This groundbreaking series is dedicated to helping healthcare professionals address the needs of the estimated 30-45 percent of patients who may be suffering from issues related to sexual health - an under-discussed but critical aspect of patient care.

This groundbreaking series is dedicated to helping healthcare professionals address the needs of the estimated 30-45 percent of patients who may be suffering from issues related to sexual health - an under-discussed but critical aspect of patient care.
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This groundbreaking series is dedicated to helping healthcare professionals address the needs of the estimated 30-45 percent of patients who may be suffering from issues related to sexual health - an under-discussed but critical aspect of patient care.




IBD and Intimacy: Managing an Under-Recognized Issue

Host: Robert Frankel, MD Guest: Neilanjan Nandi, MD, FACP From the ReachMD studios in Fort Washington, Pennsylvania, host Dr. Robert Frankel talks with Dr. Neilanjan Nandi, Assistant Professor in the Division of Gastroenterology & Hepatology and Associate Director of the Gastroenterology Fellowship program at Drexel University College of Medicine. Dr. Nandi shares new insights on how to approach sexual and intimacy issues for IBD patients. Discussion points include quality of life...


STI Screening and Counseling Strategies for Transgender Patients

Host: Matt Rosenberg, MD Guest: Aiden Harrington, ANP, CNM Current CDC Treatment Guidelines include transgender men and women as special populations. These guidelines recommend risk assessment based on current anatomy and sexual behaviors and screening for asymptomatic STIs based on the patient's history and sexual practices. At a recent live event recorded in Chicago, moderator Dr. Matt T. Rosenberg welcomes Aiden Harrington, ANP, CNM from Howard Brown Health in Chicago, Illinois....


Keeping Up on Matters 'Down There:' Feminine Hygiene Advice for Clinicians

Host: Michael Krychman, MD Feminine hygiene, though an important part of daily life, is rarely discussed openly,not even in clinical settings. Host Dr. Michael Krychman sits down with Dr Alyssa Dweck, practicing gynecologist in New York and Assistant Clinical Professor at Mt. Sinai School of Medicine. They give essential tips for clinicians on how to talk to patients about feminine hygiene.


Selecting the Best Contraceptive Methods: A Sexual Health Perspective

Host: Michael Krychman, MD The primary purpose of contraception is to separate sex from procreation. However, sexual function is rarely addressed or considered in the context of making contraceptive choices. Dr. Michael Krychman speaks with Dr. Rachel Perry, Assistant Professor of OB/GYN at the University of California-Irvine, about the various complex sexual health impacts of oral contraceptives, IUDs, condoms, and permanent sterilization procedures.


The Art of Re-Coupling: Therapeutic Interventions for Couples

Host: Michael Krychman, MD Dr. Michael Krychman welcomes Mary Jo Rapini, a psychotherapist specializing in intimacy, sex and relationships who maintains a private practice in Houston, TX. Ms. Rapini co-authored RE-COUPLING: A Couple’s 4-step Guide to Greater Intimacy and Better Sex.


Challenges With Flibanserin as Treatment for Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder

Host: Michael Krychman, MD Flibanserin was one of the first FDA-approved medications for treatment of Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder in pre-menopausal women. But the drug's effectiveness has frequently been called into question, and the known side effects such as fainting, dizziness, and low blood pressure, many of which were found to be exacerbated by alcohol and hormonal contraception, created concerns for clinicians and patients alike. Host Dr. Michael Krychman talks with guest Dr....


Life After Ovarian Cancer: Protecting Sexual and General Health for Survivors

Host: Michael Krychman, MD Ovarian cancer is among the most highly prevalent and deadly cancers in existence, and in the struggle to care for patients and protect their quality of life, clinical standards in diagnostic screening and treatment protocols must change frequently. Joining host Dr. Michael Krychman to discuss advances in treatment and prevention of ovarian cancer, with special focus on sexual health priorities, is guest Dr. Leslie Randall. Dr. Randall is Associate Professor of...


Natural Sexual Aphrodisiacs: The Good, The Bad, and The Deadly

Host: Michael Krychman, MD There are many herbs and supplements that have gained popularity as natural sexual aphrodisiacs. While many are sold over the counter nationwide to enhance sexual function, a surprising number of supplements can cause ranges of serious side effects. Which aphrodisiacs have been proven effective, which are safe, and which are potentially deadly? Host Dr. Michael Krychman joins Dr. Elizabeth West, a resident physician at the University of California-Irvine, to...


Sex Accessories: Counseling Tips to Enhance Patients' Sexual Health

Host: Michael Krychman, MD Clinicians play an important role in helping patients understand and navigate issues around the use of sexual accessories to help improve sexual health for both men and women. With expertise in underlying issues such as vaginal dryness and discomfort with sex, health experts can better advise patients on which products to seek versus avoid. Host Dr. Michael Krychman joins guest Dr. Barb DePree, gynecologist and Director of Midlife Woman’s Health at Holland...


Low Libido in Women: Ending the Conspiracy of Silence

Host: Michael Krychman, MD Women who experience low libido often feel embarrassed, lonely, and unsure where to turn or with whom to confide. Left unaddressed, this issue can have devastating effects on relationships. Dr. Michael Krychman sits down with Amanda Parrish, nationally recognized patient advocate for women's sexual health, to talk about hypoactive sexual desire disorder (HSDD) and the need for clinicians to foster open conversations with patients about low libido.


