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A show discussing the important academic and other research in the field of Psychedelics. We discuss how psychedelics relate to human potential and healing.

A show discussing the important academic and other research in the field of Psychedelics. We discuss how psychedelics relate to human potential and healing.
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A show discussing the important academic and other research in the field of Psychedelics. We discuss how psychedelics relate to human potential and healing.




Shane LeMaster - Psychedelics, Journey Work and Sports Performance

Download In this episode of Psychedelics Today, Joe interviews Shane LeMaster, Therapist and host of the new Podcast, Conversations with the Mind. In this discussion, we cover personal journeying, changing behavioral processes, Jiu Jitsu and where we are headed as a collective consciousness. 3 Key Points: Psychedelics can be a helpful tool for personal journey work.Each type of psychedelic works as its own tool. They are all useful in their own context and should not be compared to each...


Mike - End of the Road - Navigating Psychedelics and Patent Law

Download In this episode, Joe Moore interviews Mike from the podcast "End of the Road". Its a great podcast covering psychedelic and spiritual topics that are probably of interest to you. Mike is an attorney and he joins us to share some insights around patent law in the psychedelic space. Kyle and Joe were even feature on the show a few months back. Disclaimer - This interview is for informational purposes only, not for obtaining legal advice. “Opinions expressed by me, at my own only, and...


Marisa Novy - Art, Psychedelics and Shambhala

Download In this episode, Joe Moore interviews Marisa Novy, a wonderful psychedelic artist living and working in Breckenridge, Colorado who has been helping Psychedelics Today with some awesome art and more. 3 Key Points: Show Notes Shambhala FestivalANKORS. [youtube] Navigating Psychedelics CharlestheFirst Liquid StrangersDeFunk Cosmic Trigger Links Shambhala FestivalMarisa's siteMartian CuriositiesMarisa on InstagramEtsy Shop Check out...


Emanuel Sferios - Drug Positive - Developing the New Drug Narrative

Download In this episode of Psychedelics Today we interview Emanuel Sferios, founder of DanceSafe and host of the new Drug Positive Podcast. The discussion mainly revolves around what "drug positive" means, MDMA, and harm reduction. 3 Key Points: MDMA is quite safe and the harms are very low. Risk reduction is a more appropriate term at times. Show Notes About Emanuel Sferios Emanuel Sferios is an activist, educator and harm reduction advocate. Founding DanceSafe in 1998 and starting...


Robin Kurland-West - Questions and Challenges in Providing Integration Services

Download Introduction During this episode of Psychedelics Today, your host Kyle Buller interviews Robin Kurland-West, a licensed marriage and family therapist based out of California. Kyle and Robin chat about challenges and other questions in regard to providing psychedelic integration services. Psychedelic integration is a new territory, and there are plenty of questions to still answer and cover. Show Notes Psychedelic Support Psychology Today About Robin Kurland-West Episode...


Duli Wilkins - The Adventures of the Beantown Ghetto Shaman

Download During this episode of Psychedelics Today, your host Kyle Buller interviews Duli Wilkins, aka the “Beantown Ghetto Shaman” about his work and future plans. In this conversation, Kyle talks to Duli about his work with sacred plant medicines, how he got involved in this type of work, and also explore the topic of people of color and diversity in the psychedelic world. Show Notes Sign up for our free online course Episode Quotes About Duli Wilkins, a.k.a Duli Tha...


Robert Forte - The Dark History of Psychedelics

Download Kyle and Joe interview Robert Forte who has been around the psychedelic world for decades as a writer, facilitator and researcher. He has known or has worked with most of the biggest names in psychedelic history including Dr. Stanislav Grof and Timothy Leary among others. The interview covers a lot of ground and will likely ruffle some feathers. Robert has extensively studied the history of psychedelics and has drawn some conclusions about the origins of the field. From the early...


Richard Grossman PhD - Exploring Ayahuasca, Acupuncture and Healing

Download During this episode of Psychedelics Today, Kyle Buller interviews Dr. Richard Grossman, an ayahuasca ceremony facilitator and expert with a background in healing and acupuncture. Episode Quotes Show Notes Heartfeather.comDon’t stop, just keep going Sign up for our free course, "Introduction to Psychedelics" About Richard Grossman, L.AC., O.M.D., Ph.D. Richard Grossman studied Oriental Medicine at the California Acupuncture College in Los Angeles and received his...


Exploring Race-Based Traumatic Stress and MDMA-Assisted Psychotherapy - Dr. Monnica Williams and Dr. Will Siu

Download During this episode of Psychedelics Today, your hosts Joe Moore and Kyle Buller interview Dr. Monnica Williams from the University of Connecticut and Dr. Will Siu a psychiatrist IN private practice based in Manhattan, and a therapist on MAPS’s MDMA-assisted Psychotherapy for PTSD clinical trials at the University of Connecticut. They join us to discuss race-based trauma, people of color in psychedelics, and MDMA-assisted psychotherapy. Show Notes About Dr. Will Siu About Dr....


