recording of a lecture given as part of the medical school class Appraising Medical Literature, taught at OHSU. This clip from the class critiques the recent JAMA Pediatrics paper "Association Between Screen Time and Children’s Performance on a Developmental Screening Test". Screen Time: Back us on Patreon!


1.43 Andexanet Alfa with Dr. Tom Deloughery & National Medicaid Policy with Dr. John McConnell

In this episode we discuss the controversy over the recent article in NEJM, "Full Study Report of Andexanet Alfa for Bleeding Associated with Factor Xa Inhibitors", with Dr. Tom Deloughery of OHSU. We end with an interview with Dr. John McConnell, also of OHSU, on health economics and Medicaid. Andexanet Alfa: Back us on Patreon!


1.42 Caplacizumab for TTP with Dr. Sven Olson & Economics of Drug Pricing with Dr. Inma Hernández

In the first half of this episode, Dr. Sven Olson of OHSU joins us to help critique the recent NEJM paper, "Caplacizumab Treatment for Acquired Thrombotic Thrombocytopenic Purpura". In the second half, we interview Dr. Inmaculada Hernández of the University of Pittsburgh on her work on the economic principles behind runaway drug prices. Caplacizumab: Back us on Patreon!