Helping Patients Address Challenges in Monogamous Relationships

Host: Michael Krychman, MD Monogamous relationships are firmly embedded in the framework of our society, and yet the divorce rate and common failures of intimacy in long-term relationships challenges the efficacy of this paradigm. Oddly, the concept of monogamy has been virtually ignored by health professionals. Why are issues in sexual relationships getting the silent treatment in healthcare, and what can be done to curb this trend? Dr. Michael Krychman welcomes guest Dr. Marianne...


Origins of a Women's Sexual Health Clinic: How Simple Improvements Can Transform OB/GYN Practices

Host: Michael Krychman, MD Dr. Michael Krychman interviews Dr. Brett Worly, Assistant Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the Ohio State University School of Medicine. Dr. Worly talks about successful integrations of sexual medicine into evaluative, diagnostic, and treatment protocols in women's health practice, and how this progression led to the formation of a novel women's sexual health clinic at OSU.


A Different Kind of Safe Sex: Fragility Fractures and Effects on Intimacy and Sexuality

Host: Michael Krychman, MD Host Dr. Michael Krychman welcomes Dr. Risa Kagan to discuss the intimacy and sexuality issues that patients face when they are dealing with fragility fractures. Dr. Kagan is Clinical Professor of Obstetrics, Gynecology, and Reproductive Sciences at the University of California, San Francisco. Since October 2005, she has been practicing gynecology with the East Bay Physicians Medical Group. Dr. Kagan is also a medical consultant at the Foundation for...


Flibanserin 101: Benefits vs Risks for Women with Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder

Host: Michael Krychman, MD Guest: Sheryl Kingsberg, PhD Flibanserin's approval by the FDA for women with hypoactive sexual desire disorder (HSDD), touted by the press as the "Pink Viagra," created an enormous amount of media hype across the nation. But the facts on this drug's mechanism of action, intended benefits, adverse effects, and efficacy borne in clinical trials have gone largely under the radar. Joining Dr. Michael Krychman to discuss the rise of flibanserin and its key...


Obesity and Sexual Health: The Yo-yo Effect of Weight Gain and Libido Loss

Host: Michael Krychman, MD As many clinicians have become increasingly aware, the problem of obesity involves a complex interplay of habits and hormones, influenced by genetic predispositions and cultural practices alike. Whereas the supposed magic bullets of weight loss pills and fad diets are always in high demand, few to none have demonstrated consistent benefit for patients, and the struggle to avoid the "yo yo effect" of regained weight goes on. Sexual health problems represent some...


Low Libido in Women: Improving Recognition and Treatment

Host: Michael Krychman, MD Low libido, a condition affecting an estimated 10% of women, can develop at any age and be attributed to several factors in a woman’s life, from lifestyle changes to medication and procedural side effects. Join host Dr. Michael Krychman and Dr. Leah Millheiser, Director of Female Sexual Medicine at Stanford University School of Medicine, on the floor of ACOG’s annual scientific meeting. They discuss current knowledge gaps in recognizing and treating low libido,...


Talking About Sex: Case Stories Highlighting Physician/Patient Communication Barriers

Host: Matt Birnholz, MD Guest: Maureen Whelihan, MD There is a stigma around sex in the United States. That stigma makes it difficult both for patients to disclose details about their sex lives in clinical settings and for physicians to ask patients about sex. Consequentially patients may have treatable but unaddressed sexual problems because their physicians don't know those problems exists. Join Dr. Matt Birnholz and Dr. Maureen Whelihan, President of The Center for Sexual Health and...


Reconstructive Surgery for Pelvic Floor Disorders: Benefits vs Risks for Sexual Health

Host: Michael Krychman, MD For women in their 40's and 50's, approximately one in four will develop a pelvic floor disorder such as urinary incontinence. By the age of 80, that prevalence rises to more than 50 percent. The struggle with a pelvic floor disorder has lasting effects on a woman's sexual health, leading to numerous psychosocial and physical consequences in turn. But of equal concern to many patients dealing with the symptoms of their disorder is the potential aftermath of...


Sexuality During and After Pregnancy: Distinguishing Facts from Fiction

Host: Michael Krychman, MD Many clinicians think that one of the most dangerous things a woman will ever do in her life is to carry and conceive a child. Stemming from this belief, several misconceptions have risen within the medical community, and by extension the general public, concerning risks of sexual activity during pregnancy. Joining host Dr. Michael Krychman at ACOG's annual scientific meeting to clarify the facts versus myths on sexuality during and after this important life...


Choosing Sexual Health Products and Accessories: How to Guide Patients

Host: Michael Krychman, MD The market for sexual health products and accessories, from moisturizers to lubricants to self-stimulators, is very large, and this creates confusion among patients and physicians alike as to which types of products are most helpful for specific sexual health problems. To address ways to gauge the safety and efficacy of sexual health products on the market, particularly for perimenopausal patients with special needs, Dr. Michael Krychman welcomes Dr. Barb...