Daniel Greig - University of Toronto

Download This is a great episode featuring Daniel Greig. He is a student at the University of Toronto and psychedelic community organizer working with CSSDP and the Toronto Psychedelic Society. We go all over the map but some notable things discussed on this episode including: Quotes Links - Daniel Grieg Youtube - Daniel Grieg Relevance realizing ...


Dr Ben Malcolm - Ibogaine for Opiate Addiction Research Update

Download In this 94th episode of Psychedelics Today, host Joe Moore interviews Dr. Benjamin Malcolm, professor of pharmacy at the Western University School of Pharmacy. The discussion revolves around ibogaine, alkaloids, and addiction therapy solutions. Show Notes: Dr. Benjamin Malcolm discusses psychedelic alkaloids that have potential to treat addictions. When conducting human subjects research, it’s a good idea to at least run it past an IRB. There are risks involved in taking in...


Alyssa Gursky - Transpersonal Art and Ketamine Therapies

In this episode of Psychedelics Today, host Kyle Buller interviews Alyssa Gursky, a Masters student at Naropa University with a focus in mental health counseling and transpersonal art therapy. Their discussion dives into the intersection between art therapy, transpersonal art, and psychedelics. Ketamine, symbols, and meaning are also areas of this interview. 3 Key Points: More at: Navigating Psychedelics:


Matthew Pallamary - Exploring Ayahuasca Shamanism

Introduction In this episode of Psychedelics Today, host Joe Moore and Kyle Buller interview Matt Pallamary, and have a discussion with him about his writing, research, and ayahuasca experiences. He also shares his concerns about self-proclaimed gurus and some issues that have been emerging because of the popularity of ayahuasca. 3 Key Points: Show Notes Resources Mentioned: Matt Pallamary [youtube] About Author Author, Editor, and Shamanic...


Social Anxiety in Adults with Autism MDMA and LSD - Voices in the Dark

Download Caution!! A few important notes. This is an episode of an individual experimenting with powerful drugs to see if he can get any sort of relief from autism. In this case, it appears to have been successful. That said, this came with a substantial amount of risks, and people need to be aware. Please read the below bullets so you understand. Autism is not what is treated. The thing being treated would be a symptom like social anxiety."The field of autism science includes a long and...


Psychedelic Professionalism - Kyle and Joe

Download Kyle and Joe discuss professionalism in the psychedelic field. There are a number of people out there doing very unprofessional things. We need to be aware of what professionalism could look like, what self care, ethics and boundaries look like in this world we are actively developing. In light of festival season, we are offering a $30 off coupon for our online store with every purchase of our course, Navigating Psychedelics: Lessons on Self-Care and Integration throughout the...


May Update: Jamaica, Psychedelic Integration, and Online Education

Download May has been a busy month at Psychedelics Today. Joe and Kyle just returned from a recent trip to MycoMeditations in Treasure Beach, Jamaica. In this episode, Joe and Kyle provide some highlights from their trip and what it was like to help facilitate/hold space for high-dose psilocybin experiences. Show Topics Tips and advice for getting involved in the psychedelic field Joe and Kyle also explore a recent article that was written by Jade Rose, JD, LCSW, called, "Integrating...


Mike Branc - Mikeadelic, Ayahuasca and Coming Back to America

In this 88th episode of Psychedelics Today, host Joe Moore interviews Mike Brancatelli of the Mikeadelic podcast. After returning from a three-month Amazonian ayahuasca sojourn, Mikeadelic himself shares information about this extraordinary experience, how he has gotten involved in psychedelics and his journey. Show Notes: ● Mike Brancatelli spent his three-month trip in Peru at the Temple of the Way of Lights with their residency program in the heart of the Amazon jungle during an ayahuasca...


Britta Love - Sex, Psychedelics, Privilege and Justice

Joe Moore interviews Britta Love, a passionate writer and sex educator based in New York City. Britta shares about the overlap of sexuality and psychedelics, her field of consciousness and embodiment studies, and dealing with the psychedelic patriarchy. She shares her desires to diversity the field and make supporters he safe and supported. Quotes We have to be OK with the fact that as we get confronted by the internalized racism and patriarchy and privilege that our psychedelic sub-culture...


Daniel McQueen - DMTx and Future Psychedelic Technologies

Download During this episode of Psychedelics Today, your host Joe Moore interviews Daniel McQueen of Medicinal Mindfulness in Boulder, CO about his DMTx project and some of the reasons he is so interested in the DMTx project. Show Notes Resources Mentioned Medicinal Daniel McQueen, MA Daniel discovered meditation and spiritual practices at twelve and has been interested in exploring inner states ever since. He apprenticed under a number of shamanic teachers and has...